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Coming to DVD from 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment to delight families is more adventures from the cutest family on television with PEPPA PIG: Princess Peppa.

When Granny and Grandpa Pig come for a visit but Peppa and George are asleep. Mummy and Daddy Pig are having a dinner with the grandparents but when Granny Pig makes a noise, Peppa and George immediately wake up. Peppa decides to take it upon herself to tell a fantastic story!

Peppa is excited for her chance to meet the Queen when Miss Rabbit is being given an Award for Industry and of course everyone is excited to be a part of the trip. Peppa decides she wants to create her own perfume and goes to the flowers in the garden to find inspiration thanks to Grandma Pig’s scent.

George is thrilled to have a dinosaur balloon but is equally fearful that something will cause it to float away. It’s a day out for Peppa Pig and her family and they all decide to go for a drive and what they spot delights them all. Grandpa Pig isn’t happy with Granny Pig’s choice of decorations for their garden. Also in their garden are fruits that Peppa wants to make a pie with.

Pedro is playing with Peppa and friends and it’s a game of pirates as they make a treasure chest and mark the spot but their friend may have lost something that needs finding as well.

Peppa and her family and friends always bring fun and adventure!

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The DVD episodes include Princess Peppa, The Tooth Fairy, Treasure Hunt, Windy Castle, George’s Balloon, The Rainbow, The Queen, Perfume, Pirate Treasure, The Wishing Well, The Blackberry Bush and Chloe’s Puppet Show.

There is also a bonus episode of The Frog Prince from Ben & Holly’s Little Kingdom! For more of Peppa and her family please visit and on Facebook at Official Peppa Pig!

PEPPA PIG Princess Peppa is clearly adorable on every level possible. From adventures and fun to family spending time together, PEPPA PIG continues to bring story’s that are shareable for the entire family. There are life lessons in every episode that kids (and their parents) truly do embrace.

The families are all very different but have something amazing in common, their love of family, adventure and fun! The series is created and directed by Mark Baker and Neville Astley and we thank them for bring Peppa Pig into our homes.

The addition of the Limited Edition Plush of Peppa wearing her pretty red dress with her crown is just a delight for any Peppa and family fan.

In the end – get ready for royal fun with Princess Peppa!