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August 2018


Silicon Valley

Silicon Valley Season 5 takes off with the Pied Piper guys emerging from the fourth season’s chaos, as they get closer than they’ve ever been to real fame and fortune. But with more money, inevitably, comes more problems. While Richard struggles to be a leader and play with the big dogs, the rest of the team adjusts to new faces, new digs and new anxieties.

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silicon valley 1


The Little Stranger cover

Jeri Jacquin

In theatres this Friday from director Lenny Abrahamson and Focus Features comes a story of twists and ghost with THE LITTLE STRANGER.

Dr. Faraday (Domhnall Gleeson) is the local town doctor who has a strange affinity for a place called Hundreds Hall. His mother was a housemaid in the employment of the Ayres family when Faraday was a child. Now, it is 1948 and the Ayres family calls upon Dr. Faraday to take care of one of their own.

Arriving at Hundreds Hall, he meets Roderick Ayres (Will Poulter) who was hurt in the war and still suffers horribly. Roderick tells Faraday that he keeps the family books and is responsible for making sure there is a family income – even if it means selling parcels of Hundreds Hall. Sister Caroline (Ruth Wilson) wants to help her brother and when it is suggested that there might be new methods to help, she is on board. Mrs. Ayres (Charlotte Rampling) still keeps airs about the hall that was once a beacon of another time.

strange 1

Also in Hundreds Hall is something eerie that Roderick seems to be keenly aware that something resides in their home. No one listens believing that it is part of Roderick’s state of being and after an incident; Faraday believes it is in the best interest to send him away.

In the meantime, Faraday strikes up a relationship with Caroline seeking a kindred spirit. They are both needing moments away from Hundreds Hall and their talks are something both look forward too. Faraday begins to see that he is needed at Hundreds Hall to keep Mrs. Ayers and his beloved Caroline safe from what ever lurks in the shadows.

Slowly, the relationships begin to become strained and change because everyone has their own fears and secrets which are about to change the destiny of them all.

Gleeson as Faraday once again proves why he grows more and more bold about the roles he takes. Becoming widely known as Bill Weasley with the HARRY POTTER franchise, his career began ten years earlier in the television series Rebel Heart. In the following years he has put his stamp on such films as CALVARY, UNBROKEN, EX MACHINA, THE REVENANT and taking on the role of General Hux in STAR WARS: The Last Jedi. I have come really enjoy each and every thing he does from drama to comedy and everything in between. Here, Gleeson as Faraday is staunch, gripping and isn’t going to let anybody in on anything – not for any frame of the film. All of it is a set up for a great conversation after the film.

Wilson as Caroline is a young woman who seems to be a fixture in Hundreds Hall instead of a resident. Clearly dealing with family issues and secrets of her own, Wilson gives her character vulnerability wrapped up in a front that is almost as crumbly as the walls surrounding her. Wilson was recently seen in the drama The Affair and in THE LITTLE STRANGER has the same stoic appearance and ability to hide within herself. The film also puts Wilson and Gleeson together again as they both can be seen in the 2012 film ANNA KARENINA.

strange 2

Poulter as Roderick is absolutely stunning and I mean stunning in his role. He completely captured my attention and although the role might not be a large one, its impact caught me. Yes, the role is that of a disfigured person but Poulter could have put a bag over his head and I’d have loved his portrayal of Roderick.

Now, Ms. Rampling as Mrs. Ayers – I am a huge fan of Ms. Rampling’s and to see her in this role just reminds me (as if I needed it) that she is a jewel that only remains bright. I find her to be amazing and riveting to watch and in THE LITTLE STRANGER she reinforces my belief that the actresses I grew up admiring deserve every bit of it.

Other cast include Kate Phillips as Diana Baker-Hyde, Anna Madeley as Anne Granger, Camilla Arfwedson as Young Mrs. Ayers, Dixie Egerickx as Gillian Baker-Hyde, Amy Marston as Mrs. Blundell, Sarah Crowden as Miss Dabney and Loren MacFadyen as Dr. Calder

THE LITTLE STRANGER is a slow moving film but has all the nuances of a genre that wants to invest in your time. There is no hurry in bringing you along for the ride because it is 1948 in an era that has a lot of secrets in a society that prides itself on those secrets.

strange 3

Surrounded by the walls of Hundreds Hall, the characters play out family secrets, pains best kept unspoken and realities that each of them don’t want to face. There is time to get to know each character yet with the time restrains you feel as if you have to believe what’s being told – even though there is an itch that says not to.

I love that about this film as well as the cinematography, the era clothing, cars and attitudes that play into the storytelling. Of course I am a little partial to films like THE LITTLE STRANGER in that I don’t want to know everything because it takes away from the great after film chats that I get into.

In the end – from small acorns dark mysteries grow!

