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BABY DRIVER Rides in on Rails!



Jeri Jacquin

Racing into theatres this Friday from writer/director Edgar Wright and Tri-Star Pictures is the song mix of the summer with BABY DRIVER.

Baby (Ansel Elgort) is a quiet young man who has the uncanny knack for calm driving in intense situations. That is exactly what boss man Doc (Kevin Spacey) consistently counts on. Using Baby’s wheel talent for heists, it quickly becomes clear that Doc is using him.

Taking car of a worried Joseph (CJ Jones), Baby lets him know that one more job will get him free of Doc. Using music to keep his focus, it takes lovely waitress Deborah (Lily James) to pull out the ear buds.

baby 1

Finishing his last job with Doc, Baby wants to be part of life without fear. Taking a job in pizza retail, even Joseph is happier. Taking Deborah out for a grand dinner to celebrate, Baby freaks when he sees Doc who sways him in for one more go by threatening through charm.

Putting a plan into action, Doc recruits Buddy (Jon Hamm), his gal Darling (Eliza Gonzalez) and Batts (Jamie Foxx) for the most intense and brazen score. Keeping focused, Baby is about to turn left while everyone else goes right and all to the beat of his own iPod.

Never mistake being quiet for being a pushover!

Elgort as Baby is brilliant! Everything about this character, Elgort makes look so seamless and easy. From his smooth walking, music choices and quirkiness, Baby is somebody you watch intently and cheer on with an evil grin. Also, Elgort is as cool as an outsider can possibly be and I loved every minute of his performance. Can someone explain to me why isn’t he Han Solo?

Spacey as Doc is just impeccable because, as everyone should know by now, you don’t mess with the Spacey! This actor has brought roles of badness to a level no one can touch. As Doc he once again plays outside the good guy lines with a gleam in his eye all the way.

Jones as Joseph cares so much about Baby and it is in their relationship that a deeper understanding of his story comes to light. James as Deborah is charming, sweet and knows Baby isn’t all he seems yet she doesn’t hesitate to be all in.

baby 2

Foxx as Batts is intense and out to get all he can. Having a problem with Baby from the moment they meet, Foxx has no problem showing his edgy side. Gonzalez as Darling is into her man and the money they get together. At the same time she certainly isn’t shy about cutting someone down who gets in her way.

Hamm as Buddy just rocks the screen. This is such a dark character and Hamm certainly embraces every scene and aspect of his character. There is one particular moment where his character just goes deep dark and the change happens right before our eyes. Absolutely fantastic!

Other cast includes Sky Ferreira as Baby’s Mother, Lane Palmer as Baby’s father, Flea as Eddie, Lanny Joon as JD and Jon Bernthal as Griff.

TUBS OF POPCORN: I give BABY DRIVER four and a half tubs of popcorn out of five. Giving Edgar Wright the props he totally deserves, this film has saved my film sanity. Depressed at the ridiculous franchise films, superheroes being jammed down my throat and lack of imagination elsewhere in tinsel town, BABY DRIVER gave me story, action, cinematography and music for months to come.

The audience was yelling, cheering and laughing from start to finish. There is something to be said for sitting in a theatre and to be taken on a ride in so many storyline directions. Does it hurt to have a cool ass cast and awesome soundtrack? In this case, not one dayyuum bit!

baby 3

In the first five minutes of the film I was happily hooked and like a kid, I found myself sitting on the edge of my seat wanting more. Translated…I was having fun. Using music across so many eras allowed something for everyone to lip-synch too.

Car chases, underlying stories, sweet romance, good guys, bad guys and the lines between them blurred, BABY DRIVER is a mash-up of what summer fun at the movies is all about. Grab a group of cool, a large bucket of popcorn, sit middle seat dead center and mentally buckle up for 113 minutes of awesome.

In the end – all you need is one killer track!

LOOKING: The Complete Series and Movie is Splendid Storytelling!




Jeri Jacquin

On DVD from HBO Home Entertainment comes not only a spectacular series but the follow up film as well with LOOKING.

In the bustling town of San Francisco, Patrick Murray (Jonathan Groff) is a young man from Denver looking to make his way in video game design. Helping to find his way are best friends Agustin (Frankie Alvarez) and Dom (Murray Bartlett). In their group also is Doris (Lauren Weedman), Dom’s bestie and the two grew up together in Modesto.

