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Jeri Jacquin

It has been twenty years since Buffy introduced us to a series that still brings fans to their feet. If you are ready to revisit the gang, well, 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment has put together an amazing boxed set that is going to deserve a special space in your home entertainment library with BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER!

Buffy Summers (Sarah Michelle Gellar) is a young girl going about her life as any other teenager would arriving in Sunnydale with her Mom Joyce (Kristine Sutherland). Except for one thing, Buffy isn’t exactly a normal teenager. In fact, she comes from a line of Vampire Slayers who battle the forces of evil. Getting her through it all is her Watcher Giles (Anthony Steward Head) and the Watchers’ Council.

Trying to start over, Buffy attends Sunnydale High and meets Xander (Nicholas Brendon) and Willow (Alyson Hannigan). It doesn’t take long before The Master (Mark Metcalf) becomes a threat wanting to take over Sunnydale through the portal of Hellmouth.

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Buffy and the Scooby Gang also deal with the vampires Spike (James Marsters) and Drusilla (Juliet Landau) (although I find the name Spike hilarious). The young Slayer also finds love with Angel (David Boreanaz), a vampire who has a curse that could put a stake right through their relationship. Devastated by the pain she thinks she has caused, Buffy leaves Sunnydale.

Not for long however as Angel needs her help but that isn’t the only thing that is about to change as Giles is replaced by the Watcher’s Council with Wesley (Alexis Denisof). Buffy isn’t happy with anything they are doing and decides to go it on her own. Of course all of this as Graduation Day approaches and the Mayor (Harry Groener) decides to become a total demon – literally – bringing about one big graduating sending off!

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Buffy and Willow decide to attend college in Sunnydale but Xander decides to become a member of the working class. Buffy learns there is a military group called The Initiative below the campus and Spike’s return doesn’t last long. Giving him a little technology boost, Spike becomes one of the Scooby Gang. Buffy meets Riley Finn (Marc Blucas) and they begin dating but all the joy is put on hold when a creature named Adam (George Hertzberg) go after Buffy and The Initiative.

When a Hell God named Glory (Clare Kramer) is on the search for a special key, what comes next hits closer to home, especially when the key is Buffy’s sister Dawn (Michelle Trachtenberg). Giles returns because of Buffy’s demands to The Watcher’s Council as Spike comes to terms with his own feelings by leaving. Buffy discovers that Glory has taken Dawn and the only way to get her back is by her own life sacrifice.

But her life isn’t about to be taken without the Scooby Gang coming in to help but Buffy isn’t exactly happy about the return. The crazy continues when Xander after proposing to Anya (Emma Caulfield) is left at the altar, Dawn is lashing out, Willow is addicted to the unusual and now The Trio is trying to kill an already worn out Buffy. When Giles tries to help set everything back to order, Spike loses control and seeks out a demon who will help make him evil again. He wants to hurt Buffy in the worst way and the demon obliges!

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When the Turok-Han vampire army is raised, there is a shaking up everywhere. The Watchers’ Council is demolished and Slayers begin seeking refuge with Buffy. Led by Caleb (Nathan Fillion) who is an evil preacher, the Hellmouth bursts with demons. Willow must help to bring power to the Slayers and Angel returns to help as well.

In an epic finale, all the vampires and Hellmouth begin a battle with an ending no one could see coming!

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BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER Bonus Features include **New** Official Buffy Dark Horse Comic Book Featuring Exclusive Cover and Coloring Sheet Inside Packaging as a Gift with Purchase for a Limited Time Only, and Buffy the Vampire Slayer: The Complete series Season 1-7 along with Special Features Material from Previous Seasons.

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Created by Joss Whedon, BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER began it’s run in 1997 on The WB. The series would continue until 2003 (and that’s quite a run folks) signing off on UPN.

That didn’t stop the Buffy-ness train from rolling strong as fans continue to celebrate all things BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER. The spin off ANGEL is another series created by Joss Whedon giving the dark character time in Los Angeles as a private detective. There would also be cross over appearances because, lets be honest, you can’t keep these two apart for long.

There is also the comics of BUFFY that was taken on by Dark Horse with Whedon writing an eight-issue storyline. There are also BUFFY novels published by Pocket Books with sixty stories in all. If video games are your thing then know that BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER has it’s place there as well.

BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER made lists that included TV Guide, Empire, The Hollywood Reporter, Time, AOL TV and Rolling Stones 100 Greatest TV Shows of All Time.

That means that you get to celebrate Buffy and the Scooby Squad again and again with this frakken cool as hell box set from 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment. There are 39 discs containing 144 episodes and Special Features that are going to blow your mind.

The Comic Book by Dark Horse and the Original Coloring Sheet are extras that are more fun than a vampire slayer admirer should be allowed to have.

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BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER is a series that took risks and reached into the farthest parts of our imagination to thrill us each week. Gellar and the amazing cast of characters gave us action, thrills, suspense, mystery and made it all look so very seamless and easy.

Trying to be a normal teen is hard enough but when you are a slayer and evil is pretty much guaranteed to show up on your doorstep, Buffy and the gang gave us their all. This is a group of characters that fans line up to see again and again with no hesitation in their dedication to good storytelling and fantastic characters.

Now, BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER Commemorates 20 Years of Slaying with one of the best boxed sets I’ve ever seen. This is a marathon waiting to happen like no other and 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment does it in style.

In the end – they brought slaying to a whole new level!