HBO Brings PATERNO to DVD with a Tragic Story


Jeri Jacquin

On DVD this week from director Barry Levinson and HBO Home Entertainment comes an intense story surrounding the legendary coach PATERNO.

It is 2011 and Joe Paterno (Al Pacino), coach of Penn State football, is about to have a life long career set on a path of destruction. Retired assistant coach Jerry Sandusky has been outed by reporter Sara Ganim (Riley Keough) of The Patriot-News for sexually abusing young men.

pat 3

Shocked by the Sandusky allegations, Paterno continues with his coaching responsibilities as wife Sue (Kathy Baker) and family Jay (Larry Mitchell), Scott (Greg Grunberg), and Mary Kay (Annie Parisse) doesn’t understand his seeming lack of concern. As the family reads the presentment, they are each horrified at what has happened. Speaking with them, Paterno says that in 2001 he had heard about an incident and reported it right away.

Telling athletic director Tim Curley and University President Graham Spanier, Paterno thought it was all handled. The Paterno family rallies together to try and discover the best way to handle the situation but the media frenzy is way ahead of them. Ganim also continues to investigate and loses friends in the process as they refuse to believe that Paterno had anything to do with a cover up.

When the university decides to end Paterno’s career, Penn State students begin to gather on campus for a night of protesting. Reporter Ganim tries to report the feelings of the students only to be surprised that although they believe in Paterno, they won’t go public with their feelings.

Now Paterno is facing his own mortality and has to think about what he was told and how things became so out of control. “I tried to spend my whole life making my name mean something” – and now it forever attached to a horrible crime.

pat 2

Pacino as Paterno is such a sad character to watch because here is a man who had one of the most notable football coaching careers of all time yet he seemed to not understand what is happening. The scene where he realizes his own kids once played in a pool with Sandusky forces Paterno to go into his own memory and live with the choices he made then. Pacino is powerful and intense showing the mortality and frail life of a man who focused on football and didn’t see the bigger picture – or did he?

Bates as wife Sue is horrified at the Sandusky allegations and is conflicted as to whether her husband truly understands what is at stake.  Mitchell as Jay does his best to understand his father’s explanations and along with Grunberg as Scott want people to focus on the victims and not their father. Parisse as Mary Kay is just as confused about her father’s reactions as her mother Sue yet wants to protect Paterno as much as possible.

Keough as Ganim is a young reporter who manages to do what the big networks can not – get those who are the victims to come forward and tell their truth. Elvis’ granddaughter does herself well in this film and although the role is small, it is important in following the trail.

Other cast include: Michael Mastro as Guido D’Elia, Joshua Morgan as Bobby, Mitchel Mack as Devon Smith, Darren Goldstein as Mike McQueary, Nicholas Sadler as Todd, Julian Gamble as Galen Hall, William Hill as Tom Bradley, Kaliswa Brewster as Mara Lewis, Josh Mowery as Ron Vanderlinden and Joseph Setticase as Drew Astorino.

pat 1

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The DVD includes the Bonus Features About Paterno: Director Barry Levinson and stars Al Pacino and Riley Keough discuss the story behind the film and its perspective and Joe Paterno’s Impact: Barry Levinson and Al Pacino talk about Joe Paterno’s responsibilities relating to the scandal.

PATERNO is a film that will brings into question ‘did he or didn’t he?’ know what was going on in his own organization. Is it possible that Paterno thought he had done all he could (of course we know the answer to that now) or did he believe it was being dealt with? Or, does Pacino’s portrayal of a man who was a genius on the gridiron truly not have one single clue about what he was reading in the Sandusky indictments.

What I find noticeable about PATERNO is that although at times what is described in the indictments is a disturbing, the storytelling can actually be seen as the problem within organize sports. How there are individuals who are willing to overlook anything (and this film proves anything) to keep their records and their fame status quo.

In the end – the greater the legend the harder the fall!


The World Records Everything and Sometimes it Leads to THE BIG TAKE

Take cover

Jeri Jacquin

Coming to DVD from writer/director Justin Daly and Sony Pictures Home Entertainment is one video and THE BIG TAKE.

Douglas Brown (James McCaffrey) is a huge Hollywood actor who has a night that he wants to forget. Vic (Slate Holmgren) has cameras running at the Universe Club and Brown has no idea what’s about to happen. Vic confiscates the incriminating video and has a serious plan.

Working on getting financing for their film The Night of the Fire, Vic hits up Max (Ebon Moss-Bachrach) with the good news that Brown will be a silent partner financing their film. The one condition, says Vic, is that Brown wants to remain anonymous. What Max doesn’t know is that Vic is blackmailing Brown for $200,000.

take 1

Brown turns to his agent who in turn hires Frank Manascalpo (Dan Hedaya) who has seen worse in his day. Bea (Tara Westwood) works with Frank and knows the works at the Universal Club and discovers the missing hard drive from the security camera. She also discovers that underneath the ransom note is a clue leading to Max.

