Followers DVD 3D

Jeri Jacquin

Coming to DVD May 1st from director Ryan Justice and a Synkronized Company is a fright with social media when you have FOLLOWERS.

Brook (Amanda Delaney) and boyfriend Caleb (Justin Maina) have put their lives out on the internet for all to see. Marking their one year anniversary, Caleb has decided on a nice trip for a little alone time camping in the woods.

Their first night is met with a crackling fire and some champagne to celebrate. In the middle of the night Brook wakes to the sound of footsteps pleading for Caleb to investigate. Finding nothing they go back to sleep.

Shaking off the nights scare, Brook starts out her morning doing a video and is unaware that someone is to change everything. Taking her back to camp, they also come upon Caleb as the video goes black.

followers 1

Nick (Nishant Gogna) and Jake (Sean Michael Gloria) decide to make video demonstrating how easy it is to track people from online and how dangerous it can be. They decide to choose Brook and Caleb as the people to prove their point. Using their cameras and drone technology, they follow the couple and find themselves deep in the woods.

Jake decides that perhaps the documentary might not reach enough people and feels that they might have to go one step further. People pay attention when you take it one step further right? The tables turn on them all when another group enters the picture sending Brook and Nick running for their lives.

Then the tables turn again…for the last time.

Delaney as Brook is a girl with a few secrets of her own. Spending time being a social media star, she plays it up well. Maina as Caleb is a man on a mission and trying to bring a big of special to their relationship. Next time Caleb, try dinner and a walk on a public beach.

Gogna as Nick sees their idea for a documentary as ground breaking; to bad he didn’t do his woodsy research. Gloria as Jake has a few issues of his own and doesn’t let his film making partner in on it all.

All four of them have ideas of their own that clash of course but it isn’t going to make a different when what lives in the woods makes itself known.

Other cast include Emily Steward as Stephanie, Bianca Taylor as Cassie, and Jason Henne as Creepy Pete. Also, Eric Justice, Bret Burt, Jay Burt, Marina Kaminsky, Casey Hempel, Jade Rivera, Heather Jean as Cult Followers and David McMahon as the Cult Leader.


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FOLLOWERS is the Official Selection from the Upstate NY Horror Film Festival, the Orlando Film Festival, Alexandria Film Festival and the Miami Independent Film Festival.

Although this is a found-footage thriller, pay attention! They story line basically gives you a play by play of how easy social media has made it for people to get into your life. Whether you want them their or not it has become part of the norm as everyone has Facebook, SnapChat, Twitter or any of the hundreds of apps that are available.

I love the found footage look to it and that it is shot out in the middle of nowhere. Of course we are all afraid of the woods whether we admit it out loud or not. Think about it, a crackling sound in the middle of the night with no cell reception and nothing between you and fear but a flimsy tent? Yea, we are all know our limits.

There are twists to be sure and it all comes to a huge conclusion that once again reminds us of how fragile the line is between having a life and living it on social media.

In the end – beware what you share!