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MIRACULOUS: Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir – Be Miraculous on DVD



Jeri Jacquin

Coming to DVD from Shout! Kids Factory is the next installment of the hit series that has captivated kids of all ages with MIRACULOUS: Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir – Be Miraculous.

Marinette has just started school in Paris and what she doesn’t know is that a little butterfly kwami named Nooroo is about to change her life! Hawk Moth has Nooroo and is forcing evil powers on people around Marinette.

Master Fu also has a kwami named Wayzz who knows what is happening with Nooroo. Looking to find Ladybug and Cat Noir’s Miraculouses he meets Marinette and Adrien giving them the Miraculouses. Just in time too because classmate Ivan has fallen under Hawk Moth’s spell turning the unsuspecting boy into giant monster Stone Heart.


Wanting to stop Paris from destruction proves difficult when a mistake makes their job harder. The Eiffel Tower is where the showdown occurs as Ladybug and Cat Noir understand their mistake and put Hawk Moth’s spell in check!

But Hawk Moth isn’t about to give up that easy when Marinette learns Nino has a crush when they are at the zoo. Otis and Kim are also there and after a nasty encounter the evil villain turns Otis into Animan who shape-shifts into any animal.

Marinette is grounded for missing school because her parents don’t realize she is Ladybug! Missing the chance to see her friend Simon compete on a show called The Challenge; she also misses Hawk Moth’s influence turning an upset Simon into a Simon Says.

Vincent is a fan of rocker Jagged Stone and when he discovers that he will be at the Grand Paris hotel tries to get a picture. Turned away Hawk Moth uses Vincent’s anger to create the Pixelator, which has a head-mounted camera to take pictures of people with evil results. This isn’t the only time Jagged Stone causes the creation of trouble as Guitar Villain causes a lot of big headed trouble.


Finally, Chef Wang Cheng visits Paris to be in a cooking competition and being Marinette’s uncle means she and Adrien can watch. Chloe is on the judge’s panel and after making fun of Chef Cheng he becomes angry and Hawk Moth steps in to create Kung Food with results even Chloe couldn’t have imagined.

Ladybug and Cat Noir is a seriously fun, cool, interesting and adventurous series that has something for everyone. The stories are very family oriented with lessons on friendship. It is brilliantly done and literally never a dull moment. That’s what makes a series such as this a huge hit with kids (and let us not forget big kids too!)

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MIRACULOUS: Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir – Be Miraculous is beautifully smooth animation filled with vivid colors. This series is a top show on Nickelodeon and becoming a worldwide phenomenon. I couldn’t agree with it more as I am drawn to a series that offers problem solving, friendships, family loyalty and love. Can’t go wrong with those things at all.

Don’t get me wrong, there is also fun, laughs, jokes and a fair amount of cute which is such an adult thing to say right? Hey, I don’t mind saying there are moments between Marinette and Adrien that are down right adorable. There is also the sweet butterfly kwami and fighting the bad guy which are other elements that are a plus for this series.

The DVD includes the seven episodes Ladybug & Cat Noir (Origins, Part 1), Stone Heart (Origins, Part 2), Animan, Simon Says, Pixelator, Guitar Villain and Kung Food.

In the end – they bring awesome excitement!

FAMILY GUY Brings Season 14 to DVD in Time for the Holidays


Jeri Jacquin

In time for Christmas stockings from 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment is a family we all want to be part of with FAMILY GUY: Season 14.

What more can be said about the Griffin family? The family consists of unpredictable Dad Peter, patient Mom Louis, tolerant gal Meg, ditzy son Chris, hilarious baby Stewie and dog Brian. Living in the town of Quahog their lives include friends like Quagmire, Cleveland, family and more than a few surprises!

The season begins with Stewie being given ADHS meds after being diagnosed with the condition. Brian takes some of them and ends up reaching out to Game of Thrones author George R.R. Martin!


Stewie learns a life lesson from Tom Cruise while Dad Peter helps a friend with Father’s Day. Brian and Stewie get into a fight and needing a friend, Stewie decides to build one.

Peter decides he can make a better horror movie and getting his friends involved brings on a death that only the residents of Quahog can get away with.

Chris and Brian have to spend time together because Peter is not feeling well about his life choices. There is a showdown between Peter and his wrestling sister Karen but also Meg has insight about her family.

Lois discovers that one of Peter’s friends has a little bit of a crush on her. Even more thrilling is Peter and the guys deciding to go run with the bulls but not before Brian has an affair that leads him to a new home!


Stealing a couch puts friends at odds and Stewie becomes a commercial star with the help of some peanut butter. Email scams are horrible and when Peter is hit by one he takes off to Africa to get his money back!

When Quahag raises the drinking age Peter turns to Brian for beer. Peter decides he needs a man cave, Meg decides to get back at seniors where she volunteers and Brian kisses Joe’s wife Bonnie.

Stewie begins school and makes a new friend but Lois has to go back to the work force to pay for it. Meg shows heart for brother Chris when he is elected homecoming king on a prank. Finally, a trip to India for love sends Brian out to find a technical support phone lady he’s fallen for.

So much is the life of FAMILY GUY!

Seth MacFarlane is absolutely amazing voicing Peter, Brian, Stewie and Quagmire. When I first started watching the series I had no idea that all of those voices came from one person. Each of these characters crack me up and it is with the help of MacFarlane’s inflections – so thanks for each and every time it’s happened!