Frank talks to Max about what he knows and that’s where the confusion comes in. Frank wants to know what Max knows and Max doesn’t understand why the actor is going back on his anonymity. That’s about the time Max’s hot wife Oxana (Oksana Lada) comes to the rescue.

Now Frank has to call in a specialist, Edie (Zoe Bell) has the look of someone you never want to deal with and she charges accordingly. Soon after Frank receives a call from Detective Aborn (Robert Forster) saying that Max and Oxana want to discuss a film project. Frank is seriously confused by it all and tries to call off Edie but she has plans of her own.

Gathering up the players, Edie wants to know what is happening, Max wants to know where Oxana is, Vic is wrapped up tight and Brown can’t explain why his money is in Panama. Confused yet? So is everyone else but sometimes confusion comes with the movie making territory!

take 2

Moss-Bachrach as Max is an easy going writer who just wants to get a movie made. Little does he know that he’s about to mentally go around in circles thanks to his buddy. Thinking he has been set up by Brown in some way, he tries to get answers that only make things a little worse. Moss-Bachrach is endearing and confused which is a good combination when you can pull it off which he does.

McCaffrey as Brown starts out the film with something that will shock him the next morning. Of course the film isn’t specific but I’m sure by the look on the faces of everyone who sees the blackmail DVD, it’s epic cause for disaster. McCaffrey is funny and plays this character as a man who has double worries – money in Panama and a nasty DVD. Forster as Det. Aborn is more confused than anyone else in the film and rightly so.

Hedaya as Frank is smart but not quick or else he wouldn’t have gotten a smack down. His call for back up brings Bell as Edie who is a tad curious of a character and totally psycho. Well done Bell!

take 3

Lada as Oxana is happy with her music and being skimpy for her husband but has no problem what so ever wielding a gun or loaded fire extinguisher. Holmgren as Vic is that friend you have to keep an eye out on – all the time! He wants to get the film made and will do pretty much anything to make it happen.

Other cast include John Enose III as Rick, Joslyn Jensen as Laura, Taylor Black as Brigitte, Nick Daly as Wade and Matthew Kehoe as Matt.

THE BIG TAKE is a cheeky movie within a movie that has a lot going on for it. First of all, a hilarious cast of characters that truly have no idea what is going on. The one person who does ends up knocked out in the hospital and can’t straight anything out.

That being said, it’s also a film about the misunderstandings of people who are doing shady stuff! The only innocent people in all this are Max and Oxana and I give them props for not letting anything or anyone get the better of them.

take 4

The film made me chuckle a lot and found myself talking to the screen and I have to admit I actually enjoy doing that. Director Justin Daly comes from a film making legacy as his grandmother is screen legend Ingrid Bergman. He is currently working on his next feature film.

In the end – sometimes you gotta do a little killing to make a living!



pappion cover

Jeri Jacquin

In theatres this week from director Michael Noer and Bleeker Street is an epic escape from the man they call PAPILLON.

Henri ‘Papillon’ Charriere (Charlie Hunnam) is living the criminal life in France and seemingly enjoying it all with Nenette (Eve Hewson). His high life comes crashing down when he is accused of murder and sent to a penal colony in French Guiana.

On the way he meets counterfeiter Louis Dega (Rami Malek) and offers to be his security from the attack of others. Once at the prison, they are introduced to Warden Barrot (Yorick van Wageningen) who makes it plain that he will tolerate no breaking of the rules. Papillon tries to set up the best jobs with the money Dega has. It all seems to be going well until they duo hear from Deputy Gordon. The officer has a history with Dega and paybacks put the two into hard labor.

pap 1

Around heavy rock, explosive and other angry prisoners, Papillon is determined to find a way out. As he sees the extreme brutality of their incarceration and it only pushes him harder. Dega also makes it clear that he wants to leave any way possible but when a moment presents itself, Papillon leaves him behind.

Back at the prison, the Warden makes it clear that what Papillion will experience next is not rehabilitation but the insanity of silence. Two years later and Papillon and Dega meet once again and the plan picks up where they left off. This time they enlist the help of Celier (Roland Moller), Maturette (Joel Basman) and a boat.

Free on an island Papillon meets a nun who help the survivors of the boat escape to recuperate but it is short lived. Five years later Papillon and Dega reunite on Devil’s Island with no bars and no real guards. Just learning to survive in the harshest conditions and still burning with the idea of escape.

One more time – one more chance!

