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Jeri Jacquin

Here we are, at the final day of what has been a test of endurance for all but fun none-the-less. We are going to jump right in so you know where to go and what is going to be happening.

The morning is going to be amazing as the Star Wars Fan Clubs: Rebel Legion, Mandalorian Mercs, RS Builders and the 501st Legion bring a special tribute to actress Carrie Fisher with PRINCESS LEIA STAR WARS FAN CLUB TRIBUTE PRESENTATION. This is an amazing opportunity for fans to have tell their stories and say goodbye to the universes’ Princess!

In Hall H, the best Sunday morning ever and a year event as the cast and producers of SUPERNATURAL hit the day running. Season 13 is promising to be even more amazing but first there are questions about the two part finale that fans will be lining up to ask. Of course I will be waiting for the gag reel which gets better and better every year.

The TNT series THE LAST SHIP is back! The U.S.S. Nathan James helps with the global recovery of the Red Flu but there are other problems that need to be addressed as well. Eric Dane, Adam Baldwin, Bridget Regan and Steven Kane gives us all a sneak peak of what is it come.

DOCTOR WHO is making it’s BBC America appearance at Comic Con with Peter Capaldi and a bit of the DOCTOR WHO Christmas Special. Also on panel is Pearl Mackie, Matt Lucas, Michelle Gomez, Mark Gatiss, Steven Moffatt and moderated by Chris Hardwick.

After the Doctor has left the building, the convention hall is the place to be for one more go around and play in the exhibits. Hey, a girl’s got to have some fun too! When I’m done with that I plan to get out of the air conditioning that is the convention center and go outside to hit up all the playful and exciting exhibits that have been waiting for me to return.

That’s it sports fans – San Diego Comic Con International 2017! It’s time to go home, say hello to the cat and soak my feet for the next year. Just joking! This week is meant for fun, excitement; doing all the things we love from the comic world as well as film, television and animation.

It is the one week a year where everyone has something amazing in common with every person you meet, reconnect with friends and make new friends. There isn’t anything more exciting for the city and those who come from afar like San Diego Comic Con International.

See you in 2018!