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MAYANS M.C.: The Complete First Season Prepares us for What is to Come

Mayans DVD

Jeri Jacquin

Coming to DVD from creators Elgin James, Kurt Sutter, FX and 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment comes the high anticipated MAYANS M.C.: The Complete First Season.

In the small California border town of Santo Padre, Ezekiel ‘EZ’ Reyes (JD Pardo) has served time in prison for killing a cop and is now a prospect with the Mayan motorcycle club. The club’s president Bishop (Michael Irby) is working on drugs that are being transported to Las Vegas and making the trip with EZ is brother Angel (Clayton Cardenas).

Before they go, EZ stops by the local high school and remembers being enrolled at Stanford and coming home to visit then-girlfriend Emily (Sarah Bolger). Visiting father Felipe (Edward James Olmos), EZ assures him that he is being careful and before leaving gives him something wrapped up and gets a poetry book. Brother Angel is outside dealing with his own issues about Felipe.

Mayans 1

Making a delivery, the Mayans are jumped and EZ comes to the rescue. The problem is that now they have to tell Miguel Galindo (Danny Pino), a cartel boss, what has happened to his drugs. Angel and EZ go through tunnels to get into Mexico looking for help for one of its members.

At the Mayans clubhouse, El Padrino (Emilio Rivera) comes to talk about the cartel issues but tells EZ to stop outside. Knowing the Samoans made the hit, it is agreed to reach out for help with the problem. After getting their hands on the leader of the Samoan group, Galindo takes over and shows them what happens when you take something that doesn’t belong to you. Besides a big mess, Galindo believes there is someone in their ranks giving out details and he wants whoever it is.

EZ is personally still dealing with the fact that Emily, his high school and college love, is now married to cartel boss Galindo. Angel has his own secrets as well when EZ learns that he is helping a woman named Adelita (Carla Baratta) who leads a group called the Olvidados. She makes it clear that she wants to help the families affected by what is happening by Galindo.

After an evening out, Galindo and Emily, along with their baby, go their separate ways. Emily’s car is attacked and the baby is kidnapped quickly. This is just the beginning of the deception, lies, secrets, twists and terror and that’s just the first episode!

Mayans 3

Pardo as EZ has a story to tell and most of it is sad and full of misunderstandings. There is a part of this character that has the same feel as Jax Teller in that he knows what he wants but getting there might be tricky. I think Pardo is doing an amazing job and with the cast surrounding him it is only going to get more epic to watch EZ’s story unfold.

Cardenas as brother Angel has a serious magazine rack full of outdated issues. Not speaking to his own father and keep secrets from his brother EZ is going to cost him. Always trying to keep his brother out of trouble, sometimes it’s Angel who actually gets him IN trouble.

I’m so thrilled to see Rivera return as El Padrino Marcus Alvarez because it is a thread to SONS OF ANARCHY that I can grab onto while watching this new web be woven by the Mayans. Irby as Bishop is the club’s president who is moving at a glacial pace trying to understand what works best for the club while keeping an eye totally on everything. Baratta as Adelita is a woman who is just plain nuts in my book. She knows what she wants from Galindo and doesn’t care who gets in the way of making that happen. Of course there is a history she needs to settle and it’s close to EZ’s front door.

Bolger as Emily is the one time love of EZ who got away. He’s not over it and neither is she although you wouldn’t know it. Currently married to cartel boss Miguel Galindo isn’t helping her cause any. Trying to navigate her way through the family history and where they are going, she might be a force for them all. Pino as husband and cartel boss Miguel Galindo is a vicious leader who isn’t afraid to get his hands bloody, and the first episode proves that! Pino is sharp, fast and effective and even when you think he’s cornered, remember what happens to trapped tigers!

Mayans 5

Olmos as EZ and Angel’s father Felipe is a daunting role. He has a history that neither son knows about but, like all secrets, will make its way out slowly and painfully for Felipe. I am thrilled to see Olmos once again on the screen because this man is an icon who has blazed the way in some man arenas that I know his character will be memorable. Personally I’ll be cheering for him what ever happens.

Other wonderful cast includes Richard Cabral as Coco, Maurice Compte as Jiminez, Frankie Loyal as Tranq, Vincent Vargas as Gilly, Gino Vento as Nestor, Tony Plana as Devante Cano, Michael Ornstein as Chucky Marstein, Joseph Lucero as Creeper, Ada Maris as Dita Galindo, Salvador Chacon as Pablo, Melany Ochoa as Mini, Curtiss Cook as Bowen, Emily Tosta as Leticia Cruz, Alexander Bedria as Heimler, Joe Ordaz as Paco and Ray McKinnon as Lincoln Potter.

Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment brings award-winning global product and new entertainment to DVD, Bluray, and Digital HD. There amazing collection offers fans an opportunity to expand their own home libraries with the best films. To discover what other titles they have please visit

Special Features of MAYANS M.C. are The Creation of MAYANS M.C., Hit the Ground Roaring, Customizing the Mayans’ Signature Bikes and Promotional Featurettes.

The DVD includes the episodes Perro/Oc, Escorpion/Dzec, Buho/Muwan, Murcielago/Zotz, Uch/Opossum, Gato/Mis, Cucaracha/K’uruch, Rata/Ch’o, Serpiente/Chikchan and Cuervo/Tzikb/uul.

Mayans 4

MAYANS M.C.: The Complete First Season is a must have to add to the SOA/MAYAN library. There isn’t an episode that doesn’t just cause the jaw to drop or a few cheers. The cast is extensive and I wish I had the space to cover them all but here and now I say the show wouldn’t be the SHOW without each and every one of them.

There are familiar faces and an Easter Egg I won’t talk about because I want the viewer to find it too. Of course there is always one face that is bad news and trust me you will know him when you see him because honestly I threw something at the television myself. I think it’s fantastic that Sutter and James kind of gave SOA fans a few kisses here and there to remind us that SAMCRO isn’t forgotten but also asks us to embrace MAYANS M.C. – and I fully intend to.

Mayans 2

I can’t wait for season two to begin because my jaw hit the floor at the finale moments at the end of season one. Without giving anything away let me just say I was shocked, horrified and all I could say was ‘no, no, NO, NO!’

In the end – Mayans have their own story to tell.

MAYANS M.C. Talk About Upcoming Season Two


Jeri Jacquin

At San Diego Comic Con International, Sunday’s had a long standing history with the FX series SONS OF ANARCHY and you can believe that I was their ever single year the crew made an appearance. The final year of panel was insanely sad for us SOA fans because it was the end of something we held dear – family. That’s what creator Kurt Sutter had done, created a family of the millions of fans.

Well, we all got a chance to expand that family when Kurt Sutter along with co-creator Elgin James got together and brought the first season of MAYANS M.C. on FX. The show turned out to bring in the number one new hit show of the season (as I suspected it would). Season one brought out the characters and what they are all about, now fans are getting ready for season two airing September 3rd because there is a lot of explaining to do.

Of course the panel couldn’t give much away because, and let’s face it, what fun would that be? What they could share was their thoughts on characters and storyline without facing the wrath of Sutter and James.

The panel included co-creator Elgin James, executive producer Kevin Dowling, JD Pardo, Clayton Cardenas, Edward James Olmos, Sarah Bolger, Michael Irby, Antonio Jaramillo, Raoul Max Trujillo, Danny Pino, Emilio Rivera, Frankie Loyal, Joseph Lucero and Vincent Rocco Vargas along with moderator Lynette Rice.

EZ is in deep now and there is no turning back right JD [Pardo]?

JDP: There is no turning back and we are going full throttle. I think what is going to be surprisingly easy it’s going to be for EZ.

Michael Irby, your hammer thing is like Thor’s, how heavy is that weapon?

MI: It’s about eight pounds right there.

EJO: It’s a judge, jury and executioner right there.

There are so many awesome key moments to talk about. [The scene were Galindo extracts information in a ‘special’ way that is very graphic]

DP: To play a character that has so much rage to be a family man and yet be capable of that [bad things] is a gift.


That must have taken some serious special effects.

ER: Who said those are special effects? [The crowd cheers]

EJ: Actually is just shows how bad-ass Miguel Galindo is and we wanted that iconic scene. Also I think everyone loves Danny Pino and we also wanted to show you a very different Danny Pino, one that people haven’t seen before.

