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Ryan Murphy, Brad Falchuck and Tim Minear have created a series for FOX that follows Los Angeles first responders and its time to catch up before the new season with 9-1-1: The Complete Season One.

The series begins with an introduction to Abby (Connie Britton), a 9-1-1 operator who has been caring for her mother. Patricia (Mariette Hartley) suffers from dementia which puts Abby’s life on hold being a working caretaker. Athena Grant (Angela Bassett) is a police officer whose home life is another kind of stress. When her husband breaks unexpected news, Athena must find a way to make it work with her two children.

Buck (Oliver Stark) is a firefighter who witnesses a tragic event and isn’t sure how to deal with it. During a call with Abby, the two seem to find solace in speaking to one another. Athena and partner Hen (Aisha Hinds) are called to a home where a dog has kept the homeowner at bay but it’s at home where Athena almost loses her daughter.


LAFD Captain Nash (Peter Krause) is not a personally outgoing person but as a captain he knows what needs to be done. When Chimney (Kenneth Choi) is on his way to work, he is involved in an accident and relies on his Captain to keep him calm. Athena is dealing with the consequences of her daughter’s serious actions trying to figure out how to make the family heal itself.

Not even a plane crash can slow down what is going on in the lives of these first responders as it becomes clear that Bobby has a drinking problem and it’s not the first time. Abby realizes that she might not be able to care for her mother without serious help when a situation arises. As much as the rest of the family wants to place Patricia in a facility, Abby can not bring herself to do that. Athena believes that the only way she can help her daughter is, reluctantly, to confine herself to desk duty.

Hen is devastated when her Eve, an ex-girlfriend, makes a request in helping her get out of prison. The problem is that Hen is married now to Karen (Tracie Thoms) and hides the information about Eve until she can figure out how to make it all work. Buck and Abby grow closer when they work together about Patricia. It finally becomes clear why Bobby remains aloof from his team when coming clean about what happened to his family and how he is involved.

Buck and Abby want to celebrate Valentine’s Day together so Bobby and Chimney take over duty. It doesn’t exactly go as planned and Abby ends up performing a tracheotomy! Athena isn’t doing much better when she meets a woman who is having a difficult time with Valentines Day. Trying to help, she discovers that there is more lurking on this day than she could have imagined.


As if Abby didn’t have enough to deal with, a 9-1-1 call she took has her believing that there is something missing. She isn’t about to give up until she has a chance to go back to the calls and listen carefully for clues. Hen is about to put her marriage in jeopardy as Eve becomes a problem.

The team tries to stay one step ahead of a flood of calls when Bobby discovers that he has blood that can save lives. He must decide if he wants to be a part of something that could bring a change in his life. Athena’s husband Grant (Rockmond Dunbar) must finally come clean with his children about the reason for their divorce.

Buck begins to question his relationship with Abby after they’ve already taken it one step further than just talking on the phone. All of Eve’s intentions become clear when Hen must now take on a custody battle hoping that Karen is going to be a part of it.

If the life of the first responders isn’t difficult enough, a death at the local psychiatric hospital brings a raising from the grave, per se. Abby is about to make a major life change as she finally does something for both her mother and herself. Karen isn’t happy when she discovers what Hen has been doing feeling that she sacrificed their family for someone who only plays games.

In the biggest twist of all – Bobby and Athena go on a date and discover they not only enjoy each other’s company but understand the struggles of each one’s job.


Britton as Abby takes on the role of a 9-1-1 operator who has the calmness it takes to handle situations from people who are struggling for help. At the same time she is also struggling herself taking care of a mother with Alzheimer’s and realizing that she has cut herself off from a personal life. Britton is so very good in this role and I am hoping she returns soon.

Krause as Nash is the Captain of his firefighting team and leads them with a manner that is a little off putting to some of the crew. He has a story to tell that explains his demeanor and it is one of sadness and guilt. Trying to find a way to live with his past, it is the team he works with that show compassion and care that can change everything. Krause is a strong character with human frailties and I am betting season two will be when he grows past his demons.

Bassett as Athena is a police officer that can claim to almost seeing it all in human nature. She is quick and doesn’t let much get past her – professional that it. At home there are changes happening that she avoids until it can’t be avoided any longer. She sees the family as falling apart instead of seeing that it is just changing. Bassett has always been a strong actress and having a television role gives us a chance to see more of her chops.

Stark as Buck is the cocky firefighter that believes his charm will get him everywhere. That is until he learns that being cute doesn’t do a darn thing for the job that he has to perform. Wanting to make different choices, he finds himself drawn to Abby wanting tohelp make things easier for her. Sometimes people change to fast and in Buck’s case it means questioning everything. Stark has the good looks and attitude to get my attention but when the story line moves forward, we should see Buck go through it the hard way.

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Hinds as Henrietta ‘Hen’ also takes her police job serious and is happy at home with wife Karen and family. In one instant she puts that all in jeopardy and knows that getting it all back is going to take every emotion she has to set things right. Thoms as Karen is a strong woman who deals with the long nights away from Hen but once a line is crossed, she must decide what she will and will not tolerate in her life.

Choi as Chimney is a bit of comic relief in a strange way. He enjoys his job and those he works with but one accident puts things in perspective.  Hartley as Patricia is a Mother who is being looked after by her daughter. That’s difficult enough but when things start getting tougher, Hartley’s character is heart wrenching to watch. Amazing performance.

Other cast include Connie Massiah as May Grant, Marcanthonnee Reis as Harry Grant, Cocoa Brown as Carla Price, JC Gonzalez as Kyle, Todd Williams as Aaron Brooks, Rachel Breitag as Tatiana and Brielle Barbusca as Cooper and Josephine Lawrence as Georgina.

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The three-disc DVD includes the episodes Pilot, Let Go, Next of Kin, Worst Day Ever, Point of Origin, Heartbreaker, Full Moon (Creepy AF), Karma’s a Bitch, Trapped and A Whole New You.

 9-1-1 explores the intensity of being a firefighter, police officer, paramedic and operator. On any given day these jobs call on people to go in where other people run out. From helping injured and sick people to accident victims to rescues, each of these jobs is one that calls for dedication and stamina – both emotional and physical.

The first season of 9-1-1 introduces us to these characters that are dedicated to what they do even in the midst of their own personal problems. There are stories that unfold in this first season that are going to be continued on 9-1-1’s Second Season which begins next week.


9-1-1’s first season didn’t mince storylines and kept each episode moving and I enjoyed that most of all. First seasons are for getting to know the players and in the cast of this series there is a duality of professional life and home life which brings an intensity and a lot of emotion that works perfectly.

In the end – they are on the line every day!