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This is not a Simple ORDINARY LOVE

Ordinary cover

Jeri Jacquin

Coming to theatres from directors Lisa Barros D’Sa, Glenn Leyburn and Bleeker Street is the story of the unexpected bumps in a couple’s life of ORDINARY LOVE.

Joan (Lesley Manville) and Tom (Liam Neeson) have settled into a life that is comfortable for them both. Their routine includes a brisk walk, shopping, television time and humor that is easy for this couple. The comfortable life is interrupted when Joan discovers a lump in her breast.

Keeping everything easy in conversation until they know something more, Joan and Tom continue with their life. When the results are not what they were hoping, the life they had been sharing becomes a test on everything they had been holding on to.

Early into her treatment, Joan meets Peter (David Wilmot) who is a teacher. Now Joan feels a kinship to someone who understands what having cancer brings out in emotions. Spending time in the cafeteria during Joan’s treatments, Tom meets Peter’s partner Steve (Amit Shah) and finds the same kinship of having someone you love living in fear.

As the treatment progresses so does the tension between two people who truly love one another because spending years together with a history.

Manville as Joan is a woman who will forever have a place in my heart. This film brings a very realistic look at the fear, anxiety and frustration that comes with the word ‘cancer’. Even more so for a woman when it is breast cancer. Every thought that came across her face I understood as will most women who have ever had to deal with this disease. From the moment Joan finds the lump to the very end of the film, I remembered that feeling of having no control of anything. Manville is stunning – period.

love 1

Neeson as Tom is a man who takes life one day at a time. He wit with Joan is something I couldn’t help but laugh at. Come on, who doesn’t want a partner who can match wits and bring out the best sarcasm. Coming to terms with Joan’s prognosis, he deals with the same feelings of fear, anxiety and frustration except his tact is to keep it inside to be the strong part of the partnership. Even superman can’t keep that up before emotions come to a head. The conversation with his daughter is nothing short of heartbreaking. Well, just when I couldn’t adore Neeson more he gives me reason too.

Wilmot as Peter shares his feelings with Joan, and it is only natural that the two strike up a friendship. Being brutally honest about their feelings is something each can’t do with their partner. Shah as Steve is lost, and Tom sees it from across the room which makes their friendship a bit of a life raft.

ORDINARY LOVE is almost an indescribably film because it is based in a subject matter that most people find uncomfortable. Yes, there are films that deal with cancer, but this is a raw and in-your-face look at what it looks like skin to skin. Cancer takes, and takes, and takes and takes until the lid of safety we all create in our lives is weakened to the point of explosion.

Tom and Joan have a comfortable life but that doesn’t mean there aren’t issues in the life history they share that have never been truly resolved or spoken of. This is also a time where Joan realizes things about herself that are eye opening (if cancer isn’t enough) and Tom also stretches his emotions to what seems like a dangerous place for this character.

Manville and Neeson carry this film from start to finish and they don’t slack at any point. What they give is a fantastic performance that I easily forgot was a performance. Perhaps it is because I have been in Joan’s shoes myself or perhaps, I felt she had a love with Tom that many of us didn’t have going through a difficult time.

So, what ORDINARY LOVE does for those who have experienced cancer, a reminder of what it means to survive and for those that have not experienced it, this is a film to experience how close this film truly is.

I adored Joan and Tom’s relationship in its simplicity and humor and as more of their story is revealed, you feel for this couple even more and become the outside cheerleader to push them toward healing.

In the end – love doesn’t give up.

Nothing Prepared Them for the BOMBSHELL

Bomb cover

Jeri Jacquin

Coming to theatres from director Jay Roach and Lionsgate comes an explosive story about women and a power they fought against when preparing for the BOMBSHELL.

On the Fox News channel, women like Gretchen Carlson (Nicole Kidman) and Megan Kelly (Charlize Theron) are making a name for themselves. Seeing it for herself is incoming wanna-be Kayla Pospisil (Margot Robbie) who is one of the producers for Carlson’s show and wants more. So much so that Kayla takes a position with Bill O’Reilly which infuriates Carlson.

Luring above all the newsrooms is Roger Ailes (John Lithgow) who made Fox News a sensation and runs a tight ship with the okay from Rupert Murdoch (Malcolm McDowell). No one dare challenge Ailes as he made is very clear that he could make or break a career. That is what Carlson faced when she begins to suspect that her news days on air are numbered. Seeing legal counsel before that happens, she is told that going directly for Ailes instead of the company would be her best option.

bomb 1

At Kayla’s new position she meets producer Jess Carr (Kate McKinnon) and the two quickly become friends. One day Kayla takes it upon herself to make her way up to Ailes office to introduce herself. Accepting the meeting, Ailes begins calming talking to her about what it is she wants. Once the politeness is done, Ailes claims he needs to get a closer look at Kayla since television is a “visual medium”. She leaves his office knowing what transpired was frightening.

