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STARSHIP TROOPERS: Traitor of Mars Brings the Bug Gang Back Together!

starship cover


Jeri Jacquin

Celebrating the 20th Anniversary of the original STARSHIP TROOPERS, Sony Pictures Home Entertainment along directors Shinji Aramaki and Masaru Matsumoto bring us back to fighting bugs with STARSHIP TROOPERS: Traitor of Mars on Bluray and DVD.

Twenty years after Johnny Rico (voiced once again by Casper Van Dien) and friends gave the bugs a good what-for, he finds himself on Mars with a band of new recruits. Carl (Justin Doran) is now a General who is trying to stay one step ahead of Sky Marshall Amy Snapp (Emily Neves). Carmen Ibanez (Luci Christian) is commanding her own ship as well.

Training his Martian troops, the one thing Rico doesn’t expect is an attack by the bugs. The Federation can’t send help soon enough but then again Carl suspects that there is something bigger at play here. Reaching out to Carmen, he tells her that Rico needs her help.

star 1

Once the major attack begins, Rico acts like a commander making sure his soldiers escape. Left on Mars surface, he is visited by the familiar face of Dizz (Dina Meyer) who helps him figure out a way to stop the bugs before they completely take over Mars.

Sky Marshall Snapp goes before the citizens sending fear about what the bugs have planned next. Not listening to Carl’s advice, saving Mars is in the hands of Rico and the troops who know that everybody fights and nobody quits!

There is no one else I’d accept as the voice of Johnny Rico. Van Dien returns, vocally at least, to bring Johnny Rico back to us. It has been some time and the battles have had an affect on him not just physically. A little older but absolutely wiser, he is still haunted by the death of Dizz and remembers a simpler time with Carmen and Carl. That’s what makes STARSHIP TROOPERS: Traitor of Mars awesome – it’s a trip down memory lane but doesn’t take away from the battle that is still happening with the bugs.

Also returning is Dina Meyer as the voice of Dizz as she straightens out Johnny a bit. It is awesome that she returns and without giving anything away, fans will be thrilled. Doran as Carl is a little unnerving vocally but he hasn’t changed when it comes to being evasive about what is going on around them all. Christian as Carmen listens when Carl says Rico needs help. Neves as Sky Marshall Snapp has a plan of her own and like Carl, is playing it close to the vest.

star 3

Other cast include DeRay Davis as One-Oh-One, Scott Gibbs as Baba and Juliet Simmons as Camacho.

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Celebrated anime filmmaker Shinji Aramaki of APPLESEED ALPHA and APPLESEED EX MACHINA along with sci-fi master Ed Neumeier return us to the 1997 iconic STARSHIP TROOPERS film. A sci-fi classic (and I can’t be friends with you if the film isn’t on your guilty pleasure list), STARSHIP TROOPERS: Traitor of Mars brings this animated gang back for more bug battles and a storyline that twists and turns.

The Bluray includes Traitors of Mars: A Look Inside Bugs and Powered Suits, Traitor of Mars: A Look Inside Story and Characters, Expanding the Universe – 20 Years and Counting, Continuing the Universe and Traitor of Mars, Deleted Scenes, and Photo Gallery. The DVD includes A Look Inside: Motion Capture and A Look Inside: Music.

star 2

STARSHIP TROOPERS: Traitor of Mars is available on Digital August 22, on 4K Ultra HD/Bluray Combo Pack and DVD this week and STARSHIP TROOPERS 20th Anniversary 4K Ultra HD Edition September 19th.

This animated film is a blast from the past while giving us more story with a new crew of soldiers who could only be trained by Rico. There are iconic phrases that could only be uttered by Rico melding the iconic 1997 film with 2017 animation. There is action, fun, memories and bugs who need taking care of so On the Bounce, Troopers!

In the end – Johnny Rico is back!

National Geographic’s MARS is an Epic Adventure that Needs to be Seen on Bluray!

Mars bluray


Jeri Jacquin

On Bluray this week from National Geographic, 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment and the Executive Producers Brian Grazer and Ron Howard is the series MARS.

mars 7

The year is 2033 and a mission to Mars that is not starting off well. With the crew consisting of Commander Sawyer (Ben Cotton), Hana Seung (Jihae Kim), Amelie Durand (Clementine Poidatz), Robert Foucault (Sammi Rotibi), Javier Delgado (Alberto Ammann and Marta Kamen (Anamaria Marinca) they are being observed carefully by CEO of Mars Mission Ed Grann (Oliver Martinez).

