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June 2017

BABY DRIVER Rides in on Rails!



Jeri Jacquin

Racing into theatres this Friday from writer/director Edgar Wright and Tri-Star Pictures is the song mix of the summer with BABY DRIVER.

Baby (Ansel Elgort) is a quiet young man who has the uncanny knack for calm driving in intense situations. That is exactly what boss man Doc (Kevin Spacey) consistently counts on. Using Baby’s wheel talent for heists, it quickly becomes clear that Doc is using him.

Taking car of a worried Joseph (CJ Jones), Baby lets him know that one more job will get him free of Doc. Using music to keep his focus, it takes lovely waitress Deborah (Lily James) to pull out the ear buds.

baby 1

Finishing his last job with Doc, Baby wants to be part of life without fear. Taking a job in pizza retail, even Joseph is happier. Taking Deborah out for a grand dinner to celebrate, Baby freaks when he sees Doc who sways him in for one more go by threatening through charm.

Putting a plan into action, Doc recruits Buddy (Jon Hamm), his gal Darling (Eliza Gonzalez) and Batts (Jamie Foxx) for the most intense and brazen score. Keeping focused, Baby is about to turn left while everyone else goes right and all to the beat of his own iPod.

Never mistake being quiet for being a pushover!

Elgort as Baby is brilliant! Everything about this character, Elgort makes look so seamless and easy. From his smooth walking, music choices and quirkiness, Baby is somebody you watch intently and cheer on with an evil grin. Also, Elgort is as cool as an outsider can possibly be and I loved every minute of his performance. Can someone explain to me why isn’t he Han Solo?

Spacey as Doc is just impeccable because, as everyone should know by now, you don’t mess with the Spacey! This actor has brought roles of badness to a level no one can touch. As Doc he once again plays outside the good guy lines with a gleam in his eye all the way.

Jones as Joseph cares so much about Baby and it is in their relationship that a deeper understanding of his story comes to light. James as Deborah is charming, sweet and knows Baby isn’t all he seems yet she doesn’t hesitate to be all in.

baby 2

Foxx as Batts is intense and out to get all he can. Having a problem with Baby from the moment they meet, Foxx has no problem showing his edgy side. Gonzalez as Darling is into her man and the money they get together. At the same time she certainly isn’t shy about cutting someone down who gets in her way.

Hamm as Buddy just rocks the screen. This is such a dark character and Hamm certainly embraces every scene and aspect of his character. There is one particular moment where his character just goes deep dark and the change happens right before our eyes. Absolutely fantastic!

Other cast includes Sky Ferreira as Baby’s Mother, Lane Palmer as Baby’s father, Flea as Eddie, Lanny Joon as JD and Jon Bernthal as Griff.

TUBS OF POPCORN: I give BABY DRIVER four and a half tubs of popcorn out of five. Giving Edgar Wright the props he totally deserves, this film has saved my film sanity. Depressed at the ridiculous franchise films, superheroes being jammed down my throat and lack of imagination elsewhere in tinsel town, BABY DRIVER gave me story, action, cinematography and music for months to come.

The audience was yelling, cheering and laughing from start to finish. There is something to be said for sitting in a theatre and to be taken on a ride in so many storyline directions. Does it hurt to have a cool ass cast and awesome soundtrack? In this case, not one dayyuum bit!

baby 3

In the first five minutes of the film I was happily hooked and like a kid, I found myself sitting on the edge of my seat wanting more. Translated…I was having fun. Using music across so many eras allowed something for everyone to lip-synch too.

Car chases, underlying stories, sweet romance, good guys, bad guys and the lines between them blurred, BABY DRIVER is a mash-up of what summer fun at the movies is all about. Grab a group of cool, a large bucket of popcorn, sit middle seat dead center and mentally buckle up for 113 minutes of awesome.

In the end – all you need is one killer track!

DESPICABLE ME 3 Expands the Family Fun!



Jeri Jacquin

Get the family together because coming to theatres this Friday from directors Eric Guillon, Kyle Balda and Pierre Cofflin along with Illumination Entertainment is DESPICABLE ME 3.

Gru (Steve Carell) and Lucy (Kristen Wiig) are on their next mission for the Anti-Villain League going after Balthazar Bratt (Trey Parker), a once child star who took his role into adulthood. With his keytair and 80’s dance moves, Bratt gets away with a diamond as large as his head!