Once out and the Carlson sexual harassment lawsuit filed, Kelly must come to terms with what she knows, but she isn’t the only one. One woman after another comes forward while Kelly remains silent. Telling her husband what is happening doesn’t help her decision on what to do next easier. Kayla also keeps her head down and avoids Ailes office as much as she can but Carr notices something is wrong.

Trying to coax people to help, Ailes wife Beth (Connie Britton) wonders why Kelly isn’t coming out in support of the man who gave her a career. Ailes vehemently denies the accusations against him and cannot fathom why the women would say such things. The bigger the story gets, people begin to take sides and finally Murdoch knows that a decision must be made to safe what is left of Fox News.

Standing together the women realize there is safety in numbers.

bomb 4

Theron as Kelly is ridiculously scary because after a minute of watching her on screen I forgot that I was watching Theron. Her movements and speech are spectacular to the point of being brought into the story with ease. Theron has always been a consummate actress in my book and I have never really found fault in anything she has done but let me say in this film just absolutely blew me away. From start to finish I was riveted by her performance and, although not a huge fan of Kelly herself, do have a healthy dose of respect for her. She can thank Theron for that anytime.

Kidman as Carlson is a woman who sees the writing on the wall knowing it comes directly from Ailes and his eyes ever watching his news kingdom. The smartest thing for me was her knowing it was coming and did whatever she could to make sure things were ‘documented’. I mean really, did Ailes truly believe he was untouchable? I don’t comprehend that thinking except to chalk it up to an old school mentality where it’s all fun and games until someone gets hurt. Kidman gives Carlson stealth and determination in a world that Ailes seem to feel was a gift he gave her with a stipulation of silence.

Robbie as Kayla is a young woman on the move and doesn’t think too much before changing lanes. It seemed that all this character wanted to do was get to the top fast and try not to leave to many high heel marks on the backs of others. Idolizing Carlson and even Kelly, the character of Kayla doesn’t seem to have the maturity to handle what is about to happen to her.

bomb 2

McKinnon as Carr is a woman who is hiding who she is because she wants to keep her job. Knowing the environment around her isn’t kind to everyone, McKinnon brings her own hurting brevity to this character and it makes a hard point. Britton as Beth holds fast to her husband innocence even though I have a gut feeling she knows he’s not so innocent trusting in the ‘that’s just who he is’ line of defense.

Now let’s talk about Lithgow as Ailes because his performance is just so disturbing. Thinking that he should get an award for his portrayal it set my mind ablaze thinking ‘how do you give an award to someone for doing a stellar job without once again giving Ailes airtime’. I know, it’s making a mountain out of a mole hill but – is it? Anyway, Lithgow is riveting, yucky and portraying a man who used his powers in the most unspeakable of ways. This performance is just…wow!

Shout out to Allison Janney as Susan Estrich because she deserves a shout out. McDowell as Murdoch waltz’s into a room and shows Ailes how it’s done.

Other cast include Liv Hewson as Lily Balin, Brigette Lundy-Paine as Julia Clarke, Rob Delaney as Gil Norman, Stephen Root as Neil Mullen, Robin Weigert as Nancy Smith, Amy Landecker as Dianne Brandi and Mark Duplass as Doug Brunt.

bomb 3

BOMBSHELL is a film that gives a look inside the fall from Fox News grace of Roger Ailes definitely but more importantly, what it took for Carlson to take a stand. The film isn’t shy about putting it right out there that Ailes had power of such magnitude that he managed to shut down these women for years and years while up in his tower.

I was impressed with Kidman, Theron and Robbie as the film addresses their story’s individually and I think that’s important. Ailes abuses started early and as he got bolder, so did his ‘requests’ of these women and he talk about them later. As what usually happens when a powerful man is confronted with his misdeeds (by almost everyone’s standards), Ailes thinks he is above it all. That he barks and everyone cowers – well, Carlson decided to cower no more in 2016.

BOMBSHELL is definitely a film that needs to be seen and then discussed. Whether it all happened the way its portrayed on screen or not, it is a conversation that can stop even a hint of something like this from ever happening again. I don’t care if these women were on Fox News and I’m not a fan of Fox News – no one and I mean no one deserves to live their lives with fear – in family or at a job.

In the end – based on a scandal that shook a new empire!


The Kill Team cover

Jeri Jacquin

Coming to theatres and On Demand from writer/director Dan Krauss and A24 are events of war and the effects caused by THE KILL TEAM.


Andrew Briggman (Nat Wolff) is a young man who joins the military and immediately send to the Middle East. Settling into camp, he tries to learn the ropes from the other soldiers. His first experience with the seriousness of their work is when their leader Weppler (Osy Ikhile) is killed. The group tries to come together as the new leader Sgt. Deeks (Alexander Skarsgard) walks in with confidence.


