Jeri Jacquin

On DVD celebrating its 30th Anniversary Edition is exercise done with lots of fun as Time Life brings Richard Simmons back our homes with SWEATIN’ TO THE OLDIES.

Richard Simmons worked his way into the hearts of those trying to lose weight with his first gym in Beverly Hills, California. Promoting exercise before exercise became such a big industry, Simmons did not hesitate to share the story of his early childhood obesity weighing over 260 pounds at his heaviest.

In the early 70s after his own weight loss, Simmons became interested in fitness and wanted to reach out those who were really unfit and needed help. Opening The Anatomy Asylum, he helped his clientele learn to eat right and be supportive of their goals.

Slowly Simmons became a media darling and even had a spot on the daytime soap opera General Hospital (yes, my mother and I saw every episode he was on!). He also became a regular on such game shows as Win, Lose or Draw and Match Game.

His career would continue with over twelve books as well as audio and almost thirty visual media including Sweatin’ to the Oldies and thirty-six other video cassettes. That is a health empire that is just staggering.

Time Life continues to bring never before released anywhere classic collections of television shows for fans to revisit and remember what has made television so special. Time Life has released Mama’s Family, CPO Sharkey and The Tonight Show and they now reminds of us of a time when sex and politics were up for grabs with ROWAN & MARTIN’S LAUGH-IN. For more of what Time Life has to offer fans of classic television visit www.timelife.com.

The 30th Anniversary Edition of SWEATIN’ TO THE OLDIES includes the Uncut Original Releases of Sweatin’ to the Oldies Volume 1-5, Love Yourself and Win – Six Steps to Self-Esteem & Permanent Weight Loss and over 100 Minutes of Bonus Material that includes: Exclusive interview with Richard Simmons, Testimonials and Success Stories from Richard’s Students, Twenty Page Album of Rare Personal Photos and Memories Personally Selected by Richard and More!

This is a six-disc collection can exclusively be found at Amazon.com and has so much to offer that Richard Simmons believes is everything you will need to succeed. Using the lively music hits from the 1950’s and 1960’s as well as low impact routines is mixed in with Simmons humor that makes working out fun. Songs such as It’s My Party, Big Girls Don’t Cry, Gimme Some Lovin’ and Oh Pretty Woman are just some of the songs you will remember.

Simmons says, “I can’t believe it has been thirty years since the beginning! For the first time ever, I have compiled the complete Sweatin’ to the Oldies COLLECTION. It’s the original and still the best way to get your heart racing and your blood pumping!”

The best part of this Time Life collection is that everything that is found in this collection is still everything needed to exercise with fun. There is no time line for taking care of ourselves and Simmons still believes that today.

It is amazing to have the opportunity to once again gather up a few friends that remember when exercise was fun and Richard Simmons made it so. I am actually using this collection now because it is fun and has some of the best songs that have always made me dance around. Why not incorporate that into remembering that it’s never too late to start taking care of ourselves!

In the end – Richard says ‘so many sparkly tank tops so many memories’ and I agree!