Hunnam as Papillon reaches out to every spectrum of human emotion in the over two hour span of story telling. To the crazy years never-a-care years in France, to what he must do to survive the prison, two years of solitary confinement, torture, near starvation and darkness. Every bit of it shows in Hunnam’s portrayal and at times it’s disturbing to witness. He carries the full weight of this film and it shows in every frame.

pap 4

Malek as Dega is clearly a man who has never been in a situation to need protection but quickly realizes its Papillon that can provide it. The problem is Dega consistently forces others to take up his slack forcing his protector to protect overtime. As each day passes, Dega becomes wiser and a little more taking of a punch. Malek gives his stoic character life when it needs it and acceptance when all else fails.

Wageningen as Barrot is a man determined to run a prison with an iron fist. He is not about to let Papillon change any of that. Finding more and more way to try and break him, it is not an easy feat with the strong willed man.

Moller as Celier is just as crafty as they come knowing Papillon is the guy to make it happen. Riding his coattails out the prison door is exactly what he intends to do. Basman as Maturette is the boyish young man who is just as deadly as the company he is keeping.

pap 2

Other cast include Nina Senicar as the Leper, Michael Socha as Julot, Christopher Fairbank as Jean Castili, Ian Beattie as Toussaint, Nick Kent as Brioulet, and Brian Vernel as Guittou.

In 1973, Steve McQueen took on the role of Papillon and along with Dustin Hoffman proved he was the perfect leading man to handle the telling of director Franklin J. Schaffner’s vision. For it’s time it was ground breaking as the film garnered an Oscar Nomination for Best Music Original Dramatic Score and a Golden Globe nomination for Steve McQueen.

Forty-five years later we have a darker telling with Hunnam and Malek digging even deeper into the lives of these two men and a place that is equal to hell on earth. The film is grim in the cinematography to match the story and where it takes us. It is harsh, intense, and a momentary reunion between two SOA (FX’s series Sons of Anarchy) brothers that tugged at my heart.

pap 3

PAPILLON is a book written by Henri Charriere published in France in 1969 about his 14 years in prison. It became a best seller and is still considered today one of the best books published. Charriere would spend the rest of his life in Venezuela as a free man with his story written and seen on the screen.

In the end – this is the greatest escape adventure ever told!


happy time cover

Jeri Jacquin

Well heck, this isn’t exactly your ordinary puppet/human film and that’s okay with me. In theatres this Friday from director Brian Henson and STX Entertainment comes a story of a partnership to beat them all with THE HAPPYTIME MURDERS.

Phil Philips (voiced by Bill Barretta) is a private detective who was once the first puppet to ever become a cop with the LAPD. After an incident that still haunts him, Phil is happy working for himself. Answering his calls is his very dependable and devoted secretary Bubbles (Maya Rudolph).

One day a very lushly stuffed red-head named Sandra (Dorien Davies) comes to Phil’s office and asks him to investigate who might be black mailing her. Phil agrees and begins checking out a clue when he quickly becomes sidetracked when a group of puppets are cut down with fluff flying everywhere!

happy 1

Arriving to investigate is Detective Connie Edwards (Melissa McCarthy) and she is none to happy to see Phil. Edwards and Philips were once partners and because of her testimony he lost his badge. Exchanging unpleasantries, Lt. Banning (Leslie Baker) lets them both know they will be teaming up once again to solve the crime.

Phil drowns his grumpiness by visiting his brother Larry (Victor Yerrid) who found success on television in a show called The Happytime Gang. Lulled into changing himself a little to fit into society, Phil doesn’t know how lucky he is until Larry is attacked.

Now Edwards and Philips begin to see a pattern that the entire cast of The Happytime Gang are in danger. Included in that is Philips first love Jenny (Elizabeth Banks), a dancer who became the only human on his brother’s show.

Putting their differences aside, they work piecing together the clues one by one but always seem to be on step behind the person responsible for the puppet mayhem. When FBI Agent Campbell (Joel McHale) shows up, he tries to shut them down but these two cork screwy crime fighters aren’t about to let anything get in their way.

Where the clues lead them changes everything!

happy 3

McCarthy as Detective Edwards gives her usual witty, snappy and very funny performance as a cop with a few secret problems. The adversarial relationship with Phil Philips wasn’t always the case and speaking of cases – they are going to have to put their animosity on hold to get the job done. McCarthy doesn’t mess a beat delivering her lines with the timing that makes me proud to be a smart ass.

Baretta voicing Phil Philips is very noir detective telling his story with a cigarette in one hand and a bag load of attitude in the other. There doesn’t seem to be anything this puppet can’t do, and I mean that in every sense and when my jaw isn’t hitting the floor I’m rolling in laughter. Bouncing off McCarthy, these two are perfect for one another.