Deeks makes it very clear what he expects from the men under him and even treats them to a cookout. He also takes Briggman under his wing a little and encourages him to be more forward in his soldiering. The young soldier appreciates the attention and begins to find his way and becomes more inclusive with the platoon.

kill 2

Out on a mission, Briggman remembers what Weppler told him about ‘hearts and minds’ but Deeks doesn’t agree with this approach. In fact, while out on patrol, he witnesses something that he knows is frighteningly wrong. Unsure of what to do, Briggman reaches out to his father William (Rob Morrow) who tells his son to stand fast using his military contacts to find help.


As word begins to spread that there could be a rat in the ranks, Briggman watches everyone including Deeks for signs of danger. The days become more difficult to handle as the others start weeding out who could be the person turning on them all.

Every move brings him to a decision that will cost everyone!

Wolff as Briggman is a young man who comes from a military family and sees himself as doing his duty to country. Not as tough as some of the other soldiers he is with means if someone is going to be made to feel the outcast it is Briggman. Wolff brings a believable naivetés to his character that is shattered quickly and his reaction is fear. From beginning to the end of the film I felt with Briggman every step of the way (including feeling a big paranoid) and all of the emotions means Wolff delivers.

kill 1

Skarsgard as Deeks is charming and disarming at the same time. Coming off as ‘one of the guys’ is perfect for a predator of his calibre. Of course I know Skarsgard can play a villain because I’ve seen him do it as a vampire in the HBO series True Blood, but this isn’t the same by any means. In THE KILL TEAM, he uses war and the innocence of these young soldiers to fulfill his own nasty need for destruction. Despicable yes, well portrayed – absolutely.

Morrow as William Briggman is a father who just wants his son to come home alive without physical harm or emotional scars. When his son reaches out, Dad does what dad’s do, try to fix a problem before it becomes bigger than a problem.

Other cast include Anna Francolini as Laura, Oliver Ritchie as Cappy, Brian Marc as Marquez, Jonathan Whitesell as Coombs, Adam Long as Rayburn and Ian Attard as Captain Weaver.

THE KILL TEAM is a difficult film because the idea presented is one that people have thought about but never talk openly about. War brings about actions that otherwise wouldn’t be a part of a person’s behaviors in everyday life. Not just in the recent wars but wars throughout history people have done things to one another that aren’t spoken of in ‘polite society’.

kill 3

Not so much in recent years as PTSD has become prevalent in our world and with that come the stories (and even photographs/video with our technology now) that show what the men/women of the armed services endure. The leader in this film, Deeks, is supposedly one of their own that is trusted to do his job and protect his soldiers is the disturbing part. Instead he is a man that betrays that trust and does the unthinkable.

Briggman is a character but not so far removed from all the young soldiers who join the military. When the trust of a leader is betrayed, the fear is just another thing that can get one killed. Anyone in the military or family of those in the military will experience this film in a more difficult way because having a service member in the family is already difficult enough. The choices they make as soldiers is one most of us will never have to make and the film portrays that as well.

The entire film is on an emotional roller coaster for the viewer but at the same time will have the same viewer writing up a mental list of questions. That’s where the conversations come into play that need to be had regarding the realities of war. Of course my father and grandfather came from a generation where what happened in war was never discussed but that is no longer the case and, in fact, they are now speaking out for their own mental health.

In the years to come this will not be the only time we hear and see a story of this kind as writer/director Krauss gives us a based on a true story, in-depth look at a few good men brought to many bad (and sad) behaviors.

In the end – they are soldiers, brothers and enemies.

US Returns to Terrorize a California Boardwalk on Bluray


US Bluray

Jeri Jacquin

Coming to Bluray, DVD and Digital this week from director Jordan Peele and Universal Pictures Home Entertainment comes the tale of what happens when you look into the heart of US.

The Wilson family is heading on a little summer R&R at the beautiful coastal town of Santa Cruz, California. Gabe (Winston Duke) and wife Adelaide (Lupita Nyong’o) along with daughter Zora (Shahadi Joseph) and young son Jason (Evan Alex), each sees this time together in a different way.

Gabe’s first outing is to go to the beach in front of the Santa Cruz boardwalk but Adelaide isn’t as thrilled about the idea. When she was a child, something mysterious happened to her but she hasn’t shared it with anyone. Talked into it, she tries her best to make the day good for the family.

US 3

Returning home and evening falls, there are mysterious people in the Wilson driveway and when Gabe confronts them – the horror knocks down their front door. A family that looks like them has a mission and it could cost each family member their lives.

Escaping the house the family tries to get help from friends Kitty (Elisabeth Moss) and Josh (Tim Heidecker) but it isn’t going to turn out as planned. What only one of the Wilson family knows is who they are and what they truly want – and they will never again be the same.

