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WHEN CALLS THE HEART: Year Five Brings their Movies to DVD with a Blessed Bonus

when calls year five

Jeri Jacquin

Coming to DVD from Shout! Factory and “Hearties” everywhere is an amazing set of films that touch us all with life, love and always knowing WHEN CALLS THE HEART: Year Five.

The Heart of Homecoming shows the people of Hope Valley at their very caring best as Christmas comes to town. Wanting to make sure everyone’s holidays are special and bright, the town gets ready for a Christmas parade. Elizabeth (Erin Krakow) is volunteering to take her mind off of missing Jack (Daniel Lissing) who is still on Mountie assignment.

Hearts and Minds has Elizabeth’s sister coming to Hope Valley. Julie (Charlotte Hegele) has decided that perhaps she would follow Elizabeth into teaching and shadow’s her sister at the school house. Abigail (Lori Loughlin) believes that the railroad can be a good thing for Hope Valley but she needs the towns help. Bill (Jack Wagner) must leave on official business and with Jack gone the only other person he trusts to be the law in the town is Lee (Kavan Smith) who also gets a taste of being town sheriff.

when calls 1

Home is Where the Heart is finally has Jack returning home to a very happy Elizabeth. It also means that she can begin to plan their wedding and Abigail is excited to help. One of Elizabeth’s students, Hattie, is chosen to start a school newspaper. Trying to find stories to tell is more difficult that the young girl imagined but it doesn’t stop her from telling a story she didn’t check facts on first.

My Heart is Yours is the day all the ‘Hearties’ have been waiting for. Jack and Elizabeth’s wedding day is close and the plans are moving forward. A telegram arrives for Jack sending him on a Mountie assignment but Bill won’t let anything get in the way of Jack’s big day. Instead, Bill rides out of town to do a prisoner transfer but things go awry putting his best man duties in jeopardy. Elizabeth has chosen students to be part of her wedding day and while rehearsing brings danger to the school. Abigail is thrilled that Pastor Frank (Mark Humphrey) has returned for the big day but they also need to decide how to go forward with their relationship.

Weather the Storm has Abigail continues to try and find investors to keep Hope Valley’s bank afloat. Elizabeth gets the idea and the towns help to have children follow one business in the town to learn how things work. The children are excited and chose only to discover that the adults are doing everything they can to make their town successful. AJ Foster (Josie Bissett) is back and Bill must deal with what happened a year ago between them.

Close to My Heart has Rosemary (Pascale Hutton) and her fluttery nature front and center. Lee’s former business partner who passed away brings his widow Eleanor to Hope Valley. Rosemary doesn’t understand all of her questions about business and success in their town. Eleanor finds Henry (Martin Cummins) and offers him a position wanting to open up a business. He is happy thinking he finally can get rid of the bad reputation he has with the townspeople. This is his chance but will he do the right thing? Finally, tragedy comes to Hope Valley and the entire town is in shock and devastated.

when calls 6

But life always shows us faith and hope!

Krakow as Elizabeth takes her character in a direction that is so lovely and difficult and heartbreaking for the viewer. A beloved person in Hope Valley, Elizabeth has cemented her place and when she deals with life-trials, it is those who have made her beloved that are there for her. Krakow has taken her character steps further each episode and season. That means those of us who love the show have grown right along with her and it has been an amazing journey.

Lissing as Thornton has done his role proud and with that said I’m saddened that he will no longer be Mountie Jack. That is a role that is strong, steadfast, endearing and what it means to be dedicated to one’s profession and the community where he lives. Those are characteristics some might say are lacking in our world today, yet Lissing has shown that although the series is set in another time, his actions are timeless. We will miss you Mountie Jack and we wish you well Daniel Lissing.

Loughlin as Abigail continues to be a pillar of the town taking on the role of mayor, mother to two orphaned children and run the town’s café. If that isn’t enough, she is trying to save the town’s bank by looking for investors. Loughlin is such a strong character in this series and yet hasn’t forgotten her humanity or what the word love truly means.

when calls 5

Wagner as Bill is the town law and has found his place in Hope Valley. He is equally dependable and has a grumpy kind of caring towards the people of the town. Wagner makes me laugh at times with how much he wants to pretend to be annoyed by something yet is the first to jump in when needed.

