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Michael Pena

DORA and the LOST CITY OF GOLD is Fun for Families

Dora cover


Jeri Jacquin

Coming to theatres this Friday from director James Bobin and Paramount Pictures is the story of a young girl and adventures with DORA AND THE LOST CITY OF GOLD.

Dora (Isabela Moner) is a young girl who lives with her parents Elena (Eva Longoria) and Cole (Michael Pena) in the jungle. Living their most of her life she loved sharing adventures with her cousin Diego (Jeff Wahlberg) when he visited. Her parents were always exploring and especially now as they feel they are closer to finding a lost Inca civilization. Dora is excited but that fades fast when she learns that Mom and Dad are sending her to cousin Diego believing it is time for her to have the high school experience.

dora 1

Looking at it as an adventure, Dora is not happy about leaving behind her monkey friend Boots (voiced by Danny Trejo) but looks forward to what could happen next. Diego doesn’t know what to make of his cousin and the cheeriness that seems to follow her everywhere especially when she seems to know a little more than a lot of her classmates. It is irritating to one particular classmate, Sammy (Madeleine Madden) but not so much for Randy (Nicholas Coombe).

Dora spends her time trying to fit in and visiting with family and especially grandmother Valerie (Adriana Barraza). Staying in touch with Mom and Dad through calls and mapping, it makes her feel like she is part of it all. Then, the phone calls suddenly stop and Dora begins to investigate why landing her, Diego, Sammy and Randy back in the jungle with Alejandro (Eugenio Derbez) who is also looking for her parents. But there are people chasing them and Dora knows only one thing – she must find her parents and quickly.

No one else knows the jungle better than Dora the explorer!

dora 2

Moner as Dora is cheerful, inquisitive, blunt and very funny and that’s just the beginning. This is a character that absolutely reaches out to children and that is the whole point of the film that came from an animated show. There is definitely culture shock on the part of Dora who goes from a free spirited, jungle roaming and tutored by her professor parent’s kid to a pavement walking high school where there are all kinds of people who don’t think the way she does. This is a good film to address both of those issue all while exploring and having lots of giggles.

Wahlberg as Diego is irritated with his cousin at first because he is instantly knows from the moment she lands in California that she is going to have trouble fitting in. He tries to tell her how to make that happen but Dora believes in the philosophy of being herself. He is a good cousin and remembers what it was like in the jungle and that helps Dora a lot. Madden as Sammy is a girl who clearly has self-esteem issues while masking it with a superiority that is way more irritating than the happy-go-lucky Dora.

One adventure might change all that right? Coombe as Randy likes Dora just the way she is with her outgoing personality, her knowledge of the stars and pretty much everything else she can do that most girls in high school don’t. He may be afraid on their adventure but he always manages to do the right thing by Dora’s side.

dora 3

Derbez as Alejandro wants to help Dora find her parents and the lost Inca city. He’s a little bumbly which amuses Dora but he has a secret as well that she and the rest are unaware of. Derbez looks like he’s having a good time in the film. Barraza as Grandmother Valerie is supportive of Dora and sees that even though she may be a little different, it’s no reason not to always do what’s right even if it is unpopular.

Longoria as Elena wants her daughter to make friends and go off to school to learn more about the world outside the jungle. She absolutely nails the mother role and she does so with humor. Pena as Cole might be wrapped up in his work but he always makes time to talk with Dora about what they are doing and what discoveries they make. That’s a good Dad right there folks!

Trejo gets to be a blue friend to Dora and del Toro gets the chance to be a fox who isn’t as smart as he thinks!

Other cast include Madelyn Miranda as Young Dora, Malachi Barton as Young Diego, Temuera Morrison as Powell, Pai Miller as Mami, Q’orianka Kilcher as Inca Princess Kawillaka, Isela Vega as Old Womanand Benicio del Toro as the voice of Swiper the Fox.

dora 4

DORA AND THE LOST CITY OF GOLD is definetly a film that families can go see together just to have a lot of fun, a little bit of adventure and learn about family and friendship. The adventure is action packed and well done and there are a few moments of ‘Dora’isms’ that Mom’s and Dad’s will get a good chuckle out of. This is the type of film that you buy a huge tub of popcorn and a drink to share with everyone and just enjoy the ride.