Returning to the AVL headquarters, Silas Ramsbottom (Steve Coogan) announces that he will be stepping down. Taking his job is Valerie Da Vinci (Jenny Slate) and her first move is to fire Gru. Lucy threatens to walk if she follows through with the firing and now both are out of a job. The Minions aren’t happy when Gru refuses to return to villainy and stage a walk out.

des 1

Going home to explain it all to Margo (Miranda Cosgrove), Edith (Dana Gaier) and Agnes (Nev Scharrel), the parents assure the girls it will all work out. That’s when a stranger shows up and announces that Gru has a twin brother names Dru (also voiced by Steve Carell). Not believing it Gru forces his Mom (Julie Andrews) and he learns the truth about his family.

Packing the family up, they fly to Dru’s luxurious estate and Gru learns more about who his father was. He also learns that Dru wants to be villainous and it’s Gru’s chance to capture Bratt while Lucy works on her Mom-skills. Bratt isn’t about to make anything easy as he has plans for tinsel town.

In their efforts to strengthen their family, Gru, Lucy and Dru along with the girls learn that love of family is amazing and there is no bad guy big enough to break them apart!

Recently at CinemaCon, Steve Carell spoke about his iconic work as Gru saying the DESPICABLE ME franchise is filled with “characters that are funny for adults as well as kids and that’s what has made it all successful”. How did the voice of Gru come to be? Carell says, “I tried voices on my daughter and when I did the voice of Gru they told me that was the one. Gru’s voice was like I flew over Eastern Europe and Dru’s voice had to be different. It had to be very fun, free and giddy in a way”.

des 3

Wiig as Lucy is trying her best to be a good Mom and it takes being herself to let everyone know that no one messes with Mama Bear! I just think the character of Lucy is crazy cool. Cosgrove, Gaier and Scharrel as Margo, Edith and Agnes are just girls growing up in a different household that is filled with unexpected adventure and they roll with it.

Parker as Bratt had me cracking up! His shoulder pads, keytar and dance moves along with a balding mullet and bubblegum means he isn’t about to let Gru, Dru, Lucy or anyone else stop him from a little Hollywood payback.

DESPICABLE ME 3 is going to give families everything they have come to love about Gru, the girls and even the minions. This may not be the average family but it sure is one filled with love, excitement, understanding and fun. One would have thought that completed the family.

des 2

Of course not, Illumination expands their family with Dru and a unicorn, well of sorts, which means a double dose of excitement. There are the usual jokes with the minions trying to be jail house rockers but they know where they truly belong. The animation is strong, vibrant and has such creativity that I am always surprised yet not surprised.

Gru and Dru have found one another which means Lucy and the girls have their hands full. That doesn’t have to be a bad thing but if Illumination wants one more story line I have a few ideas that I wouldn’t mind sharing!

So gather up your own minions and head to the theatres to begin your summer with family fun of a different kind with DESPICABLE ME 3.

In the end – ohhhhhhhh brother it’s good to be bad!




Jeri Jacquin

Coming to theatres this Friday from director Sophia Coppola and Focus Features is a story of love, jealousy and one man in the middle of THE BEGUILED.

It is Virginia at the time of Civil War as head mistress Miss Martha (Nicole Kidman) keeps the students of her girls school hidden away from war. Teacher Miss Edwina (Kirsten Dunst) gives lessons to the young ladies Alicia (Elle Fanning), Amy (Oona Laurence), Jane (Angourie Rice), Marie (Addison Riecke) and Emily (Emma Howard).

Foraging in the woods, Amy finds Confederate Corporal McBurney (Colin Farrell) wounded up against a tree. Instead of alerting the Union soldiers, she takes him back to the school. Alarmed at what Amy has done, Miss Martha still takes the soldier inside being reminded it is the Christian thing to do. Tending to McBurney’s wounds, a decision is made that he will stay until well enough to be turned over to the Union Captain.

be 1

Immediately McBurney’s presence begins to have an impact on the women and girls of the school. McBurney takes a keen interest in Miss Edwina and she shares her desire to be gone of the school. Miss Martha is also affected by his presence but she maintains an air of Southern hospitality and charm. It is Alicia (Elle Fanning) who makes it clear to McBurney that she is smitten with him.

As he begins to heal, McBurney helps around the grounds with gardening and fixing things. The tensions begin to rise when McBurney and Miss Edwina get closer but one slip brings disaster to the entire house. One fateful error brings a group decision that will change everything each of them thought about themselves and each other.

Kidman as Miss Martha is cool, calm and steadfast – even when her own womanly desires kick in. I love when Kidman puts on a corset and tight chignon and makes it clear that no one is going to mess with her, especially a Confederate soldier with an Irish brogue.