Rudolph as Bubbles is devoted to her private detective boss and there isn’t anything she won’t do for him. When he is seen as a suspect, Bubbles makes darn sure that Edwards does what’s right to help make it all right. Rudolph is cutsie and also very noir with her pin curl hair and red nails.

Banks as Jenny is a burlesque dancer who seems happy when Philips walks through the door again. Remembering the moments they spent together, both puppet and long legged human are clear that something is wrong. Banks gives a carrot dance performance that had the audience cracking up.

McHale as Agent Campbell is just a man who clearly isn’t playing with a full deck and power hungry at the same time. I love when McHale tries to get tough in these roles and keep a straight face doing it. Baker as Lt. Banning just wants the case solved and putting the ex-partners together is the way to do it.

Other cast include Drew Massey as Goofer, Ted Michaels as Ezra, Colleen Smith as Cara, Alice Dinnea as Sheila and Donna Kimball as Diane.

happy 2

Look, THE HAPPYTIME MURDERS is just a disturbingly hilarious film that pushes every button to get a reaction and they succeeded. The audience was cheering, laughing, grossed out, groaning, smacking their foreheads, clapping and just having a great time.

This isn’t a film that needs to be analyzed or scrutinized but instead just go and have fun. Yes the humor pushed the comedy bar up, down, sideways and slant ways like a Wonka-vater but who doesn’t love that? I wanted to take a dirty puppet film ride down the slippery slopes of good taste and right into a mud hole – and that’s exactly what happened.

THE HAPPYTIME MURDERS is just a romp – it’s as simple as that – with touches of outrageousness and moments that can never be erased from your memory. The same could be said of many films but they didn’t make me laugh as much as this one does. Yep, I have a twisted sense of humor and am damn proud of it.

In the end – they are no sesame and all street!

DEADPOOL 2: Super Duper $@%!#& Cut is on Bluray Bringing Christmas in August!


deadpool bluray cover

Jeri Jacquin

On Bluray and Digital this week from director David Leitch, Marvel and 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment comes a man who needs no introduction other than the words DEADPOOL 2.

So I thought about how to start this Bluray review and all I could think of was – GO EFFIN GET THIS MOVIE IMMEDIATELY! But the reader deserves a little better than that so here we go!

Wade Wilson (Ryan Reynolds) is back as Deadpool and he is happier than ever with gal-pal Vanessa (Morena Baccarin). On their anniversary Wade has a little something planned except his mercenary work decides to follow him home and bring mayhem along with them.

dead 1

Sending his life in a tailspin and ready to do his worst, it isn’t until Colossus (Stefan Kapicic) brings Wade back to the Xavier Mansion that he sees a use for life. Agreeing to be an X-Men trainee along with Negasonic Teenage Warhead (Brianna Hildebrand), they meet Russell Collins (Julian Dennison). Calling himself Firefist, he refuses to be abused any further at the orphanage.

A few bad fighting choices puts both Deadpool and Firefist in a place called the ‘Icebox’ that stores mutants. That actually makes it easier for future arrival Cable (Josh Brolin) to find his target – which isn’t Deadpool much to his disappointment – but the young Russell.

Deciding that he must help the young boy, Deadpool puts together a group he calls X-Force and begins accepting applications with buddy Weasel (T.J. Miller). Their goal is to find the prison truck transport and get Russell back. What they don’t know is that Russell finds a friend in Juggernaut, who has his own issues with super heroes.

Cable finally tells Deadpool why he wants the boy and that he must be stopped before reaching the orphanage or there is no turning back with a future fate sealed. Now Deadpool, Cable and his new recruit lucky Domino (Zazie Beetz) face off with Russell and Juggernaut but he is too strong. Thankfully Colossus and Warhead decide that Deadpool needs their help and the battle for good and evil begins.

It’s all being done the Deadpool way!

dead 3

Reynolds as Wade Wilson/Deadpool has made damn sure that no one else, ever, will be able to remake-reimagine-rethink-rediscover or “re” anything else someone might want to do in ten years. He has made this character completely iconic and absolute in the minds of everyone who loves this smart-mouthed-one-liner-wit-o-rama. It is no big secret to anyone that I’m not a huge super hero person, I mean I see the films but then it’s like ‘next!’ to me. Not DEADPOOL – this is the number one character I looked forward to seeing in DEADPOOL circa 2016 and it is like Christmas morning opening the cellophane wrapper for DEADPOOL 2: Super Duper $@%!#& Cut. There is nothing, and I mean NOTHING to complain about in this film and its Reynolds fault completely. I’m sure he won’t mind taking the blame for this one. He gives this ole lady plenty to laugh about and that’s everything when your life clock is ticking away.