Nyong’o as Adelaide has a hidden secret in her character and the film takes its time in telling that part of the story. This actress invests not only the character of Adelaide number one but the absolutely terrifying version of Adelaide 2. She is captivating and has a mission that the Wilson family makes sort of easy for her to carry out – why? I’m not going to tell you why.

Duke as Gabe is that Dad who wants to make everyone happy while also having a good time with a beer in his hand and warm sand between his toes. He is also the Dad that has a baseball bat and isn’t afraid to swing it – the problem is that Dad 2 has an advantage and that’s his refusal to hesitate. Don’t let his size fool you as he is a husband who knows that Adelaide is strong willed so happy life, happy wife number one.

US 1

Joseph as Zora is a teenager plugged into social media and making it perfectly clear that she is not happy about the beach or talking about college. When she literally runs against Zora number 2, trust me when I say the creepy factor is huge and it’s a look I’ll never forget. That being said, don’t think Zora 1 doesn’t get hip quick.

Alex as Jason is definitely a mama’s boy and Jason 2 is as well – with a gruesome exception. This young actor was seriously amazing and once again I don’t think it’s a face I am likely to forget anytime soon.

Moss as Kitty is that woman who just isn’t happy with anything and finds any reason to be a total bitch. Moss has the ability to be very sweet in her character portrayals but this is her chance to just totally let loose and go insane. Heidecker as Tim is like Gabe in some ways in that he just wants to sit back with a beer and relax but Kitty isn’t about to let him do that. It takes Tim 2 to at least have a chance to just be as crazy as he wants to be.

Other cast include Yahya Abdul-Matten II as Russel Thomas, Anna Diop as Rayne Thomas, Cali Sheldon as Becca Tyler, Noelle Sheldon as Lindsey Tyler and Madison Curry as young Adelaide Wilson.

Universal Studios Home Entertainment has just added an amazing film to their library and making it available for us all to experience and re-experience in our own home theatres. There are films of every genre available from scary to drama to family films. For more of what they have to offer please visit

US 2

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Bonus Features include Scene Explorations – The making of three iconic scenes from the film including the Tyler house massacre, Jason’s abduction and Adelaide’s underground flashback, Seven Second Massacre, It’s a Trap, I Just Want My Little Girl Back, The Duality of US, The Monsters Within US, Tethered Together: Making US Twice, Redefining a Genre: Jordan Peele’s Brand of Horror, Becoming Red, Deleted Scenes: I Am Not Even Near You, Rabbit Season, That’s Badass, Driftwood, The P is Silent, I Wanna Go Home, We’re All Dying and As Above, So Below: Grand Pas de Deux.

FINAL WORD: Peele has taken the classic suspense film and given it just enough blood to keep me invested in the film. I am not a huge fan of gore films which I know may be a shock to anyone who knows I love thrillers. There is a difference between a thriller and a slasher film that has no storyline.

US has a storyline and it doesn’t take long before you are whipped through the mental roller coaster mind of Peele. He doesn’t give away much, still adds a little cheesiness here and there, and picks an unlikely place to make it all work.

US 4

The cast makes this story work and work extremely well. There is a togetherness in the way these actors played the Wilson clan that brings you in quickly and keeps you there until the very…last…frame.

I adore Santa Cruz and, of course, never pictured it as a town where something like this story would take place. Recognizing every single location in the film from the boardwalk to the streets, just made it even more fun once I bought into the fact that yes, this could happen in Santa Cruz!

This is a fun thriller romp through my favorite stomping grounds and don’t let the story get you all twisted. Go with the flow and let the Wilson family introduce you to the wonderful world of frights, fights and survival at all costs – and oh my what a high cost!

This is what a thriller weekend on Bluray looks and feels like.

In the end – we are our own worst enemy!

It is the Return of What Scares Us about HALLOWEEN


Jeri Jacquin

Coming to theatres this Friday just in time for the spooky season from Miramax and writer/director David Gordon Green, Danny McBride and Jeff Fradley from the characters created by John Carpenter and Debra Hill is the return of HALLOWEEN.

It has been forty years since Lorie Strode (Jamie Lee Curtis) has had to deal with the likes of Michael Meyers in Haddonfield. When two documentary filmmakers come knocking on her door to ask about the night all that long ago, she gives her opinion and throws them out of her fortress laden house.

Strode has been living a secluded life much to the dismay of daughter Karen (Judy Greer) who still holds a grudge about her childhood and granddaughter Allyson (Andi Matichak) who wants a relationship with her grandmother. The problem is Strode believes that a time will come when Michael will return.

Hallo 1

Her fears are actually being relocated to another facility and Dr. Sartain (Haluk Bilginer) isn’t happy about it at all. When other patients along with Michael are loaded onto the bus, the good doctor makes it clear that he will see his patient checked into the new facility. Sheriff Frank Hawkins (Will Patton) knows about the transfer and sees how it is affecting Strode.

