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Jeri Jacquin

Coming to DVD this May from Time Life is the next amazing season of comedic timing, fun and characters galore with ROWAN AND MARTIN’S LAUGH-IN: The Complete Fourth Season.

It is the fourth season of a show that America has come to embrace filled with characters that have made their mark in television history. Comedians Dan Rowan and Dick Martin would come to be the iconic dynamic-humor duo beginning in 1967 as LAUGH-IN hit the airwaves with what was suppose to be a one-time special. What actually happened was that a comedy series like no other would make its way onto television sets and become one of TV Guide’s 50 Greatest TV Shows of All Time!

Gary Owens would introduce the program with his infamous hand over the ear and slap stick voice letting us know it was basically time to prepare our funny bones for what was to come. Rowan and Martin would give both the ‘live’ studio audience and those of us at home a well choreographed humor dance that was perfection.

rowan 1

In this season Don Rickles brings his own brand of sarcastic and enjoys getting laughs as Arlene Francis or at least his version of the actress. Goldie Hawn makes her triumphant return to her cute and comedy roots after winning an Academy Award for CACTUS FLOWER.

As always I am thrilled when Lily Tomlin brings her two best characters to LAUGH-IN. Ernestine and Edith Ann are total opposite in character and both have an amazing look on life and no problem sharing it with us. Tomlin is still one of my all time favorite ladies and these two loveable and smart characters are exactly why.

Most people don’t know who Zero Mostel is and that would be a shame except that this season of LAUGH-IN on DVD invites everyone to see the most amazing four minutes of pantomime ever to be seen. This is the thrill that Time Life has brought back with this collection, a chance for everyone to see how comedy has progressed and who made that happen.

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Time Life continues to bring never before released anywhere classic collections of television shows for fans to revisit and remember what has made television so special. Time Life has released Mama’s Family, CPO Sharkey and The Tonight Show and they now reminds of us of a time when sex and politics were up for grabs with ROWAN & MARTIN’S LAUGH-IN. For more of what Time Life has to offer fans of classic television visit

The 7-disc set contains 26 episodes of comedy that is worth every moment. The Bonus Features include Classic long-running features and characters including Cocktail Party, Ruth Buzzi’s Hollywood Report, Joke Wall, Edith Ann, Tasteful Lady, Ernestine, Wolfgang, Rosmenko, the Swizzles, the Farkle Family, Gladys and Tyrone and Interviews with Lily Tomlin and Arte Johnson.

rowan 7

 Mod, Mod World takes on women, undertakers, alcohol, the news media, education, comics, prisons, big cities, aviation, psychiatry, religion, working girls and friendly ladies.

Once again Time Life has brought an amazing DVD package to those of us who grew up on LAUGH-IN and remember fondly the characters and laughs that the cast brought. It is a chance to go back a little in time and enjoy the comedy that reigned supreme in its day and can wear the crown of fun once again.

Rowan 2

Each show ended with Rowan telling his counterpart ‘Say goodnight Dick’ and the reply was ever faithful with ‘Goodnight Dick!’ So if you can recall how much fun ROWAN and MARTIN’S LAUGH-IN was, I am willing to bet that the opportunity to experience it all once again on DVD, all 1,384 minutes, will bring a huge grin and we have Time Life to thank for that!

In the end – political correctness? Forget about it!