Brolin as Cable has me a little perplexed. Jumping between two comic book characters just isn’t something I’m thrilled about. I’m still not over Chris Evans going from his blaze-days to Captain America and it’s been more than a hot minute. Between the two I would prefer he stay in the Cable lane but a paycheck is a paycheck right? Okay, so as Cable I love the yin and yang between him and Deadpool. They both have issues and yet play off of them providing each other with a conscience and material.

Dennison as Russell is a kid on a mission and although he has every reason to be pretty p.o.’d, ending up with Deadpool in an icebox might be a tad worse. He is going through his terrible teens and just happens to have fist that can destroy anything in its path. Then again I know toddlers who have that same super power that Deadpool might be interested in meeting.

Beetz as Domino doesn’t take Wade or Deadpool seriously because she’s all about proving that luck favors her own brand of coolness. She’s smooth and doesn’t ruffle easily. Hildebrand returns as Negasonic Teenage Warhead with a few surprises for her favorite DP dude. Miller as Weasel gets a moment or two to shine with his favorite stool warmer.

dead 4

Kapicic returns as the understanding and patient Colossus and I think he is the only one that truly gets Wade/Deadpool. So much so that time and time again he cuts the skin-tight-red-wonder considerable slack. Baccarin as Vanessa is back to bring positive reinforcement and a good lap dance to her favorite super hero.

A serious shout out to Leslie Uggams as Blind Al, the one person who knows that Wade is a miserable human being sometimes yet accepts him just the same. Blind Al completes Wade/Deadpool. She might not be able to see but I’d let her defend me anytime, provided I can point the gun.

Also, Karan Soni as Dopinder finally gets the opportunity to show what he’s made of – taxi and all. Shioli Kutsuna makes an appearance as Yukio who has the cutest exchanges with Deadpool that even had me grinning a time or two. Eddie Marsan is the butt-head-master of Essex Orphanage and we all know a butt-head-master who looks like Eddie Marsan or am I reaching to far back into my childhood.

Let’s give a round of applause to Terry Crews as Bedlam, Lewis Tan as Shatterstar, Bill Skarsgard as Zeitgeist, Rob Delaney as Peter and Brad Pitt as Vanisher. Also, who can forget the amazing Jack Kesy as Black Tom Cassidy.

dead 2

Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment brings award-winning global product and new entertainment to DVD, Bluray, and Digital HD. There amazing collection offers fans an opportunity to expand their own home libraries with the best films. To discover what other titles they have please visit

The Bluray includes a huge load of extras with Gag Reel, Deleted/Extended Scenes, Until Your Face Hurts: Alt Takes, The Most Important X-Force Member, Deadpool Family Values: Cast of Characters, David Leitch Not Lynch: Directing DP2, Audio Commentary by Ryan Reynolds, David Leitch, Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick, Deadpool’s Fun Sack 2 and so much more!

The Bluray also includes 2 versions of DEADPOOL 2: Super Duper $@%!#& Cut – the theatrical and unrated cut. Also, Movies Anywhere means you can literally watch your films anywhere with the App that allows you to download and stream your Digital Copy of DEADPOOL 2.

I think I’ve made if fairly clear that I am a huge Deadpool fan and if you thought I’d be giving any spoilers out well then I’m happy to disappoint you. From the moment the film begins to its very, very, VERY end (this is my way of saying stay through the credits), Reynolds and his band of merry misfits provide such a good time that a second, third, fourth…infinite viewing is going to be required.

Laughing just as much as in the theatre, I can say that I still missed jokes and I’m fairly certain that can mean only one thing – watching it again (and again etc.). I do know that I couldn’t catch my breath most of the time which means not only was I having a good time but if I did drop dead I would be alright if it was Deadpool’s fault.

So leave the other “superheroes” to fly away in a wind of feathers (not sure what that was but if you saw that ‘other’ movie you’ll understand) and gather up everyone who needs to laugh themselves silly and make it a pizza-ordering-beer-drinking night with people who are as twisted as we are for DEADPOOL 2: Super Duper $@%!#& Cut.

Have an extraordinary experience and remember he’s only here to show you a good time and by Blind Al I’m going to let him – again and again.

In the end – experience your second time like it was your first!

MILE 22 Brings Wahlberg and Director Berg Back Together for Action

Mile 22 cover

Jeri Jacquin

Coming to theatres this Friday from director/producer Peter Berg and STX Entertainment comes a fast paced chase to MILE 22.

James Silva (Mark Wahlberg), Alice Kerr (Lauren Cohan), and Sam Snow (Ronda Rousey) are part of a CIA prized group of operatives who are sent to handle special missions. In their latest take down, the team loses a man, takes down Russians up to no good and intel.