I took my granddaughter who is four to see the film and she loved it and there were children as old as twelve also in attendance and they enjoyed it just as much. The laughing was constant and it was very plain to see that everyone in the theatre was having a good time. The film is a little over an hour and a half which means it isn’t taxing for the smaller children but enough time for the characters to be developed and a story that is easy to follow.

In the end – unleash your wild side!



ANT-MAN and the WASP Prove Super Hero Size Doesn’t Matter

Ant man and the wasp cover

Jeri Jacquin

In theatres this Friday from director Peyton Reed and Marvel Studios comes the next adventure bringing together ANT-MAN and the WASP.

Scott Lang (Paul Rudd) is still under house arrest after the fiasco with CAPTAIN AMERICA: Civil War. Under the watchful eye of Agent Woo (Randall Park), Scott spends time with daughter Cassie (Abby Ryder Fortson) and his business with partner Luis (Michael Pena).

With days away from the removal of his ankle tracker, Scott is doing his best to behave.Of course that’s all about to change when Hope Van Dyne (Evangeline Lilly) decides to kidnap him. Freaking out about being out of the house, Hope explains that she and father Dr. Pym (Michael Douglas) need his help.

ant 1

Both Hope and Pym are still unhappy with what Scott did but there is something more important they need. Working on a way to save her mother Janet (Michelle Pfeiffer), Hope reaches out to Sonny Burch (Walton Goggins), a man who knows how to get things that are – shall we say – slightly illegal.

Once Sonny realizes who Hope is and what her father can do, he makes demands to get a piece of the action. They are interrupted by what can only be describes as a Ghost (Hannah John-Kamen) and an all out brawl breaks out forcing Scott back into his Ant-Man suit to help.

Now the chase is on as it seems both Sonny and this Ghost want the same thing, to steal Dr. Pym’s lab and discover the secrets inside. Of course Scott also has to keep a low profile but that’s hard to do when you are trying to do what’s right!

Rudd as Scott reminds me of a clean Deadpool in a sense. He is funny, charming, constantly trying to do what’s right even if it goes wrong and wears a tight super hero costume. He brings out the best in his character while being put in the worst situations possible. I have to admit that the scene between Rudd and Fishburne is pretty funny when they are comparing size. I just enjoy Rudd as an actor and ANT-MAN and the WASP proves why that is.

ant 3

Lily as Hope is smart, tough and has no problem whizzing between sizes to put the bad guys in their place. She is still a little bent out of shape with Scott but believing that her mother might still be alive is much more important. John-Kamen as Ghost has the chance to go a little one-on-one with Lily’s character as they both worked on their martial arts skills perfectly.

Douglas as Dr. Pym is totally p.o.’d at Scott but, like his daughter, sees the necessity of getting Scott’s help. Using his smarts to stay one step ahead of both Sonny and the Ghost, coming up against an old friend might be the hardest to deal with. Fishburne as Dr. Foster has a bone to pick with Pym and it will all come out in the wash.

Pena as Luis finally has his chance to see how the super hero half lives. Making sure Scott is protected and getting a chance to shrink seems to make his life complete. Fortson as Cassie is sweet and wants what is best for her Dad and, of course, has a few ideas on being a super hero herself.

ant 2

Goggins as Sonny can do no wrong and brings bad guy humor to the film. He is a little greedy and at the same time a little charming with a few one liners that cracked me up. Park as Agent Woo also brings in the laughs trying to stay one step ahead of Scott. Pfeiffer as Janet has a small role (no pun intended) but a necessary character none the less.

Other cast include Bobby Cannavale as Paxton, T.I. as Dave, David Dastmalchian as Kurt, Divian Ladwa as Uzman and Lawrence Fishburne as Dr. Bill Foster.

ANT-MAN and the WASP is a fun superhero film that the whole family can enjoy filled with fun, total action and characters zipping from small, medium to large with lightening speed. The film comes in at a little over two hours yet never felt like I was being dragged along the story line.

ant 4

Rudd and Lily work so well together that they made it look effortless. Douglas adds his grumpy salt to the mix and waalaa – a super hero film that will have everyone leaving the film feeling pretty darn good.

Of course I can tell you to definitely stay past the credits because, as the Marvel Cinematic Universe is know for, a jaw drop or two might be waiting. The interconnection between the Marvel films is becoming tighter and tighter.

As the summer heats up for blockbuster superhero movies, ANT-MAN and the WASP looks to be right up there with the rest.