On Mars the terrain is difficult as the crew of the Daedalus look for a place to set up a base camp. The story also unfolds as SpaceX works on a reusable rocket in the present and Kelly becomes the only person in NASA to spend the most time in space while Antarctica becomes a practice settlement.

Mars 4

Jumping four years on Mars, a massive storm means the crew must look for somewhere else to set up a camp. Walking through the blinding storm they find the most unexpected place to begin again.

At the same time some of the crew is suffering from “cabin fever” and the commander is made aware of it. It isn’t in time however as a botanist opens an airlock sending the camp into chaos and killing himself and other members of the team. So much is lost setting the mission back but repairs begin.

After everything that has happened to the crew and the question of whether to continue or return home is the topic of conversation. That could possibly be a useless conversation when the crew believes they have found life on Mars!

mars 6

Other cast include Kata Sarbo as Ava, Antoinette Fekete as Sam, and Cosima Shaw as Leslie Richardson.

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The series filled with realism mixing drama and documentary adds the appearances by Elon Musk, Neil deGrasse Tyson and Stephen Petranek. There is everything to be pulled in by MARS and it’s our human curiosity to know more about the planet that makes this series inviting.

This cast brings everything unique to each character and although they are sharing the same experience, they are experiencing it so very differently. Knowing that they must rely on one another, it isn’t as if they can call ‘home’ and get help.

mars 3

I found myself jaw dropped, gasping for a breath (especially when the airlock opened!), curious, wondering, shocked, and more which is, I’m sure, exactly the intent of MARS. To bring out the amazing emotions that are engrained in our desire to know more about the red planet. Added to this is the breath taking cinematography and special effects that invite the audience to be on MARS with the crew.

The Bluray includes the episodes Novo Mundo, Grounded, Pressure Drop, Power, Darkest Days and Crossroads. The Special Features include Making MARS, BEFORE MARS – A Prequel, BEFORE MARS Behind the Scenes, Getting to MARS Featurettes, Living on MARS Featurettes, More MARS Featurettes, and Behind-the-Scenes Featurettes.

It is so worth the time to watch the special features of MARS because they are as amazing and stunning to see as the series itself. With two hours of cast and crew interviews, how often does a series give you a prequel on the same Bluray as the series? I can’t recall it happening.

In the end – we went to the moon because we wanted to; we went to Mars because we had to!




Jeri Jacquin

This week brings wonder from director Peter Chelsom and STX Entertainment with a look at the world when there is THE SPACE BETWEEN US.

As a space shuttle takes flight on its first mission to colonize Mars, one of the astronauts is carrying something unexpected. The Earth team led by Nathaniel Shepherd (Gary Oldman) must decide whether to turn the mission around or continue. That is how Gardner Elliot (Asa Butterfield) came to be the first human being born on Mars.


This is no ordinary young man, besides being born on Mars he is a very intelligent young man who accepts his life. That is until he uses the technology to reach farther and becomes acquainted with Tulsa (Britt Robertson), a young girl living an extraordinary life of her own.

Their online friendship holds many secrets from each of them and Gardner wants answers that his fellow Martian Kendra (Carla Gugino) can’t give him. Making the expected journey back to Earth, it quickly becomes apparent that Gardner’s heart can not handle our gravity.

Gardner isn’t about to go anywhere without doing a few important things including learning about his mother, finding out who is father is and meeting Tulsa face to face. Not an expert on the social graces, he is a little unnerved at the behavior of his fellow humans, including that of a surprised Tulsa.


Yet these two still manage an adventure like no other and although Shepherd and Kendra are hot on their trail, it isn’t stopping Gardner and Tulsa from experiencing life through each others eyes.

Together they are seeing the world before time runs out.

Butterfield as Gardner is perfect for this role because he has the soft spoken demeanor and the inquisitive expression needed to make us believe he is from Mars. Yet he also has the teenage curiosity to a ridiculous degree – I mean, come on, he’s on another planet entirely. Teenagers on Earth rebel in a totally different way than Gardner and Butterfield portrays him beautifully.

Robertson as Tulsa is a young girl with problems of her own wanting to get away from a life holding her down. Upset with Butterfield’s character for a bit, she recovers quickly when she finally knows his secrets and wants to help him find answers. Robertson takes her character and gives it spunk and the right amount of adventure seeking to be the yang to Gardner’s yin.


Gugino as Kendra has known Gardner all of his life and is probably the closest thing to a mother figure he has ever known. Wanting to make things easier for him includes letting the adventure he is on go as far as it can before having to step in. Gugino has the ability to make us care through her characters and she does so again quite well.