In Asia, Kerr has an informant that needs their protection and Silva isn’t thrilled about it. Li Noor (Iko Uwais) has turned himself in to the embassy claiming to have information about the whereabouts of missing chemicals. What makes this even more interesting is that the local authorities want him back and they have Axel (Sam Medina) to make that happen.

mile 2

The secret tactical command team led by Bishop (John Malkovich) works with Silva’s team being the eyes and ears getting Noor to an airstrip twenty-two miles from the embassy for extraction. Along with Bishop is King (Keith Bolden), Knight (Jenique Hendrix), Rook (Billy Smith) and Pawn (Myke Holmes) who have the technology to make it happen.

What they don’t know is that the team has eyes on them as well. In the skies above is Vera (Natasha Goubskaya) and Russian military Aleksander (Nikolai Nikolaeff) and they want something too.

The information everyone wants has a key that only Noor knows and it will not be around long. The clock is ticking as every move is being watched and sometimes you have to trust someone you don’t know to survive.

Every mile matters!

mile 4

Wahlberg as Silva is a very hyperactive, intense and fast talking individual who gives zero frakks about propriety or rank. Some might call it monologuing but he does it with such speed that it will make your mind spin while you giggle at the same time. He lays everything out on the table and yet his team means everything – even if he doesn’t act like it all the time. Wahlberg turns in his usual strong performance in a story that is fast telling and even faster in action.

Cohan as Kerr is a mother who is dealing with an ex-husband who likes to have control. Personally I would be so quick to control a woman who has no problem with speaking her mind or pointing a weapon in someone’s face! She believes in her contact Noor wants to see him safe. Anyone who has watched AMC’s The Walking Dead can see that Cohan brings it to this role as well.

Rousey as Snow is tough and pretty much took this role and ran with it. Malkovich as Bishop is suave and in control of his team. Goubskaya as Vera watches everything from the air and doesn’t bat an eye when the team comes under fire. Skeggs as MIT gets a shout out because the scene between she and Silva is epic and fast.

mile 3

Uwais as Noor is fan-frikken-tastic but then again if you have seen THE RAID in 2011 and THE RAID 2 in 2014 then you know this role is very cool for him. There is no doubt that his martial arts is on point and brutal but Uwais takes this character to another level that made my jaw drop – oh yea, he’s got this.

Other cast include Carlo Alban as William Douglas, Chae-rin Lee as Queen, Emily Skeggs as MIT, Terry Kinney as Johnny Porter, Brandon Scales as Jacob Stone, Poorna Jagannathan as Dorothy Brady, Elle Graham as India and Peter Berg as Lucas.

Berg and Wahlberg have proven that their true story telling is a calling card of the duo and they do it well. This is a bit of a turn from the last few years but there’s nothing wrong with that either. I don’t mind being taken out of the realm of reality for an hour and a half to just sit back and watch the film do its job – entertain me.

mile 1

MILE 22 is a total action film that doesn’t give the audience a moment to sit still. The speak is just as fast as any bullet flying provided by Wahlberg and Cohan making sure we understand they mean business. Each character in the film has a role to play and man does it get played intensely.

Berg doesn’t disguise the good or bad of either side but instead goes in full bore on the game of modern warfare. It’s no longer easy to recognize friend or foe when it’s all treated like a game. The cinematography is pretty cool keeping up with the pace of the story but then again if you are going to have an action film – go big or go home!

In the end – Option 1: Diplomacy, Option 2: Military…meet Option 3!

STRIKE BACK: Season Five Hits Hard on Bluray

Strike coverJeri Jacquin

This week on Bluray/DVD and Digital from Cinemax is a new team with a new attitude with the hard hitting series STRIKE BACK: Season Five.

The men are sent in to be a part the transfer of terrorist Omair Idrisi (Don Hany) but his wife Jane Lowry (Katherine Kelly) has other plans. Putting an escape plan together, the attack on the entire convoy kills many men but Sgt. Mac McAllister (Warren Brown) survives.

Determined to re-capture Isrisi, Sgt. Brown is assigned to Section 20 and the first thing they have to do is find undercover soldier Sgt. Wyatt (Daniel MacPherson). He is also working to get information on Idrisi. The group includes Grace Novan (Alin Sumarwata) and Captain Natalie Reynolds (Roxanne McKee).

strike 3

But they have to deal with prince who may or may not be giving money to the terrorists. What Haptaini does tell them is who he deals with for arms and that’s Morgan Ives (Trevor Eve). Finding him turns out to be a hard mission when they find themselves in the middle of a sand storm.

Lowry seems to be on a different path as the group works on what her intentions are. Rosa Varga (Kelly Gough) and her brother Josef (Mark Strepan) and now a part of an already confusing mix. Quickly they discover Lowry’s hideout and are shocked to see photographs of missions Section 20 has been a part of.

