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Love and the Sea lead to ADRIFT

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Jeri Jacquin

Sailing into theatres this Friday from director Baltasar Kormakur and STX Entertainment comes the true story of survival when you are ADRIFT.

Tami Oldham (Shailene Woodley) is a young woman who has left her San Diego home to travel the world. Going where ever the tide and jobs take her, Tami ends up in Tahiti cleaning boats.

Putting into the dock, Richard Sharp (Sam Claflin) is a man clearly in love with the sea, even the worst parts of it. Meeting Tami they clearly find a connection for wandering and explore the island and their relationship. They also sail on the boat Richard built himself, the Mayaluga, and Tami couldn’t be happier.

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Richard runs into family friends Peter (Jeffrey Thomas) and Christine (Elizabeth Hawthorne) who own the 44-foot yacht called the Hazana. They are thrilled to ask Richard if he wants to take their boat back to harbor in San Diego with a thank you fee of $10,000 and a return ticket back to Tahiti.

Tami isn’t sure she wants to return to her hometown but Richard sees the money as a way for them to continue to sail where ever their hearts want to go. They set sail on their first 4,000 mile adventure together!

What they are unaware of yet is that one of the most catastrophic hurricanes is coming their way. Trying to avoid it doesn’t work as they batten down the sails and attempt to ride it out. Being thrown around, Tami wakes to a tossed ship, the sails in the water and Richard badly hurt.

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Getting him settled, Tami takes stock of the provisions that are still aboard and drinkable water in the tanks. Grabbing the sextant and a map, she begins to figure out what is the best way they can be rescued before their supplies run out. Questioning every move she makes, it is the steady voice of Richard that guides them.

Because in that is the power of their love.

Woodley as Tami is a free spirited individual who makes it very clear that she goes where the jobs take her with no thought of staying or going. Meeting Richard is a chance to not only share a little bit of herself but really understand the freedom of her life. Woodley personifies that spirit as she has in so many other films. In this instance she is the right actress to draw us all into the journey.

Claflin as Richard is Woodley’s equal on the screen with the same ability to draw us into the spirit of someone who lives for the sea. Good, bad or otherwise, Richard has built a boat that takes him wherever he wants without apologies. It is easy to see how the two would be drawn into a relationship. Richard is a little more reserved that Tami and it is clear he is in love.

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ADRIFT is based on the true story from the book Red Sky in Mourning: A True Story of Love, Loss and Survival at Sea by Tami Oldham Ashcraft. The event happened in October of 1983 when Ashcraft was 23-years-old. A Category 4 hurricane with 50 foot high waves and 160 mph winds were no match for the two sailors.

The film is very well done as it is impossible to not become involved in the story. Of course I believe that all stories about ocean survival are incredible from the mere fact that it is the ocean! It is unpredictable, unrelenting, surprising and majestic and when its waves are ruffled, there is nothing more fierce.

Also, compelling in knowing that there is very little one can do on the ocean when what keeps you alive is taken away. The panic for just food and water isn’t something you can do much about unless you are willing to fish and pray for rain. That’s what makes the difference between giving up and total survival.

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Woodley and Claflin are stellar together and watching them from beginning to end brings a sniffle. The portrayal of their real-life counterparts is sweet and spirited bringing the audience into their story of love and survival.

In the end – their every emotion is as deep as the ocean!


HORRIBLE IMAGININGS Film Festival is Bringing Frights for Days



Jeri Jacquin

It’s that time of year once again at the 7th Annual Horrible Imaginings Film Festival is getting ready to feed our ghoulish needs from September 7th to the 11th at the Museum of Photographic Arts.

Founded in 2010 by Miguel Rodriguez, Horrible Imaginings has made a name for itself with fans who aren’t interested in the norm of films. Instead, HIFFSD dives into the bloody pool of the horror genre and the Father of Horror himself has kept it all right here in San Diego.

Beginning Wednesday, the Animated Shorts Block offers up You Are Not the Strongest, Dad’s Fragile Doll, 3:14, Beware of Bunny, The Beach Boy, AD RE, Balloon Ride, Travel by Feet, The Detectives of Noir Town, Cat Killer, The Marshalls and the Opening Night film Tag!.

On Thursday the freak celluloid flies with the Feature Film The Last Pinoy Action King followed by the Comedy Shorts Block including The Phantom Hour, Zombie Playground: Ice Scream, First Like, Watchbear, #MurderSelfie, Hello, Stained, Kaddish!, Landscape, Dark Roast, A Zombie Next Door, The Procedure and Gemu.

The evening finished with Hail to the King: 60 Years of DESTRUCTION a documentary celebrating Godzilla, the most awesome creature I ever watched on Saturday mornings as a kid (did I just age myself?).

Friday evening ramps up with the VIP Only at Museum of Man Cannibal Exhibit with an Anthropophagia Panel and two short films Survivor Type and Earworm. The Film …In The Dark will feature as grad student Veronica Carpenter takes on the challenge of evil entities in the young Bethany. Demons, haunting and a few screams wait for fans. Writer/Director David Spaltro will also be there!

The evening will end with the shorts Hada and Mute with the Feature Film Sendero (Path) sending you freaked out into the night.

Get your scare on early as Saturday starts at noon with the SciFy & Creatures Shorts Block with A Matter of Trust, Roadside Assistance, Knob Goblins, Bionic Girl, Heir, They Will All Die in Space, When Susurrus Stirs, Ghengis Khan Conquers the Moon, and The Disappearance of Willie Bingham.

The LGBT Block includes the shorts: Zerch, The Black Bear, and the Feature Film Alena.

 The Horror and Cult Art Presentations introduce us to Viva Mexploitation with Aaron Soto, Horror in Literature panel, the Short Film Death Metal and Feature Film Beyond the Gates telling the story of two brothers who find a VCR board game that could tell them where their father disappeared to with deadly consequences.

The evening ends with Performance Art: The Horror Cabal of Anna Yanushkevich! followed by the Terrifying Campfire-Style Readings from Horror Authors.

Not frightened out of your senses yet? Well Sunday will take you to the genre overload with the Human Killer & Psychological Terror shorts and Dante’s Penance, Dissociative, Ellie, Surgery, Postpartum, Dogged, Bunker Game, Cuckold Picasso, Burlap, Night of the Slasher and Little Boy Blue.

 The Supernatural Horrors shorts include Eyes of Shadow, Mona, Summoned, Witchboard, The Birthday, Japanese Legends: Slit, Insomnolence, Madre de Dios, Mexican Flamenco, Deathly, and Leshy.

 The final evenings festivities include the short Z and Feature Film Idyll. The festival includes the Award Announcements before one more little bit of gory fun and the film short The Brentwood Strangler and the Closing Feature Film is The Greasy Strangler.

 Now that you have all the ghoulish knowledge of what will be happening at the HORRIBLE IMAGININGS FILM FESTIVAL head to and buy your passes to all things bloody good.

There is also amazing goodies you can purchase at the site including a HIFFSD T-shirt, canvas Tote and Poster to hang on your wall which is awesome to freak out anyone you happen to share space with.

Go let your horror flag fly!

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