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Jeri Jacquin

Coming to ABC beginning Wednesday, September 26 at 9:30 is a new comedy series that handles the realities of being a parent by helping us all laugh at it with Single Parents.

 It is the first day of class and Will Cooper (Taram Killam) is introducing himself as the classroom parent. The other parents including Angie (Leighton Meester), Douglas (Brad Garrett), Poppy (Kimrie Lewis) and Miggy (Jake Choi) are trying to find their place in the single parent world. Making it clear to Will that they aren’t about to be part of his clip-board vortex, they offer support with a little judgment attached.

Talking Will into dating to avoid volunteering for anything in the classroom, Angie and Miggy show up at his house only to discover it is all sadder than they could have possibly imagined. Working on his image for the date they’ve set up, Angie wants to scream and Miggy can’t get away fast enough. Douglas and Poppy try to figure out who has babysitting duties so the other can get out for the night.

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Will’s date brings the law, Angie and Miggy come to the rescue as Poppy and Douglas want to help with shoe jokes and a few dollars. How does one get out of it all? Well, a little help from boldness, friendship, and a Hawaiian girl who has us asking ourselves How Far I’ll Go.

That will smash any vortex you got!

Killam as Will is just a man trying to raise his daughter with the hope that his memories of marriage don’t squash him totally. Keeping himself busy with being a classroom parent doesn’t go over well with other single parents. He thinks that perhaps finally there are friendships to be had but sure takes a hard trip to find that out. I like Killam’s character of Will and see how sweet he is in the midst of figuring out adulthood and parenting.

Meester as Angie is tough and mouthy which can be cool if you have friends that are tough and mouthy but a little cutting when it comes to Will. He doesn’t quite have the thick skin she does – or does she? Lewis as Poppy is raising a child that might just be a tad cooler than she is but she isn’t about to let that mess with her appearance of having it all together.

Choi as Miggy is a man who is learning all about life when you have a child. Those expensive shoes aren’t what life is all about but that doesn’t mean he isn’t going to pretend it all isn’t happening.

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Garrett as Douglas has twin daughters who he teaches to be tough and if that doesn’t work – break out the Benjamin’s! He embraces his single life but the fact is that when it comes to friendship he might just be a bit softer than he wants to admit. I love Garrett in this role because he rolls his eyes a lot and yet embraces, in his own way, the role of a single dad of two very cool twin girls.

Other cast include Marlow Barkley as Sophie Cooper, Tyler Wladis as Graham, Devin Trey Campell as Rory, Mia Allan as Emma and Ella Allan as Amy.

Single Parents is a half hour look at the single life of parents by using comedy, caring, friendship, insanity, kids, love and all the things that life throws at them. I laughed from beginning to end and perhaps that’s because I understand every smart remark, every eye roll and every moment where you realize that being a single parent does have its moments worth smiling about.

The cast just seem to roll with the punches and are flawless together. The one-liners and zingers fly fast but each character also has a story to tell that explains who they are and how they are.

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It is going to be fun to get to know them each as Garrett, Choi, Killam, Meester and Lewis give us a look into their world and that is going to make it easier to live in ours. There is nothing better than hearing the characters of the series say out loud what many of us think on a daily basis.

The kids – Barkley, Wladis, Campell and the Allan twins are going to give as good as they get and remind us all that dang kids are getting smarter and smarter. They have such unique personalities and I already love them all.

Beginning September 26th, join a group that is a little bit off center and a lot funny with the new series Single Parents. Thanks for the laughs ABC!

In the end – we know them and we are gonna love them!