Alex Borstein also brings several voice characters to light with Mom Lois, Tricia Takanawa, and her own ‘mother’ Barbara. I will admit I think I see a little of myself in Lois! Mila Kunis voices Meg and this is a character that sure puts up with a lot from her family. Underrated and underappreciated we always cheer for her!


Seth Green is the voice of the ditzy Chris and I honestly don’t know how he does it without cracking up. Of course most of the time I have a huge question mark over my head with things Chris says but that’s what makes this character stand out.

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FAMILY GUY: Season 14 is a must have for families who love to laugh. Actually it’s more than just laughing; it’s deep-down-rolling-on-the-floor-tear-falling laughter that is contagious. This is a series that must be in the family home library. There aren’t many shows that I want in my library but FAMILY GUY is front and center.

The animation is fantastic yet simple, the cast is perfection together and the issues they tackle are meant to test our funny bones to the core!

FAMILY GUY has become part of our culture and with the awesome Stewie clock hanging in my office, the Brian on a sofa on my desk and talking Stewie stamper; let’s just say the impact is clear.

The DVD includes the episodes Pilling Them Softly, Papa Has a Rollin’ Son, Guy Robot, Peternormal Activity, Peter Chris & Brian, Peter’s Sister, Hot Pocket-Dial, Brokeback Swanson, A Shot in the Dark, Candy Quahog Marshmallow, The Peanut Butter Kid, Scammed Yankees, An App a Day, Underage Peter, A Lot Going on Upstairs, The Heartbreak Dog, Take a Letter, The New Adventures of Old Tom, Run Chris Run, and Road to India.

 The Special Features include Deleted Scenes, Episode Commentary – Peternormal Activity, Candy Quahog Marshmallow, A Lot Going on Upstairs and Peter’s Sister, The Art of FAMILY GUY, Full Episode Animatic on A Lot Going On Upstairs, and Talking Animals Mash-up.

All twenty uncensored episodes bring dancing, love, peanut butter and insane asylums. Mixed in are celebrity voices featuring Ed O’Neill, Margaret Cho, Glenn Close, Simon Cowell and so many more!

In the end – get ready to expose yourself!

MIRACULOUS: Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir Spots On!


Lady dvd cover

Jeri Jacquin

On DVD from SHOUT! Factory Kids and Zag is the amazing animated series MIRACULOUS: Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir Spot On!

Marinette is a young girl who wants to be a fashion designer living in Paris. Attending the College Francoise-Dupont, she is not quite as outgoing as the other kids in school but they do like her. Making things a little difficult for Marinette is that she has a crush on Adrien and can’t tell him.

Someone who wants to see her do just that is bff Alya. Wanting to be a writer, Alya is also a super hero fan, which comes in handy with what is going on around her!

lady 1

Paris has a problem, evil is on the street of the city of lights in the form of Hawk Moth who has the power to create super villains. Using his akuma, he has the ability to use people who unknowingly do his bidding.

Marinette has a Kwami that transforms her into Ladybug given to her by the humanoid Tikki. This gives her the ability to stop the villains created by Hawk Moth. What she doesn’t know is that Cat Noir, another super hero, is actually her crush Adrien and he is constantly there for Ladybug.

Trying to stop the evil, Ladybug and Cat Noir are under attack as Hawk Moth tries to take their Miraculous with the attempt to create even more power for himself. Ladybug and Cat Noir aren’t about to let that happen.

Paris has two of the best defenders a city could ask for!

These four episodes begin with The Evillustrator as Hawk Moth drawing evil that comes to life leaving Ladybug and Cat Noir jumping to stop more from happening. In Rogercop, classmate Chloe accuses Marinette of stealing her bracelet! Chloe’s father orders Officer Roger to arrest Chloe and without evidence. Hawk Moth turn good cop into a cop that can’t be controlled by anyone.

Dark Cupid brings love into the school’s air as Marinette discovers a love poem written by Adrien and Tikki believes it is written to her. In girl-like confusion, Kim and Chloe become involved and that’s all Hawk Moth needs to bring a Dark Cupid to their Valentine’s Day.

lady 3

The Horrificator has Nino making a movie for a contest. He asks Mylene to be a part of the cast but it is mean Chloe who convinces the young actress that she isn’t good enough. That opens the door for Hawk Moth to turn Mylene into a monster that lives off the fear of others.

Darkblade reveals that Chloe has been using different forms of bribery to keep people from running against her for a class office. Far worse is one of the school’s teachers has been turned into Darkblade by Hawk Moth and an army tries to take over Paris

Finally, The Mime has Mylene’s Dad is performing at the Eiffel Tower but it turns bad when Hawk Moth turns Fred’s partner into a performer who can pantomime anything into reality bringing danger to the people of Paris.

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I really enjoyed MIRACULOUS Ladybug & Cat Noir Spot On! because this is honestly the first time I have seen it. The animation is amazing and with the unique storyline it is easy to see why the Ladybug & Cat Noir series continues to be a huge success on Nickelodeon and Nicktoons.

lady 2

The story has all the fantastic components of family, friendship, loyalty, and fun wrapped up in an anime series. What’s even more interesting is that I discovered so many people who knew about this series, including my granddaughter who loves the characters and color. Now I have the opportunity to spend time watching her favorite show with her!

The DVD includes the four episodes The Evillustrator, Rogercop, Dark Cupid, Horrificator, Darkblade and The Mime. Also, there is the bonus feature of Episode Animatics and a comic book with an exclusive cover for fans!

In the end – spot on super heroics that are nothing short of Miraculous!


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