After watching his ex get married, Patrick meets Richie (Raul Castillo) and is immediately drawn in. Unfortunately he was given some awkward direction by his friends that turned their date into chaos. At work during a video launch party Patrick meets Kevin (Russell Tovey), a handsome young man with an alluring British accent.

Dom tells Doris that his big dream is to open his own chicken restaurant. He doesn’t want to work under anyone and has his own ideas. Meeting Lynn (Scott Bakula), he and Dom go in together on a pop up to find investors. Patrick decides he wants to see Richie again and they begin seeing each other.

But, one afternoon Patrick and Kevin have a chance to get to know more about one another and it’s obvious there is a chemistry between them. Ignoring the day, Patrick invites Richie to his sisters wedding and actually becomes a little unglued believing his mother will ruin the day.


Agustin is having his own difficulties as an artist but they are creeping into his personal life as well. When things begin to fall apart right and left, Agustin makes the decision to get away from art and find something else for his life.

Dom and Lynn start to feel tension at the pop up but Dom thinks it’s because there might be feelings between the two. Imagine the shock when Lynn brings a guest to their opening night and it confuses him.

With all the drama, Dom invites Patrick, Agustin and Doris to the Russian River where Lynn owns a cabin. With things not working out with Richie, Patrick calls Kevin to meet him for time together at the cabin. After a night of crazy fun, they all return back to their lives.

Dom and Lynn agree to work on their relationship and Patrick is giving in to having a secret relationship with Kevin even though he is still with his partner John. The tension makes Patrick crazy because he is not sure where this all will lead – if anywhere.


Agustin goes on a drunk/drug fueled night and Richie finds him on a doorstep. Returning him home, Patrick and Richie try to talk about what has happened. Agustin meets Eddie (Daniel Franzese) who works at a shelter for kids and suggests that he do something for someone other than himself. Taking Eddie’s advice he applies for a job working with kids and gets it!

Tired of being secret lovers, Patrick decides it is time to end things with Kevin. Wanting to talk about it he turns to Richie feeling that maybe they could talk things over even more. When Eddie doesn’t show up for work, Agustin bangs on his door with an offering of food only to find out he’s just taking the day off and the two get together.

Doris’ father passes away and she is not about to return home without Dom. The two have memories of people and places and with their strong bond they get through the grieving together. Their mistake might have been taking Patrick who takes the opportunity to grieve loudly. When Doris finds out that her father left money, she offers it to Dom to help open his chicken restaurant.

Returning home Patrick once again takes up with Kevin and the next time he sees Richie learns that he is with a new partner named Brady (Chris Perfetti). Both Patrick and Richie try to be happy for the other but its clear there is hurt feelings still. The bigger shock for them all is that Agustin is in a serious relationship with Eddie and although still a handful, is actually happy.


When Kevin leaves Jon (Joseph Williamson) and moves into a new apartment, Patrick couldn’t be happier. That is short lived when he discovers Kevin has a Grindr account on his phone. Trying to talk with Patrick about an open relationship – it is one relationship step to far. Once again Patrick goes to Richie but this time only for a haircut.

LOOKING: The Movie returns to San Francisco one year later as Patrick fly’s in from Denver to attend with wedding of Agustin and Eddie. Excited to see Dom and Doris and catch up on their lives they all immediately party it up. At the celebration Patrick sees Richie and Brady who are still together.

It is Agustin who tells Patrick that he needs to get closure on relationships that didn’t end well or else he won’t be able to move on. Taking that advice, Patrick calls Kevin and they meet on the street one final time. Kevin makes it clear that he returned to John and that he still loves Patrick. Knowing that isn’t enough, Kevin offers him a good job without strings attached if Patrick wants to return to San Francisco.

The wedding is as chaotic as Agustin and Eddie’s relationship but it is also filled with love and hope for all of their futures. At the reception party, Richie’s partner Brady just can’t seem to lay off of Patrick as a verbal game begins. Pulling them apart, Richie leaves making it clear this is not what he wants.

Life, friendship, loyalty, laughter and love is what their lives are about!