Farrell as McBurney is charming, dark and doing what ever it takes to survive. Lets be honest, he smolders on screen whether he wants to or not which adds to the intensity in many scenes. Dunst as Edwina is a woman clearly unhappy with life and feeling trapped inside the school. Her performance gives the faraway wants of this character on point.

be 2

Fanning as Alicia is the teenage temptress who pretends to follow along with the rules but in fact is trying to find ways to break every one of them. Laurence as Amy wants to believe the best about McBurney and convinces everyone else to do the right thing. Rice as Jane is a mini-Miss Martha with Riecke as Marie and Howard as Emily round out the young girls trying to feel safe in the middle of a war.

In 1971 director Don Siegel brought THE BEGUILED to the screen with Clint Eastwood and Geraldine Page and I loved every frame of that storytelling. That’s what makes the 2017 version so difficult for me. Cinematically it is beautiful although I’m not sure how many shots of moss dangling from trees and the sounds of birds I could take over and over again.

The cast is amazing and I wouldn’t have changed a thing about that portion of the film. However, that being said, there is something greatly missing and I can’t even tell you what that is. I want to say it seemed the film just went through the motions but that would be insulting Farrell, Kidman, Dunst and the cast that clearly put their all into the film. It is probably my disappointment in the film being remade when the original stands on its own.

be 3

I am not a fan of remakes, retellings, rethinkings, or reimaginings as anyone who knows me will tell you. I have said it over and over that the creativity seems to have gone out of Hollywood. Instead of presenting movie goers with new and amazing stories, it seems the decision makers believe that no one will complain if they just recycle (oh look, another “re”!) that they can get by.

This version of THE BEGUILED is a Saturday afternoon relaxing in front of the television type film that will lull the senses and for that I’m saddened. The costuming is stunning which adds a dimension of richness to southern sensibilities.

In the end – innocent until betrayed!


THE ZOOKEEPER’S WIFE is Dramatic on Bluray

zookeepers cover


Jeri Jacquin

Coming to Bluray and DVD on July 4th and currently on Digital HD from Universal Pictures Home Entertainment and director Niki Caro is a story hope from THE ZOOKEEPER’S WIFE.

The Warsaw Zoo is owned by Antonia (Jessica Chastain) and Jan Zabinski (Johan Heldenbergh), a couple who have dedicated their lives to their love of animals. Along with their son Ryszard (Timothy Radford), their days are spent tending to the zoo.

Then comes the German invasion and bombs are dropped all over Warsaw, including the zoo. Sending animals everywhere, the Zabinski’s try to find and return them home. Lutz Heck (Daniel Bruhl) a zoologist, comes to Antonia and offers to take their prize animals to the zoo in Germany and return them when the war is over.

zoo 1

Knowing he is right, Antonia tells her husband Jan it is the right thing to do for the animals. What they don’t expect is the return of Lutz wearing the uniform of a German officer who immediately shoots animals left over. Immediately the Jewish population is rounded up and family friends are afraid. Antonia and Jan agree to take in Magda (Efrat Dor) knowing it could cost them everything.

Jan learns that there are ways to help other Jews and tells Antonia they must try. Coming up with a plan, they go to Lutz wanting to turn the zoo into a pig farm that will feed the German soldiers. Agreeing, Lutz also says he wants to continue his cross-breeding work which means unexpected visits to the zoo.

What Lutz doesn’t know is the real truth behind the pig farm. Jan and Antonia use food scraps from the ghetto where the Jews have been sent as a way to do their part for the resistance. They use the cellar of the zoo to become a way station for those they can save.

Antonia knows that she must keep Lutz’s focus on her if Jan and zoo employee Jerzyk (Michael McElhatton) are to help more and more before they are discovered.

zoo 2

Chastain as Antonia is a woman who loves her family, the animals and their zoo. Nothing gets in the way of helping the creatures she is charges with caring for. When the opportunity comes to help the people of war with her zoo, she may be afraid but knows it’s the right thing. Chastain is such a strong actress and this role fits her to perfection.

Bruhl as Lutz has the duality of a man who is dedicated to his zoology and serving in the German military. Finding solace at the zoo working with Antonia, there comes a moment when it all begins to unravel and his reaction is frightening. Bruhl has taken on so many different roles and in THE ZOOKEEPER’S WIFE, it is once again good versus evil within the character.

Heldenbergh as Jan immediately begins to find ways to help his Jewish neighbors. Getting deeper and deeper, the danger is right in front of him yet he continues. Seeing the horrors is sometimes more than he can stand which sends him even further into the resistance – such a strong performance.