DP: I tell you what, reading that scene from the very beginning set the tone for Miguel and what he is capable of.

A few kids lost their lives in season one.

EJ: Carla Baratta who plays Adelita couldn’t be here so let the character of Angel (Clayton Cardenas) answer that.

CC: If you guys remember this from season one, this little rat was infiltrating us and this is how we handle rats.

It was a big deal because you did kill a kid, was there any pushback from the networks on that?

JDP: No, the kid took it all.

EJ: They trust Kurt Sutter and they trust what we are doing that it isn’t gory just to be gory or violent just to be violent. It is part of a certain story and in this world it happens.

JDP: It was interesting because you have to imagine it. You have to pretend and have all the senses to imagine that horrible feeling. It is part of this dark world the Mayans are in.

EJ: One of the things with our show is that we have inherited a violent language with SONS OF ANARCHY that Kurt Sutter and some really smart people created. When the world is so violent how do you say something about the violence. We have to find really smart ways of going around the truth. This is one of those moments.


Michael Ornstein as Chucky comes to MAYANS M.C., can you go back to the call from Kurt that said ‘please join us’? How did that work?

MO: I got a call from Kurt asking if I was in town and I said yes. He said alright and two weeks later I found out about this. I went to my first casting fitting and here I am.

EJ: Michael is part of our soul and I’m so happy he could be here with us today. He is part of the ligaments that bring us back to the SONS OF ANARCHY as does our Padrino Marcus Alvarez. We have been so lucky to have Michael who is such a special, special person and wonderful artist.

Who started the whole ‘my bad’ that Angel does?

EJ: It was written in the script from the first reading we ever did and ‘my bad’ was kind of a throw away line. It killed it in the room so we thought ‘okay, let’s use it’ and it kept happening. Then his daughter Lettie had a ‘my bad’ and that was it. We had no idea what it was going to get into.

Does it crack you guys up or can you keep a straight face?

JD: My bad.

I mean he is very cute with it.

JD: He IS very cute with it.

Will you keep it as part of his shtick?

EJ: Everyone is going to have to watch to find out.

I don’t know about the rest of you but I don’t know of any evil villain in pop culture history that wore French braids. Why?

EJ: I was eating brunch, which I never did until I moved to Los Angeles. This dude showed up with wild hair with tattoos all over his body and neck and he said, ‘Yo, Elgin!’ I tried to figure out where I knew him from, like was it Mayans, or gangs or prison – I had no idea [meaning Gino Vento]. He was living in New York and he kept saying he wanted to be a Mayan. He came in and read and we found a way to place him. I mean Nestor wasn’t meant to have French braids but we wanted to work with Gino.

So where do the French braids come in?

EJ: Because his hair is huge. It takes a team.

Can you tease what we will see in this season?

EJ: Yes, we can see what Marcus Alvarez will be doing this season.

Marcus looks good in a suit by the way.

ER: Thank you.

JDP: I think he looks better in a cut.


So let’s talk about a shirtless EZ.

JDP: They give you a few days warning before the shirt comes off which I appreciate.

Is that when you go all protein or what’s the plan?

JDP: I try to eat as much as I can and work out. Plus the guys are constantly giving me grief so it’s a lot of pressure.

I’m going to admit that my guilty pleasure of the show is all the men at the end of the table. What is it like to sit around the Mayans table in scenes?

FL: I think it’s the best acting lessons I can get from these gentlemen on stage. It’s a blessing everyday to be on set. I think some of the days with the guys is intense when we are filming. It hit me that even though we aren’t present in some shots we are present. So I think it’s a beautiful feeling, like Clayton’s poncho.

JL: Humanity is key and there is a lot of alpha males in this group. We embrace each other as a family and all have hardships that we relate to. It’s nice to be in this position coming from where I come from and to be in front of this crowd and be on t.v. Just lets me know that change is possible.

Mr. Olmos, you have made it your mission in life to make sure there is representation in both film and television and it culminates with this new show. In our political climate now, does it scare you or worry you that this is a show that portrays Latinos as bad guys?

EJO: It’s not that it’s scary but part of understanding that we are honestly looking at stereotypes and looking at people in a stereotypical way but at the same time with every stereotypes there is truth. There is a lot of truth in this show. Really, the darkness of the show is what is giving everyone energy to watch it. It’s like SONS OF ANARCHY is a show people gravitate to. This is a show filled with things people need to see. I believe in Elgin a lot and season two is a lot darker. Season three will be even darker. We deal with the truths of what it is we are working on. It’s a very difficult show to shoot.

DP: In terms of stereotypes, its easy to identify a stereotype and what I love about what Elgin and Kurt do is that they set up a stereotype and then proceed to break it down the duality within the character. Miguel is a sociopath and is an agent for change and even with the violence I believe is what I respond to. We are addressing difficult things to look at. We are hoping that through the writing and acting and the fans we are allowed some latitude to explore that and find our way out of it.

The character of Emily played by Sarah Bolger isn’t the angel we’d like to think she is right?

SB: Sometimes I’m an angel on set right? No one supports me on that. Emily was somewhat of an innocent bystander last year, her child was taken and her marriage was in flux. She didn’t really understand what she was getting into marrying into a cartel. I think in season two we are going to see her settle into that role to easily. Everyone is coming to terms with the situations they are in, who they are and who they are with. I think you will be happy with the choices Elgin and Kurt have made?

What’s it like to be on set with all these guys?

SB: These men are incredible to work with and we all respect each other. We go to each others trailers and hang out doing lines together.

DP: She is one of the most prepared and smartest, instinctual and most fun scene partner I’ve had the chance to work with. She handles herself on set just fine.

ER: Watching Danny and Sarah work together is like watching a master class. I am always learning from them.


JDP: That’s beautiful because working with Clayton is the total opposite!

CC: I’m a wreck.

Are we going to see anything about the border play out in the storyline?

EJ: Kurt has always been very clear that we are not a political show. We will find a way to bring that within the story. It will fit into our universe.

JDP: I have to say that we needed to kill it with the SONS OF ANARCHY fans because we wouldn’t be here without them. Those actors, cast, crew and production – we are so grateful that they’ve given us this opportunity. We run into each other at auditions and usually competing, now we have a place where we can work together. Hopefully we can also create opportunities for others.

EJO: I want to thank a thousand times over Elgin, Kurt and the writing staff. You have to realize something, when we see our strips; we see it at the table read. We see the script when we sit down at the table to read it. We are shocked like you guys. There are tears, laughter and real anxiety. Without the writers we’d have nothing to say.

Will Nero ever make an appearance?

EJ: You never know. We are really careful about the mythology that was created so we are careful about picking our time. Chucky was our first one obviously and we got him. Of course Happy is now part of it as well. Names get brought up a lot but we will see where the show takes us.

When is EZ going to go from being a Prospect to a Member?

MI: I think I will decide that. When he learns to ride a motorcycle.

JDP: Prospect life is hard but it’s a journey to get there. With SONS OF ANARCHY Jax was the Vice President and jumped right into it. Season one is the rise of EZ and see how his journey progresses.

That’s what Season Two will bring as EZ continues his journey with the Mayans but there is so much more as Galindo still runs the cartel, Alvarez is now part of it, Emily finds her place, Angel still has a story and oh so much more!

Now that you have heard from the cast about their first season, it’s time to catch up as MAYANS M.C.: The Complete First Season is out DVD filled with every moment. Get your helmet ready because season two of MAYANS M.C. on FX September 3rd is about to unravel even more secrets, stories and surprises.

San Diego Comic Con International Zombies its Day Two

day 6 f

Jeri Jacquin

It is day two and what a day it’s been! There is no doubt it is Friday as the crowds are getting bigger and trust when I say that Saturday is going to be a day to bring plenty of patience and humor.