When the bus mysteriously crashes, the carnage begins immediately as Michael makes his way back to the place where it all began. Surviving the crash is Dr. Sartain who makes it very clear that Michael is the property of the state and can’t be harmed. One call after another leads Sheriff Hawkins to body after body with no sign of Michael.

Strode isn’t about to sit around and wait for something to happen and joins in the hunt to find the psycho killer. Granddaughter Allyson is at a high school party but after being upset by boyfriend Cameron (Dylan Arnold), she takes off towards home escorted by friend Oscar (Drew Scheid) and within moments she learns how cruel Michael can be.

hallo 4

Strode gets daughter Karen and her husband Ray (Toby Huss) back to her fortress while the police try and locate Allyson. When everyone else is knocked down one by one, it is up to the women in the Strode family to come together and finish what was started over forty years ago.

And this time pour some gas on it!

Curtis as Lorie Strode jumps into character without missing a beat. It is ridiculous how good she jumped back in and how much I believed that this is how it would play out. Admit it – we all wondered where the character would go and now we get to see it for ourselves. Oh I’ll just say it – I just love Curtis as an actress and a person. Having listened to her speak about her career and embracing the success that the HALLOWEEN franchise brought her then and now is a testament to just how frakken cool she is.

Greer as Karen is a big of a downer for me in that she has totally moves away from understanding her mother. Instead she lies to her own daughter about communication and basically treats Mom Lorie like a whack-job. Of course she jumps on the whiny ‘oh my poor childhood’ band wagon but hey, suck it up chickie, your mother taught you to survive – remember that!

Matichak as Allyson is the screamer of the family apparently. Strode in her younger years didn’t scream as much as this kid does. I mean serious, stop running down the empty street screaming like a banshee – it’s like ringing the dinner bell for a starving lion for gawd’s sake. Other than that, you did a good job kid and if there is another HALLOWEEN I’m sure you’re on the menu again so keep those track shoes handy.

hallo 3

Patton as Hawkins is a cop who remembers what happened forty years ago just as much as Strode does. Once the word is out that Meyers is on the loose, he doesn’t waste any time hitting the streets and doesn’t mind when Strode steps in with her loaded weapon to do what needs to be done. I’m a Patton fan in case anyone was curious about that.

Bilginer as Dr. Sartain is a doctor who needs a doctor. His agenda is pretty much the reason there are boards that take away your license – know that!

Shout out to the two gentlemen that brought us the scares both mentally and physically – James Jude Courtney and Nick Castle – thank you sirs for your valiant successful efforts in freaking us out forty years later. Well played sirs, well played.

Other cast include Rhian Reese as Dana Haines, Jefferson Hall as Aaron Korey, Virginia Gardner as Vicky, Miles Robbins as Dave, Jibrail Nantambu as Julian and, of course James Jude Courtney and Nick Castle as Michael Meyers.

hallo 2

HALLOWEEN is an epic horror film that doesn’t hesitate to nod here and there to the original 1978 film that scared the living acorn candy out of most of us. Of course you can once again expect Michael Meyers to get creative in the way that he disposes of those who get in his way and this time age doesn’t seem to matter. He gives equal horror to all!

I jumped, hollered a bit, put my hand over my mouth, said ‘ewwwwwwww’ a lot, applauded, said ‘daaaaaaaaaaang’ many, many times and cheered. Lorie Strode and family had to make a few sacrifices but darn it if Michael doesn’t make them all work for ever second of survival.

After the film I can honestly tell you that everyone, and I mean everyone at the screening was talking excitedly about the film. Look, this isn’t rocket science but it’s enough rocket fuel to make those who remember 1978 happy and horror fans giddy to once again remember why we freak out seeing rubber Shatner masks coming our way.

This is a fun, spine chilling film that is a bloody run down memory lane and I can’t wait to see it again – with my hands off my face this next time!

In the end – believe in the Boogie-man!

Disney Brings Home A WRINKLE IN TIME

a wrinkle in time coverJeri Jacquin

Coming soon to Bluray-DVD and Digital Code in a Multi-Screen Edition is from director Ava DuVernay and Disney is a search for A WRINKLE IN TIME.

Meg (Storm Reid) is a young girl having a difficult time. Since her scientist father Murray’s (Chris Pine), she feels the only connection to her life are Mom (Gugu Mbatha-Raw) and little brother Charles Wallace (Dedric McCabe).

Hearing talk around school on the anniversary of her father’s disappearance, both Meg and Charles Wallace find themselves in trouble at school. Later that same night, the Murray family is visited by Mrs. Whatsit (Reese Witherspoon) leading to a cryptic message about her father’s work on time travel.

wrinkle 1

The next day Charles Wallace recruits Meg’s friend Calvin (Levi Miller) and they meet Mrs. Who (Mindy Kaling) who takes them to meet Mrs. Which (Oprah Winfrey). She explains to the children that they came because of a call for help.