Other cast include Iddo Goldberg as Maurycy Fraenkel, Martha Issova as Regina Kenigswein, Daniel Ratimorsky as Samuel Kenigswein, Arnost Goldflam as Dr. Janusz Korczak, Marian Mitas as Stefan, Waldemar Kobus as Dr. Ziegler, Slavko Sobin as Mr. Keller, Alena Mihulova as Marysia Aszer and Shira Haas as Urszula.

Universal Studios Home Entertainment has just added an amazing film to their library and making it available for us all to experience and re-experience in our own home theatres. There are films of every genre available from scary to drama to family films. For more of what they have to offer please visit

zoo 3

THE ZOOKEEPER’S WIFE is a story of humanity, love, resistance and doing what is right at all costs. The film is based on a book by Diane Ackerman  inspired by the unpublished diary of Antonia and Jan Zabinski. Published in 2007, it didn’t take long for The Zookeeper’s Wife to become number 13 on the New York Times best seller list.

Coming to film, THE ZOOKEEPER’S WIFE used no CGI but real animals including the lion baby cubs. Also, although the zoo was in Warsaw, the story was filmed in Prague. Both of these add elements to the film that are rich and stunning to a story that is so heartfelt and intense.

The Bluray/ DVD and Digital HD includes the Special Features of Deleted Scenes, The Making of THE ZOOKEEPER’S WIFE as filmmakers, cast, and crew discuss the challenges they encountered in making the film, including recreating the Warsaw Zoo; working with the animals; and doing justice to such an important story, The Zabinski Family – a closer look at the selfless family at the center of THE ZOOKEEPER’S WIFE including interviews with Teresa Sabinski and Ryszard Sabinski, the children of Antonia and Jan.

In the end – they gave all they had to save all they could!

The Boys are Back with PRISON BREAK Event Series on Bluray!

Prison Break Bluray


Jeri Jacquin

This week from 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment is the return of a mega-hit series on Fox as the boys are back with PRISON BREAK Event Series.

Seven years has passed and Lincoln Burrows (Dominic Purcell) is back to his old tricks owing money to a local dealer. He is more than surprised when T-Bag (Robert Knepper) knocks on his door with news that is shocking. In an envelope is a paper photograph that looks like Linc’s brother Michael Scofield (Wentworth Miller).

pri 1

Refusing to believe it, Linc throws T-Bag out the door but keeps the paper. Letting it set in that it might be true, he begins to figure out the clue that takes him to sister-in-law Sara (Sarah Wayne Callies). He shows her the photograph and it sets off hope for them both that it might be true. The problem is that Sara is now married to Jacob Ness (Mark Feuerstein) who is helping to raise her son Mike (Christian Cooper).

In a prison in Yemen, inmate Kaniel Outis is forming a plan to escape with fellow cell mates Whip (Augustus Prew), Ja (Rick Yune) and Mustapha (Bobby Naderi). Every night they go to the roof waiting for a sign that it’s time to run. Linc has tried to make contact with Michael by going to Yemen with C-Note who has converted to Islam and can help.

At home, T-Bag receives a new hand thanks to a donor who specifically requested to help him. Sara waits for word when Van Gogh (Steve Mouzakis) and A&W (Marina Benedict), two armed intruders shoot Jacob and try to get her and Mike. Swift thinking brings the police and send Jacob to the hospital. Recovering, Sara and Jacob talk about the possibility that Michael might still be alive.

pri 4

Getting closer to escape, things go differently when ISIL comes closer to the town and the prison. When Michael rescues a terrorist leader Abu Ramal, Linc wonders if his brother is in deeper than he could have imagined. Being helped by Sheba (Inbar Lavi), the war intrudes on the escape and a decision is made that she must escape with C-Note and others before they are captures.

That puts Michael, Linc, Whip, Ja and Mustapha on the run with Abu Ramal. In a situation where no one can trust no one, it is in a split second that plans years in the making crumble. Frustrated, Linc demands to know the truth about why Michael faked his death and more importantly where has he been?

Michael finally tells his brother everything and that a man named Poseidon came to him threatening Sara and Michael. He also threaten to put everyone back in prison and disappearing to work for Poseidon was the only way to keep them safe. But Michael was betrayed and now it is time to set things straight.

But first they have to get back to the United States and Michael knows exactly what he needs to do to make things right. With the help of friends and a brother who is dedicated to family, there isn’t anything or anyone that will stand in their way.

