Gone are the days Bluray

Jeri Jacquin

Coming to Bluray/DVD and Digital from director Mark Landre Gould and Lionsgate Home Entertainment comes western justice with GONE ARE THE DAYS.

In the old West, Taylon Flynn (Lance Henriksen) is seriously ill and his life is beginning to flash before his eyes. Knowing that his days are numbered, he not only wants to leave the earth on his own terms but also to make amends for secret that has been in his heart.

One plan is to team up with fellow outlaw Virgil (Billy Lush) to make one final bank hit. Burning his old life to the ground, Flynn and Virgil head out on the long dusty trail. On their way Flynn meets the River Man (Danny Trejo) who makes it clear that crossing the river comes at a price.

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Anything to get to town, the trip is physically demanding for Flynn. Finally making it he asks stable owner Jaden (Steve Railsback) if he knows a girl named Heidi (Meg Steedle). Before answering questions, Jaden reveals that the town doesn’t allow the carrying of a gun inside the city limits. All of this on orders of Sheriff Will (Tom Berenger) who takes keeping the peace seriously.

When it is discovered that Flynn is carrying a large sum of money, Jaden and his thugs beat and dump him out in the desert. Much to his surprise, it is Heidi that comes to his rescue which changes all his plans. When Will discovers what Jaden has done, he realizes that the name Flynn means something to him.

The past has finally caught up to them all and it’s time to face it.

Henriksen as Flynn may be one of the sickest former outlaws I’ve ever seen on the screen but he’s also the most determined. Taking it step by step to finish his life on a set path, he isn’t about to come to terms with the one secret that has haunted him the most. Henriksen has always put his stamp on what ever role he takes and I can remember seeing him as far back as his short stint in the 1977 little film called CLOSE ENCOUNTERS OF THE THIRD KIND. Since then his career has become defined by the wide range of he has chosen and I am always interested to see what he does next.

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Berenger as Sheriff Will is another actor who has a career that stretches from starting in a soap opera to Jake Taylor in MAJOR LEAGUE, Lewis Gates in my absolute favorite LAST OF THE DOGMEN and, of course, Sgt. Barnes in the riveting PLATOON. In GONE ARE THE DAYS, he portrays a man who has a few secrets of his own. As the sheriff, he is stern in his no-gun rule and needs to redeem himself a bit as well.

Steedle as Heidi doesn’t realize that she is part of a bigger plan. Although she wants to get away from the situation she is in, it might take a bit of dangerous behavior to make it happen. Steedle has the look of a girl who is totally unaware of whom the players in her life have been.

Railsback as Jaden is just as creepy as he can possibly be. Running the town stable, he also runs another kind of stable – women. Heidi is one such woman who wants nothing more than to get away from a life that she has had no control over. Lush as Virgil is biting at the bit to get back to the bank robbing life and wants Flynn to be at his side.

Other cast include Lulu Wilson as Sally Anne, Jamie McShane as Doctor Jenkins, Carter Hastings as Jonathan, and Jackson Dunn as Henry.

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The Bluray and DVD include the Special Features Behind the Scenes of Gone Are the Days Featurette, Cast and Crew Interviews as well as a Trailer Gallery. The Digital Ultraviolet allows you to watch anywhere with instant Stream and Download on television, computer, Tablet and Smartphone.

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GONE ARE THE DAYS is a western with a few twists which makes this worth the watch. The cast of Henriksen, Berenger and Railsback brings us the work of talented actors with resumes that show why they were chosen to bring this western full circle. The cinematography lends itself to the feel of the dusty old western town and also the set design and costuming completed the look of the story.

In the end – save the last bullet for yourself!