Jeri Jacquin

Coming to DVD from director David LaRosa and Candy Factory Films is a look at a small town and the war on drugs that is CLANDESTINE.

Officer Charles Cooper (Nick DeMatteo) and his wife teacher Olivia (Jeanine Bartel) are raising a family in a small Long Island town. Sgt. Ed Billman (Chris Ryan) is his partner and they are in the middle of a drug bust arresting Nikki Hernandez (Alex Alonso).

After a raid on the Hernandez home they find a woman named Julia (Kate A. McGrath) hiding from the officers. Not cooperative in the slightest, the officers have no choice but to search her car. Beating them to it is Special Agent Margaret Scott (Janine Laino) who believes Julia can lead them to more.

So both side of law enforcement decide to let her loose to see where she goes next. The next step is for Agent Scott and Sgt. Billman to broker a meeting with Assemblyman Dean Bada (Tom Sizemore). At a town hall meeting, law enforcement asks for the help of its citizens.

Cooper wants to help those affected by drugs in the town but it seems not everyone believes it is a big problem. In the meantime Sgt. Billman discovers that Julia is meeting up with Nikki once again and the stake out is more important than ever. Inside the home is Lucas (Daniel Cousins) who warns Julia to be more careful around the cops.

With a listening device they discover that the house is being used to manufacture meth for selling. Now Julia wants to help so that she can be a good mother to her very young son. Now the officers are running through the streets of the small town to stop those who are destroying lives.

They are stunned when they discover who is responsible for it all!

DeMatteo as Cooper believes in what he is doing and helping the DEA rid their town of drug criminals. DeMatteo is clearly moved but the troubles of those involved but isn’t about to let it sway him from what must be done.

Ryan as Billman is a man on a missing. As part of the DEA he doesn’t like to coddle anyone and wants everything clearly done by the book. Laino as Agent Scott is much like Billman in that she is well informed and knows exactly how to end it.

Sizemore as Bada is a foul mouthed Assemblyman who uses his own insecurities to try and control Agent Scott. I have to say I loved her attitude when those two have a verbal showdown.

Other cast includes Jack Moran Jr. as Lt. Jason Lidener, Leslie Coplin as Mrs. Hernandez, Judy Stadt as Mrs. Goodhill, Christian Chase as Officer Christopher Hodges, Stephanie Klein as DEA Agent Jane Kaminsky, Shari Buchwald as Tina Billman and Richard Brundage as Chip.

CLANDESTINE actually digs down into how drugs can literally be found anywhere. Watching these two officers put themselves in the line of fire is a little scary, especially when coming face to face with a criminal who seems to be unstoppable.

Taking the story out of urban areas and straight into the manicured row of houses in the suburb, the law enforcement on the case have no idea what they are dealing with. It is quite clear that dealers, cooks and sellers are becoming more and more creative.

It is also about officers who live double lives – being an officer who wants to help people and sacrificing time and being in danger from family. Cooper comes face to face with that struggle and this character knows how close to home it all can come.

In the end – it is your family, your town and our problem!