Hutton as Rosemary is continually delightful, thoughtful in her way, bold, flamboyant and oh so colorful. The way she thinks is a little self-serving at times but never in a hurtful or aggressive way. Instead she just wants everyone to be as happy as she is in life. Hutton is such a joy to watch as she keeps Rosemary moving forward with married life, friendship and town life.

Smith as Leland is as busy as ever with the lumber business while balancing married life. He has become such a strong part of the community and keeps the people of the town working. Smith brings charm, personality and humor to his marriage (which is cute beyond belief) and concern for the town he calls home and all his loved ones who live there.

Humphrey as Frank became important to Hope Valley but things change and Abigail knows it. This character has been embraced and emotionally necessary to balance everything that has happened to the people in town. Added to that is Greene as Carson, the town doctor, and they finally can be physically well.

when calls 2

Other cast include Paul Greene as Carson Shepherd, Andrea Brooks as Faith Carter, Eva Aren Bucholz as Jesse Flynn, Carter Evancic as Cody Hastings, Ava Cooper as Opal, and Max Lloyd-Jones as Tom Thornton

SHOUT! Factory has grown into a tremendous multi-platform media company. Releasing new animated features such as the exquisite Long Way North, and the epic fantasy Beauty And The Beast. Also their own original horror film, Fender Bender gives fans a good scare. For more of what SHOUT Factor has to offer please visit

The six-disc DVD includes all the movies seen during the 5th season of WHEN THE HEART CALLS.

Inspired by the books of Janette Oke, The Hallmark Channel has been home to the series. WHEN THE HEART CALLS is brought by executive producer Michael Landon, Jr. A spin off of the series When Hope Calls is expected to begin airing in 2019 on the Hallmark Movies Now service.

Included with WHEN CALLS THE HEART: Year Five is an amazing and truly emotional book When God Calls the Heart: Devotions from Hope Valley by Brian Bird, Michelle Cox and a forward from creator Janette Oke. Each chapter brings remembrance of a story told by Elizabeth Thatcher and other characters leading to a scripture, a simple prayer and questions that we can all relate to answering.

when calls 7

WHEN CALLS THE HEART is a series that gracefully makes its way into ones heart, whether they are expecting it to happen or not. The characters created by Oke are strong, solid, endearing, tough, caring and filled with all the complexities that come along with being a human being. Yet in all of that, these characters never forget how to love, be compassionate and give to those who have less.

That is how we all truly want to see the world despite what we see on television or the news these days. Ann Frank said it best that, “I keep my ideals, because in spite of everything I still believe that people are really good at heart. How wonderful it is that nobody need wait a single moment before starting to improve the world. Think of all the beauty still left around you and be happy.”

That is Hope Valley and the characters who live there – being good at heart even when there are moments that are questionable. Each of the townspeople has their story that we have all come to know and it’s not always good. Yet, at the heart of those not-so-good stories are the people who believe that everyone is good at heart – like Abigail feels towards Henry Gowen.

when calls 8

Country life or city life – the key word is life and that’s what WHEN CALLS THE HEART brings viewers. It may be another era but the values and beliefs are universal and timeless. This is a series that the entire family can watch together and embrace and, let’s be honest, there are not too many shows that can fly that flag.

WHEN CALLS THE HEART: Year Five is the DVD that deserves a place next to all the series DVD’s in everyone’s home entertainment library. Hallmark Channel and Shout! Factory not only make it possible but a blessing.

In the end – it is a town filled with hope and heart!

WHEN CALLS THE HEART: Year Four 6-Movie Collection is on DVD


Jeri Jacquin

Coming to DVD is one of my favorite guilty pleasures as SHOUT Factory brings the continuing story of Hope Valley by author Janette Oke with the amazing six-movie DVD of WHEN CALLS THE HEART: Year Four.

Henry Gowen (Martin Cummins) isn’t sitting in Hope Valley’s mayor seat which means Abigail (Lori Loughlin) now needs to take care of the town. That isn’t going to be easy with National Pacific Railroad coming in and expanding what can be handled. Heading up the Railroad’s business is Ray Wyatt (Jeremy Guilbaut) who has asked Bill (Jack Wagner) to lead the security team and he accepts with a very good reason in mind. Mountie Jack (Daniel Lissing) is keeping his eye on the new people coming into town.

calls 1

The railroad means an influx of families and Elizabeth (Erin Krakow) receives new students each day while working on a book of stories. The children come with a series of problems and she works to make their adjustment easier. It also means more work for Lee Coulter (Kavan Smith) as the mill hires on more workers. Of course that means less time with Rosemary (Pascale Hutton) and don’t think for a second she doesn’t notice.