Oldman as Shepherd is a man who thinks only of the Mars project. Obsessed with getting it off the ground, he then retreats away closing off letting others take the reigns. When Gardner comes to Earth, he has answers but doesn’t seem eager to share them with the young teen yet he is the first to go chasing when Gardner takes off. There is a scene where Oldman walks down a road with his hair floating in the wind and I swear every woman in the audience sighed so loud, that’s the kind of effect this actor still has on us!

Other cast include BD Wong as Genesis Director Chen, Peter Chelsom as the voice of Centaur, Jenny Gabrielle as Susanne, Lauren Meyers as Alice, Scot Takeda as Dr. Loh, Danny Winn as Dr. Cox and Adande Thorne as Scott Hubbard.

TUBS OF POPCORN: I give THE SPACE BETWEEN US three and a half tubs of popcorn out of five. This film is very sweet and with Valentine’s Day fast approaching, this wouldn’t be a bad hand-holding-sharing-popcorn-and-a-tissue warm up.


The film is beautifully done with the shots of space and Mars which should entice those who love anything outside Earth’s atmosphere. The story is filled with all the innocence and wonder of young teenage love but for reasons not all too common. There are twists and turns to the story that are pretty cool.

If THE SPACE BETWEEN US teaches us anything it is that whether you are born on Mars or on Earth, it is what moves us that makes life worth everything. Also, this film takes the phrase long-distance-relationship a tad farther than most of us would dare to dream of. The two young actors really do let their characters lead them and I certainly didn’t mind the ride.

In the end – what is your favorite thing about Earth?

See the Beauty of Our Universe with JOURNEY TO SPACE



Jeri Jacquin

On stunning 4K Ultra HD, 3D Bluray, Bluray 2-disc combo from writer/director Mark Krenzien and SHOUT! Factory is the amazing JOURNEY TO SPACE.

This film brings the most spectacular view of our universe narrated by Sir Patrick Stewart. NASA not only tells us of their goals for the space program which is quite ambitious but includes a real mission to Mars. If that isn’t amazing enough, how about capturing an asteroid? I’d like to be in that!

Speaking with astronauts Chris Ferguson who was the Commander of the final Space Shuttle mission and Serena Aunon who is an astronaut training for future flights, we hear their personal insights. From the history of missions completed to dreams of future missions, just listening to them speak is reason enough to daydream about our vast universe.

space 2

There is absolutely astounding and beautiful space footage with space operations mixed in. From repairing the Hubble Space Telescope and working on the International Space Station, it is brilliant when people can do surrounded by the vacuum of space.

On ISS [International Space Station], viewers learn so much about what it is like to live and work on this massive project that will continue well until 2024. “The film shows how it is building a foundation for the next giant leaps NASA will be taking, leaps that will forever change how we live and operate in space as a species”. In case you are wondering, yes, Mars is in the astronaut plans!

JOURNEY TO SPACE is just beautiful to view because of the amazing way it is presented. Having Patrick Stewart as the narrator is literally so cool because who are you going to trust to talk about space? None other than Jean-Luc Picard!

journey 3

Also, I believe this to be a wonderful opportunity for families to sit together and learn more about our outer world. The conversations that can come from this film could perhaps inspire a child or two to be our NASA experts or, even better our next astronauts on their way to Mars!

SHOUT! Factory is devoted to bringing the best of pop culture to fans. From feature films, classic television series, animation and comedy specials are all available to add to your own home library. To see more of what they have to offer please visit

TUBS OF POPCORN: I give JOURNEY TO SPACE five tubs of popcorn out of five. I will admit that I don’t know the intricacies of space but oh my this film is stunning. If it counts I love all films about space no matter how far fetched they may be because what we thought was once far fetched brought about a man walking on the moon right?

space 1

The animation is really well done and very informative. Since I admit to being very limited on my NASA knowledge, visuals of any type add something more. I’m also thrilled to learn more about what is coming with a real life mission to mars. There are so many films about it and I think its time for a first hand account of the planet that seems to draw us all in with its mysteries and mythologies.

JOURNEY TO SPACE has been released in theatres with high dynamic range (HDR) and Dolby Atmos. The 4K UHD disc delivers incredible picture clarity and immersive audio bringing this film to a higher level of an awesome experience. Filmed for IMAX and Giant Screen Theatres, you can be sure your home entertainment journey into space will be just as stellar!

In the end – fasten your seat belts as we learn how to go to Mars!

THE MARTIAN is Brilliant with an Extended Edition on Bluray

the martian


Jeri Jacquin & Jenise Jacquin

This week with an all new extended edition is a 7-time Academy Award nominated film from director Ridley Scott and 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment about a man who becomes THE MARTIAN.