Today I was in Hall H and there was more than enough to keep everyone’s eyes and ears happy. Beginning with Writing Avengers: Endgame moderator Jeff Goldsmith talks to screenwriters/producers Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeely about the process of creating an immersive story. From ideas onto storyboards to making sure timelines mash up, it was a conversation that was enlightening and has everyone scratching their heads with more ways to expand the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Day 3 c

That wasn’t the end of it as the Russo Brothers, Joe and Anthony, took the stage as moderator Steven Weintraub broken down the years and films the two creative minds have brought to screen. Talking about the stories and showing their own boards, the audience was keen to know if they would take on the SECRET WARS storyline but no straight answer was given. The fun came when the cast ‘phoned in’ their questions and Paul Rudd walked away with the laughs. When Robert Downey, Jr. took to the screen the entire audience just about lost it seeing their one and only Iron Man again.

The morning was about to be taken over by zombies and the crowd couldn’t be happier. The moderator and host of the AMC after show The Talking Dead, the audience was thrilled at the return of Chris Hardwick to the stage for AMC’s Fear the Walking Dead. Along with Scott M. Gimple was Andrew Chambliss, Ian Goldberg, Robert Kirkman, Gale Anne Hurd, Dave Alpert and Greg Nicotero and new comer Michael Satrazemis. They all spoke on the apocalyptic universe and where the show might be headed.

After, the cast took to the stage including Lennie James, Alycia Debnam-Carey, Maggie Grace, Colman Domingo, Danay Garcia, Austin Amelio, Alexa Nisenson, Karen David, Jenna Elfman and Ruben Blades telling their stories of their characters arc and the antics that can be found on the set. The audience was treated to a preview of Sunday’s mid-season finale with the announcement of its return to finish the season on 8/11/10. Also a teaser from Gimple about a third show being planned for this universe coming soon.

On the heels of one group of zombie survivors comes the next panel for AMC’s first hit show The Walking Dead. Taking the stage first to moderate again was Chris Hardwick along with Scott M. Gimple, Angela Kang, Gale Anne Hurd, Dave Alpert and Greg Nicotero. So much has changed with Daryl, Michonne, Carol and the gang with the Whisperers wreaking havoc which, we are told, will continue.

day 6 f

Then the cast including Norman Reedus, Danai Gurira, Melissa McBride, Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Avil Nash, Ryan Hurst, Nadia Hilker, Eleanor Matsuura, Cailey Fleming and a video message from Samantha Morton all take a seat. The hardest part of the panel was hearing it confirmed that Danai Gurira who plays Michonne will not be returning after the 10th season is finished airing. The crowd was not happy and Danai herself became emotional. To try and make it better, the crowd gave her a standing thunderous applause because, after all, once a part of TWD – always a part.

The audience had a chance to ask their questions and without giving anything away, each cast member used humor to make sure they didn’t. This was the first Comic Con for Cailey Fleming who plays Rick Grimes’ daughter Judith and she immediately enchanted the audience. At one point an attendee asked Norman Reedus if he’d consider being the leader to all those who will be invading Area 51. Once filled in on what that was all about, his reply was, “yea, sure” and the audience went wild. Of course if that were to happen I’d be there!

Netflix has a new original series coming to their programming with The Witcher starring Superman himself Henry Cavill. Of course in his role as Geralt of Rivia, he looks more like Legolas from LORD OF THE RINGS. As awesome as Legolas is, I have a sneaky suspicion that Geralt, or the White Wolf, might have a thing or two on the bow carrying elf. He is a wanderer who doesn’t realize destiny has another fate for him that involve a sorceress and a princess. The series also stars Freya Allan, Jodhi May, MyAnna Buring, Anya Chalotra, Hlynur Haraldsson, Millie Brady and I can’t wait to see it.

The Witcher

Game of Thrones made its final appearance in Hall H and fans had the opportunity to talk out all their feelings regarding the ending of this HBO mega hit series. Based on the George R.R. Martin books A Song of Ice and Fire, fans have embraced the characters and, I feel, needed the closure. The panel included Jacob Anderson, John Bradley, Nikolaj Coster-Waldau, Liam Cunningham, Conleth Hill, Maisie Williams, Isacc Wright and Miguel Sapochnik.

Pennyworth is a new cable series that takes viewers back in time when Alfred Pennyworth, Batman’s serious awesome butler, was a younger man. It is 1960s London and Pennyworth is a former British SAS Soldier who begins working with Thomas Wayne. The cast includes Jack Bannon as Alfred, Ben Aldridge as Thomas Wayne in this DC series created by Bob Kane and Bill Finger. The show can be found on EPIX beginning July 28th.

Amazon Prime is also bringing something unique and very mysterious with their new series Carnival Row. Orlando Bloom stars in this Victorian fantasy world of mythological creatures and learning how to live with humans. Cara Delevingne stars as the refugee fairy who has a thing for Bloom’s character Rycroft Philostrate (and lets be honest, who wouldn’t?!) There is also a screening of Carnival Row on Saturday that is going to give attendees a sneak peak at what’s to come.

carnival row

Comic Con wouldn’t be, well, Comic Con without the FX series Archer having its moment in the sun. The animated series is one of my absolute guilty pleasures with the sarcasm of Archer and Lana Kane, Archer’s mother Mallory and the rest of the crew that makes this show hilarious. The panel included H. Jon Benjamin, Aisha Tyler, Jessica Walter, Chris Parnell, Judy Greer, Amber Nash and Lucky Yates. The new season is coming soon and it is in space aboard the M/S Seamus. Of course there will be aliens, pirates and the works because Archer needs something to keep his wit razor sharp!

Of course, at San Diego Comic Con International, the nighttime comes alive even more than usual. The outside events are in full swing and parties can be found everywhere for the enjoyment of attendees and non-badge holders alike. It is such a great time to meet up with friends and walk all around to just have a little fun.

Pennyworth Epix

Saturday promises to be once again filled with activities, shopping and panel discussions. It also means that the Marvel panel might just have a little something in store for those who have spent days waiting in line.

We will be there to cover it all!



Prepare for THE AMERICANS: The Complete Final Season on DVD

The Americans cover

Jeri Jacquin

Coming to DVD is the highly acclaimed FX series and 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment offering of THE AMERICANS: The Complete Final Season.

The Jennings have moved on with life and in 1987 it is about to remind them of who they are. Working at a travel agency, Philip (Matthew Rhys) is giving all his time to the job. The same can’t be said for Elizabeth (Keri Russell) who has been working for weeks with a proposed Reagan-Gorbachev summit in the works. Claudia (Margo Martindale) doesn’t give her a moments break when she orders Elizabeth to Mexico to learn of new plans called ‘Dead Hand’.

Henry (Keidrich Sellati) and Paige (Holly Taylor) are also living their own lives in boarding school and college with the latter preparing for her own training. It is quickly put to the test. Oleg Burov (Costa Ronin) contacts Philip and orders him to discover where Elizabeth went and why.

americans 4

Elizabeth returns and must find a way into the State Department to see CIA McCleesh and gets more information than she bargained for regarding the President. She also uses the powers of information persuasion to get what she wants from McCleesh agreeing to meet up later. When it goes wrong, Elizabeth is relieved to have Paige on her side but also lets her know that she could have blown it by leaving her look out.

Now it starts to get a little dirty as Dennis (Brandon Dirden) and Stan (Noah Emmerich) discover Burov is in Washington and need to find out why he is so interested in transportation. They aren’t the only ones to have to deal with him as Philip learns through their meet-up that things with Gorbachev aren’t going well.

Claudia is keeping Elizabeth busy with a new contact for what they tried to get from McCleesh. Her gun isn’t even cold before she takes out security guards in the Altheon warehouse to get the radiation sensors they need. There has been a defection and it is big news.

Philip discovers that he might not have enough money to afford Henry’s school and works even harder at the travel agency and finally tells Elizabeth about it. Sex as a way to get information begins as Paige finds a Congressional intern and Philip is assigned Kimmy (Julia Garner) for a trip to Greece that will lead to a kidnapping.

americans 2

After a double hit, Philip changes his mind and tells Elizabeth what he has done. Claudia has other plans sending Elizabeth and Marilyn (Amy Tribbey) to find ‘Harvest’, a Russian code name for someone else working on ‘Dead Hand’. When Philip asks her to stop what she is doing, Elizabeth turns him down leaving him no choice but to go and help her.