Abigail has her first conflict when the railroad wants to change the route plans that could put a farmer off his hard worked land. All these people also bring in the unsavory element as Jack needs bills help to stop a notorious gang from robbing the incoming stage coach.

With all these changes Elizabeth realizes she doesn’t have enough school supplies for the children and it’s suggested they have a fundraiser. Wyatt promises to help with the funds but instead he finds a way to get rid of his teacher problems. Rosemary decides she can’t just sit around waiting for Lee to come home and gets a job in Abigail’s café.

calls 2

Bill believes there is something going on between the former Mayor and Wyatt. He begins to investigate and discovers there is someone who can help prove the case against Gowen and connect him to Wyatt. Jack meets up with a Mountie friend he considers a brother who is off to a dangerous post making Jack feel like he perhaps should be doing more himself.

Making the decision to take a post away from Hope Valley to help, Elizabeth is devastated not knowing when Jack will return. To make things bearable for her, Jack knows one way for them to stay in each other’s hearts. The town joins to see their favorite Mountie off promising to keep Hope Valley and the towns’ schoolteacher safe.

When a witness against Gowen manages to disappear, the former Mayor becomes Mayor again and he starts turning on everyone by beginning with Elizabeth’s job. She isn’t about to ignore her students and teaches them after school. Abigail knows Rosemary isn’t going to work at the café and hires the mysterious Carson Shepard which doesn’t make the town Pastor Frank (Mark Humphrey) very happy.

calls 2

Bill finds the mysterious A.J. Foster (Josie Bissett) who has proof against Mayor Gowen but it takes some serious work to get her back to Hope Valley. All of this puts Abigail back in the Mayor’s seat and rethinking all the businesses with the railroad. Making things more difficult, Cody (Carter Evancic) becomes seriously ill and the mystery of Shepard becomes more clear as Abigail must make the hardest decision of her life.

Krakow as Elizabeth returns as Hope Valley’s favorite teacher and this season is challenged like never before. Not only are there more children with problems adjusting to their new town but facing adults who will do what they can to stop her from standing up for them. Krakow is endearing and so lovely with a bit of innocence that hangs on each season. When situations try to jade her beliefs, she stands firm and strong!

Lissing as Jack brings the pitter patter to hearts of Mountie lovers everywhere. This season brings a difficult decision for Jack as to where he should be and how he could be serving. It is such a difficult pull and to be away from Elizabeth is probably one of the first times I’ve seen this character crack a tear – oh wait, that was me! Lissing just gives Jack such honor and a gentleness of heart toward everyone in Hope Valley that he cares for. That makes for one fantastic character to play.

calls 1

Loughlin as Abigail steps front and center this season as a different kind of leader for Hope Valley. It is clear that there are those who want to take advantage believing she doesn’t have what it takes but boy are they in for a surprise. Loughlin’s character learns fast and understands that she doesn’t have the luxury of taking her time on the job. She also continues to run her own business and raise Cody which means even on the frontier, a woman’s work is never done!

Wagner as Bill keeps the town of Hope Valley close to his heart and finds ways to make it a safe place to live. Working with Jack definitely does that but the investigator in him isn’t going to let anything get past him. Cummins as Gowen becomes the focus of Bill’s attention and as much as he tries to evade the law, this actor also gets the unique moments of showing the former Mayor as having a bit of heart.

Smith as Lee is the epitome of the most patient man I think I’ve ever seen. Keeping up with his booming business is the easiest thing he does all day because it is wife Rosemary that absolutely wears him out yet he is so understanding and even funny about it all. This season we see so many touching encounters between the newlyweds. Speaking of Rosemary, Hutton is the liveliest of the townsfolk. She is always on the go wanting to do what is best and even though it may not start out right, she manages to make it happen. Rosemary also cracks me up, especially when she doesn’t understand something.

calls 4

SHOUT! Factory has grown into a tremendous multi-platform media company. Releasing new animated features such as the exquisite Long Way North, and the epic fantasy Beauty And The Beast. Also their own original horror film, Fender Bender gives fans a good scare. For more of what SHOUT Factor has to offer please visit

Janette Oke’s book When Calls the Heart became a series developed by Michael Landon Jr. airing on The Hallmark Channel. It has become the mainstay of families who want programming that share values that are still held dear. Each character that resides in Hope Valley has an important part of the storyline and personally I could not imagine the show without each and every one of them.

