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Coming soon to Bluray from director Huh Jung and Well Go USA Entertainment is the sound of voices that can only come from THE MIMIC.

Hee-yeon (Yum Jung-ah), husband Min-ho (Park Hyuk-kwon) and their daughter Joon-hee (Bang Yu-seal) have decided to move to Mt. Jang. Their son has been missing for several years and Hee-yeon believes that her mother holds the key to finding him. The problem is that Soon-ja (Heo Jin) has gone silent.

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Taking the family back to some place she will remember, Hee-yeon is hoping it will trigger something. Instead, they aren’t even done unpacking when two kids who are looking for their dog discover a cave that frightens them. Min-ho and Hee-yeon help them and in the process discover a small girl (Shin Rin-ah) wandering in the woods.

Hee-yeon takes in the girl but her husband is insistent that she turn her over to the police. Quickly, mysterious things begin to happen that are hard to ignore. Especially when a local woman tries to warn them to get away as soon as possible with the story of the Jangsan Tiger.

Hee-yeon feels an attachment to the young girl who calls herself Joon-hee and this causes a strain with Min-ho. When Soon-ja becomes violent towards Joon-hee #2 and it becomes clear that she can’t live with them any more. That night the family begins to not only disappear but discover that the cave is calling Hee-yeon by using the one weakness in her heart.

Jung-ah as Hee-yeon gives the perfect expressions of a grieving mother who hasn’t come to terms with the loss of her son. Relying on her mother to bring her some hope, it is put on hold when the mysterious young girl comes into their lives. Every emotion of fear, fright and sadness is so clear with Jung-ah. I loved her role in A TALE OF TWO SISTERS and WOOCHI showing her strength as an actress.

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Hyuk-kwon as Min-ho is trying to keep the family together. Feeling the stress of a mother-in-law that isn’t responding to anyone, a young daughter also dealing with the loss of a brother and a wife who seems determined to self-destruct. When he finally takes a stand, it may cost him everything.

Rin-ah as the foundling girl calling herself Joon-hee is brilliant! She is small, timid yet extremely powerful in her role. Watch the scene between the two Joon-hee’s and tell me that this young lady doesn’t have something extremely powerful. I was captivated by her.

Other cast include Lee Yool as Detective Kim, and Lee Jang-won as Jangsan Tiger.

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The story is based on the mythological Tiger of Mt. Jang who is said to be a man-eater that has sharp teeth and white fur. It is said it can be found in the mountains of Busan and can sound like a crying lady. A classic Korean ghost story that will give fans who love chills and jumps a chance to do that right in their own home.

I’m a huge fan of films that aren’t slasher-gory but instead have a story to tell with jumps, creaks, whispers and wind to keep the goose bumps happy. Yum Jung-ah and Shin Rin-ah carry the weight of the film and do it with frightening ease.

THE MIMIC received nominations for Best Supporting Actor and Best Actress from the 1st Seoul Awards and the 54th Grand Bell Awards. The 38th Blue Dragon Film Awards also nominated the film for best Technical Award.

In the end – don’t follow its voice!