Groff as Patrick is absolutely adorable and so naïve about so many things. That’s what makes this series even more endearing because the viewers have the opportunity to watch him grow. Learning from his mistakes is difficult this character and Groff portrays Patrick in such a way that I’m sure everyone wants to protect him. I know I absolutely wanted too! Watching the relationships between Richie and Kevin, it was easy to see how this character wanted the best of both and trips over his own emotional uncertainty to screw it up.


Alvarez as Agustin is a total crack up. Yes, he is self absorbed, indifferent, narcissistic, emotionally unavailable long term and a hot mess when he listens to other hot messes. As much as Agustin thinks he is different, I think the fact that he is more like his friends is what kills him. As if being like them means he isn’t quite special enough, which is hardly the case. Franzese as Eddie is sweet and caring which is something Agustin isn’t use to!

Bartlett as Dom knows what he wants but confuses it with the work it takes to get it. When he focuses on one thing this character shuts everything else out and forgets that not everyone understands him the way Doris does. Speaking of Doris, Weedman is just brilliant and hilarious – and reminds me of me!

Castillo as Richie comes from a prideful family and is mostly his downfall. He can shut down at a moment’s notice which freaks Patrick out as he’s use to dealing with his family that is verbally open whether he likes it or not. When it comes down to it, Richie is as unsure as Patrick is about, well, everything.

Tovey as Kevin is smart, cute, clever and Patrick’s boss! All of that is a deadly combination that Patrick can’t seem to resist. I knew from the get go that Kevin was wishy-washy with relationships and it was based on fear. Bakula as Lynn is an older man who wants to be of help to Dom. Dealing with Dom’s emotional outbursts and attitudes turn out to be something Lynn doesn’t need. At this stage in his life he is looking for calm, good friends and no drama.

Other cast include O.T. Fagbenie as Frank, Andrew Law as Owen, Ptolemy Slocum as Hugo and Bashir Salahuddin as Malik.

HBO Home Entertainment has an extensive array of critically-acclaimed and groundbreaking programs found on Bluray, DVD and Digital HD. They have provided viewers with some of the most amazing programs with huge fan bases that include the shows True Blood, Sex and the City, The Sopranos, True Detectives, The Wire, Entourage and Game of Thrones. Launched in 1984, HBO is world wide in viewed entertainment in more than 70 territories around the world! For more of what they have to offer please visit


TUBS OF POPCORN: I give LOOKING: The Complete Series and Movie four tubs of popcorn out of five. These characters are complex, silly, deep, funny, confused, complicated and every other human emotion that can be portrayed on film. The fast introduction of the characters makes way for the story to unfold at a pace I enjoyed.

I have to say the most enjoyable part of the series is that every character and I mean every character could easily be based on a friend of mine. That’s what brought me quickly into the series and thrilled to have the film included so I could watch everyone’s ending.

Every part of this series is so amazingly well done and it is a shame that HBO didn’t let the series go on a little longer. That’s just the part of me that wanted more but at the same time I loved the way it was wrapped up – damn that double edged series loving sword! Once again HBO brings a series that is memorable and worthy of seeing over and over.

The four-disc DVD set includes every episode from seasons One and Two along with LOOKING: The Movie. Also included is 16 audio commentaries as well as the Digital HD code.

In the end – the complexities of life and love is easier with your friends!

ME BEFORE YOU Aims Straight at the Heart!

Me before you poster


Jeri Jacquin

In theatres Friday from director Thea Sharrock, writer Jojo Moyels and Warner Bros. Pictures comes a story of a boy and a girl that put ME BEFORE YOU.

Lou (Emilia Clarke) is a quirky young woman trying to be her own person while also living at home with her rather interesting family. When she is let go from her job, the family panics as dad Bernard (Brendan Coyle) is out of work and mom Josie (Samantha Spiro) is a natural born worrier.

Trying to get it together, Lou starts job hunting and is sent to the Traynor house to be a personal aid. Met by Camilla Traynor (Janet McTeer), Lou is nervous about making a good impression even though she’s not really sure what the job entails. Met by Stephen Traynor (Charles Dance) who gives his look of approval, the young woman learns that she would be helping their son Will (Sam Claflin).

me before 4

A motorcycle accident has left Will in a wheel chair and the Traynor’s want someone to spent time with their son. Anxious to have the job Lou doesn’t hesitate to accept, that is until she meets the very cut off Will who wants nothing to do with her. Making matters worse is ex-girlfriend Alicia (Vanessa Kirby) visits and he learns of her impending marriage – to his best friend.