In the end – real heroes come in all sizes!



12 STRONG: The Declassified True Story of the Horse Soldiers Brings Two Sides to the Same War



12 strong poster

Jeri Jacquin

Coming to theatres from director Nicolai Fuglsig and Warner Bros. is the a story of a group of soldiers who are dedicated to doing what is necessary by being 12 STRONG.

Cpt. Mitch Nelson (Chris Hemsworth) is ready to settle into a different military job that would allow him to be home with his wife and daughter. That is until September 11 as he sees on television what almost every American would see as the World Trade Center is under attacked. Knowing that he must return to his Special Forces team, he enlists the help of Chief Warrant Officer Hal Spencer (Michael Shannon) to get him back into the fold.

Quickly a team is sent to Afghanistan as Cpt. Nelson and his team including Sgt. Sam Diller (Michael Pena), Sgt. Ben Milo (Trevante Rhodes), Sgt. Pat Essex (Austin Hebert), Sgt. Bill Bennett (Kenny Sheard) and more arrive with gear in tow.

strong 1
Now, Cpt. Nelson must convince Col. Mulholland (William Fichtner) that his team is ready to meet with Northern Alliance General Dostum (Navid Negahban) to fight the Taliban and Al Qaeda. It becomes quickly clear that this will be a struggle as Cpt. Nelson makes contact with General Dostum and there are immediate trust issues that are understandable on both sides.

Another surprise for the Cpt. and men is that this war is going to be fought in a way they could never imagine – on horseback! To get across the desolate land to meet up with
other fighters, there is another leader bringing his own brand of despicable destruction that affects the General deeply.

What is necessary is that two men who have no reason to trust one another learn that they need each other and by working together it may not solve the war’s problems but does bring a surprising understanding of two unlikely leaders.

Hemsworth as Cpt. Nelson is a man dedicated to doing whatever he can, along with his men, to stop those responsible for the terror on American soil. His need to do so means he must say goodbye to his family once again with the belief that he will be returning home. Hemsworth gives a strong performance of a leader who cares about his men but also begins to understand that what he and the crew want are the same thing General Dostum wants. Trusting each other in a short amount of time proves to be frustrating as Cpt. Nelson’s goal is to finish the mission and bring the men home.

Negahban as General Dostum is equally as dedicated as his American counterpart. Believing that there is only one way to fight the enemy who is taking over his country, he tries to believe that the American soldiers mean well but trust on both sides is slowing them down. The cultural misunderstandings are swift and bring about quick reactions from these leaders, as Negahban’s character begins to share the feelings of the Afghani people, he explains that they want the terrorists just as gone as Cpt. Nelson and his men do.

strong 2

Shannon as Spencer believes that the mission can only succeed if Nelson is with them. This is a strong character and what I mean by that is the person of Spencer fights through so much to be there for mission success. It is intense when the group realizes that getting help is difficult where they are embedded in the mountains. This role is a departure from the crazy mean character of Strickland in the stunning THE SHAPE OF WATER.

Pena as Sgt. Diller is another character who brings a little bit of laughter with his quick wit and straight delivery. At the same time Pena can put on a game face that is not to be messed with but also this isn’t his first go around playing characters close to war with
his role in LIONS FOR LAMBS and WORLD TRADE CENTER. I believe that Pena is such an under utilized actor and with every role he confirms it.

Fichtner as Col. Mulholland has to be convinced to send in Cpt. Nelson and his men in for a mission that could prove to be a disaster. Once he sends them to meet with General Dostum, it is one step at a time filled with intensity that there are so many pieces to the

More of the 12 STRONG include Geoff Stults, Thad Luckinbill, Ben O’Toole, Austin Stowell, Kenneth Miller, Kenny Sheard, and Jack Kesy as well as Elsa Patasky, Max Bowers, Marie Wagenman and Rob Riggle.

12 STRONG is a totally different look at the war in Afghanistan after 9/11 because it gives both sides of the fight through a story that deserves to be told. The American soldiers made their feelings quite clear as to why they wanted to go for a dangerous mission in Afghanistan but we also learn that General Dostum and his men have a view as well.

strong 3

To me that is a fantastic way to bring this story to the screen and see why each leader and their men mistrust. From the moment the two men arrive at the meeting point, the tension and mistrust is so thick on the screen. That is where the duality of emotion for the viewer kicks in because of course it is understandable that the American soldiers and Afghani soldiers each would be on high alert toward one another.

