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Jeri Jacquin

On Bluray from HBO Home Entertainment is the amazing cast and Emmy Winning comedy back to share all with VEEP: The Complete Sixth Season.

President Selina Meyer (Julia Louis-Dreyfus) is not handling the loss in the Senate resolving the Electoral College tie that ended last season. Her staff has gone to the four winds as Dan (Reid Scott) can be found on CBS This Morning television, and Amy (Anna Chlumsky) is set to marry politician Buddy Calhoun. Jonah (Timothy Simons) is still in Congress and now Kent is working for him.

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Her only continuing contact is with Mike (Matt Walsh) who has become Mr. Mom taking care of his three kids while helping Selina with her memoir. Richard (Sam Richardson) is still helping her as well even if Gary (Tony Hale) isn’t happy about it.

As Selina works on her Presidential library, she finds out Andrew has been cheating. What’s worse is that it’s with the woman who painted her official portrait – how’s that for kicking a former President while she’s already down! Dealing with Buddy’s (Matt Oberg) latest potential tabloid fodder, Amy works on a way to downplay his DUI arrest.

Participating as an observer in Georgia’s free elections, Selina learns how their process works and the word ‘bribe’ is thrown around. Ready to head back to the states, the rumor mill is working overtime as she hears that a Supreme Court nomination is in the wind.

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Before heading for Qatar, Selina finally picks a location for her library. Once in Qatar, she finds herself in the middle of photo ops that prove to be more than she had anticipated. So much for putting Tibet first and foremost.

Between unveiling her Presidential portrait and Gary’s birthday party, things couldn’t get crazier – or could they. Selina’s diary ends up in the hands of Amy and Mike and it contains more secrets than even they could have imagined.

A better book is Selina’s memoirs and thinking she just might have something good going; an expose also comes out that doesn’t paint her in the best light. Jonah is trying to make his place in politics and that too isn’t exactly going to plan as a grab for it all leaves him empty handed.

The Presidential library breaks ground but that isn’t the only news that is about to be shared in life and in the White House!

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First of all, a big congratulations goes out to VEEP’s new Emmy winner Julia Louis-Dreyfus. Actually she continues to win an Emmy for her role as Selina Meyer and I, for one and many, couldn’t be happier. She has made her mark in this series and continues to do so. I always encourage my friends to watch the show and even more so to do a marathon of VEEP when a Bluray is released right before the next season. This show is witty, smart and has a cast that is complete perfection.

What stands out is the satirical slaps that have continued for six seasons and shows no signs of slowing down. The narrative of the show is one of politics, weird slips, anxiety, dysfunction, sharp and even twisted in a way that makes us all stop and think – hmmmm…this isn’t that far from the mark now is it!

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The Bluray includes the episodes Omaha, Library, Georgia, Justice, Chicklet, Qatar, Blurb, Judge, A Woman First and Groundbreaking. The Bonus Features include Seven Audio Commentaries with Cast & Crew including Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Tony Hale, Reid Scott, Matt Walsh, Timothy Simons, David Mandel and more!

VEEP was created by Armando Iannucci, Oscar nominee for co-writing IN THE LOOP, along with David Mandel as Executive Producer and Showrunner for Seasons Five and Six. The ensemble cast includes two-time Emmy winner Tony Hale, Emmy nominee Anna Chlumsky, Emmy nominee Matt Walsh, Reid Scott, Timothy Simons, Kevin Dunn, Emmy nominee Gary Cole and Sam Richardson.

In the end – they are making history whether you like it or not!