Knowing she has her work cut out, Lou begins researching all the ways to help snap the young man out of his funk which doesn’t sit well with boyfriend Patrick (Matthew Lewis). Persistent, Lou begins to see Will come out of his angry shell and into the world. Even care trainer Nathan (Stephen Peacocke) notices a difference and is thrilled.

But there is a secret that Lou learns about Will that sets her on a path to change everything. Sometimes love means taking risks even if the outcome doesn’t change a thing.

me before 3

Clarke as Lou is absolutely stunning, quirky, giggly, different and yet bold. Taking the job initially to help with the family finances, Lou finds the challenge she needed to remind herself what she’s truly about. Clarke is totally endearing with an expressive face that doesn’t leave any room for guessing how she’s feeling or thinking. It’s quite a change from speaking Dothraki and running through a desert!

Claflin as Will is stubborn, stern, angry and a little self-absorbed. Well, that doesn’t last long once he meets Lou! As much as he tries to fight off his curiosity about her, it is easy to see why he can’t. Claflin is sharp, equally as charming once his character is disarmed and has a smile that will remain memorable. After playing such intense roles, it is nice to see a softer side as Claflin as he takes over the hearts of millions.

Dance as Stephen can do no wrong – EVER. McTeer has been a favorite of mine for a very long time and I did love her in the film. Spiro as Josie is the Mom who keeps it together when all others are falling apart.

me before 2

Coyle as Bernard has gone full circle working right back at another castle and I’m sorry but I couldn’t stop laughing at that. Downton Abbey fans will know what I’m talking about. It is good to see him though!

A nice surprise is Lewis as Patrick who shows his comedic side ripping away most of the memory of a younger man in a robe carrying a wand. Well done sir!

Other cast include: Muzz Khan as Syed, Ben Lloyd-Hughes as Rupert, Pablo Raybould as Frank, Gabrielle Downey as Daphne, Jenna Coleman as Katrina, Alan Breck as Grandad and Richard Goulding as Freddie.

TUBS OF POPCORN: I give ME BEFORE YOU four tubs of popcorn out of five. Of course I’ve seen this premise before, yes it reminds me of a few other films, no problem with the Mother of Dragons hanging onto Finnick Odair, I’m good with Tywin Lannister hanging out with the Downton Abbey help and yes I’m even fine with a White Queen watching it all go down with a Wizard in the wings (look it all up-I can pause for laughter).

The winning part of this film is Clarke and Claflin – together – making me laugh, ‘awwww’ing, root for them, giggle at their conversations, and even become sad more than a few times. THAT’S what makes this an awesome date night film giving both guys and gals a chance to feel all the aforementioned stuff!

me before

The music is enough to send me over the edge because it is placed so well and doesn’t force emotion but instead gently tapped me on the shoulder with a ‘there, there, it will be okay’.

I thought it was cool that there wasn’t cgi, violence, or an over-abundance of unnecessary flesh but instead a story that has castles, accents, love, family and a box of tissue courtesy of Warner Bros. This film brought out reactions from the audience and every conceivable reaction at that. It was definitely a lovely time at the movies so surround yourself with good friends, a bucket of popcorn and tissue for a truly enjoyable film that will grab your heart – whether you like it or not!

In the end – live boldly, live well and just live!

Nicholas Sparks Offers Love and THE CHOICE on Bluray

the choice bluray


Jeri Jacquin

This week on Bluray from director Ross Katz and Lionsgate is a love that won’t let go from best selling author Nicholas Sparks with THE CHOICE.

In a small North Carolina town lives Travis (Benjamin Walker), a veterinarian who loves boating, friends and family which include sister Steph (Maggie Grace) and Dad Shep (Tom Wilkinson). In a little house next door lives Gabby (Teresa Palmer), a woman studying her medicals working at a local hospital.