As the film continues and the Afghans explain what life has been like for them and their people – a change happens, not just between the characters on screen but the audience as well. There are such amazing scenes that either had my jaw dropped or found that I was holding my breath.

That’s what 12 STRONG does, takes you inside an unexpected war to learn about people who are trying to survive terror themselves and come together in unexpected ways.

Doug Stanton is the author of the book HORSE SOLDIERS and he says, “I wanted this to be a book that you would read about guys surviving a harrowing situation. They were told very little about their mission except to attack terrorist camps but not told they would have to ride a horse to do it”.

Also to celebrate these brave soldiers who fought on horseback, sculptor Douwe
Blumberg created the bronze statue De Oppresso Liber located in Liberty Park in New York guarding the attack site.

In the end – on September 11, 2001 the world watched in terror and on September 12, 2001 they volunteered to fight!




The Lego Ninjago Movie Brings Fun for all Ages!


Ninjago movie

Jeri Jacquin

Get ready to get your Zen on as directors Charlie Bean, Paul Fisher, Bob Logan and Warner Bros. bring the fun with THE LEGO NINJAGO MOVIE.

Ninjago is an island filled with townsfolk of all kinds and all walks of life. At the local high school, Lloyd (voiced by Dave Franco) is constantly being harassed for the simple reason that his father is Garmadon (Justin Theroux). Who is Garmadon you ask? Well, he’s ‘The Worst Guy Ever’ who is always finding ways to use his mechs to wreak havoc on the streets of Ninjago.

The only way Lloyd can handle being the son of the worst guy ever is to become part of a group of high school secret ninja warriors. Taught by his under Master Wu (Jackie Chan), the group consists of Kai (Michael Pena) the Fire Ninja, Cole (Fred Armisen) the Earth Ninja, Jay (Kumail Nanjiani) is the Lightening Ninja, Zane (Zach Woods) is the Ice Ninja and Nya (Abbi Jacobson) is Kai’s sister leaving Lloyd as the Green Ninja.

Nin 1

When Garmadon unleashes Meowthra, Lloyd and the gang must go on a journey to find a way to stop the destruction of Ninjago. The problem is that after showdown between brothers; Lloyd is stuck dealing with his Dad!

It is a trip to save their island but Lloyd and Garmadon discover that for all their years apart, father and son might just have a chance to make up for lost time. Well, that and dealing with a giant Meowthra still tearing up Ninjago!

Franco as the voice of Lloyd is a kid who has lived in the shadow of Garmadon but finds some relief in being the Green Ninja. Everybody loves the Green Ninja and his flying dragon – it’s too bad they don’t know it’s the kid they ignore. One thing is sure, when it comes to stubbornness, the Lego doesn’t fall far form the tree!

Theroux as Garmadon is just completely hilarious and worth every laugh this character gets. Yes, I realize it’s just his voice but the delivery is epic and the animators bring it all together and so much so I think I developed a bit of a soft spot for Garmadon. He’s just another misunderstood evil warlord who happens to have a magazine rack full of unresolved issues.

nin 2

Chan as Master Wu is funny, smart and tolerant and all three make this character a lot of fun to watch. He wants what is best for his nephew but isn’t going to make the journey an easy one. Did I mention he’s funny?

Pena, Armisen, Nanjiani, Woods, and Jacobson know that it’s rough to be the son of Garmadon. They are supportive of their friend Lloyd and, it must be said, they do so enjoy putting on their costumes and using the cool gear. Getting to know Garmadon is just a bonus for them.

Other vocal cast include: David Burrows as Fuschsia Ninja, Alex Kauffman as the Ninja Computer, Todd Hansen as General Omar, and Douglas Nicholas as General Jolly.

TUBS OF POPCORN: I give THE LEGO NINJAGO MOVIE four and a half tubs of popcorn out of five. I mean come on there people! This is fun, full of laughs, great characters and has everything LEGO. There is something for everyone and outrageous humor from start to finish. Watching these Lego characters is an epic joy every minute the animation is on screen.

nin 3

Leave it to Jackie Chan’s Master Wu to gives us a few valuable lessons on accepting ourselves, finding the path that best fits us and believing that all things are possible. It is all wrapped nicely in another LEGO adventure.