Prepare for shock and awe of a brotherly kind!

pri 3

Miller as Michael Scofield still has the intense gaze of a man who is always thinking, planning and doing what ever it takes to make things happen. There is a stand-offishness about this character but then again there has to be, especially when trust is something hard to come by after seven years dead.

Purcell as Linc has the same intense gaze and has no problem flattening anyone that gets in his way. The funny thing is that in scenes with Miller, they could easily be mistaken for brothers because of that serious “I’ll kick your ass” gaze. Purcell has a chance to show a softer side of the character he has made iconic.

Callies as Sara is once again married to a man who is a little obsessive about his wife and family. A strong pull back to Michael means she will do anything to help him, even if it means going against what her new husband wants.

Knepper as T-Bag has such a way about him. Working his prose into his mood is something that can either make you laugh or wonder what evil lurks. Having been the bad dude for so long, it’s hard to see the character turn a new leaf. Dunbar as C-Note has changed his life up but not so much that he doesn’t remember how to throw down.

Feuerstein as Jacob loves his life with wife Sarah and boy Michael. He doesn’t want anything to interfere with that, including a supposed dead husband rising up to mess with his home life. Feuerstein has the ability to give off the caring guy characteristics yet when he isn’t happy, there is a glassy eyed look that might as well have a flashing sign above his head that says ‘psycho here!’

Prew as Whip is a man who is taken in by Michael and has a short fuse. He wants things done quickly and gawd forbid if there is an encounter with a weapon – he kinds of loses his mind a bit. Feeling like he has a brother in Michael, even when feeling a bit left out of things at times, he always come around to help.

pri 2

Benedict as Blake is seriously disturbed – the ‘shoot first and don’t bother with questions later’ kind of assassin. Mouzakis as Van Gogh is the conscious of the two even if Blake doesn’t want to hear about it. These two are settling a score for Poseidon but have a personal beef of their own.

Other cast include Paul Adelstein as Paul Kellerman, Amaury Nolasco as Fernando Sucre, Amin El Gamal as Cyclops, Kunal Sharma as Sid, Curtis Lum as Agent Kishida, Crystal Balint as Heather, TJ Ramini as Cross and Akin Gazi as Omar.

Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment brings award-winning global product and new entertainment to DVD, Bluray, and Digital HD. There amazing collection offers fans an opportunity to expand their own home libraries with the best films. To discover what other titles they have please visit

The Bluray includes the 309 minutes total episodes Ogygia, Kaniel Outis, The Liar, The Prisoner’s Dilemma, Contingency, Phaecia, Wine Dark Sea, Progeny and Behind the Eyes. The 3 disc set also includes the Special Features of A Return Home: The Making of Prison Break Event Series.

pri 5

 PRISON BREAK Event Series on Bluray is a fantastic revisiting of characters that took over Fox once a week. Leaving fans feeling empty when the series came to a close on television, This storyline is a chance to bring closure in a very cool way and giving both Michael and Linc a chance at a normal existence…for a while at least.

This is a seriously fun, awesome, intense and twisted storyline for the boys who made PRISON BREAK memorable. The characters of Michael and Linc took brotherhood to a whole new level and I have to say that these two made breaking out of anything a little nerve wrackingly exciting so thanks for that!

In the end – first it was a prison and now it’s a nation!

Tracing Love and Heartbreak with CORRESPONDENCE



Jeri Jacquin

Coming to DVD and Digital HD this week from writer/director Giuseppe Tornatore and 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment is a emotional journey through CORRESPONDENCE.

Amy (Olga Kurylenko) is a college student who does dangerous stunt work part time. The love of her life is Professor Ed Phoerum (Jeremy Irons) and their relationship is very strong. Both very busy people they always make time for telephone calls, emails, texts and video chats looking forward to being reunited.

cor 2

That is until Ed becomes so busy that several weeks go by and Amy wonders when they will come together again. While sitting in a lecture, Amy discovers that Ed has died. Confused, she can not even begin to understand how that is possible.

Ed isn’t finished however and letters begin to appear and text messages that take Amy on a journey of tears, pain and a sense of redemption. Following each piece of the puzzle, there are moments of total joy and equal moments of grief. Along the way she doesn’t realize that those involved are there for her.

It is a journey she must finish if she is to ever find joy again.

Kurylenko as Amy is a perfect actress to play this role. She brings every spectrum of emotion and her tears are completely believable. Dealing with the grief of losing Ed is only part of what she must endure. Even through her frustration, there are truths that she must face and Kurylenko plays out that journey beautifully.

cor 1

Irons as Ed is just an amazing actor and it seems ridiculous to have to say so. His body of work is nothing short of stellar and although his role in this film is more vocal than visual, he carries his character with such exquisiteness and splendor. To be honest the words he speaks just ran through my heart and I wouldn’t have wanted it any other way.