The town of Hope Valley brings a sense of community and the set where it is filmed is one I would love to visit with it’s frontier look. With the look and feel of the era, it brings such a richness to bring the viewer even further into the stories being told. Let’s not forget the amazing costuming from Jack’s very sharp Mounties uniform to Elizabeth’s beautiful dresses and even the outfits worn by the children.

Of course I am deliberately leaving out much of the storyline because I want the shows fans that may not have seen season four yet to experience it all for themselves. Trust me when I say this is the season of giving, living and a town that becomes even closer – if that’s possible! The DVD includes the Special Features of A Look at Cast & Crew Panels from The Hearties Family Reunion!

In case you are wondering, there absolutely is a fifth season but we all have to wait until early next year.

Hope Valley may be seeing change but the belief of the townspeople is filled with love, family, friendship and community makes it home.

WHEN CALLS THE HEART: The Heart of Faith Brings a Special Christmas to DVD

When calls cover


Jeri Jacquin

Coming to DVD from SHOUT! Factory is a series that I have absolutely come to love and look forward to every episode with WHEN CALLS THE HEART: The Heart of Faith.

Elizabeth (Erin Krakow) is excited for the holiday season getting ready to come to Hope Valley. Now that Rosemary (Pascale Hutton) and Leland (Kavan Smith) are on their honeymoon, Elizabeth takes over putting the town festivities together.

Jack (Daniel Lissing) is also busy as the town comes together to finish completing homes for families that have come to Hope Valley. Also returning home is mayor Gowen (Martin Cummins) who isn’t about to make it a happy holiday for anyone.

calls 3

Abigail (Lori Loughlin) has sort of taken over the role of mayor dealing with issues as Gowen is under investigation and can’t even sit in the office chair. Trying to get his help, Abigail is met with anger and resistance and she isn’t sure how to turn it all around.

Bill (Jack Wagner) is now taking over the café and the customers aren’t complaining – openly that is. Pastor Frank (Mark Humphrey) is upset when it seems he can’t help a mother and son realize that Hope Valley is truly their home.

In the middle of it all, Jack has an important question he wants to ask Elizabeth but the town needs them both when the train with all the gifts and supplies is delayed until after Christmas. Watching it all is a peddler who seems to understand the town watching everyone come together.

But this is Hope Valley – and anything is possible.

Krakow as Elizabeth is so dang charming its ridiculous. She has taken the role of Elizabeth Thatcher and given it everything we love about the storyline of Hope Valley and the residence. It is clear that this is her home and doing what ever she can to help those in need is warming. Krakow absolutely deserves such kudos for continuing to give us all so much warmth, fun and waiting for one special event to happen.

calls 2

Lissing as Jack is dashing, charming and secretly the guy the ladies look for. Putting the needs of the town before anything else also means having special time with Elizabeth. He is quick to catch onto the bad guys and careful to jump into anything he is unsure of. Those are also charming qualities that make Lissing’s portrayal of Jack one that we bring us all back again and again.

Loughlin as Abigail is in a little bit of a pickle when Gowen can no longer serve as mayor. She wants to do right by Hope Valley and this isn’t the time to guess at how it all goes. Wagner as Bill gets to bring in his comical side with this episode taking over the café while Abigail takes on the town.

Hutton as Rosemary is up to her usual perfectly normal nonsense. I swear Hutton just gives such life and silliness to this character and I can’t imagine her never being part of Hope Valley – oh and congrats Mrs. Coulter. Smith as Leland not only finds amusement with his new wife but jumps right in helping to build up the town.

Humphrey as Pastor Frank finds himself in a bit of sadness when a family leaves Hope Valley because of bitter memories. Wanting to help them see that there is always hope, it is perhaps Pastor Frank that needs to remember what he preaches.

SHOUT! Factory has grown into a tremendous multi-platform media company. Releasing new animated features such as the exquisite Long Way North, and the epic fantasy Beauty And The Beast. Also their own original horror film, Fender Bender gives fans a good scare. For more of what SHOUT Factor has to offer please visit

calls 1

TUBS OF POPCORN: I give WHEN CALLS THE HEART: The Heart of Faith four and a half tubs of popcorn out of five. I’m saving that last half of a tub for something all fans are waiting for. Not to spoil it I’ll keep that to myself although it probably isn’t hard to figure out.