In order to find her father, Meg is told about The It. Woven through the universe, it is a bad energy that always wants something more. Meg just wants to find her father and it’s up to the three kids to discover where he is and get out before The It can work its worse on them all.

This is how warriors are born!

Reid is lovely as Meg, a young girl that has enough going on without the added pressures of being a bully’s target. Knowing her father is out there somewhere gives her strength to search no matter what it takes, She is also a pretty cool big sister who knows her brother is quite special. Reid gives her character soul and strength wrapped up in such a small girl with a big heart.

wrinkle 3

McCabe as Charles Wallace almost steals the film half way through. Watching the amazing energy he puts out to try and change the course of Meg’s journey. I was gob smacked at his small stature taking center stage in a pivotal moment and making his small size mean nothing – just wow!

Miller as Calvin wants to help Meg and she eventually learns that she isn’t alone in the life she leads. Calvin has a few secrets of his own to keep hidden inside himself. A strong side-kick to have if you are going to be time travelling.

Winfrey as Mrs. Which is the mother figure of the unusual trio. She wants Meg to find her own strength in being exactly who she is. Kaling as Mrs. Who is lovely and supportive. Witherspoon as Mrs. Whatsit is scatter brained and delightful but all with a purpose.

wrinkle 2

Pine as Mr. Murray doesn’t realize what his scientific obsession would cost him or his family until it is too late. Mbatha-Raw as Mrs. Murray keeps the family together and the hope alive for her husbands return.

Other cast include: Zach Galifianakis as Happy Medium, Michael Pena as Red, Andre Holland as Principal Jenkins, Rowan Blanchard as Veronica Kiley, Bellamy Young as Camzotz and David Oyelowo as The It.

Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment began distributing under its own label in 1980 and continues to bring quality programming to kids and kids at heart. Home of the most beloved animated features including SNOW WHITE, PINOCCHIO and SLEEPING BEAUTY to name a few is what keeps families coming back for more. To see what is currently available to add to your own family library please visit. for their At Home titles!

wrinkle 4

The Bluray/DVD of A WRINKLE IN TIME includes Bloopers, Deleted Scenes, A Journey Through Time: Director Ava DuVernay, Oprah Winfrey and Some of the Cast and Crew Give an Up-Close Look at the Making of This Extraordinary Film, Music Videos: ‘I Believe’ by DJ Khaled Featuring Demi Lovato, ‘Warrior’ by Chloe x Halle and Audio Commentary with Director Ava DuVernay, Producer Jim Whitaker, Co-Writer Jennifer Lee and some of the Production Crew.

 A WRINKLE IN TIME is a beautiful story of childhood that includes secret pain and the issue of bullying, keeping a family together and never giving up hope. That’s what Meg does, although she turns away from people to hide her feelings, the one thing she will stand up brazenly for is her family.

The film is also filled with grand imagination, special effects that set the tone for the story being told and stunning imagery. There is certainly nothing wrong with having a film that not only can be enjoyed by the whole family but is filled with such intense life lessons. Sometimes it only takes a good movie to get the family talking.

In the end – be a warrior!

Testing Your Ability to Live in A QUIET PLACE

quiet cover

Jeri Jacquin

Silently making its way into theatres this Friday from director John Krasinski via storytellers Bryan Woods and Scott Beck is Paramount Pictures directions to A QUIET PLACE.

Living in a world built on survival by being silent, Lee (John Krasinski) and wife Evelyn (Emily Blunt) along with sons Beau (Cade Woodward), Marcus (Noah Jupe) and daughter Regan (Millicent Simmons) are in a drugstore looking for medications. Young son Beau sees a toy he wants but Dad Lee explains that it makes noise. He does this by use of sign language as Regan is deaf.

The whole family communicates now using sign language because the creatures that hunt them have uber hearing and any sound will bring them within seconds. On the way home to their farm there is an incident that changes the family and makes survival even harder. Evelyn is pregnant and the family finds clever ways to prepare for the new arrival.

quiet 4

Lee takes Marcus out with him to find food and Regan isn’t happy that she isn’t asked to go. Feeling that her father doesn’t care about her, she takes off down the road. Evelyn is alone taking care of the house when the first sign that the baby is coming and a cry out brings the creatures. She has only moments to send a signal to the others that there is danger and it all sends each in another direction trying to redirect the creatures.

From the house to the field, they each use what they have learned to try and save one another from the creatures that can’t see but most certainly can hear … every … sound.

Krasinski as Lee is a man who is continually trying to find ways to keep his family safe. When there is a moment to breathe, he is working on a way to help his daughter or showing Marcus how to survive in the creature infested world. Blunt as Evelyn is in total Mom-mode and certainly takes a quiet childbirth to a whole new level. This is not the world she ever intended for her children to live in but knows it’s the one they now must survive in.