Working together, Philip and Elizabeth get their person but not without cost. Marilyn and ‘Harvest’ both leave the two looking for even more answers in France. Before they go, it is mess cleaning time. Even though Elizabeth had previously thought Paige might not ever be ready for the spy game, she encourages her into a State Department internship.

Philip finally discovers what Elizabeth has been up to and can not believe it but that has to wait as Gorbachev has landed in the United States. Using her intern conquest, Elizabeth manages to plant a bug and learns that Nesterenko (Alex Feldman) is interested in having no nuclear weapons and immediately the order is given for his assassination. Claudia finally comes clean about her movies and she turns to Philip for help.

When Father Andrei (Konstantin Lavysh) is discovered to be with the KGB and Philip narrowly escaped being arrested. Also in custody Oleg is suggesting that he was only placed in the United States to protect the Russian President. Claudia is furious that Elizabeth did not follow the plan and Paige asks again about her seducing interns for information and when she doesn’t get the answer she wants, Paige begins the name calling. No time for thinking, Philip gives Elizabeth a signal that begins a clearing out of their home.

Now, Philip, Elizabeth and Paige must make a decision about where they are to go but are sure that it’s better to leave Henry behind at boarding school. Stan has finally put the pieces together and has to make a decision of his own when it is confirmed that the two people he is looking for are right in front of him.

americans 1

Russell as Elizabeth has come such a long way in playing this character. From the very beginning I was never quite sure what her motivation was or which way she would turn. That’s what made her character to intriguing and let me tell you, there isn’t anything she wouldn’t do to get an assignment done – some of it quite harrowing. Russell proved in this series why she got the role in the first place and there is no one else ever, in watching this series, could have done it better.

Rhys as Philip has the unique ability to show everything on his face while saying something totally opposite with his words. I have enjoyed watching his career blossom with so many amazing roles but I honestly believe it is the series THE AMERICANS that will be the standout for him. Along with Russell, the role of Philip was unpredictable, intense, stirring and even confusing but in a good way.

Taylor as Paige has certainly grown up in this series. I always suspected that she would attempt to join the ranks of the life her parents were living; of course I was hoping she wouldn’t but there it is. Taylor’s performance continues to be strong until the end leaving a moment of question that I just frustratingly love. Selatti as Henry is the one kept out of the loop throughout the series. There is something amazing when you have one character that lives in what he thinks is the real world without knowing that it isn’t.

Emmerich as Stan has been the suspicious eye throughout the series and he has the amazing and unique ability to do just that. There were times I thought he was so very close to figuring it out and then backed off again not wanting to accuse anyone of something so serious. Emmerich, like Rhys, has made a name for himself in playing amazing roles and in THE AMERICANS he deserves to be recognized for every moment he has been on screen.

Other cast include Lev Gorn as Arkady Zotov, Laurie Holden as Renee, Darya Ekamasova as Sofia Bystrova, Yuri Kolokolnikov as Gennadi Bystrov, and Kelly AuCoin as Pastor Tim.

Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment brings award-winning global product and new entertainment to DVD, Bluray, and Digital HD. There amazing collection offers fans an opportunity to expand their own home libraries with the best films. To discover what other titles they have please visit

americans 5

The DVD includes the Special Features of Deleted Scenes, Inside Looks and Gag Reel which helps to lighten up a very intense series! The 3-disc set is 526 minutes of drama that will leave you guessing up until the very end – and it’s an ending worthy of such an amazing series as THE AMERICANS.

Also included are the episodes Dead Hand, Tchaikovsky, Urban Transport Planning, Mr. and Mrs. Teacup, The Great Patriotic War, Rififi, Harvest, The Summit, Jennings Elizabeth and START.

What has made THE AMERICANS such a unique experience is the stellar cast that continued week after week and season after season bringing it all home to fans. Beginning in 2013, the Cold War series set in the 1980’s was actually a reminder to many of us who remember that time period. Another amazing thing that came from the series is loads of conversations about the characters and the season after season unknowns.

Created by former CIA officer and novelist Joseph Weisberg, he is also responsible for working on the series Falling Skies, Damages and Justified. He also won Outstanding Writing for a Drama Series from the Primetime Emmy Awards. Rhys also won for Outstanding Lead Actor and Russell was nominated for Outstanding Lead Actress in a Drama Series. The TCA Awards gave THE AMERICANS an award for Program of the Year and Outstanding Achievement in a Drama. Russell won Individual Achievement in Drama and Rhys received a nomination.

That proves one thing for sure – fans of THE AMERICANS are going to miss the series greatly but, when that feeling hits, 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment makes THE AMERICANS easy to get into your own home library.

In the end – their dedication is being watched and the clock is ticking!

AMERICAN HORROR STORY: Cult Comes to DVD with the Complete Seventh Season

AHS cover


Jeri Jacquin

Coming to DVD from 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment is the stellar hit FX series that brings questions, fright and jaw drops with AMERICAN HORROR STORY: Cult, The Complete Seventh Season.

The 2016 Presidential elections are happening and it is even reaching the city of Brookfield Heights, Michigan in an emotional way. Ally Mayfair-Richards (Sarah Paulson) can’t believe that the people of the United States would elect the likes of Donald Trump as President. Suffering from many ailments, this latest catastrophe isn’t exactly helping her feel emotionally secure. Ally isn’t the only person reeling from the news as Winter (Billie Lourd) is finding her own way of dealing with it all and it doesn’t help that her brother Kai (Evan Peters) is about to find a way to use that to his advantage. But I’ve jumped ahead a little…do let me slow down.

horror 1

Ally and her partner Ivy (Alison Pill) share a son named Oz (Cooper Dodson) who they both dote on lovingly. Since Ally can’t keep herself under control emotionally, she leans on her psychiatrist Dr. Vincent (Cheyenne Jackson) to help put it all into perspective. Winter becomes Oz’s nanny to help relieve some of the stress Ally is feeling and give her more time to help her restaurant succeed. What she doesn’t know is that Winter has a little bit of a different nanny style. Kai has a plan that requires unthinkable actions that he sees no problem with – beginning with the clown-deaths of Ally’s neighbors and paying someone to beat him up.

With the death of the neighbor, a city council seat magically opens up and Kai is all over it. But Ally is dealing with problems at the restaurant when one of her employees is found in the meat locker. The new neighbors, Harrison (Billy Eichner) and Meadow Wiltons (Leslie Grossman), help Ally get a gun for protection especially since Ally is now seeing killer clowns roaming the streets. Det. Jack Samuels (Colton Haynes) suspect Ally’s delivery man Pedro (Jorge-Luis Pallo) for the crime and that puts her in a position to defend herself with the same gun the Wiltons gave her. When the neighborhood is covered in a mysterious gas, Ally blames the Wilton’s and it’s only going to get worse when Meadow disappears.

Kai sees what’s happening with Ally and say’s he’ll help try to stop the protests at her business but he has motives for everything he does. As the election draws closer Ivy meets Winter at a rally. Upset that a man took advantage of her in the crowd, Ivy tells Winter and a plan is hatched to make his day a little less important. Thinking it’s harmless, Kai decides to make an example of the man by giving him a choice – stay chained up or do the unthinkable so he can vote.

horror 4

The election is in full swing and Kai moves onto bigger and better things and starts with getting himself in shape. Hiring a personal trainer, it becomes clear that he will have other uses. He also becomes interested in reporter Beverly Hope (Adina Porter) and uses his charm to prove he is dedicated to her. In return, Beverly gives Kai the scoop on the news coverage about Kai that shows her boss Bob is clearly not a fan of the new political figure. Things aren’t looking good for Bob at the moment when Kai and his friends visit him for a ‘friendly’ chat about his future. The journalist wants to know where Kai came from and what is the odd connection with Ally’s doctor.

Kai is having lady problems and when a lady’s feelings aren’t being returned, well, all sorts of mayhem ensure and there comes a time when Ally discovers that all friends aren’t true friends. Thinking that the only way to keep her family safe is to expose Kai turns badly, Meadow has no choice but to take matters into her own armed hands. Surviving Meadow’s instructions, Kai decides to take his political bid one step further and announce a run for Senate publically, but privately he asks his followers to prove their loyalty. The problem is by the time the event is over, Ally is left holding evidence and the police want to arrest now and ask questions later.

