All nighter

Jeri Jacquin

Looking for a buddy film with a twist? Well, on DVD and Digital HD this week from director Gavin Wiesen and 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment wants you to prepare yourself for an ALL NIGHTER.

Martin (Emile Hirsch) is a banjo player in love with Ginnie (Analeigh Tipton). Uncomfortably he agrees to meet her father Frank Gallo (J.K. Simmons) over dinner and immediately knows this is going to be uncomfortable. It doesn’t matter in the grand scheme of things because six months later Martin is single.

A surprise knock on the door from Frank puts Martin’s emotions in high gear when Ginnie can’t be found. Jumping from friend to jobs, the two turn into detectives trying to find people who may know where she is.

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That of course means dealing with those who want to make Martin feel worse and people challenging the dynamic-duo. Roberta (Kristen Schaal) and Gary (Taran Killam) are friends who are so busy trying to deal with their own relationship they can’t be of much help. Then there is Megan (Xosha Roquemore) and her crazy boyfriend Bri-baby (Trenton Rostedt) who would rather throw up and fight than to be helpful.

Discovering where Ginnie lives, Frank turns a search for his daughter into breaking and entering with cops chasing them through the streets of West Hollywood. Sitting in a jail cell, Frank and Martin get real and life changes for them both.

Simmons as Frank is very funny in this role. Snappy wit and ice blue eyed stares I enjoyed the laughs he provided. He is the well dressed and self-assured one of the two but sometimes impeccable on the outside can mean a mess on the inside.

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Hirsch as Martin is a self-doubting and depressed ex-boyfriend who can’t seem to get his act together. Spending the evening on the Ginnie-hunt with Frank isn’t exactly his idea of a good time yet something begins to change for him. Every step Martin is being dragged yet this buddying between Hirsch and Simmons is pretty cool.

Schaal as Roberta is a complete psycho yet I know someone exactly like her! Killam as Gary is just a whipped human being and when he tries to escape, doesn’t help Frank and Martin but sure makes me laugh! Tipton as Ginnie is basically the beginning and end of the film as the focus of the all nighter.

Other cast include Jon Bass as Trevor, Shannon Woodward as Lois, Meta Golding as Kelly, Jon Daly as Jimothy, Stephanie Allynne as Tracy, Rebecca Drysdale as Lizzie, and Connor Barrett as Dean.

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The ALL NIGHTER is a dynamic of two totally different people but with one goal – even if it means wearing a pink princess shirt to do it (congrats on that Simmons!). I just love the relationship between Hirsch and Simmons, not just because of the age difference because really that fades fast, but because their one commonality isn’t what keeps them going.

I think it’s more about these two guys who both have serious issues with life and relationships discovering they are in the same boat. Paddling against one another for a bit, they slowly begin to let the current take them and stop fighting each other. Of course finding all this out on the streets of West Hollywood brings the laughs.

In the end – the fastest way to get over an ex is staying up all night with her dad!