Simmonds as Regan deals with this world a little differently than the rest of the family. She doesn’t hear the screeching and the loud presence of the creatures but knows what they are capable of. Jupe as Marcus is rightfully petrified of the creatures but his father teaches him what he needs to survive and a secret that might just have given him more courage than he imagined he had for such a young kid.

quiet 1

So, A QUIET PLACE is truly scary in the sense that there are only fractions of moments where you hear the actors actually speak, the rest is sign language and pure adrenaline with every bit of acting on the faces of the characters. I absolutely loved every second of watching this cast because of that very reason.

I loved jumping, actually yelled and didn’t realize it was me that yelled, held my breath and didn’t realize I was doing it, and felt amazingly sad for this family. The storyline doesn’t start out with any explanation as to what happened leaving that to the newspaper headlines that are about in Lee’s workshop which means my mind was free to fill in the blanks.

This is actually a yarn spun in such a way that I was intrigued when the film first sent out the trailers. A film done mostly in silence? Wow, I knew then it was a film I had to see for myself. The audience for the screening was totally into every moment of the film and I had an extra jump as the lady next to me grabbed my arm! The scariest part of the film is actually seeing the fears that are totally believable by everyone in the audience unfold on the screen.

Let me make it clear – I would not survive in a silent world purely because, as I learned during the teen years, trying to be quiet meant the pressure to make that happen would definitely produce noise (just ask my sister Ellen!). That being said I also cringed at ever little creak, every little muffled sound and held my breath with every footstep the family took. That’s what makes an amazing movie going experience – when you unknowingly become physically invested.

quiet 2

The story didn’t give me a moment’s peace and I couldn’t work on my bag of popcorn because I didn’t want to be jumped by any creatures! In the midst of all the silence and insane creepy creatures – the writers and director Krasinski manages a moment of beauty between Lee and Evelyn and it made my heart melt. Of course I had to snap out of that quickly and walking out of the theatre my first thought was that I wanted to see A QUIET PLACE again.

John Krasinski took the story by Woods and Beck and directed right where it needs to be, straight into our fears. Well played sir, well played.

In the end – if they can hear you they can hunt you!

LIFE Brings Creepy into Space!

Life poster


Jeri Jacquin

Swirling through space this week from director Daniel Espinosa and Columbia Pictures is a film that teaches us to leave well enough alone and enjoy LIFE!

On a space station high above Earth are six astronauts waiting for a special delivery to prove there is life on Mars. Rory Adams (Ryan Reynolds), Ekaterina Golovkina (Olga Dihovichnaya), Hugh Derry (Ariyon Bakare), Sho Murakami (Hiroyuki Sanada) and David Jordan (Jake Gyllenhaal) are led by Miranda North (Rebecca Ferguson) are the astronauts on board.

When Hugh begins experiments on the samples there is almost an immediate as life grows. Sharing the news with the world, a local school wins the honor of naming the single-cell organism Calvin.

life 1

As quickly as Calvin grows, they crew panics when it becomes clear that something is wrong with the life form. Reviving it is the beginning of what becomes a race for survival between the humans on board and the life form that is growing and becoming smarter.

They must keep the creature from getting to Earth at all costs – even if the cost is their lives!

Gyllenhaal as David is a man clearly meant to live in space. Not in a hurry to return to Earth, he keeps his head when everything begins to go wrong. Gyllenhaal has this unique ability to look calm even when his character is anything but. I enjoyed ever moment of his performance but then again I have been pretty thrilled with his work these past years.

Reynolds as Rory brings a sense of sarcasm and quick lines to this character. Of course it isn’t a stretch for Reynolds to do that as he has made a fantastic career out of doing just that. But when it’s time to be intense, he can bring it with a fierceness that you won’t soon forget.

life 2

Sanada as Sho is on board while his wife is waiting to have their child. He cares about every member of the crew and yet wonders if he will ever see home again. I am actually pretty thrilled that Sanada is in the film, he is an actor that deserves a lot of attention.

Bakare as Hugh is totally infatuated with Calvin but then again that’s it is his job to be. Finding life in the space station a freeing experience, he becomes a little obsessed with the creature. Dihovichnaya as Ekaterina is smart and fast when it comes to understanding how the creature begins to think.

Ferguson as Miranda is the woman-in-charge and that means there are decisions to be made. Of course at the same time righteous fear takes over the space stations and there are moments where I question what the heck she is thinking but that’s what brings the mystery.

life 4

Other cast include Elizabeth Vargas as 20/20 Anchor, Camiel Warren-Taylor as Dominique and Naoko Mori as Kazumi.

TUBS OF POPCORN: I give LIFE four tubs of popcorn out of five. Of course the film has bits that remind me of other space-alien films and there are parts that are fairly predictable. That being said, none of that deterred me from having a great time.