To be honest here, I knew I would love LEGO NINJAGO because THE LEGO MOVIE (2014) and THE LEGO BATMAN MOVIE (2017) still have me laughing. I think I might be a tad partial to Batman but only a tad more. The humor in these films is nothing short of sharp and there isn’t anything not to like.

Get the family together because this is definitely a film that is a reason to make visiting your local movie theatre worth every bite of popcorn.

In the end – find your inner ninja!



Jeri Jacquin

In theatres this Friday from director David Frankel and Warner Bros. Pictures is a story of finding life again surrounded by COLLATERAL BEAUTY.

Howard (Will Smith) is part of a successful advertising agency along with friends Whit (Edward Norton), Claire (Kate Winslet) and Simon (Michael Pena). Three years later Howard is in a very dark place dealing with the death of his six year old daughter.

This affects the business and Whit decides it is in the company’s best interest to find a way to remove Howard from any dealings. Hiring a private detective they learn that Howard wrote a letter to Love, Time and Death.


Trying one more way to reach their friend, Whit meets actors Amy (Keira Knightley), Brigitte (Helen Mirren) and Raffi (Jacob Latimore). Hiring each of them to be Love, Time and Death they meet Howard sending him into a kind of shock!

Hearing Howard’s story from his friends it becomes clear that he isn’t the only person who needs a shaking up in his life. Whit is having daughter issues, Claire is having Mommy issues and Simon is having truth issues which means Howard isn’t the only person juggling life.

Then again everyone needs a reality check every once in a while!

Smith as Howard turns in another performance as a sullen man who is looking for a sign that life is worth living. In writing down his feelings towards the three things he holds dear, Howard lives in his silent world watching everything go by – including his dominos. This all being said, there is nothing truly original about this character because we’ve all seen Smith do this before.

Norton as Whit is a man who is dealing with a daughter that openly shares her anger with a dad who has let her down. Hiding behind business is a good way for Whit to act like nothing is happening. I enjoy performances where Norton has breakthrough moments because it shows completely in every blink of his eye.


Winslet as Claire is so busy taking care of everyone else she forgets about herself. Being the caregiver of her friends has left her little time to be the one thing she wants the most. Winslet’s character is strong with moments of such caring.

Pena as Simon wants to take care of his family but for reasons he has kept hidden for himself. He doesn’t want to hurt his friend Howard and isn’t all for the plan but doesn’t know any other way to reach him. Pena is such a fine actor and takes on roles with such depth and even when humor is thrown in he brings that as well.

Mirren as Brigitte is colorful, loving, and is a character all unto herself. I love everything Mirren does because she brings something different to each role and just when I think she’s covered it all – out comes more uniqueness. Yes, I’m a fan!

Harris as Madeleine runs grief meetings to help parents deal with the deaths of their children. She is a source of calm and strength as Howard tries to find a way to become part of it all.


Knightley as Amy has a difficult time being Love and making Howard understand that the emotion he is running from is in everything. This actress can tear up at the drop of a hat. Latimore as Raffi gives a whole new meaning to Time. He is funny, clever and delivers his intensity with fire in his eyes.

Other cast include Kylie Rogers as Allison, Alyssa Cheatham as Olivia and Ann Dowd as Sally Price.

TUBS OF POPCORN: I give COLLATERAL BEAUTY three tubs of popcorn out of five. The film has themes of Time, Love and Death which are the things Howard lives by except when his life has tragedy. The premise of the film is endearing but again I feel like I have seen this story before.

Hoping for more than a predictable story with a predictable ending, the lessons the film are important nonetheless. Tragedy happens to us all but it is how we deal with the sadness in the long term that can either bring us together or tear life apart.

In the end – we are all connected.

THE MARTIAN is Brilliant with an Extended Edition on Bluray

the martian


Jeri Jacquin & Jenise Jacquin

This week with an all new extended edition is a 7-time Academy Award nominated film from director Ridley Scott and 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment about a man who becomes THE MARTIAN.

Astronaut Mark Watney (Matt Damon) is with his crew including Lewis (Jessica Chastain), Martinez (Michael Pena), Johanssen (Kate Mara) and Beck (Sebastian Stan) on Mars conducting research. All is going well, that is until a storm comes in stronger than anyone had anticipated.