What adds to the reason for the series success is not only the story but the costumes, the town set from the café to the schoolhouse and even the town jail. The dresses are stunning and beautiful and the uniform Jack wears causes a bit of swooning I’m thinking.

The story that has come from Janette Oke’s book which also comes from the Canadian West Series has such heart, soul and inspiration that its impossible not to fall for everything WHEN CALLS THE HEART has to offer. The series has come to us from Michael Landon Jr., which isn’t a surprise, and the Hallmark Channel.

This cast is so absolutely fun to watch that the day it ends I’m going to be broken hearted. I didn’t know what to expect from the very first season but find myself anticipating the next installment as this is an ensemble that has brought every viewer in and embraced each one.

So if you are looking for spirit, whether it is a holiday or not, then visit Hope Valley for a little inspiration and faith in humanity.

In the end – they bring us the heart of faith!

WHEN CALLS THE HEART: Heart of a Hero Gallops onto DVD!

when calls


Jeri Jacquin

Coming to DVD this Tuesday from SHOUT! Factory is the next wonderful installment of characters we have come to love as WHEN CALLS THE HEART: Heart of a Hero comes home.

Hope Valley is filled with happenings as the news of Pastor Frank’s (Mark Humphrey) story spread. Now Jack (Daniel Lissing) works with Bill Avery (Jack Wagner) to find the Garrison gang who are threatening the townsfolk. Elizabeth (Erin Krakow) is busy working with her students on a spelling contest but is concerned when Cody (Carter Evancic) begins to act out.


The young man is upset because Abigail (Lori Loughlin) has decided to spend time with Pastor Frank and get to know him better. Leland Coulter (Kavan Smith) has an accident at the mill and Rosemary (Pascale Hutton) won’t leave his side until he can walk. That also won’t stop her from planning a dance for the school children that gives Leland a moment to work on his business. The doctor can’t get in and sends a familiar face, Faith Carter (Andrea Brooks), the nurse Jack met in Hamilton.

Mayor Gowen (Martin Cummins) isn’t about to miss out on the action when Jack discovers he has been raising the rent on those who can afford it the least. Jack is keeping his eye on Abigail’s relationship with Frank and also takes more interest in the cafe.

Once again Krakow as Elizabeth gives us everything we have come to expect of the character Elizabeth. She is charming, endearing and continuing to find out where she fits in Hope Valley. Lissing as Jack is a perfect match for Krakow’s Elizabeth. Every time these two have a minute of falling out you can hear hearts breaking everywhere.


Yes, there is a betting pool as to how soon these two will FINALLY tie the knot. When it happens it is going to be a huge affair and have everyone in Hope Valley dressed in their finest.

Loughlin as Abigail is the center of this town not only with the cafe but her ability to bring people together, and that includes the little boy Cody who has come to see Abigail as his family. Wagner as Bill has a score to settle with the Garrison gang but me thinks it also has something to do with Abigail. Humphrey as Pastor Frank is charming his way into Abigail’s heart but she is a little hesitant after her problems with Bill.

Smith as Leland has more problems than just a bad foot when Bill brings to his attention that the accident might not have really been an accident. Hutton as Rosemary is more than a little goofy and is the comic relief of the town. Always ready for a challenge, taking care of Leland and setting up a dance is right up her alley. I love Hutton’s portrayal of this character.

Cummins as Gowen is still the scraggly old scrooge he always has been. Every time I think he’s maybe got a little bit of a heart – he reminds me plainly that he doesn’t. Cummins plays this character to a hilt and not liking him means this actor is doing his job extremely well.


Other cast include: Gracyn Shinyei as Emily Montgomery, Loretta Walsh as Florence Blakeley, Erica Carroll as Dottie Ramsey and Johannah Newmarch as Molly Sullivan.

SHOUT! Factory is a fantastic company devoted to producing, uncovering, preserving and revitalizing the best in pop culture. Sharing music, television, and film favorites with those who want to expand their media library the world over. SHOUT! Factory brings feature films, classic and contemporary television series, animation, live music and box sets in several media platforms.

TUBS OF POPCORN: I give WHEN CALLS THE HEART: Heart of a Hero four tubs of popcorn out of five. Once again there isn’t anything not to like about this series. The series embraces many of the values we all hold precious such as love, family, friendship, community, faith and caring about one another.

pastor frank

What I really have come to love about this series is not only the characters that distinguish themselves equally but the costuming, sets and feel of everything that Hope Valley represents on film. There are quirky fun moments along with the stories of life lessons that are relevant still today. Most of all, WHEN CALLS THE HEART is just plain fun to watch!