There are jumps, jaw drops, moments of ‘awwwwwwwdamn’, tension and it all happens in a small space – relatively speaking. The film is very in your face but that makes sense since there isn’t anything else to distract from the story and nothing for the actors to hide behind. Instead it’s straight on performance and fans of this genre of film are going to have a great time.

life 3

Director Espinosa has actually made several films that I enjoy with EASY MONEY in 2010 and Tom Hardy in CHILD 44 in 2015. He has worked with Reynolds before along with Denzel Washington in the 2012 film SAFE HOUSE. So he is batting 4-4 with me!

In the end – be careful what you search

THE GIRL ON THE TRAIN Arrives in Theatres



Jeri Jacquin

This week from director Tate Taylor and Universal Pictures is the novel by Paul Hawkins brought to the screen about THE GIRL ON THE TRAIN.

Rachel Watson (Emily Blunt) rides the train into New York every morning. Sitting in the same place she is able to observe a young woman and her husband in their beautiful home. Creating a happy life story in her mind, Rachel remembers a time when her life was equally happy.

Her dream world is interrupted when another family quickly comes into view is of her ex-husband Tom (Justin Theroux) and his new wife Anna (Rebecca Ferguson) who live two houses down. All of this has sunk Rachel into a bottle of alcohol and dangerous behavior.


On a trip on the train Rachel sees the young women being affectionate with another man and it sends her spiraling. Getting off the train very drunk she wanders to the street where the woman lives to confront the betrayal. In a flash she blacks out and wakes up in her bed covered in blood.

The news that morning is of the young woman Megan Hipwell (Haley Bennett) who has been reported missing by husband Scott (Luke Evans). When Detective Riley (Allison Janney) shows up at the apartment, Rachel has no answers for any of the questions. Detective Riley confronts Rachel letting her know that the alcohol problem is known and to stay away from ex-husband Tom.

Rachel remembers what she saw from the train and goes to Scott discovering that the man was Dr. Kamal Abdic (Edgar Ramirez), Megan’s psychiatrist. Tom and Anna see Rachel leaving Scott’s house and are afraid of what she is doing. All of this sets her on a path that twists and turns when it is her memory that needs to tell her what happened the night she got off the train.

Not everything you see is what it seems!


Blunt as Rachel is absolutely amazing in this role. First of all she looks stunning without make up and any woman seeing this film will not have a problem confessing too. Okay, we got that out of the way – I loved Blunt’s portrayal of this woman who is just a hot mess from the start. Taking everything in its turn, the story unfolds and understanding Rachel’s motivates all comes into focus and then tailspins back again. I have to admit I loved this.

Bennett as Megan is a woman who has issues that are as equally intense. Her story is not one that Rachel would never have expected but would definitely understand. I enjoyed Bennett’s performance very much. Evans as husband Scott believes Rachel can help but their marriage is not exactly as it looked from the train window! Evans gives his character a scary look that would keep me ON the train and away from his house.

Ferguson as Anna is afraid of Rachel and also knows Megan. This womanly triangle becomes intense and Ferguson plays right into it. Ramirez as Dr. Kamal skates along the edge of professionalism that’s for sure!


Theroux as Tom is nothing short of a brilliant performance. Of course I may be a little bias since I am a huge THE LEFTOVERS watcher, just saying. Theroux runs hot and cold between Rachel and Anna but such is the price you pay dealing with an ex who can’t get it together and a new wife that’s feeling overwhelmed.

Other cast include: Darren Goldstein as the man in the suit, Mac Tavares as Det. Gaskill, John Norris as Jason, Gregory Morley as Officer Pete, Lisa Kudrow as Martha and Laura Prepon as Cathy.

TUBS OF POPCORN: I give THE GIRL ON THE TRAIN four tubs of popcorn out of five. I absolutely love a film that has plots and subplots twisted around other plots that throw things off kilter. Let me tell you that the audience was having a fantastic time with the film as well.

I enjoyed the casting of the film because it worked so well in the story that is being told. Once again it’s hard to talk about the film in a way that doesn’t give out clues for those who haven’t read the book. In fact, now I want to read the book to see what I could be missing. Nothing better than having that reverse screen-to-book effect.


Although surrounded by characters, it is Blunt’s performance as Rachel that stays with me. There are parts that I figured out relatively quickly but I didn’t mind because I wanted to take it at Rachel’s pace. Torn apart and broken, this character claws her way up and I’m willing to wait for her at the top! The cinematography is also another winner here with its dark and gritty feeling which absolutely works with this film.

There is no hesitation for me in saying that I believe the film will capture the attention of film goers but also the attention of awards season. Theroux and Blunt need to polish up their shoes and sparkle up outfits to walk red carpets around that time. THE GIRL ON THE TRAIN is on my list of must-see for this year.

In the end – what you see can hurt you!


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