Once again Ally is the victim of people with their own agendas and driving her crazy is just a bonus that gets her out of the way and into the hospital. There are still women in the group that have a plan of their own as Kai keeps moving forward.

Winter isn’t sure what to make when Kai announces his divinity and believes that she should carry a child. In the meantime Ally is finally released from the hospital and  has had time to formulate a little plan of her own that includes getting her son Oz back from the group and settling little fires here and there and see what burns – and joining the group is step number one. Ivy isn’t thrilled but Ally tries to show that having her family back is the most important thing. Using a little psychology of her own, Ally’s steps are slow but very, very deliberate as she edges closer to her mark.

horror 2

She needn’t have worried about Kai because his own delusions have taken him down a dark road and visions of Charles Manson. Believing there is a mole in the group, Ally shuffles the information around with deadly accuracy.

Stronger by the deed, Ally secretly puts everyone on notice and knows it is what has to happen in order for the group and Kai to be stopped. Even when she begins to get her life together, Kai tries to strike one more time. Of course you can’t keep a good woman down!

Paulson as Ally continues to just own her parts in the American Horror Story seasons. There is not one part that she has played that isn’t filled with every human emotion possible and maybe a few inhumane ones as well. She can freeze up one minute and pour it on the next and she has the most stunning facial expressions to pull it all off. She continues with each season to broaden the characters she plays and take them just one step further never truly knowing until the end whether she’s gone over or rides the edge of insanity with unique perfection.

horror 3

From the beginning, along with Lange and Bates, Paulson has made this series ever changing and ever glorious to watch. With the new season premier of American Horror Story already airing its first episode, it is clear that she is going full bore.

Peters as Kai leaves no doubt almost immediately that this character is a force to be reckoned with and showing no fear of repercussions means he is well past being dangerous. He has a little bit of someone else we all know in that Kai can be very endearing to your face while planning your demise at the very same time – to your face. This character seeks out like minded crazies and if you don’t follow the rules – a new crazy will emerge. Watching Peters take on such depth with each of his characters has also proven that from the moment he came aboard AHS, it isn’t going to be over until he damn well says its over.

Lourd as Winter has such duality in this season. There are moments when Lourd’s portrayal of Winter gives you hope that she isn’t going to be like her brother and then she flips the script and I’m saying, “oh there is the crazy lady now!”. The character of Winter is cold, harsh, loving, loyal and every bit as whacked out as her brother – but which brother? I have so enjoyed watching Lourd come into her own and she is her mother’s daughter when it comes to talent and the ability to give us all a reason to keep watching.

Pill as Ivy is another actress that has just managed to keep me guessing as to whether her character has the ability to be real or has her nose right on too tight which makes it easy to lead her around. Becoming one of the group wasn’t something I thought was going to happen but then again, that’s AHS for you!

horror 4

Other case include Emma Roberts as Serena Belinda, Mare Winningham as Sally Effler, Lena Dunham as Valerie Solanas, Frances Conroy as Bebe Babbitt, Chaz Bono as Gary Longstreet, Dermot Mulroney as Bob Thompson, Cameron Cowperthwaite as Speedwagon, John Carroll Lynch as Twist the Clown, Zack Ward as Roger, Laura Allen as Rosie, Dot-Marie Jones as Butchy May and Jamie Brewer as Hedda.

Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment brings award-winning global product and new entertainment to DVD, Bluray, and Digital HD. There amazing collection offers fans an opportunity to expand their own home libraries with the best films. To discover what other titles they have please visit

FX continues to provide viewers with amazing programming including the new series Mayans M.C. along with favorites Legion, Archer and You’re the Worst. For more of what FX has to offer as well as shows, apps and information please visit

The DVD also includes the Special Bonus Features of the FX Promo Spots which are artistic, misleading, strong, telling, mysterious and everything else every season manages to bring to American Horror Story fans. It’s like the biggest most colorful tease in the world. The three disc set contains all eleven episodes including Election Night, Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark, Neighbors from Hell, 11/9, Holes, Mid-Western Assassin, Valerie Solanas Died for Your Sins: Scumbag, Winter of Our Discontent, Drink the Kool-Aid, Charles (Manson) in Charge and Great Again.

horror 5

American Horror Story began it’s run on FX in 2016 and hasn’t shown any signs of slowing. Fans have waited patiently year after year to see how all the seasons connect yet don’t mind if its not so straight forward in the explanation.

In 2016, viewers had no idea what to expect from the show and it has continued to be the case since then. Already, people I know who watch AHS are trying to guess where the 2018 story is going to take them and all I say to them is, ‘why are you trying to guess?’. I mean seriously folks, that’s what makes good television when you sit back and let the ride take you wherever it may.

Nominated for two Emmy Awards for Outstanding Lead Actress in a Limited Series or Movie for Sarah Paulson and Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Limited Series or Movie for Adina Porter is validation that the show is award worthy (as if AHS followers needed that to know how fantastic the show is!).

horror 6

What truly makes this show is the cast that returns to show us the range and diversity of AHS. I just love their dedication to the show and the storyline which, I believe, is another reason fans of the show come back time and time again.

In the end – know your neighbors and politicians!






Sunday at San Diego Comic Con Brings the Familiar and the New!

Comic Con 2018 b


Jeri Jacquin

Here it is, the final day, the day that I long for and at the same time the saddest day that it’s all ending. There is mileage on these feet to be sure and a case of uncomfortable seat-itis but at the same time knowing that all the people I only see once a year will again be gone.

This year was a little more enjoyable for me at a grandparent because I made time to see my dressed up in costume Batman (don’t say Batgirl – she doesn’t like it!) granddaughter seeing all her hero’s and the characters she adores. That would include the mixture of Peppa Pig and the awestruck when seeing her beloved PJ Masks in person. What totally wigged her out was seeing Batman again, and again, and again.

But, Naynay has a job to do so let’s jump in!


In Hall H, there is a feeling of crazy anticipation because it is Sunday at San Diego Comic Con 2018 and that can only mean one thing – Supernatural! There is something very special when the panel consisting of Jensen Ackles, Jared Padalecki, Misha Collins, and Alexander Calvert along with executive producer Andrew Dabb talking about their 14th season of the show and reaching the historic 300th episode.

What makes the Supernatural panel so much fun is the obvious chemistry between Ackles, Padalecki and Collins and the way they have also taken Calvert into their exclusive and humorous group. It is almost like watching brothers just rag on each other in the most biting and loving way possible. Of course this delights the 6,999 people that are in Hall H with cheers and even some egging on.

It’s going to get even darker (is that even possible?) in this season as fans are treated to a very eerie look at Jensen Ackles character Dean and his – well – transformation. There will also be a return of Kim Rhodes character of Jodi Mills and the Wayward Sisters. Is there more to the Rowena and Cas hint given?

Find out when Supernatural returns to the CW on October 11th.


Riverdale comes to Hall H with a huge panel including Luke Perry, Skeet Ulrich, Camila Mendes, Casey Cott, Cole Sprouse, KJ Apa, Lili Reinhart, Madelaine Petsch Marisol Nichols, Mark Consuelos, Vanesa Morgan, Ashleigh Murray, Madchen Amick and executive producer Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa and producers Jon Goldwater and Sarah Schehter. Moderated by Mrs. Mark Consuelos (aka Kelly Ripa), fans were teased with what is to come.

Ripa talks about her husband’s character and asks what is in store for his character. “His character is into everything. Right now he is focused in being a thorn in his daughter’s side. She is just as stubborn as he is so I think they are going to butt heads”.

I couldn’t have been more thrilled to see the next panel in Hall H – Mayans M.C. is the much anticipated spin off of the FX beloved series Sons of Anarchy. The panel started off with an ear splitting cheer for the shows creator Kurt Sutter (who I actually saw smile and it threw me off!) along with co-creator Elgin James.

The panel was filled with the new Mayan motorcycle club including JD Pardo as Ezekiel EZ Reyes, Clayton Cardenas, Sarah Bolger, Michael Irby, Carla Baratta, Antonio Jaramillo, Raoul Max Truillo, Danny Pino, Richard Cabral and the beloved Edward James Olmos.