In one moment the team’s lives are in danger as the storm is tilting their ship. Getting everyone on board for an emergency lift off, the wind whips up debris throwing Watney to the wind. Believing he is dead the crew has no choice but to lift off to safety.

When the storm passes, it becomes clear that Watney survived! Getting back to the base station, he quickly goes into survival mode. He begins to assess his supplies and what he can use to reach NASA.

mar 4

Stunned, mission control on earth with Ted Sanders (Jeff Daniels), Annie Montrose (Kristen Wiig), Mitch Henderson (Sean Bean) and Vincent Kapoor (Chiwetel Ejiofor) try to come up with a rescue plan. It is out of nowhere that Rich Purnell (Donald Glover) gives them an option that they hadn’t considered.

Now it is a race between the rescue team and Watney’s ability to stay alive!

Damon as Watney is absolutely amazing. We certainly had concerns with his recent astronaut experience with Interstellar but we shouldn’t have been. He takes this role as a man left to his own devices on the red planet and just thrills from one problem solved to the next. Damon’s ability to use comedy in the middle of some scary stuff doesn’t diminish the fear, just gives us moments of nervous laughter as a release. Yes, we are Damon fans.

Chastain as Lewis and Mara as Johanssen are strong female characters who don’t take orders from the guys very well. Stan as Beck absolutely wants to break the rules to bring his friend home and there is a little love connection with Johanssen.

mar 1

Pena as Martinez is an actor who consistently brings it to the screen. There isn’t a role he has done that we don’t like and THE MARTIAN once again proves he is a talent that has so much more to offer.

Daniels as Sanders gets a chance to wear his bad guy-character suit. Of course some might say he’s just doing his job as the head of NASA, but there are moments we questioned whether he wants Watney to come home!

Glover as Purnell is a whiz kid who has to convince others he knows what he’s doing. This is a guy with a big brain and a lot of coffee intake! Wiig as Montrose is disaster control and it’s interesting to watch this usual comedic actress stand there with a straight face, kind of scary really.

Ejiofor as Kapoor turns in a solid performance with a role soaked to the gills in science, Math, quantum physics and anything else one would have to know where Mars and a rescue are concerned.

Bean as Henderson is as bad ass as he wants to be. From the moment his character comes into the storyline it’s easy to see Henderson isn’t about to take any b.s. from anyone. He is combative, sarcastic, direct, snarky and has a few tricks up his sleeves and every bit of Bean’s portrayal had us cheering for him.

Other cast include: Aksel Hennie as Alex Vogel, Nick Mohammed as Tim Grimes, Mackenzie Davis as Mindy Park, Zhu Tao as Chen Shu, Eddie Ko as Guo Ming and Sebastian Stan as Chris Beck.

mar 2

Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment is amazing to once again bring just what fans want for their home library. Continually bringing new entertainment content for everyone’s media library, their format includes DVD, Bluray, and Digital HD. To discover more of what they have to offer please visit

TUBS OF POPCORN: We give THE MARTIAN: Extended Edition five tubs of popcorn out of five. Matt Damon makes the entire film so fantastic to watch with his portrayal of Watney – or as we called him the Martian McGyver. The film is visually stunning with storyline and characters just keep it flowing in beautiful Bluray on a nice big home screen.

This is a film for everybody because it does have so much to offer. Damon deserves every accolade for this performance. Want to see what an actor can really do? Put him on Mars with some potatoes and prepared to be amazed.

Ridley Scott is a director that deserves so much respect, not only does THE MARTIAN prove it to us but his track record says so as well. Maybe a few of these film titles will ring a bell with ALIEN(S), LEGEND, THELMA & LOUISE, G.I. JANE, GLADIATOR, AMERICAN GANGSTER, PROMETHEUS, and now THE MARTIAN, so mad props!

mar 3

The Bluray comes in a 2-disc set along with Digital HD with ten extra minutes of unseen footage. New Special Features with this set include Audio Commentary by director Ridley Scott, Writer and Executive Producer Drew Goddard and the author of The Martian Andy Weir, Deleted Scenes, The Long Way Home: Making The Martian, Dare Mighty Things: NASA’s Journey to Mars and Journey to Mars 101 Q&A.

This Bluray is truly brilliant with both the theatrical version of the film as well as the extended cut. If you waited to get your own copy of THE MARTIAN, wait no more! This is the edition you want for your home entertainment library.

In the end – help is only 140 million miles away!


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