This series was inspired by Janette Oke’s and her books WHEN CALLS THE HEART and brought to television by Michael Landon, Jr. The series first aired in 2014 and continues to gain momentum with fans talking about the show and getting their friends and family to watch! WHEN CALLS THE HEART: Troubled Hearts has a running time of 84 minutes and has earned the Family Approval seal.

In the end – Hope Valley brings out the best in a hero!

WHEN CALLS THE HEART: Troubled Hearts Come to Hope Valley

when calls  dvd


Jeri Jacquin

Coming to DVD from SHOUT! Factory is the next installment of what has become a series favorite of fans everywhere with The Hallmark Channel’s WHEN CALLS THE HEART: Troubled Hearts.

Life is finding its beat again in Hope Valley as school teacher Elizabeth Thatcher (Erin Krakow) and Mountie Jack (Daniel Lissing) have finally admitted their feelings for one another. Elizabeth decides that it’s time to put down roots and makes arrangements to move from the Hotel to her own rowhouse.

Jack is thrilled that they might finally be able to share alone time without the well meaning interruptions of their friends. Rosemary (Pascale Hutton) is also putting together a life for herself and love Leland Coulter (Kavan Smith). When she discovers that there might be financial problems for Leland, Rosemary makes it her priority to help in being a part of his life.

when calls 1

Abigail (Lori Loughlin) is continuing to take care of the boy Cory (Carter Evancic) while his sister mends at Union Hospital. If that wasn’t keeping her busy enough, Mayor Gowen (Martin Cummins) has decided to sell his share in the cafe to a man who wants to take over and that catches the eye of Bill Avery (Jack Wagner). Abigail has also learned the truth about Pastor Hogan (Mark Humphrey) and must decide what is best for the town.

Even all of this doesn’t compare to the seriousness of a gang of robbers who are threatening one of Hope Valley’s own and putting others in danger!

Krakow as Elizabeth has come into her own. Wanting to make Hope Valley her permanent home it is good to see her take the initiative. Trying to prove this is the right move and show Jack she is able to be a teacher and a home maker. Krakow is such a delight! Lissing as Jack has seriously won the hearts of all the female fans of the show. He is dashing and daring as the town Mountie who makes it his business to know what is happening and who to keep and eye on. He is also handy, level headed and trustworthy and the people of Hope Valley trust that. Lissing makes it all look so easy!

Loughlin as Abigail finally resolves the relationship with Bill and turns her attention to Pastor Hogan knowing it is time to discover what has him so rattled. She is also caring for Cory who is acting out and having a difficult time adjusting to family life. Finally, Loughlin brings it all together with her charming smile and believability.

when calls 2

Hutton as Rosemary is silly, charming, and hilarious. She is the comic relief but at the same time wants to be taken seriously regarding her relationships and her advise. I just love Hutton’s portrayal because this character truly does have a big heart. I have to say I was thrilled when Smith as Leland and Rosemary got together. They are such a great balance for each other.

Wagner as Bill is back and although no longer a law man, has made Hope Valley his home. Mending fences with soon-to-be ex-wife Nora (Kristin Wagner), Bill sees a light at the end of a tough tunnel. Cummins as Mayor Gowen is still as grumpy and greedy as ever yet has a soft spot for Nora.

Humphrey as Pastor Hogan has a secret and it is one that puts a strain on the friendship with Abigail. Deciding how to handle it, the Pastor tries to leave Hope Valley. Humphrey gives Pastor Hogan a gentleness and a feeling of atonement that is exactly what we have all come to love about this town. Evancic as Cory it a little boy who doesn’t know how to trust people so that he can settle into a good life with Abigail who truly cares for the young boy.

Other cast include: Larissa Albuquerque as Katie, Aren Buchholz as Jesse, Erica Carroll as Dottie, and Genea Charpentier as Laura.

SHOUT! Factory is a fantastic company devoted to producing, uncovering, preserving and revitalizing the best in pop culture. Sharing music, television, and film favorites with those who want to expand their media library the world over. SHOUT! Factory brings feature films, classic and contemporary television series, animation, live music and box sets in several media platforms.

when calls 3

TUBS OF POPCORN: I give WHEN CALLS THE HEART: Troubled Hearts four tubs of popcorn out of five. It is such a thrill with each DVD that I get to review because I am admitting right here and now that this series is a guilty pleasure for me. It has love, relationships, friendships, loyalty and a little bit of camp and comedy all rolled into characters that I have come to truly enjoy.

