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Jeri Jacquin

Coming to DVD from Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment is the amazing Pearson family and the hit series from NBC with This is Us: The Complete Second Season.

The season begins with Randall’s (Sterling K. Brown) 37th birthday with the news to wife that he wants to adopt as Beth (Susan Watson) convinces her husband it might be better to open their home to an older child. Kate (Chrissy Metz) is still dealing with her weight issues and struggles even more when going to an audition where all the girls are thin. Kevin (Justin Hartley) tries to bring his sister some comfort when Toby (Chris Sullivan) tells him to pump the breaks a little and let him be there for Kate. The memories come flooding back of a time when Rebecca (Mandy Moore) deals with Jack’s (Milo Ventimiglia) drinking and a tragedy for the Pearson’s.

Kevin deals with his series The Manny celebrating a milestone but he wants out and leans on girlfriend Sophie. The family packs up and heads to see the live episode. Kate gets the call on an audition but doesn’t want Rebecca to know but it finally happens that mother and daughter must talk out their long silent issues with each other. The memory of Jack telling a younger Kate about his problem brings him and Rebecca to AA.

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Kevin is back in front of the camera working on a film with Sylvester Stallone as a co-star but it also brings back memories of his father Jack. While filming him hurts his knee and pain medication is prescribed. Randall and Beth meet Déjà (Lyric Ross) who is a young girl from a home the two adults can’t fathom. Kate has some wonderful but scary news for Toby. All of this leads to a memory for Rebecca when her mother wonders why she treats Randall better than Kate and Kevin.

Randall works on earning Déjà’s trust and Kate’s news becomes family wide. Kevin and Sophie work in a charity event but he manages to make things chaotic. The relationship between Jack and his own father bring Rebecca into memories knowing that there is so much more to their issues.

The ten-year-old Pearson triplets are trick or treating as Jack takes Kate and Kevin to see a haunted house. Not to eager to do that, Rebecca and Randall spend a little spooky time together. The flashes continue with Kate’s relationship issues, Kevin’s road to being an actor as Randall and Beth await their first baby’s birth. All of this leading to Rebecca reconnecting with Miguel (Jon Hearts), Jack’s old friend.

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Randall is a year old now, Jack and Rebecca work towards full adoption not knowing that on the other side of town a man named William (Ron Jones) is entering a guilty plea for drugs. The prospect of long jail time is interrupted as the judge sees something in William. In exchange for a shorter jail time, William must agree to stay sober. Fast forward he has kept that promise only to discover he is ill and a knock on his door is about to change everything.

Kevin in his younger years had the potential to go all the way as a football player. Dad Jack encourages his son but also isn’t happy with his son’s attitude. That’s when fate takes its turn and an injury might change everything. That’s when Kevin learns that his father has seen more about the world than the young man could have ever imagined. Jack gives him a necklace that gave the father hope when he needed it most. Now Kevin has a chance to speak as an alumnus at his high school and it goes horribly wrong causing him to lose that which his father held dear.

Going to Randall with his problems, Kevin discovers that he has been neglecting Kate and her news. Flashing back she has no interest in college but tries to please her parents. Now Kate wants to do things differently but it changes nothing and the pains of her life come flooding back with a vengeance. Toby believes in Kate and wants to protect her from any more pain but finally lets it be known that his feelings matter in their relationship as well. Rebecca remembers the pain of Kyle and how she hides it just like her daughter.

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Jack is thrilled to think that Randall might go to Harvard but his son is thinking Howard University wanting to feel more inclusive. Visiting the Vietnam Veterans Memorial, Randall hears from his father and they share feelings about that ‘off-balance’ feeling. Now Déjà is still having issues with her own mother as Randall and Beth consider fighting for custody of the teen. When Kevin hops in a car he has no idea that his niece Tess (Eris Baker) is in the back seat when he makes another mistake.

After rehab, Kevin is with Rebecca who is now being watched by Miguel who has been quite during all of the problems. Not so quiet now, he tells Kevin how he feels about Jack and Rebecca as a couple and reminds him that no one is leaving because of his actions. William is finding a place with Randall and learning the story of what happened when he was a baby.

Now the home that Jack and Rebecca built for their three children comes into play as excitement, a slow cooker and Super Bowl Sunday goes through changes. Kevin is with his girl, Randall is with a date and Kate is working on her music. That means the couple finally have a little ‘me’ time. Presently, Randall and Beth buy the apartment complex where William lived and quickly discover the intricacies of being a land lord. Toby decides that Kate needs some place to put all the love she hides and Kevin tries to make things right with the people he has hurt.

It is 1988 and the Pearson home is in trouble as Jack is taken away to the hospital. It is the 20th anniversary of that day and Kate isn’t dealing well with any of it. Watching a tape her father made for her, the VCR damages it. Toby jumps into action to bring her some peace of mind. Rebecca and Kevin know there is only one way to remember their feelings – a favorite meal. Randall goes bold with a Super Bowl that is interrupted by a lizard.

A Wagoneer becomes the Pearson’s new ride going to see “Weird Al” and then again to go to get an autograph from Alanis Morissette. The car holds memories for all of the family and a final memory along with Bruce Springsteen.

Jack and Rebecca are surprised when their ten year olds decide they are going to do something romantic for the couple which show the kids how their parents feel about each other. Toby and Kate go to Vegas to celebrate their upcoming nuptials and this is a chance for everyone to get to know the new incoming family member. Instead inner feelings are finally shared and because of that a decision is made about young Déjà.

This Is Us - Season 2

Her story comes to light learning that mother Shauna was raised by her grandmother G.G. and years later began using drugs. Déjà began her stint in the foster system and the forward and back of being with her mother Shauna (Joy Brunson). After a boyfriend practically ruins mother and daughter, Randall and Beth open their home once again.

The wedding is bringing Kate to the point of dealing with her grief and opening up her life to Toby. Thinking she is the only one with problems, Kate meets Toby’s parents and sees what he has been dealing with. From family talking about what they don’t know about and Toby showing his depression, what comes next only brings closer the fact that This is Us.

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The DVD includes the episodes A Father’s Advice, A Manny-Splendored Thing, Déjà Vu, Still There, Brothers, The 20’s, The Most Disappointed Man, Number One, Number Two, Number Three, The Fifth Wheel, Clooney, That’ll Be The Day, Super Bowl Sunday, The Car, Vegas Baby, This Big Amazing Beautiful Life, and The Wedding. The most amazing Special Feature is The Aftershow on all of the episodes is there in case you didn’t see them during the season.

This Is Us is a series that has continued from its pilot episode up until last season of bringing the buzz. By this I mean there isn’t anyone I know that doesn’t watch, talk about or hand Kleenex around when it comes to this show. We love the Pearson’s and embrace ever aspect of their past that helps explain the trials and love they experience in the present.

There isn’t anything about this show that doesn’t resonate in some way with people. We might hate the fact that we cry but cry we are proud to do for the characters and laugh and laugh proudly at the silliness that resembles our own family in some small way.

This cast is absolutely amazing and it begins with Ventimiglia and Moore who have just rocked their characters and our minds to their very core. Every fan of the show has embraced Jack and Rebecca and it’s hard to believe it has only been two seasons. Each episode isn’t wasted in the telling of their past and present and I can tell you quite honestly that after each episode my friends and I do a number-of-kleenex we used for that episode. Trust me when I say we haven’t gone below three tissues!

Season Three of This Is Us premiers September 25th so now is your chance to catch up and have the Pearson’s with THIS IS US: The Complete Second Season as part of your home entertainment library.

In the end – everyone has a family!