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Coming to DVD from writer/director Paul Becker and Lionsgate is a film about the meaning of family and music when you are BREAKING BROOKLYN.

Aaron (Colin Critchley) is a twelve-year-old boy with a penchant for dance. Unfortunately his father doesn’t see it the same way because he’s to busy breaking the law. Older brother Albee (Nathan Kress) also has dreams but a little different from his brother.

Teacher Miles Bryant (Louis Gossett Jr.) sees something in the young man inviting Aaron into his tap class. It doesn’t quite go as planned when Aaron and Albee’s father ends up arrested and the car they have been living in is towed away. Not knowing what to do, Miles steps in and offers the boys a home while things get straightened out.

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Unsure at first, the boys know it is better than living on the streets. Aaron immediately sees the stage where they will be living and feels the urge to dance become even stronger. Albee just notices Miles daughter Faith (Madeleine Mantock) who is a no-nonsense girl who slowly begins to understand the young man.

Aaron, on the other hand, wants to be part of a showcase that has a huge prize. He also meets Miles brother Greg (Vondie Curtis-Hall) and comes to realize that theirs isn’t the only family with hurt in the past and a chip on the shoulders.

Yet, when the music plays and the feet move – they all find their center!

Critchley as Aaron is a talented young man! As a boy who just wants to dance, he also supports his family the best he can, even if that means living in a car with his dad and brother. It is his safe place and when it turns on him, he finds faith in the most unlikely place and people.

Gossett Jr. as Miles loves dance and loves teaching it. When he meets Aaron, he sees something special in the young boy who comes from a place that is unsure and uncertain. Helping Aaron’s family eventually helps him come to terms with his own.

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Kress as Albee is keeping an eye on his brother while Dad is in jail but also feels there is something special about Mile’s daughter. It is probably the first time in his life he is not trying to make a move for all the wrong reasons. Mantock as Faith is a young woman who has been raised to be strong and know what she wants out of life. That rubs off on Albee as the two become closer.

Curtis-Hall as Greg is an angry man because of one past mistake. Instead of forgiveness and finding his place in life, he instead chooses to be closed off and unforgiving but also sees something in the young Aaron.

Other cast include Jack Noseworthy as Christian, Chris Petrovski as Corey, Gabriel Sloyer as Castro, Brian Tarantina as Randy, Liza Colon-Zayas as Ms. Cruz, Deidre Goodwin as Lisa, Lorrie Odom as Ms. Loretta, and Catherine Curtin as Principal Carver.

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BREAKING BROOKLYN is an amazing family film that teaches us that our circumstance doesn’t always dictate our outcome in life. The young Aaron is living in a situation that plagues our country today and that is homelessness. There are many families that live in their cars but in this boys case he is also dealing with a father who isn’t on the right side of the law.

When he is given the chance to show what he is capable of, the young Aaron stumbles but it is Miles who sees that one stumble isn’t the end of everything. That’s what this film has to offer families who are looking for films that are worthy of sharing with the entire family.

The cast is heartwarming in a simple story that dances its way into your soul and if you are going to dance, go all in.

In the end – on the streets of Brooklyn a star is born!