Jeri Jacquin

This week from director Terry Miles and Cinedigm comes a western set in the 19th century time of man versus lawmen with STAGECOACH: The Texas Jack Story.

Nathaniel Reed (Trace Adkins) is a man with a gun-slinging past. Putting that all behind he marries Laura (Michelle Harrison) and starts a simple life with a livery. Wanting to do right by his wife times become a little hard and about to get dangerous.


U.S. Marshal Calhoun (Kim Coates) is a victim of Reed’s past who hasn’t forgotten what happened one fateful day on the road. A patch is his constant reminder and fuels Calhoun’s need to bring destruction where ever he goes. Finding Reed at his home, a gunfight with horrible consequences brings the ex-gunslinger back into his past profession.

Along with Sid (Judd Nelson) and Frank Bell (Claude Duhmel), Reed trades in his simple livery ways and name. Now slinging his guns under the name of Texas Jack, he stays one step ahead of Calhoun and the bounty hunter Bonnie Mudd (Helena Marie).

But with a lawman with revenge on his mind on their trail, it all comes to a finale of unexpected revelations, friendship of a town and determination to reclaim a life he was always mean to lead.

Adkins as Reed brings the tall and deep spoken drawl to this character. He has the right demeanor with the attitude of a man who clearly chooses to lead a life well away from the harm caused in his past. But, Adkins also shows the side of a man who only knows two lives, and once one is shattered – the other comes to reclaim him.


Coates as Calhoun is one crazy gun-slinging law bending badge wearer! Quite honestly I loved watching this character as Coates doesn’t hesitate to skate along the edge of being exactly like those he hunts.

Nelson as Sid looks absolutely amazing in western gear and it must be said that anytime he is in a film I’m happy about it. His character is happy that the band is back together but knows once secrets are revealed that a showdown with Calhoun is inevitable. Duhmel as Bell follows Reed into whatever is to come. Neither one of these characters shy’s away from the dangers.

Marie as Mudd is a serious crazy lady! She clearly seems to enjoy every aspect of her job and isn’t afraid to take on the big boys. Harrison as Laura is the driving force behind Reed’s want to have a quiet and simple life.

Other cast include John Tracy as Hank Holliday, Garry Chalk as Doc Forrester, Artine Brown as Marshal Adams, Philip Granger as Weathersby, Ethan Harrison as Nathanial Reed Jr., and Adam Lolacher as Clint Harrison.

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STAGECOACH: The Texas Jack Story has just about everything a western lover would want. A story of a man with a questionable history find a dusty road to redemption, revenge with gunfights that are inevitable. Adkins gives the deep voice ex-gunslinger with a soft heart and it’s believable. I have no problem taking Coates character at face value because as a serious Sons of Anarchy watcher, fans know he can pull it off and then some!

What makes STAGECOACH a pleasure to watch is the authenticity of the costuming and set design. Taking viewers back in time, it is truly important bringing every detail of the 19th century old west into focus. The cast cement what the story conveys with the raw attitude of the time.

The Bluray includes a Behind-the-Scene Bonus Feature in the 91 minute film package. It is a great look inside making a western because quite honestly I am thrilled every time a film in this genre is made.

In the end – vengeance at any price!