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Zheng Xu

THE GREAT HYPNOTIST Brings Mystery and Thrills



Jeri Jacquin

This week from director Leste Chen and Well Go USA Entertainment is what happens when he counts to three from THE GREAT HYPNOTIST.

Xu Ruining (Zheng Xu) is a well known and respected psychiatrist that teaches and uses hypnosis to treat patients with their deep rooted issues. When his mentor Pro Fang (Zhong Lu) approaches him after a class with a special case, she asks him to please take the time to help.

The case is Ren Xiaoyan (Karen Mok), a woman who claims to see ghosts. Ruining isn’t so easily swayed to believe as he begins to unravel her past that is deeply rooted in being abandoned by her parents at an early age.

the great 2

As the doctor tries to connect the dots, he finally hypnotizes Ren to discover what she isn’t sharing with him. She isn’t an ordinary patient as her attitude is dark and there is something strangely secretive that might hold danger.

What Ruining discovers about Ren Xiaoyan is only the beginning of a life that is filled with more questions than answers – but whose life is it?

Xu as Dr. Ruining is a straight forward man who is sure of his profession and draws in large crowds who want to hear what he has to say. He doesn’t believe in ghosts and doesn’t suffer those who try to convince him otherwise. Perhaps that’s what irritates him most about Ren Xiaoyan. Xu runs an emotionally tight ship in this character portrayal and when he is confronted with a difficult patient he STILL keeps it together. That’s the rub as the twists and turns come into play.

the great 1

Mok as Ren Xiaoyan is scary from the moment Ruining retrieves her standing in front of the hall clock. Dark eyes and fragile looks is the strongest meaning of ‘looks can be deceiving’. Mok is strong, determined and won’t suffer the foolishness of what she thinks Dr. Ruining is attempting to do with her. Mok nails this from beginning to end!

Other cast include: Zhong Lu as Pro Fang, Jing Hu as Cheng Ting and David Yao-Qing Wang as Luo Yusong.

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TUBS OF POPCORN: I give THE GREAT HYPNOTIST four tubs of popcorn out of five. What an amazing story of twists, turns and effects that take the viewer even deeper into the story. From the start to the end it is clear that this is no ordinary doctor/patient relationship. It is almost a game of cat and mouse to see who is going to outsmart who.

the great 3

Dr. Ruining isn’t going to be convinced about ghosts and Ren Xiaoyan is going to make sure a psychiatrist isn’t going to change her mind about how she sees her past. It really is a treat to watch these two actors go head to head while actually rooting for them both.

If you’re looking for an original story, beautiful cinematography, fantastic effects and a plot that will make your jaw drop, then THE GREAT HYPNOTIST is a film that you absolutely need to see. The 102 minute film is in Mandarin with subtitles from Wanda Pictures and FortissimoFilms.

In the end – in one night both of their worlds are going to change!

LOST IN HONG KONG Brings Hilarious Action to DVD

lost blu ray cover


Jeri Jacquin

Coming to Bluray from director Zheng Xu, writer Huan Shu and Well Go USA Entertainment comes a comedy of life errors when you are LOST IN HONG KONG.

Xu Lai (Xu Zheng) is an art major at the Chinese University of Hong Kong. While there he meets Yang Yi (Du Juan), a beautiful artist who steals his heart. Time after time they try to take the relationship to the next step with a kiss and time after time something stands in their way.

When Yang Yi continues her education far away, Xu Lai falls into a funk. Classmate Cai Bo (Zhao Wei) scoops up a broken man and there relationship grows into marriage and life changes. Xu Lai changes his career and works for his father-in-law at a bra factory and Cai Bo is desperate to have a baby.

lost 3

One morning he receives a text from Yang Yi telling him there is an art show that she really wants him to attend. Keeping it to himself, Xu Lai makes plans to take her a gift. That is until Cai Lala (Bao Bei’er) decides he wants to make a documentary about his brother-in-law’s inability to get his sister pregnant and becomes his shadow.

They don’t get as far as the front door before life puts everything in front of Xu Lai and it’s usually because of Cai Lala! When a murder takes place in a hotel next to theirs, interesting characters begin to show up wanting Cai Lala’s camera. He thinks brother-in-law is having an affair and Xu Lai wants to make it to the end of the day alive.

It is a good day to straighten out your life!

Zheng as Xu Lai is absolutely brilliant. He really does go through the ringer in this role and it looks so physical and all in the name of love. Here is a man who is unhappy with where he is in life – not able to make his wife happy, definitely not able to make the in-law’s happy and remembering the past as the best days of his life. Zheng brings heart to this role and I really enjoyed it.

lost 2

Bei’er as Cai Lala is just the biggest pain in the butt I think I’ve ever seen. Desperate to film a great documentary he doesn’t have limits to what he will film or how it looks. Believing Xu Lai is having a mid-life crisis, he is not about to see his sister go through anything she doesn’t have to.

Juan as Yang Yi is elegant and creative as the love of Xu Lai’s life. Wanting to see him again there is a chance for them to talk about what once was and see if there was a kiss in their future.

Wei as Cai Bo (or Spinach) wants to do everything to make her husband happy. Believing in him artistically, believing he will make a good dad and trying to surprise him with his dream – Wei is not only believable but adorable.

Other cast include: Sam Lee as Tai Pak Ho, Pan Hong as Pan Tongtong, Zhao Youliang as Cai Youilang, and Che Biu-law as the Locksmith.

TUBS OF POPCORN: I give LOST IN HONG KONG three and a half tubs of popcorn out of five. There is so much comedy here but not only in the crafty writing but the physical comedy. The storyline is so much fun and a trip through the city brings in such amazing characters.

lost 1

Not wanting to give too much away, LOST IN HONG KONG is a fun roller coaster ride of  love, family, fun, loyalty, remembering, longing and realizations. There is certainly nothing wrong with a film that encompasses all of that and makes sure that action and laughter are topping on the cake.

In the end – what we want isn’t always what we want!

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