Astronaut Mark Watney (Matt Damon) is with his crew including Lewis (Jessica Chastain), Martinez (Michael Pena), Johanssen (Kate Mara) and Beck (Sebastian Stan) on Mars conducting research. All is going well, that is until a storm comes in stronger than anyone had anticipated.

In one moment the team’s lives are in danger as the storm is tilting their ship. Getting everyone on board for an emergency lift off, the wind whips up debris throwing Watney to the wind. Believing he is dead the crew has no choice but to lift off to safety.

When the storm passes, it becomes clear that Watney survived! Getting back to the base station, he quickly goes into survival mode. He begins to assess his supplies and what he can use to reach NASA.

mar 4

Stunned, mission control on earth with Ted Sanders (Jeff Daniels), Annie Montrose (Kristen Wiig), Mitch Henderson (Sean Bean) and Vincent Kapoor (Chiwetel Ejiofor) try to come up with a rescue plan. It is out of nowhere that Rich Purnell (Donald Glover) gives them an option that they hadn’t considered.

Now it is a race between the rescue team and Watney’s ability to stay alive!

Damon as Watney is absolutely amazing. We certainly had concerns with his recent astronaut experience with Interstellar but we shouldn’t have been. He takes this role as a man left to his own devices on the red planet and just thrills from one problem solved to the next. Damon’s ability to use comedy in the middle of some scary stuff doesn’t diminish the fear, just gives us moments of nervous laughter as a release. Yes, we are Damon fans.

Chastain as Lewis and Mara as Johanssen are strong female characters who don’t take orders from the guys very well. Stan as Beck absolutely wants to break the rules to bring his friend home and there is a little love connection with Johanssen.

mar 1

Pena as Martinez is an actor who consistently brings it to the screen. There isn’t a role he has done that we don’t like and THE MARTIAN once again proves he is a talent that has so much more to offer.

Daniels as Sanders gets a chance to wear his bad guy-character suit. Of course some might say he’s just doing his job as the head of NASA, but there are moments we questioned whether he wants Watney to come home!

Glover as Purnell is a whiz kid who has to convince others he knows what he’s doing. This is a guy with a big brain and a lot of coffee intake! Wiig as Montrose is disaster control and it’s interesting to watch this usual comedic actress stand there with a straight face, kind of scary really.

Ejiofor as Kapoor turns in a solid performance with a role soaked to the gills in science, Math, quantum physics and anything else one would have to know where Mars and a rescue are concerned.

Bean as Henderson is as bad ass as he wants to be. From the moment his character comes into the storyline it’s easy to see Henderson isn’t about to take any b.s. from anyone. He is combative, sarcastic, direct, snarky and has a few tricks up his sleeves and every bit of Bean’s portrayal had us cheering for him.

Other cast include: Aksel Hennie as Alex Vogel, Nick Mohammed as Tim Grimes, Mackenzie Davis as Mindy Park, Zhu Tao as Chen Shu, Eddie Ko as Guo Ming and Sebastian Stan as Chris Beck.

mar 2

Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment is amazing to once again bring just what fans want for their home library. Continually bringing new entertainment content for everyone’s media library, their format includes DVD, Bluray, and Digital HD. To discover more of what they have to offer please visit

TUBS OF POPCORN: We give THE MARTIAN: Extended Edition five tubs of popcorn out of five. Matt Damon makes the entire film so fantastic to watch with his portrayal of Watney – or as we called him the Martian McGyver. The film is visually stunning with storyline and characters just keep it flowing in beautiful Bluray on a nice big home screen.

This is a film for everybody because it does have so much to offer. Damon deserves every accolade for this performance. Want to see what an actor can really do? Put him on Mars with some potatoes and prepared to be amazed.

Ridley Scott is a director that deserves so much respect, not only does THE MARTIAN prove it to us but his track record says so as well. Maybe a few of these film titles will ring a bell with ALIEN(S), LEGEND, THELMA & LOUISE, G.I. JANE, GLADIATOR, AMERICAN GANGSTER, PROMETHEUS, and now THE MARTIAN, so mad props!

mar 3

The Bluray comes in a 2-disc set along with Digital HD with ten extra minutes of unseen footage. New Special Features with this set include Audio Commentary by director Ridley Scott, Writer and Executive Producer Drew Goddard and the author of The Martian Andy Weir, Deleted Scenes, The Long Way Home: Making The Martian, Dare Mighty Things: NASA’s Journey to Mars and Journey to Mars 101 Q&A.

This Bluray is truly brilliant with both the theatrical version of the film as well as the extended cut. If you waited to get your own copy of THE MARTIAN, wait no more! This is the edition you want for your home entertainment library.

In the end – help is only 140 million miles away!


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