The premise of the series is in the three year aftermath of Jax Teller and the Sons when EZ Reyes is released from prison and becomes a prospect for the Mayan MC. His older brother is already a member and shows his brother the ropes with a charter that is located on the California-Mexico border. Olmos is their father who owns a business and knows that the club is a difficult life.

JD Pardo may have a familiar face to some, but to Twilight fans he forever engrained in their hearts as part of THE TWILIGHT SAGA: Breaking Dawn Part 2. He has also done his time in television with the series S.W.A.T., The Messengers as well as Blood & Oil.


 Another familiar cast member is that of Richard Cabral who most recently played the psychotic burglar Duncan in the film BREAKING IN. He has also had his share of television roles including the outstanding characters of Hector Tonz/Isaac Castillo/ Sebastian De La Torre in the absolutely excellent series American Crime.

The one actor on that panel who needs no introduction because the sound of the fans cheering drowns out hearing his name is that of Edward James Olmos. Playing the role of Felipe Reyes in Mayans M.C., this actor is never far from the big screen or small. He has produced, directed and starred in some of the most beloved shows and memorable movies. I am excited to see the life he brings to this character.

Sutter also talks about the loose language and explains that the f-word is part of the world we live in now. “I’m not quite sure where the shift happened, but there is a lot more freedom in terms of language and we will be able to say ‘f**k’ on FX.” He also tells the fans with humor, “I always do a ‘f**k’ inventory at the end of every script and go, ‘oh, that’s way too much.’”

The creator was also asked if there would be any cross over between Sons of Anarchy and Mayans M.C. (you could hear a pin drop in that room waiting for the answer). “I’m really protective of that mythology and the way it ended and letting fans, whether they enjoyed it or not, to have that experience and for that idea of how that club continued. I really want to leave in the minds of the fans. Right now there’s no intersecting stories that will interfere with that, but Sons is a big world and there was a lot of peripheral players so there will be those kind of intersections.” I take that as an answer non-answer which can always be found with the cryptic Sutter.

Thank you FX from the bottom of this fans heart for bringing the anticipation for the new series which is set to premier Tuesday September 4th at 10 p.m. on FX.


Finally in Hall H, FX is hardly done with us as the break out his series by creator Noah Hawley LEGION bringing its panel of stars including Dan Stevens, Aubrey Plaza who plays Lenny, Navid Negahban as Farouk, writer/producer Nathaniel Halpern and executive producer John Cameron.

The panel started out quickly when Halpern was asked if he could tell the fans anything about Season 3. A quick and decisive ‘no’ was heard and that was that. Stevens, who plays David Haller, admitted to the audience, “I know that Lenny is obviously gonna have a part to play in it. We’re off together in some form. Syd’s a bit mad. But I don’t know very much at this stage.”

Then added, “If you know the comics at all, you know there’s the potential for this guy you have sympathy for to turn into one of the greatest villains in the universe!” It is Negahban who says, “I have never played a villain in my life. I think every villain looks at himself as a hero.”

It seems what the panel could agree upon is that they are confused and that, to me, is an amazing way to keep the fans guessing about the upcoming third season which returns to FX in 2019. Until then, keep the theories coming because I’m always interested to discover whether or not others see the series as I do and if they don’t, well, that can be fun too!

And with that, my reader friends, comes the end of the panels for me at San Diego Comic Con 2018. It is time for me to put the recorder, camera, pencil, pen, paper and anything else work related into my awesome Edna Mode bag and leave the hallowed room also known as Hall H.

jaycie and power rangers

It is time for me to go out and enjoy the rest of the day seeing Comic Con 2019 through the eyes of my granddaughter who can not get enough. I love what I do to be sure but it is also good to get a fresh perspective and see it all through the excited eyes of a kid in a Batman outfit with flashing tennis shoes and a cape that reads, “I’m Batman – not Batgirl!”

So until next year Comic-Con’ers – I hope your journey home was a safe one and that TSA didn’t give you too much trouble with the tons of goodie bags I know you left San Diego with!



FARGO Brings an Epic Third Season to DVD!

Fargo Bluray

Jeri Jacquin

Nominated for Six Emmy Awards including Outstanding Series on DVD from Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment is the amazing FX series FARGO: Year 3.

In St. Cloud, Minnesota, it is 2010 and Ray Stussy (Ewan McGregor) really wants to put a ring on the finger of Nikki Swango (Mary Elizabeth Winstead). Short on cash he asks his brother Emmit (Ewan McGregor) for a loan. That’s were most family problems start because Emmitt says no.

These two brothers have even deeper problems when Ray, a parole officer, decides he will enlist the help of Maurice (Scoot McNairy), a parolee to get back at Emmitt by taking what was first Ray’s anyway. This is where things get even more twisted because Maurice doesn’t really remember the address of Emmit’s house and ends up in another Stussy house!

fargo 3

Emmit’s problems come from a shade business dealing with Varga (David Thewlis) and a two year old loan. Now Emmit worries about his business and has Varga investigated which only causes a journey off a parking garage.

Back at the address Maurice did go to, turns out it is the home of Ennis (Scott Hylands) Stussy of Eden Valley. To add insult to injury, temporary police chief Gloria Burgle (Carrie Coon) discovers the body of relative by marriage and their home all messed up. Of course when the new police chief shows up and dealing with a funeral, Gloria learns something about her stepfather that she never knew. But that is a side note as she begins to investigate the murder.

Ray and Nikki try to figure out how they are going to get the stamp which is a moot point when Nikki discovers it has been moved. Emmit tells Sy (Michael Stuhlbarg) the stamp is being reframed and Sy says Ray better stay away and to make his point there is a little fender bender.

Thaddeus Mobley (Thomas Mann) writes a novel called The Planet Wyn in 1975 which catches the attention of Los Angeles producer Howard Zimmerman (Fred Melamed). Mobley also meets Vivian Lord (Francesca Eastwood) who tries to seduce him into a deal. He doesn’t fall for it and lets it be known he isn’t a sucker for Hollywood.

Gloria wants to know more about the Mobley story and heads to L.A. to discover that both Zimmerman and Vivian are still around with their own story to tell. In a weird time travel moment, the name Dennis Stussy takes on new meaning for Gloria.

Gloria’s partner Marshman (Mark Forward) let’s her know that a man named Maurice has been found dead add more mystery to her life. Discovering Ray is his parole officer, it’s time for a visit from the local law. But before that Ray does a little brotherly costuming to get his hands on Emmitt’s money. Officer Winnie Lopez (Olivia Sandoval) is investigating a case against Sy and meets Gloria when the two piece together the weird coincidence about the slightly different addresses and names of Emmit and Ray.

fargo 2

Ray continues with his farce disguising himself as Emmit and it finally hits home. Ray moves his life along as a wedding is being prepared. Varga and Sy are not seeing eye to eye about the police nosing around but it gets more conflicted when someone wants to buy Stussy Lots in the form of Ruby Goldfarb (Mary McDonnell).

Gloria and Winnie get their hands on Ray to question him about Ennis’ murder but the new police chief thinks there is nothing there and lets him go. He gets home to find Nikki in a shocking state at the hands of thugs Yuri (Goran Bogdan) and Memo (Andy Yu). Wanting revenge is what will bring two brothers together one final time.

Gloria and Winnie are about to expand their investigation even further when it’s brought to a halt just as quickly. Winnie’s boss puts her back on traffic duty and tells Gloria to get out of town. Gloria isn’t taking it at all and in a fluke actually saves Nikki’s life from Golem (DJ Qualls) but breaking her parole she has to head off to prison.

Now Yuri, Meemo and Golem are on the hunt to get Nikki but fail once again as she finds herself attached to Mr. Wrench (Russell Harvard) running through the woods. All of this has Gloria demoted and everyone still on the run while Varga has expanded the business.

Emmit isn’t free from suspicion as the police are still close by but freaking him out even more is his office has been broken into and, well, tagged with a photo of a certain stamp. Varga sees how this is all affecting him trying to keep him calm. Unable to deal with it Emmitt decides there is only one thing he can do.

fargo 1

In St. Cloud two more Stussy’s are killed and Emmitt is talking to Gloria about the issues he had with his brother. Varga freaks out and wants Meemo to get him out of their immediately but Nikki and Mr. Wrench have other plans. Nikki makes Varga an offer he can’t refuse – or can he?