Other cast include Oscar Sanders as Nicholas, Anna Savva as Angela, Irina Kara as Mamma, Ian Cairns as George, Simon Johns as Jason, James Warren as Rick and Shauna Macdonald as Victoria.

Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment brings award-winning global product and new entertainment to DVD, Bluray, and Digital HD. There amazing collection offers fans an opportunity to expand their own home libraries with the best films. To discover what other titles they have please visit

CORRESPONDENCE is an emotional film filled with so much love, devotion and heartbreak all in one story. Taking the journey with Amy trying to discover the next clue or the next letter or text was intense to be a part of. That’s the true nature of this film in that the viewer, perhaps without even realizing it, finds themselves joining Amy in her discoveries.

cor 3

With Kurylenko’s charged character and Irons voice leading us where she sometimes don’t want to go, it all becomes clearer and clearer. In that clearing is the release from the grief and confusion that sometimes comes from a magnificent love that most fear won’t come once let alone ever to come again.

CORRESPONDENCE contains not only the DVD but also the Digital HD which allows viewers to instantly stream and download onto their television, computer, tablet and Smartphone.

This is definitely a tissue testing film and I’m not at all upset about that, especially when it is a story of life and death and what we do after that.

In the end – it is a forbidden love filled with undying devotion.

Where MONEY is Involved Who Do You Trust?



Jeri Jacquin

On DVD and Digital HD this week from director Martin Rosete and 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment is the quandary and intensity of dealing with MONEY.

Mark (Kellan Lutz) and Sean (Jesse Williams) are two businessmen who live an expensive lifestyle. Mark lives with wife Sylvia (Jess Weixler) and they are enjoying the success. Sean brings Christina (Lucia Guerrero) to have dinner with Mark and Sylvia as the four enjoy their evening.

A knock comes at the door and Sylvia meets John (Jamie Bamber), a charming man who introduces himself as a new neighbor. Inviting him to meet everyone else, John sits himself at the table and they begin chatting it up.

Money 1

That is until John begins to get serious, he makes the four at the table very uncomfortable. Finally the stranger makes it clear that he isn’t there for entertainment – John is there for money.

He tells Sylvia and Christina that the two men they are dining with have taken millions of dollars from the pharmaceutical company they work for. Mark and Sean both claim to have no idea what John is talking about and that is the beginning of their mistakes.

A night of terror, realizations, truths and consequences begin that is about to last longer than John had anticipated. Mark tries to talk his way out of giving any of the money away and Sean pokes at John until he pokes back! Sylvia watches as she learns more and more about the husband she thought she knew.

Money can be a powerful truth serum!

Money 2

Lutz as Mark seems a confident businessman who isn’t about to let a stranger come into his home and take what he thinks is rightfully his. Putting his wife and friend in danger isn’t about to change that either. Lutz comes off self assured until John gives him reason not to be so.

Williams as Sean also isn’t going to give up easily the money he believes is rightfully his. When he constantly irritates their captors, Williams’ fear is more based on losing the cash than losing his life.

Weixler as Sylvia is a classy wife who fits right into their expensive home wearing her equally expensive clothing. When the question of ‘why?’ comes up, hubby Mark makes it clear that her need for the good life comes with a price tag and someone has to pay the bill. Guerro as Christina is disgusted by what is happening but stays in the background more so than the other characters. She doesn’t understand what has pushed Sean to steal but she isn’t about to confront him with John doing most of that already.

The crazy winner here is Bamber as John, seriously! From the moment Sylvia opens the door and he flashes his big grin it is clear he is trouble. His dialogue is smooth and filled with threat yet his demeanor is disarming (which is the point really). I found myself laughing at some of his threats in a nervous way and even when Mark and Sean think they have the upper hand, all I could think was “yea, keep thinking that guys!”

Money 3

Other cast include Fredric Lehne as Carl, Joe Lanza as a Detective, Gonzalo Bouza as Officer Vitale, Illya Konstatin as David, and Denia Brache as Maria.

Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment brings award-winning global product and new entertainment to DVD, Bluray, and Digital HD. There amazing collection offers fans an opportunity to expand their own home libraries with the best films. To discover what other titles they have please visit

The DVD of MONEY also includes the Special Feature of MONEY: Behind the Scenes.