McAllister has put himself in serious danger and set for hanging when he is taken to Zaryn’s training camp. Rosa is also wanting to change sides when Josef starts to become unhinged and she wants safety. General Lazslo (Attilla Arpa) is trying to put Section 20 down but Col. Adeena Donovan (Nina Sosanya) isn’t going to stop. Especially when she discovers who Zaryn really is Dr. Markov (Daniel Cerqueira).

strike 2

The Russians are putting their hands in everything and now having to deal without military back up, Donovan makes a serious decision. The group has also discovered who is dealing with Lowry’s money and another player is in the mix. Milos Berisovich (Peter Firth), is a mob boss who ends up with Markov. He isn’t happy about what went down and sends his own message for Section 20.

Apparently Berisovich doesn’t know who he’s dealing with as Reynolds gives him a lesson. They also learn that Markov has a lab in the Ukraine that makes the Novichok but Berisovich is one step ahead of them. Reynolds is exposed to the gas but it is Lowry and Berisovich that go head to head for revenge.

Lowry learns her husband is still alive and arrives in Germany to learn a company called Octagon is where he is. Owned by Johannes Krieger (Adrian Bouchet), she forces him to tell her that the only person who knows is Rachel Sheridan (Dervia Kirwan). Section 20 skips the trip to Germany and finds Krieger but not before another assault rains down on the team as Rachel is taken.

strike 1

Wyatt discovers what is on the black site and sees that Idrissi plans to release other terrorists. When things go horribly wrong with that plan, McAllister actually has to work with Idrissi to regain control. That partnership is short lived and it becomes clear that Corp. Jensen (Phil Dunster) has proof that Lowry and Donovan are working together.

It becomes even more harsh when someone high up has given Donovan orders that put Section 20 in jeopardy. Wyatt and MacAllister pull a meeting in Croatia between Ives, Idrissi and Lowry. That too goes awry and when Novan is close to capture, she is surprised to see two familiar faces.

The two familiar faces are after Idrissi from getting their hands on Atlas but Russian special forces are also wanting to get their hands on him. Novan grabs the server as the team once again comes under fire with another group trying to kill them but this is Section 20 – they might want to rethink that.

Brown as McAllister is a strong character who knows that every step they take could be their last yet he goes in hard. He doesn’t flinch at all when it comes down to the grit and has a stare that can freeze anyone in its way. MacPherson as Wyatt is equally as intense and knows that the mission is becoming more and more complicated as the players shift. Even with that he isn’t distracted from the goal that is plain – stop the spread of terror.

strike back

Sumarwata as Novan is strong, fast, clever and doesn’t hesitate in the slightest. She also doesn’t hesitate and makes it clear she is an intense force of nature.  McKee as Reynolds communicates everything with such ease and I have to say that the scenes she shares with Sumarwata makes them such a powerful duo to watch. They are pretty awesome gals I have to say.

Gough as Rosa is a complicated character with a history that drives her to do things that would make me want to run in the opposite direction. I don’t do messy!  Strepan as Josef has a magazine rack full of intensely crazed issues and he isn’t about to let anyone from Section 20 get what he wants.

Sosanya as Donovan has a role that is strong and she knows when its time to break the rules to get the job done. Dunster as Jensen is a whiz with the technology that the crew needs to stay one step ahead of the shut down. Cerqueira as Markov seems to have something everyone wants and now we wait to see who gets it. Firth as Berisovich is a character that comes out of no where but isn’t going to go quietly!

Kelly as Lowry may only be the wife in all of this but trust me when I say she isn’t baking cookies or doing the laundry for her family – she’s got a plan and a twisted reason for it. Hany as Idrisi is the terrorist who started it all and may not realize that someone knows a little more than she does.

strike 4

HBO and Cinemax have an extensive array of critically-acclaimed and groundbreaking programs found on Bluray, DVD and Digital HD. They have provided viewers with some of the most amazing programs with huge fan bases that include the shows BANSHEE, OUTCAST and THE KNICK. For more of what they have to offer please visit

The Bluray includes all ten episodes of the action packed series with the Bonus Features STRIKE BACK Season 5: Declassified: Get an inside look at each episode and THE NEW TEAM: Section 20’s new team and tactics they employ to fight terrorism around the globe.

 What I love best about having the entire fifth season is grabbing season four and doing a two season binge watch! This series is filled with action and suspense always leaving you guessing who is who and why trust is tough for Section 20. This may be a new team but it certainly slides right in and doesn’t miss a beat.

The chase leads all over Europe and putting the pieces of the puzzle together isn’t about to be easy. It is warfare from start to finish and Section 20 isn’t going to go away knowing there are people out there who want to do global damage.

Good guys, bad guy, cat and mouse – it’s all here for the watching. What has made this season even more interesting is the swap around of the female characters never really knowing who is all in and who is playing the game. I loved watching it all unfold three bags of popcorn later!

In the end – it’s a new time with the same attitude!



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