third street


Jeri Jacquin

In theatres from writer/directors Negin Farsad, Jeremy Redleaf and Paladin comes the story of technology versus Mother Nature in a relationship during the 3rd STREET BLACKOUT.

Living together is Mina (Negan Farsad) a neuroscientist and TED-talker and Rudy (Jeremy Redleaf) an app developer. They recently decided to move in together in a tenement on Third Street. Both of them are clued to their electronics which means that they aren’t talking as much to each other.

When Hurricane Sandy bears down, everyone has to relearn how to communicate with one another. Mina and Rudy are no exception! The stress of everything gets to the two of them and an argument breaks out between the two.

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Rudy decides to take off for Brooklyn and Mina isn’t sure how to handle the situation. As the neighborhood begins to reach out to one another, Mina and Rudy become the focus of friends and the East Village to bring these two back together.

Because even in the dark love will find its way home!

Farsad as Mina is a smart young woman and has no problem sharing her neuroscientist smarts with everyone. The problem is when a person is that smart about one thing; they might not be as smart about other things – like being in a relationship that requires more attention than you’d give an ipad! Farsad is actually quite cute and very funny.

Redleaf as Rudy is adorable, yes; I had to get that out first. He is perfect for Mina in that they have a lot in common professionally. Trying to find answers to their problems, he encounters a situation with Mina that isn’t all that it seems. Taking off isn’t the smartest thing he’ll do but the road back is the funniest.

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Other cast include: Janeane Garofalo as June Sherman, Devin Ratray as Adam, Rachel Feinstein as Melanie, Phyllis Somerville as Susan Sussman, Ed Weeks as Nathan Blonket, John Hodgman as Gary Voonerjab, Henry Zebrowski as Blaine Wasserman, Sunita Mani as Elora, Jordan Carlos as Ari Wiser, Debargo Sanyal as Hassan and Ari Rubin as Scott Kim.

TUBS OF POPCORN: I give 3rd STREET BLACKOUT four tubs of popcorn out of five. This is a hilarious film because it has the type of humor I really enjoy. It’s biting, cutting and a big jaw dropping but more importantly perfect in this film. I couldn’t stop laughing which is always an awesome thing.

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I don’t want to give anything else away about the film or the characters because, trust me when I say this, each of the characters are hilarious in their own right. This is a film that is so much fun to watch unravel knowing that like life, sometimes a little hurricane has to blow in to remind us all that we need to put down the toys and engage in life!

Negin Farsad directed and starred in THE MUSLIMS ARE COMING! And recently completed NEDCORE RIDING. Due out this may is her book How to Make White People Laugh. Jeremy Redleaf is known for his role on Seasame Street, can be seen on MTVs Guy Code and created OddJobNation.

In the end – it’s a dark comedy, literally!