Jeri Jacquin and Vince Munn

In theatres this Friday is the highly anticipated film directed by Patty Jenkins with DC Entertainment and Warner Bros. Pictures bringing WONDER WOMAN.

Jeri Jacquin: First of all, it is no secret that I’m not the most ardent fan of super hero films, mainly because you can’t swing a tattered comic book without hitting one in theatres. I don’t need 15 super hero characters mushing up my screen time doing the same thing they always do – mainly tearing up the world that other people have to live in after.

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I’ve been told in whispers I am suppose to slobber all over WONDER WOMAN because we share the same body parts (minus the wrist cuffs and svelty figure) because the film is suppose to “empower women”. Robin Wright looked amazing in her Amazonian get up, do I get points for that? So knowing you are not going to get it out of me my irk list is extensive.

Instead, from the get-go dear Diana is lied to by the people she is suppose to trust the most – her family, then she is lied to by a man (why should she be any different) and then ends up helping humanity save itself basically showing her altruistism. I spent more time rolling my eyes than cheering.

Yes, I’m just horrible for not feeling empowered by WONDER WOMEN which is why I am letting someone who loves all things DC do his thing and give his views on the film. Ladies and gentlemen – I give you Vince Munn, take it away!

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Vince Munn: Diana (Gal Gidot), princess of the Amazons is a trained lethal warrior, blessed by the gods and raised on an island of women. When American spy Steve Trevor (Chris Pine) crashes on their island of Themyscira, he tells of a great conflict in the outside world. Diana she seeks to travel with him into the heart of the conflict convinced she can end the threat.

Through her journey Diana will see the dark side of man while discovering her full power and destiny. Warner Brothers and DC comics have found the bright light in their dark cinematic universe. Wonder Woman is a film with heart, humor, and forgive the pun, wonder.

Gal Gadot reprises her role of Diana, first introduced in Batman v Superman, a highlight of that film. Carrying the film she imbues it with charm, beauty, and heroism. Were I a young girl, this would absolutely be my heroine. The core of the character is there as her motives for what she does.

Chris Pine is solid in his role of Steve Trevor. While he is the male lead, he never steals the spotlight and supports his lead in the best way. Connie Nielsen, Danny Huston, and Robin Wright round out the main cast, each filling their role with full talent and commitment – sometimes a little beyond what is necessary.

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While the villains are there, much like most Marvel antagonists, they lack the bite you want. The spectacle of the film is there as well. This is a comic book film and feels like one, but at no time does it ever wink at its audience.

Coming out at this time in history, amidst all the politic and unrest, Wonder Woman will stand out as a beacon to women. This is a strong character and is not pandered to. A personal stand out moment is the crossing of No Man’s Land. You’ll know it when you see it. Absolutely beautiful. “I will fight, for those who cannot fight for themselves.”

Fully enjoyable, while at times feeling its length, the only real issue is that you could shave a close 15 minutes and probably have a tighter, better film. That being said, this is a lot of fun, a lot of eye candy, and worth a second viewing.

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Jeri: Thank you Vince! Although there are moments in the film that I agree with Vince it really doesn’t matter because WONDER WOMAN will earn its stop spot, at least for a week. With big films showing up week after week, each one will take its place on the top stop unless WONDER WOMAN has other super powers that can keep her there longer.

In the end – the future of justice begins with her…apparently.