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Grace of Monaco




GRACE OF MONACO will be released on DVD by Anchor Bay on December 1st. The enthralling biographical drama stars, Nicole Kidman, Tim Roth, Frank Langella and Paz Vega!

Grace Kelly (Nicole Kidman) is a huge movie star with the promise of a glittering career when she marries Prince Rainer (Tim Roth) of Monaco in 1956. Six years later, with her marriage in serious difficulty, Alfred Hitchcock offers her the chance to return to Hollywood to play the role of Marnie in his next film. But France is also threatening to annex Monaco, the tiny principality where she became the princess. Grace is torn and forced to choose between the creative flame that still burns within her and her role as Her Serene Highness, Princess of Monaco.

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GRACE OF MONACO is Elegant on Bluray



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Coming to DVD from director Olivier Dahan, The Weinstein Company and Anchor Bay Entertainment is a story of beauty led by GRACE OF MONACO.

In 1956, world renowned actress Grace Kelly (Nicole Kidman) became royalty when she married Prince Rainier III (Tim Roth) of Monaco. Six years later, Grace begins to have difficulty in her marriage. Never quite feeling as if she fit into her new country, Alfred Hitchcock tries to lure her back with a starring role in his film MARNIE.

Monaco is itself in a crisis as Charles de Gaulle has threatened the country from without but there are also secrets and dissention from within. Grace leans on Francis Tucker (Frank Langella) who advises her that it is time to decide where her own heart and loyalty can be found – with Hollywood or Monaco.

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Kidman as Grace gives this beloved character all the charm and grace one would expect not only from Hollywood royalty but royalty of the crown kind. Kidman isn’t the spitting image of Kelly but that isn’t the point for me but instead, how this actress carried herself in the role of Kelly. Her speech at the Red Cross Ball is proving Kidman embraces the emotion needed to believe she is Her Serene Highness, Princess of Monaco.

Roth as Rainier gives the Prince the look of a man who wants the best for his country without the shackles and threats of France. Having spent so much time dealing with Monaco on his own, the slow change is well performed by Roth.

Langella as Tuck has a minor role but one that is important to Grace. Trying to help her adjust to life in Monaco, there comes the eventual realization that it is Grace that needs to decide and then stand behind either Hollywood or Monaco.

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Other cast include: Paz Vega or Maria Callas, Parker Posey as Madge, Milo Ventimiglia as Rupert Allan, Geraldine Somerville as Princess Antoinette, Nicholas Farrell as Jean-Charles Rey, Robert Lindsay as Aristotle Onassis, Derek Jacobi as County Fernando D’Aillieres, and Jeanne Balibar as Countess Baciochi.

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TUBS OF POPCORN: I give GRACE OF MONACO four tubs of popcorn out of five. I truly enjoyed the film and mainly due to the performances of both Kidman and Roth. This is a couple like no other in that a Prince of a country and a Princess of Hollywood must find a middle ground at a time in history that needs them – together.

grace 3

Watching them both work their way through those that don’t accept Grace to the ruler of France threatening, Kidman and Roth give everybody a royal what-for! Watching their strong and stern scenes together, these two actors may start out on a bumpy road but not for long.

The costuming is absolutely elegant and lovely which adds so much to the film-era piece. From the gorgeous gowns and accessories to the cars and the palace, I have a secret love of any film that digs in deep using every aspect of storytelling to keep my interest.

GRACE OF MONACO is a 2015 Primetime Emmy Award Nominee for Outstanding Television Movie.

In the end – it is the greatest role she would ever play!

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