Jeri Jacquin

This week from director Darren Grant and Universal Pictures Home Entertainment comes a plan turned upside down when KILLING HASSELHOFF.

Friends Chris (Ken Jeong), Fish (Rhys Darby) and Tommy (Jim Jeffries) are part of a celebrity death pool that it worth a huge amount of money. Chris’ pick is David Hasselhoff but it’s a double edged sword. He also owns a nightclub that is struggling a bit but believes it will all turn around when Hasselhoff arrives at a soiree Chris has set up.

The guys get together for a celebratory drink waiting for Hasselhoff when Chris receives a telephone call from his manager Barry (Jon Lovitz). It seems ‘The Hoff’ has changed his mind and wants to go to another club. Chris is devastated personally as well as financially.

kill 2

Trying to find a way out of it Chris knows that the loan sharks will be wanting their cash. Overcome with a case of the crazies, he realizes there is one way to make the money back – make the Dead Pool come true. It certainly doesn’t hurt that Chris wants a tad bit of revenge as well.

Tommy and Fish are frantic for their friend knowing he is about to get himself killed. What’s more, it seems that the loan sharks like pool amount as well and now it is about to get even crazier. The only one that doesn’t seem to upset by anything going on around him is David Hasselhoff – but that’s what happens when you think you are the coolest dude on the planet!

Jeong as Chris is a man on a mission! He wants to keep his life in a good place with a strong business, being in love with his girlfriend and hanging out with friends. Of course he probably should have thought twice about borrowing from loan sharks but that’s neither here nor there…right? Going after Hasselhoff might be even crazier than the loan sharks and Jeong lets his inner psycho out to play.

kill 3

Jeffries as Tommy is his usual funny self and the only comment I might make is that his character would be even funnier with his accent. That might just be me because I’m use to hearing it. Jeffries has been on my radar for years now and I’ve followed his comedy faithfully. It’s good to see him surrounded by other funny people.

Darby as Fish also gets a chance to pull out his inner psycho. Twisted inside and out, Darby makes it all look so easy and funny at the same time. Even when he’s being supportive he looks a little nuts doing it. Lovitz as Barry is the manager who basically is worried about keeping his client happy – and no one else.

Speaking of client – Hasselhoff gets to play out his universal “fame” with narcissism, self-centeredness and tons of unabashed openness. I give the man props for shedding down to his shorts and even doing slow-mo pool dives!

Other cast include Will Sasso as Wasserstein, Justin Bieber as the voice of K.I.T.T., Carlos Pena Vega as Pedro, Ron Funches as Bill and cameos by Michael Winslow, Melanie Brown, Howie Mandel, Rick Fox, and Gena Lee Nolin.

kill 1

Universal Studios Home Entertainment has just added an amazing film to their library and making it available for us all to experience and re-experience in our own home theatres. There are films of every genre available from scary to drama to family films. For more of what they have to offer please visit www.uphe.com.

KILLING HASSELHOFF is a quirky and far-reaching comedy that not only brings the celebrity Death Pool out of the shadows but gives it big bucks! The trio of Jeong, Jeffries and Darby as three friends who are all off in their own way plays out. Hasselhoff is outrageous from beginning to end. There are plenty of cameos in the films as well.

The DVD of KILLING HASSELHOFF comes with Exclusive Features and Hilarious Deleted Scenes in case you need even more laughs.

In the end – don’t hassle the Hoff!