When IRS agent Dollard (Hamish Linklater) gets to his office there is a mysterious package waiting for him along with Gloria’s telephone number. Waiting for some good news, Dollard tells Gloria that there is a tax scam going on at Stussy Lots. Emmitt returns only to discover he is responsible for all the debts of the business and Nikki takes one to many chances.

But it all comes together when Gloria finds her place at the Department of Homeland Security but is still dealing with Varga and a chance that things will once again change!

McGregor as Emmitt and Ray Stussy does an insanely incredible job of playing brothers who may seem different but when it comes to being greedy and vengeful – are exactly the same. I just love the way he portrays them both to uniquely that I forget McGregor is doing both parts. Love when that happens. He is also the voice of the Captain which means this was a busy season that I’m sure McGregor isn’t likely to forget

Coon as Gloria is such a joy to watch as she is involved in a little family mystery of her own brought to her by the Stussy brothers. She takes everything in stride where as I probably wouldn’t have been so calm. That’s what makes Coon riveting to watch and I can’t wait to see her again!

Winstead as Nikki is just a gorgeous wild child who loves her man and when things go south, she is only going to visit before returning north. Oh yes, she isn’t about to let anyone or anything get in the way of her revenge.

fargo 4

Thewlis as Varga gets a chance to be as bad as he wants to be. Of course I knew he had it in him and if you have seen the 1996 film DRAGONHEART and his psycho role of King Einon, I’d say it was good training for the crazy of Varga.

Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment brings award-winning global product and new entertainment to DVD, Bluray, and Digital HD. There amazing collection offers fans an opportunity to expand their own home libraries with the best films. To discover what other titles they have please visit

The DVD of FARGO: Year 3 contains 4-discs with all ten episodes that include: The Law of Vacant Places, The Principles of Restricted Choice, The Law of Non-Contradiction, The Narrow Escape Problem, The House of Special Purpose, The Lord of No Mercy, The Law of Inevitability, Who Rules the Land of Denial?, Aporia and Somebody to Love.

There are also Special Features that include First Look, Ray and Nikki, Emmit Stussy and Sy Feltz, One Actor Two Characters, Gloria Burgle, Varga, Anatomy of a Scene, The Digital Age, Connectivity and References, Locations and Noah Hawley.

FARGO has become such a stellar hit for the out of the box cable channel FX. When FARGO aired it’s first season I knew there were more stories that needed to be told with an appreciation of where it could all go. The introduction of new characters each season and the return of secret favorites, it is equally amazing as I would think everyone is biting at the bit to be part of FARGO.

So that begs the question, will there be another season of FARGO? Well, FX Chief John Landgraf has said, “We haven’t heard the idea from Noah Hawley for what the fourth season would be. What we’ve encouraged Noah to do is think about it and make sure he has an idea he’s excited about.”

As vague as that may seem, I’m going to keep my hopes high and my love of FARGO open for another season no matter how long it takes. That’s how the fans I’ve spoken to feel about their FARGO fix.

In the meantime, add FARGO: Year 3 to your home entertainment library along with the first two seasons of the amazing series that has kept us all thrilled!

In the end – it’s another limb in the tree that leads to FARGO!

AMERICAN HORROR STORY: Roanoke is Back to Chill with Season Six on Bluray

American Horror


Jeri Jacquin

Do you have the spine to be chilled once again? Good! Because 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment and co-creator Ryan Murphy has brought to Bluray the frights with AMERICAN HORROR STORY: Roanoke – The Complete Season 6.

Making a documentary about married couple Shelby (Lily Rabe & Sarah Paulson as Lana Tindall) and Matt Miller (Andre Holland & Cuba Gooding Jr. as Dominc Banks) tell their story about My Roanoke Nightmare. Venture from Los Angeles to North Carolina, the couple find a worn down farmhouse believing they can remake it into their dream home. Their dream turns into a freakish nightmare!

Matt asks his sister Lee (Adina Porter & Angela Bassett as Monet Tumusiime) to keep Shelby company but the two women do not like one another. That might not matter considering what is to happen next! Almost immediately a group of people come into the house and leave behind a video of what can only be considered a murder. Matt isn’t sure what is happening when he returns but Shelby isn’t having it and takes off in Matt’s car which leads to another witnessing of horror.

amer 1

Both Matt and Shelby believe that everything they experienced was stages as a way to force them out of the house. Calling the police, the couple think they now have a handle on it all. Lee brings her daughter Flora to the house on a visit. Down in the cellar the couple find more recordings and realize they were made by the previous owner. Not happy about the new find, the couple knows they can’t just financially walk away.

It becomes clear that Flora is visiting her mother Lee against the child custody agreement with her ex-husband. Lee is willing to do that to spend more time with Flora but the young girl seems to have made friends with a little girl named Priscilla. Lee discovers that Priscilla isn’t exactly human and finds Flora’s hoodie in the highest tree tops but the girl is no where to be found.

To make matters worse, Shelby is beginning to suspect that Lee might have had something to do with her ex’s unexpected death. Lee is more interested in finding Flora and hires Cricket (Leslie Jordan) to use her psychic abilities to local the girl. That’s when they discover that Pricilla is a young girl from the 16th Century who tells the story of ‘The Butcher’ Thomasin White (Kathy Bates and as Agnes Winstead) of the Roanoke Colony.

amer 4

Leading her people, Thomasin is left behind as her husband and forces her to look for a way to survive. In doing so she gave herself to a force that relocated everyone to the farmhouse where Shelby and Matt now live. If that doesn’t cause those in the house worry, Matt is caught by Shelby in the forest and the police show up to arrest Lee.

Dr. Cunningham (Denis O’Hare) arrives at the house and actually saves Shelby from the attack the creature with the body of a man and the head of a pig. He explains the horrifying events in the house and the history of the house. He tells them  that all of what is happening is due to Thomasin. Leading them to Flora turns out to be a big mistake as Cricket comes to know who the true Roanoke leaders is and what happened to the colony. Thomasin doesn’t have time for stories and surrounds the house letting them know she has Flora.

But there is more than Thomasin’s story as Doris Kearns Goodwin reveals that the house was once owned by Edward Philippe Mott (Evan Peters). He used the house for affairs and art and also taken by Thomasin and put through her horrors during the Blood Moon. Trying to help him escape only leads to the Polk family kidnapping Lee and Shelby. At the fire in front of the Miller’s, Ambrose (Wes Bentley) does the one thing that could end the nightmare and Lee arrives to flee with the Shelby and Matt.

The story and documentary of My Roanoke Nightmare turns out to be a bigger success than anyone could have anticipated. So much so that a net idea Return to Roanoke: Three Days in Hell brings the actors back to stay during the Blood Moon. The shows producer really wants to expose Lee for murder and Shelby isn’t thrilled about returning with Matt. The actors and crew prepare for the next part of the filming and it doesn’t take long for things to begin happening.

amer 3

Rory who played Edward Philippe Mott in the original series starts off the madness but Agnes who played Thomasin is further out of reach than the crew could have imagined. Shelby is shocked to learn that the only reason Matt has returned is for Scathach (Lady Gaga), the woman in the woods. That is the least of her worries as the Polk family has a score to settle and meat is on the menu.

Escaping the bloody nightmare at the farmhouse isn’t going to be easy, it isn’t going to be clean and no one is spared from the madness of horror. Even after everything that has taken place, something draws people back as television specials are created returning to the farmhouse to try and understand what happened.

But on the hilltop there is a face that knows exactly what happened!

Other cast include Cheynne Jackson as Sidney James, Frances Conroy & Robin Weigert as Mama Polk, Finn Wittrock as Jether Polk, Colby French as the Police Officer, Grady Richmond as Ishmael Polk, Orson Chaplin as Cain Polk and Estelle Hermansen as Priscilla.

Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment brings award-winning global product and new entertainment to DVD, Bluray, and Digital HD. There amazing collection offers fans an opportunity to expand their own home libraries with the best films. To discover what other titles they have please visit

AHS: Roanoke Bluray includes the Special Features of The Paley Center for Media: Q & A with Cast and Creative Team from PaleyFest 2017, American Horror Story: Roanoke Promos. The 3-disc set includes all ten episodes! Revisiting AHS Roanoke is fantastic especially with the new season of AMERICAN HORROR STORY having recently begun on FX.

amer 2

This is an amazing group of talented actors pulling off the crazy impossible! Having two people play two of the same characters in a reality style documentary with the same thing happening again only to come back and live the nightmare for real by both the real people and the actors that portrayed them is absolutely brilliant.

I adore Kathy Bates and this is one of the reasons why (as if there needs to be a reason). The characters of Thomasin and Agnes are full of emotion, rage, frightening calm and a couple of hundreds years of relenting anger to work through. There isn’t anything this actress can’t do and on her seasons of AMERICAN HORROR STORY she continues to prove it time and time again. I have to say, I kind of love her portrayal of Thomasin – does that make me scary?!

Paulson as Audrey, Lana and Shelby – she gets to really rack up the frequent horror miles! Once again her characters are put through the ringer and Paulson takes it all in stride. She has the amazing ability to show so much threw her eyes and when her character goes stone cold – so is Paulson’s ability to make that a shivering thing to watch. Rabe as ‘real’ Shelby is solid and just so lovely to watch – until it gets brutal!

Gooding Jr. gets to run through the crazy that is AHS and he seems to fit right in. He is an actor playing a real character by reenacting the real characters horror. Well, there you go! Simple right? Gooding Jr. takes his role and gives it such a smooth spin. Holland as the real Matt tells his story but comes back to a place for very selfish reasons and, as we all know, being selfish has its draw backs.

Peters as Rory and Mott gets a chance to go completely out there with these characters. Starting out in AHS as a youngster, he has repeatedly brought more and more excellence as an actor. I do love to watch him take his characters and go as far as I think he can and then surprise me going even further. Bentley as Dylan and Ambrose White has the unique ability to freeze me while he is performing. Of course it could be those eyes but his talent is equally frosty!

Bassett as Monet as Lee isn’t holding back either. Playing Lee she brings that disturbed character to a higher level and this is the perfect actress to do it. What is amazing is the switching between Adina Porter’s Lee character and Bassett – they are both just so frakken fantastic.

Lady Gaga gets her chance to be horrifying as Scathach and there isn’t anything wrong with her performance in the slightest. O’Hare as Dr. Cummingham/William van Henderson is always a joy to see and I love how different he is with each season of AHS.

This season is particularly full of twists, turns, stellar performances, shocks, jaw drops, fantastic locations, creative mythology and so much more. Go back to the story that threw audiences for a loops with AMERICAN HORROR STORY: Roanoke – The Complete Season 6.

In the end – life imitates grisly reality television!

THE STRAIN Brings Season Three to Bluray

the Strain


Jeri Jacquin

Coming to Bluray and you NEED to have it is creators Guillermo del Toro and Chuck Hogan’s ancient vampyric tale of THE STRAIN: The Complete Third Season.

This season brings a lot of the groups issues into the forefront starting out with Eph (Corey Stoll) hitting the bottle harder than usual. The Master has Eichhorst (Richard Sammel) kidnap his son Zach (Max Charles) and it’s too much for him. What is keeping him going is working on a bioweapon to stop the Strigoi.

Fet (Kevin Durand) is helping those who need his knowledge of the tunnels but Eichhorst is once again ahead of the game. Setrakian (David Bradley) is working on the translation of the Occio Lumen looking for ancient answers to stop the madness. Quinlan (Rupert Penry-Jones) is watching the humans and agrees to help begrudgingly.

strain 4

Palmer (Jonathan Hyde) is still trying to get the magical ‘white’ from The Master and wants to live forever as promised. When Quinlan offers to work together with Eph to switch the Lumen for Zack but also confesses to his vampyric bloodline and what will happen once The Master is dead. Gus (Miguel Gomez) has a secret of his own and it’s discovered by Angel (Joaquin Cosio) much to his sadness.

Palmer’s health is going down rapidly and Eichhorst brings in Sanjay Desai (Cas Anvar). Now the strigoi have managed to take over Manhattan and are using the underground tunnels to take over all of New York. There is a huge battle as the group begins to scatter to keep Eichhorst and The Master from tracking them all but it doesn’t stop Eichhorst and Dutch makes a quick move to help them escape.

Fet and Setrakian know they have to get to The Master’s sarcophagus and use silver to trap the strigoi leader. They also discover that a signal they believe is his voice but need a comparison. Palmer is discovered on a cargo ship by Setrakian who gives him one dose of the white with the promise of his help.

Desai is using humans as live subjects but Eichhorst wants quicker results. Even more disturbing is Palmer admitting to Setrakian and Fet that there is blood processing centers everywhere. Eichhorst discovers where the Ancient’s are hiding and does what he always does, his worst!

strain 2

Palmer discovers a nuclear bomb and fights Eichhorst for it only to work with Setrakian to lure The Master into his silver lined sarcophagus. What Palmer doesn’t see coming is that he needs a new host and gains Palmer’s memories. Placing the bomb at the Statue of Liberty, Zach has been with the strigoi Kelly-Mom and Eph wants his son. Not to be stopped by the creature he takes matters into his own hands. Zach is furious and takes revenge on Eph in the worst and most tragic way possible.

Stoll as Eph has gone through several transformations as each of the traumatic events puts him to the test. This actor has taken his character to dark places and makes, shall we say, ‘human’ decisions that are totally done out of emotion. Where his son is concerned he is somewhat blind to the truths that are obvious to others. This season Stoll is seriously put to the test with an end result that is horrific.

Sammel as Eichhorst is just a villain to the bone and he does it beautifully (and makes it look easy). There are very few moments where Eichhorst shows his emotion but more-so amused by the humans every move. Of course it’s because of his history so don’t expect him to go soft on the humans any time soon.

Durand as Fet is strong, consistent and the guy I’d want on my side of any fight. He doesn’t take crap from anyone and even though he shows heart, it doesn’t mean much gets past him. Always on his toes and stands up for the human race I love this character and that Durand brings it.

strain 3

Bradley as Setrakian is a man who has lived well beyond his years. In those years comes knowledge that is engrained in mystery he knows only he can unravel. I love Bradley’s straight forward gravely voice that tells the group exactly how it is and what they can expect from the enemy they are trying to destroy.

Penry-Jones as Quinlan is my hero! Seen by most as the creature that could turn any time he wants to, I see Quinlan as their only hope. He is strong, introspective, ancient on his own terms and doesn’t stand a fool. Keeping his distance from caring about his human counter parts, there are moments where it is easy to see how he could care and the reasons he can’t. Well done Penry-Jones, absolutely well done!

Other cast include: Natalie Brown as Kelly, Ruta Gedmintas as Dutch, Samantha Mathis as Judtine Feraldo, Jack Kesey as The Master.

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THE STRAIN: The Complete Third Season contains the Special Features Under Siege Companion Series Into with Carlton Cruse, The Strain: Under Siege Companion Series, Vamp Boom Music Video, Deleted Scenes and a hilarious Gag Reel!

strain 1

This series is in its final season, yes, I realize that is almost bringing fans to the point of tears. This has been an amazing ride and it’s hard to believe it’s almost over. We have all come to go along for the ride and invest in these characters – even the horrible ones. Nothing is ever as it seems and with the last season I can certainly say it’s all happening so fast and is jaw dropping.

That is what makes Season Three so thrilling to watch. The twists and turns come into play but it all comes together seamlessly but not obvious. Most of us were raised to see vampires in a certain Bella Lugosi-Christopher Lee way, Guillermo Del Toro introduced a vampire like no other and gives us a creature that won’t soon be forgotten.

THE STRAIN has been awarded the Critics Choice Television Award, Satellite Award, Saturn Award (three times), Fangoria Chainsaw Awards (twice), Golden Reel Award, Canadian Society of Cinematographers Award, Golden Maple Awards, Visual Effects Society Awards and Visual Effects Society Award. There should be a category for just plain sheer awesomeness award and I’d be giving that one out.

Watch THE STRAIN’s final season every Sunday night at 10 p.m. on FX!

In the end – they will save humanity at all costs!


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