Having the setting in a small town you can easily believe that the events that happen will catch the ear of every resident. That’s what happens in a small town! The setting is quaint, the costuming is truly brilliant and lends to the era and making the series even more enjoyable.

This series was inspired by Janette Oke’s and her books WHEN CALLS THE HEART and brought to television by Michael Landon, Jr. The series first aired in 2014 and continues to gain momentum with fans talking about the show and getting their friends and family to watch! WHEN CALLS THE HEART: Troubled Hearts has a running time of 84 minutes and has earned the Family Approval seal.

In the end – the residents of Hope Valley are a family!

WHEN CALLS THE HEART: It Begins with Heart Starts with Love

when cover


Jeri Jacquin

Coming to DVD from SHOUT! Factory is the next episode of the highly anticipated and beloved series with WHEN CALLS THE HEART: It Begins with Heart.

With the parting shot of the last episode in Hope Valley, Jack (Daniel Lissing) is shocked to see Elizabeth (Erin Krakow) in the schoolhouse with Charles (Marcus Rosner) on bended knee. When Elizabeth gives him an answer she looks for Jack who is in the woods and he isn’t happy.

Abigail (Lori Loughlin) becomes attached to two orphan children as brother Cody (Carter Evacic) needs help with his seriously ill sister. She also has been keeping her relationship with the Pastor Frank (Mark Humphrey) but that brings suspicion as well when a stranger arrives. When a wanted poster is seen trouble is not far behind.

when calls 1

Gabe Montgomery (Mitchell Kummen) it still as grumpy as ever but now sees a little bit of hope for a life with Nora (Kristina Wagner) once she sets things right with Bill (Jack Wagner).

Bill (Jack Wagner) and Jack finally put an end to the mystery surrounding why there was jail time for Bill and what was really happening within the Mounties. That leaves Bill deciding what is in store for his future.

Rosemary LeVeaux (Pascale Hutton) wins a contest about life on the frontier and when a reporter from The Herald comes to Hope Valley to write a story. Leland Coulter (Kavan Smith) has agreed to help Rosemary put the town together for a little New Years Eve celebration – what he didn’t intend was to be overwhelmed by it all but still loving Rosemary.

But that’s what happens when love plays with the heart.

when calls 2when calls 3

Krakow as Elizabeth is still stunning and once again isn’t about to give up on her life with Jack. Although they seem to hit constant bumps in the road in their relationship, she is strong and sees Hope Valley as the home she will stay in and support.

Jack (Daniel Lissing) wants to do what’s right in his relationship with Elizabeth but isn’t sure that Charles is completely out of the picture. Being a gentleman he wants to be sure and gives Elizabeth enough room to decide. As the Mountie for the town of Hope Valley he believes in protecting his friends and trusts those who, at the moment, no one else does.

Hutton as Rosemary is still as precocious in her ways with attention seeking. She is adorable but might want to rethink how she handles people. The funny thing is that Smith as Leland seems to understand her better than anyone else in Hope Valley and adored by her. These two really balance each other out.

Loughlin as Abigail is keeping the cafe running but when she comes involved with two orphans, it seems to put her relationship with the pastor on the back burner. Speaking of the pastor, Humphrey as Frank has made himself at home in Hope Valley but that won’t last long as a wanted poster may be his undoing.

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TUBS OF POPCORN: I give WHEN CALLS THE HEART: It Begins with Heart four tubs of popcorn out of five. First of all I can proudly say I am one of the loyal watchers! Yes, we want to know where Jack and Elizabeth are headed, we are suspicious of new characters who may want to bring harm to the beloved Hope Valley and, lets face it, we just love the town itself!

The storyline continues to expand the characters into new directions and as the town grows more characters are being brought in. There is a group of ladies who I speak with about the show and they are already telling me how they hope things happen in the next storyline. It will be interesting to see if their wishes come true. We all know Jack and Elizabeth are on top of the wish list because we all love wedding bells and those bells ringing in Hope Valley would be awesome.

Inspired by the books written by Janette Oke, the series began airing in the United States in 2014 and quickly found a loyal following of fans who love the storyline. WHEN CALLS THE HEART is executive produced by Michael Landon Jr. and can be seen on The Hallmark Channel.

In the end – it always begins with heart!

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