Jeri Jacquin

In theatres this week from director Jason Bourque and Screen Media Films is a story that will bring about debate when it comes to a DRONE.

Neil Wistin (Sean Bean) works secrets as a drone contractor who flies missions that target terrorists. His wife Ellen (Mary McCormack) and teenage son Shane (Maxwell Haynes) believe he is in the IT business. Keeping his work life and home life separate is difficult on everyone.

drone 1

When Neil’s father dies there is definitely a tension at home as Shane finds it difficult to deal with his grandfather being gone. In their driveway sits a constant reminder in the form of a large sailing boat with a for sale sign plastered across its bow.

While working at home Neil sees a man standing in the driveway. He introduces himself as Imir Shaw (Patrick Sabongui) and shows interest in buying the boat. Happy about it, Neil invites Imir in so they can discuss the price and paperwork.

After some talk Neil invites Imir to dinner with Mary and Shane. Casual conversation about work and culture are pleasant enough until an uncomfortable tension comes between them all.

What happens next will have everyone talking!

drone 2

Bean as Neil is a man who is pressured by the work he does, the death of his father and a family that doesn’t talk to one another. When the stranger shows up it is inevitable that feelings will rise to the surface and secrets slip out under pressure. Watching Beans’ character juggle everything through a bottle of wine was a train wreck waiting to happen.

McCormack as Ellen is clearly unhappy with family life but tries to reach her husband and son. Hayes as Shane is a young man who wants to send off his grandfather in his own way. Keeping to himself, Shane’s parents are not quite sure how to help him.

Sabongui as Shaw is a man with his own demons. Wanting people to understand everything he’s been through and his sadness becomes difficult when it’s done through fear. Sabongui uses everything from his delivery of words to the expression on his face to bring the audience in.

Other cast include Joel Moore as Gary, Viv Leacock as Agent Barker, Sharon Taylor as Agent Jenkins, Bradley Stryker as Ted Little and Kirby Morrow as Dave Wistin.

drone 2

Screen Media Films is a global independent motion picture company releasing titles that include TEN THOUSAND SAINTS starring Ethan Hawke, Hailee Steinfeld and Emile Hirsch; COLONIA starring Emma Watson and Daniel Bruhl, SHELTER starring Jennifer Connelly and Anthony Mackie and SHARK LAKE starring Dolph Lundgren. For more on what Screen Media Films has to offer please visit www.screenmediafilms.net.

DRONE brings about the question of who is behind the controls and how it affects us all. This is a story that not only deals with the home life of a man who is not being truthful with his family but another man who feels justified in his actions.

Yes, that seems cryptic to say but this is a film that must be experienced so that the conversation about drones has a starting point. We live in a world of bad guys who imbed themselves around innocent people. We also live in a world were decisions aren’t always so cut and dry and in this film it all comes to a head for both.

The cast is what keeps the story on its feet with Bean, McCormack and Sabongui meshing it all together with emotional shock and awe and knowing our secrets can be used as a weapon.

In the end – choose your target!