That’s what makes MONEY riveting to watch. The cast of five are the story and there is nothing else in the way of the plot. Having the entire cast responsible for most of the 85 minutes, it is the ending that will have shaking your head in disbelief. Have to love plot twists.

Loyalties are tested and motives are revealed in an all night stand off with this high-stakes thriller.

In the end – there are only two things wrong with money being too much or too little of it!




Jeri Jacquin

Landing in theatres once again tomorrow from needing-to-be-stopped director Michael Bay and Paramount Pictures is the next loud landing of TRANSFORMERS: The Last Knight.

Well, Optimus Prime (Peter Cullen) is still floating about somewhere in space while Cade Yeager (Mark Wahlberg) is rescuing Transformers where he finds them. While roaming about he comes across an ancient Transformer who entrusts him with a medallion. It comes alive and won’t let go of Yeager.

It is a relic from the time of King Arthur (Liam Garrigan) and Merlin (Stanley Tucci). The Autobots were part of the round table helping the humans as they were needed. The medallion needs to seek out a knight that will help find the staff of immense power keeping it out of the hands of evil.

trans 1

While trying to save the Transformer he meets Izabella (Isabela Moner), a young girl without a family who has a knack for fixing Autobots. They all end up back at Yeager’s home station where Jimmy (Jerrod Carmichael), Bumblebee (Erik Aadahl), Drift (Ken Watanabe), Hound (John Goodman) and Daytrader (Steve Buscemi) hide from the government agency TRF.

When they are discovered, Sir Edmund Burton (Anthony Hopkins) sends his ‘butler’ Cogman (Jim Carter) to take Yeager to England. Along with Vivian Wembley (Laura Haddock), Burton explains the history of the medallion Yeager has and how Vivian is the only one that can handle the staff of power.

Which is more important now that a nasty wench named Quintessa (Gemma Chan) wants to return Cybertron to its former glory – but not in a good way. When Optimus Prime arrives to discover things are chaotic, he becomes part of Quintessa and Megatron’s (Frank Welker) plan to retrieve the staff and take over Earth. Yeager, Burton, Wembley, Cogman and Col. Lennox (Josh Duhmel) push themselves to save the planet once again.

Because the Decepticons aren’t going to get it without a fight!

Wahlberg as Yeager is once again running around without a story. His relationship with Bumblebee is an awesome one and there are humorous moments with the other Autobots. The thing is I don’t really care about this character because it’s the same metal clanging… different day but not really. There are quipps back and forth with Hopkins, Cogman and Vivian that are chuckle worthy but not enough to sustain the story.

trans 2

Hopkins as Burton is a curious character and I do love me some Anthony Hopkins but really? Your giving one of our greatest actors a story to tell that involves King Arthur and the Autobots? I think I laughed more at that garbage because it was only a few weeks ago that I sat in the same theatre watching Guy Richie’s version of KING ARTHUR.

Duhamel as Lennox is a character that is all muddled from beginning to end. I wasn’t sure what side he was on but then again does it really matter? He shows up guns blazing hoping it all works out for the best. Moner as Izabella is, and I’m going to get crap for saying this but a totally unnecessary character. Really? Your going to throw this kid into a war zone and she gets out without a scratch? Suspension of disbelief…poof…gone.

Haddock as Wembley is clearly a Megan Fox look alike and that’s sad because it isn’t that her role is bad, just whatever. Cool to be related to a historic figure but I didn’t buy it for a second which means, yep, don’t care about her character in the slightest.

Carter as Cogman is hilarious and his recognizable “yes my lord” brings back the heady days of Downton Abbey Sundays and good television over crappy film. His language was a little testy but I don’t think its going to stop parents from bringing their kids.

The recognizable voices of Goodman, Buscemi and Watanabe are funny, especially since they argue and wrestle around like metal-brothers-from-another-Autobot. Bumblebee still wins hands down and the storyline brings in some weird ‘he once was a soldier for England’ story which just falls flat. Not your fault B!

Other cast includes Santiago Cabrera as Santos, Martin McCreadie as Lancelot, Rob Witcomb as Percival, Marcus Fraser as Gawain, John Hollingworth as Tristan with Stanley Tucci as a drunken Merlin and John Turturro as Agent Simmons.

TRANSFORMERS: The Last Knight is a two and a half hour metal clanging story that gives Bay a reason to waste $217 million dollars. That’s right folks, enough to save a small town or education thousands of kids is vying for your dollars. Of course if it doesn’t do well here there is always the overseas market waiting to gobble this up.

trans 3

Look, I’m tired…tired of a story that lasts into five films that tells the same story beginning and ending with Optimus Prime boring monologue about how the Autobots are there to save the human race. Didn’t Wonder Woman just do that? Or Batman, Superman, the Justice League, Thor, or any of those others?

