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Coming to DVD from SHOUT! Kids Factor and Hasbro Studios is the iconic and loveable MY LITTLE PONY Friendship is Magic: Fluttershy.

The gang is excited when they learn that the famous photographer Photo Finish has seen Rarity’s fashion work! Setting up a fashion photo shoot, Rarity asks Fluttershy to be her model. Not sure that it’s what she wants to do, Fluttershy agrees because her friend has asked. Immediately Photo Finish makes it clear that she isn’t interested in Rarity’s fashions but Fluttershy as a model. It makes Rarity sad when Fluttershy becomes instantly famous and doesn’t know her friend is sad too. The girls work together to be truthful with one another and put a stop to the madness that is straining their friendship.

Fluttershy visits her parent’s home and learns her little brother Zephyr is returning to live. Immediately he treats his parents badly and Fluttershy gets grumpy about the way he is acting. She tries to convince her parents to speak up and make Zephyr responsible for his own actions. They agree and when he leaves Fluttershy is shocked to go home and find her brother already moved in. Doing her best to show him what it takes to be a responsible pony; Zephyr does his best to mess things up. Fluttershy tries one last time to help her brother fight his fear and succeed.

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A game of Buckball excited Rainbow Dash and joining a team sounds like fun to the other ponies. Going up against the Appaloosa team, Apple Jack trains them to put together a good team. Surprised at what a natural Pinkie Pie and Fluttershy are at the game, Apple Jack needs more players exactly like them. Snails turns out to be an awesome surprise! The team learns more about each other and what it means to be a team and have good sportsmanship.

Apple Jack and Fluttershy are asked by Rainbow Dash to go to Las Pegasus. Twilight tells them they need to help the Princess of Friendship. They are met by Mr. Gladmane and shown around his impress place of business. Fluttershy finds Flim and Flam and immediately sees their friendship problem. Apple Jack refuses to help the two and seeks out others who may need help. When they learn Mr. Gladmane is up to no good, Fluttershy and Apple Jack team up with Flim and Flam to bring out the truth in Las Pegasus.

Finally, Fluttershy has to take bunny Angel to Dr. Fauna when he has a little accident. The doctor’s office is bursting at the seams with animals that need tending. No one seems to know where they are all coming from and they won’t leave once they’ve been treated. It doesn’t take long before Fluttershy realizes she might have given Dr. Fauna so much praise and spread the word. The animals came and are feeling safe in her care. Fluttershy realizes that her dream is to open an animal sanctuary. All the ponies know someone who can help that dream come true.

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Hasbro Studios is an iconic brand with some of the best in animation and family programming with MY LITTLE PONY, and LITTLEST PET SHOP. Since its formation in 2009, Hasbro Studios has received seven Daytime Emmy’s!

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The DVD includes the episodes Green Isn’t Your Color, Flutter Brutter, Buckball Season, Viva Las Pegasus and Fluttershy Leans In. Also included is the Bonus Feature of a Sing-Along and trust me it is catchy and fun!

What else can possibly be said about these iconic ponies that hasn’t been said before? My family has been watching MY LITTLE PONY since my own girls were children (now are grown adults). The best part is watching my daughter’s daughter watch MY LITTLE PONY and play with the iconic toys. That is how amazing this show is and continues to be.

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With ever changing story lines, the MY LITTLE PONY universe grows, expands and we continue to embrace them. That is an accomplishment beyond any stretch of the imagination. To bring beloved characters further and further into our homes with love, family, color, light, and lessons – that is what quality family programming should be.

Get ready to go on Fluttershy’s adventure with MY LITTLE PONY Friendship is Magic: Fluttershy on DVD.

In the end – in the words of Fluttershy ‘sometimes you have to do things even though you might fail’!



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