Open Water 3


Jeri Jacquin

Coming to Bluray from writer/director Gerald Rascionato and Lionsgate is an ocean trip of survival with OPEN WATER 3: Cage Dive.

Brothers Jeff (Joel Hogan) and Josh Miller (Josh Potthoff) along with friend Megan Murphy (Megan Hill) decide to head to the Australian coast to go cage-diving with great whites. Learning what to do and seeing the sharks come around, the friends are looking forward to their time in the cage.

Without warning, a massive rogue wave turns their lives upside down – literally – as the three friends are now drifting in the water surrounded by sharks. A camera is rolling and continues to document the sharks attacking the others on the boat. Trying to stay together, the three friends believe it’s only a matter of time before the sharks come for them.

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During the night they find a large life raft kit and feel like they are finally getting away from the sharks. It also gives all three time to talk and it becomes clear there are unresolved relationship issues with the two brothers.

They find a survivor floating in the night water but one moment of panic puts them all back in the water and fighting for their lives once again.

Hogan as Jeff is trying to keep it all together but when you are surrounded by sharks that might be difficult. Potthoff as Josh is treading water in more ways than one and when you have something with large teeth swimming around your feet it’s time to come clean about life. Hill as Megan is doing double duty in the relationship department. Megan mainly remains calm until that one moment on the raft and then she’s done for.

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OPEN WATER 3: Cage Dive is the kind of film that shark lovers have to see. First of all, the cinematography is pretty fantastic. It’s difficult enough to do a story in the water but to make a film that has both day and night scenes and sharks, well that’s cool.

There is such a mixture of stories here as well, with the news stories, the relationship drama and how videoing everything leaves nothing to chance and survival in open waters. Does it give viewers bites? Yes. Is it intense? Absolutely. Did I watch it twice – okay yes I did.

That’s what makes OPEN WATER 3: Cage Dive a film that I would ask friends over and watch with the lights off. There are so many jumps and eye coverings going on that it should be shared with friends – just be in charge of holding the popcorn bowl!

In the end – they must fight to survive using only their courage!