Travis keeps busy with the clinic shared with Dad Shep and dates Monica (Alexandra Daddario) on and off which is a joke with his friends. Gabby is seeing the young and handsome doctor Ryan (Tom Welling). That is all about to change when Gabby rushes to Travis fearing for her dog’s health delivering puppies. Of course there is an attraction that neither of them want to acknowledge.

choice 1

While Ryan is on a very long business trip, sparks fly between Travis and Gabby and a life together is just a choice away. As the years go by, the couple raise a family and watch sister Steph have a family of her own and Dad Shep move on in his love life as well.

On date night another shift in life happens as Gabby is in an accident that pushes Travis to the point of once again making a choice about life and death. It is these moments that test our faith and belief in love!

Walker as Travis is a good ole’ boy who likes his beer, dog and a good bbq. Walker has no difficulty pulling off this role being from Cartersville, Georgia. There is something extremely swag about this actor that you can’t help but listen to every word he says and even when he’s testing it’s kinda cute. He is most effective in those moments where he says absolutely nothing because it’s all in his expression. Yes, I’m admitting that its all very touching and endearing.

Palmer as Gabby is that gal who tries to pretend that she’s not feeling what she’s feeling. That makes her equally as endearing and easy to see how a character like Travis would be drawn in. Even her outrage during the scene at the parent’s house made me yell ‘oh girl you know you’re being silly’. Palmer portrays her character very sweetly.

Wilkinson as Shep is the Dad we all put our orders in for! It isn’t hard to see him in this role because he is the actor to turn to when you want a full range of emotion from the audience. I’ve seen him do it before and he’ll get me every time because that is what Wilkinson has been able to do from the first time I saw him in THE FULL MONTY and SHAKESPEARE IN LOVE. He has this ability to make one adore him for his vulnerability and then want to thrash him for being spiteful. He is definitely one of our finest actors in films.

choice 3

Grace as Steph has a small role in the film but important to Travis’ character as family has a deeper meaning for him. Welling as Ryan is the All-American doc who didn’t get the girl. Daddario as Monica is the town girl who didn’t get the man of her dreams. A shout out to Blackwood as Cora, the spitfire receptionist that should have gotten many, many more lines!

Cast also includes: Jesse C. Boyd as Matt, Brad James as Ben, Noree Victoria as Liz, Anna Enger as Megan, Lou Lou Safran as Katie, Vance Griswold as Jesse, Brett Rice as Dr. McCarthy, Ashley LeConte Campbell as Maryanne McCarthy and Sharon Blackwood as Cora.

LIONSGATE is a leading global entertainment company with a strong and diversified presence in motion picture production and distribution, television, family entertainment, digital and other platforms as well as home entertainment. Home of THE HUNGER GAMES and TWILIGHT franchise, it is also responsible for bringing us the DIVERGENT series and ENDER’S GAME. Their library of entertainment includes over 15,000 titles and now THE CHOICE can be a part of your home entertainment library. For more of what LIONSGATE has to offer please visit

TUBS OF POPCORN: I give THE CHOICE four tubs of popcorn out of five. True enough this is the work of tear jerking, love finding, life testing Nicholas Sparks and THE CHOICE is no exception. It is interesting to watch the development of Travis and Gabby and instead of wondering what happens years down the road, the film lets us experience it with the couple. It is easy to watch life when things are good but Travis shows us what the difficulties when bad things happen to good people.

The cinematography is beautiful; the setting is unintrusive by anything else but the story between this couple. Of course I can easily say that I’d love to spent an entire summer sitting on the end of the dock in front of Travis’ house. It’s just that beautiful.

The film is fun, has its funny moments, but still all based around the want for love in our lives with that someone special who sees the good and bad and still sticks around. The character of Travis is a big hearted man who says exactly what he means, for example ‘bother me’ is his way of saying ‘I love you’. Its endearing and the ladies always fall for it – yes, I’m one of those ladies. Gabby is a strong woman and hard headed but once she gives in to her feelings, loves the life they have.

choice 2

Author Nicholas Sparks has been responsible for bringing romance, love and life to fans and we all know when it started – with the 2004 film THE NOTEBOOK with Ryan Gosling. That would be the beginning of bringing his books to film followed by MESSAGE IN A BOTTLE with Kevin Costner, A WALK TO REMEMBER with Mandy Moore, NIGHTS IN RODANTHE with Diane Lane and Richard Gere, DEAR JOHN with Channing Tatum, THE LUCKY ONE with Zac Efron and many more.

