Jeri Jacquin

On DVD this week from writer/director Thane Economou and Candy Factory is a reminder that June is the time of weddings and all that entails when part of THE WEDDING PARTY.

Paul (Joel Johnstone) and Margene (Meg Cionni) are finally married and now it’s on to the party. The wedding party aren’t even back down the aisle before the craziness begins. First, Jim (Blake Lee) is babying a broken heart but finds a little smile when he sees former high school sweetheart Alex (Allison Paige).

wed 1

Seeing the madness Alex is going through keeping everything on schedule, Jim agrees to be her partner-in-line making it all work. Paul and Margene decide to divide and conqueror dealing with their families but Margene isn’t really happy about it.

But that’s not the only problem as Katie’s Dad Ned (Michael Adler) is speaking in tongues so to speak, Pastor Kyle (Deniz Akdeniz) is praising-the-lord-and-passing-the-judgment, Bethanie (Ziah Colon) can’t stay away from the Xanax, bridesmaid Greta (Kat Palardy) can’t keep her voice from calling stray cats, dealing with the ex-Zeb (Pete Ploszek) and groomsmen Skylar (Moses Storm) dealing with Aunt Sylvia’s (Pamela Dunlap) sexual advances!

Every thing that can happen does happen when you are part of a wedding party.

Johnstone as Paul is a man that clear isn’t sure that he is ready for marriage but it’s harder to turn back once the deed is done. Cionni as Margene is beautiful as all brides are and tries to make everyone happy but doesn’t include herself in all of the festivities.

wed 2

Lee as Jim is nursing a broken heart but discovers that it might have healed without knowing it when he sees Alex and their night if filled with craziness and laughs. Paige as Alex is moving the wedding along with her binder in hand and finds herself having a good time with Jim – even if the self absorbed ex-Zeb makes an entrance.

Storm as Skylar sort of steals the show with his need to conquest at a wedding and to discover if the rice and birds is a myth. I have to say I loved watching his goofiness, especially when confronted by Aunt Sylvia who calls his b.s. Notice the rubber tracks of his shoes on the ground!

THE WEDDING PARTY received Best Feature Film at the Tulsa American Film Festival, the Technical Brilliance Award at the St. Lois International Film Festival, Official Selection at the Sedona Film Festival, and winner of the Best of Fest at the 2016 Fayetteville Film Festival.

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THE WEDDING PARTY is probably the most realistic and hilarious film I’ve seen because everyone has had these issues at a wedding. If anything, this film is a fair warning that family and friends are fair game when it comes to celebrating nuptials that are a green light for disaster.

With every laugh the film provides there is also a sense of ‘oh my gawd’ because it’s nice to know that when planning and going through with my own daughters wedding, that our crazy wasn’t exclusive. I believe THE WEDDING PARTY should be critical seeing for anyone that is planning that special day.

In the end stakes rise and cake falls with this wedding party!