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Coming to DVD and Digital HD this week from writer/director Giuseppe Tornatore and 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment is a emotional journey through CORRESPONDENCE.

Amy (Olga Kurylenko) is a college student who does dangerous stunt work part time. The love of her life is Professor Ed Phoerum (Jeremy Irons) and their relationship is very strong. Both very busy people they always make time for telephone calls, emails, texts and video chats looking forward to being reunited.

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That is until Ed becomes so busy that several weeks go by and Amy wonders when they will come together again. While sitting in a lecture, Amy discovers that Ed has died. Confused, she can not even begin to understand how that is possible.

Ed isn’t finished however and letters begin to appear and text messages that take Amy on a journey of tears, pain and a sense of redemption. Following each piece of the puzzle, there are moments of total joy and equal moments of grief. Along the way she doesn’t realize that those involved are there for her.

It is a journey she must finish if she is to ever find joy again.

Kurylenko as Amy is a perfect actress to play this role. She brings every spectrum of emotion and her tears are completely believable. Dealing with the grief of losing Ed is only part of what she must endure. Even through her frustration, there are truths that she must face and Kurylenko plays out that journey beautifully.

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Irons as Ed is just an amazing actor and it seems ridiculous to have to say so. His body of work is nothing short of stellar and although his role in this film is more vocal than visual, he carries his character with such exquisiteness and splendor. To be honest the words he speaks just ran through my heart and I wouldn’t have wanted it any other way.

Other cast include Oscar Sanders as Nicholas, Anna Savva as Angela, Irina Kara as Mamma, Ian Cairns as George, Simon Johns as Jason, James Warren as Rick and Shauna Macdonald as Victoria.

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CORRESPONDENCE is an emotional film filled with so much love, devotion and heartbreak all in one story. Taking the journey with Amy trying to discover the next clue or the next letter or text was intense to be a part of. That’s the true nature of this film in that the viewer, perhaps without even realizing it, finds themselves joining Amy in her discoveries.

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With Kurylenko’s charged character and Irons voice leading us where she sometimes don’t want to go, it all becomes clearer and clearer. In that clearing is the release from the grief and confusion that sometimes comes from a magnificent love that most fear won’t come once let alone ever to come again.

CORRESPONDENCE contains not only the DVD but also the Digital HD which allows viewers to instantly stream and download onto their television, computer, tablet and Smartphone.

This is definitely a tissue testing film and I’m not at all upset about that, especially when it is a story of life and death and what we do after that.

In the end – it is a forbidden love filled with undying devotion.