It was easy to entertain myself with thoughts like ‘doesn’t that robot look like Darth Vader’s fighter?’ and ‘Wow! They used pieces off the alien ship from THE ABYSS for decoration’ and ‘They stole an Imperial Walker – I wonder if Grand Tarkin knows?’ and ‘Is Robocop going to show up?’ and ‘Stonehenge? Oh the Queen isn’t going to like this’.

I swear if I listen to Optimus go into his schpeel I’m going to strain my eyes from the constant rolling and the hand gestures of ‘blah! blah! BLAH!’  Honestly I lost interest once Shia decides to exit stage right although the film does touch on the Witwicky family tree. He brought comedy of a different kind that broke the monotony of the metal banging.

Seriously, I miss the cool rantings of Mom and Dad…and I miss Mojo the dog!  Oh well, I can always not wait for Transformers 6, trust me, someone will give Bay the money to do it.

In the end – they have been here forever…and ever…and ever…(yawn)…and ever!


this beautiful dvd cover


Jeri Jacquin

This week on DVD and Digital HD from writer/director Simon Aboud is a lovely tale of growth in many ways in THIS BEAUTIFUL FANTASTIC.

Bella Brown (Jessica Brown Findlay) isn’t your ordinary young woman. Obsessively neat, precise in every way and a bit of a shut in, she works at the local book store. Staying to herself, an unexpected storm brings an accident that puts her face to face with cranky neighbor Alfie (Tom Wilkinson).

Not wanting to do any more than is necessary to help; Bella also meets Vernon (Andrew Scott), Alfie’s cook who is berated constantly by the elderly gentleman. When Vernon decides to cook for Bella, Alfie goes ballistic and fires him. Not that Vernon minds especially when Bella hires him.

beau 1

Bella tells the young cook that she can’t pay him; Vernon is fine with that considering Alfie still has to pay him for a few months. Well, Alfie isn’t about to let it all go without a fight and Bella is introduced to it when her landlord shows up for an inspection and dismayed at the condition of the back yard.

Giving her thirty days to restore it, Vernon can’t help due to hay fever and Bella hates the outdoors! Yet the prospect of being homeless brings her gloves and shovel out of retirement. Frustrated and to the point of giving up, Alfie makes a deal that will keep him fed by Vernon’s deliciousness and put Bella on good terms with her landlord.

Then she meets Billy (Jeremy Irvine), a young man who captures her imagination with his creations. Believing she had found something special, is devastated when both her heart and her garden are ravaged by an emotional and literal storm.

Soon she learns that her world is about to become more beautiful than she could have ever imagined.

beau 2

Findlay as Bella is so lovely as a young woman who clearly has kept herself to herself. She has the potential to be so much more but doesn’t realize it until three of the most different men come into her life to show support, friendship, loyalty and love. In that she blossoms beautifully.

Wilkinson as Alfie is as amazing as he always is. A gentleman who lives by himself and sees little in life but his garden, he isn’t all that different than Bella. When the two get past their differences, they see their differences aren’t different at all.

Scott as Vernon is funny with his hay fever and pretty amazing chef. Although constantly irritated by Alfie, there is a bond between the two that Vernon nourishes and even appreciates even if he doesn’t show it.

Irvine as Billy is a young man who sees something in Bella and it is the thing she doesn’t see in herself. Seeking her out at every moment, he wants to know more about her and loves the story her mind has created.

Other cast include Anna Chancellor as Bramble, Sheila Hancock as Mother Superior, and Eileen Davies as Milly.

Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment brings award-winning global product and new entertainment to DVD, Bluray, and Digital HD. There amazing collection offers fans an opportunity to expand their own home libraries with the best films. To discover what other titles they have please visit

beau 3

THIS BEAUTIFUL FANTASTIC gets four sunflowers out of five for beautiful storytelling if nothing else. Just an ethereal look at a young woman who may be different in the eyes of many with her OCD compulsions and outlook on life but truly is as easy to love.

The characters are complex yet drawn to each other in the most amusing way filled with insecurities and a great capacity of love and understanding. Something those rough edges can be smoothed with a little bit of time and a good gardening tool.

Every one in the cast brings so much to the story and I am in awe of them all. I absolutely love this film and everything about it with an ending that is heartfelt and giving.

In the end – grow your own happiness!

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