The Bluray of THE CHOICE includes the Special Features: Deleted Scenes, Cinematic Choice: Making The Choice, Nicholas Sparks with…, Choosing Home: Nicholas Sparks and North Carolina, Molly & Moby: Choice Dogs, Natalia Safran’s “Daylight” Music Video, Audio Commentary from Director Ross Katz and actor Benjamin Walker. Also included with the Bluray is the DVD and Digital HD copy of THE CHOICE.

So when your date night comes around, pick up your own copy of THE CHOICE and anytime you need a romantic pick-me-up then count on Nicholas Sparks and Lionsgate to provide it for you!

In the end – let your heart decide!

BEFORE WE GO Warms the New York Heart on DVD!


Jeri Jacquin

This Tuesday from actor/director Chris Evans, RADiUS and Anchor Bay Entertainment comes a night of two strangers in BEFORE WE GO.

Nick Vaughan (Chris Evans) is spending his evening playing the trumpet at Grand Central Station in New York for a few dollars. Getting ready to pack up for the night Brooke Dalton (Alice Eve) whizzes past him in a rush to make her train dropping her cell phone.

Backtracking through the station, Nick sees that Brooke is distracted as well as upset. He learns her purse has been stolen; she has no money and needs to get home. Being a gentleman, Nick offers to help her backtrack and find her purse.

With that an evening between two strangers becomes a journey through the streets of New York as Nick shares his lost love and Brooke admits to mistakes in her marriage. Both admitting their fears and although uncomfortable at first, what they find is a sympathetic ear and a new perspective.

Because sometimes trusting a stranger can be the first step to letting go!

before 1

This is Evans’ first time in the director chair and I must say he knew exactly what he wanted for this story to be told. First of all, every gal on the planet will fall in love with this character. The character of Nick runs every gambit of emotion from fear, to obsession, love, disappointment and more. He questions everything about himself yet the vulnerability we are privy to see allows the viewer to feel as if we are in the room while he speaks. Evans portrays Nick with such longing, not just for love, or music, but for a connection he hasn’t had because of the obsession with old flame Hannah. I just enjoyed this character so much.

Eve as Brooke is a ball of confusion, anger and sadness and when cornered can be verbally cutting. Getting the stolen Prada is the least of her worries as the story unfolds slowly getting to the real story behind why her nerves on edge. It is a difficult thing when love and anger share the same seat. Eve takes the character and twists her insides out as Brooke jumps from what her heart wants and what her head says.

Other cast include: Emma Fitzpatrick as Hannah, John Cullum as Harry, Mark Kassen as Danny, Daniel Spink as Tyler and Elijah Moreland as Cole.

before 3

RADiUS brings high quality film and specialty entertainment to a larger audience than ever before. Such films as BACHELORETTE, ONLY GOD FORGIVES, CUTIE AND THE BOXER as well as my personal favorite SNOWPIERCER are available on their multi-platform.

Anchor Bay Entertainment is celebrating its 20th anniversary! Releasing in theatres and home entertainment the company has brought and continues to bring quality films such as STARZ original series, children’s entertainment, sports and specialty films on Bluray and DVD formats.

TUBS OF POPCORN: I give BEFORE WE GO three and a half tubs of popcorn out of five. This film is so beautifully put on Bluray with every nuance captured from the lights on the streets, to buildings, to even the views outside the hotel window – everything is part of the story. That’s actually important when two actors are carrying the weight of a film and mesh with the surroundings. I loved it.

before 2

Both Evans and Eve bring so much to their characters and go full force with the entire human ladder of emotions. Both Nick and Brooke are puzzles of emotions and stories and in this film it seemed only these two people could save one another from the craziness that is their life. There wasn’t a moment where I thought ‘this isn’t even possible’ – but instead I thought ‘oh wow, yep, that’s what it feels like [love, hurt, both]’ and said it several times over.

The Bluray and DVD include A Conversation with Director Chris Evans which is a feature I highly recommend watching.

In the end – one night can change your hole life!

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