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Jeri Jacquin

On DVD from Entertainment One and 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment is the sweetest family I know with PEPPA PIG: Around the World.

Peppa Pig and her brother George are ready to take a drive to the park with Mommy and Daddy Pig. When their car breaks down the only way to continue their trip is borrowing Miss Rabbit’s airplane. Mommy Pig pilots while Daddy Pig reads the map but they all end up visiting Peppa Pig’s friends on their places of holiday!

Peppa and George go to visit Granny Pig and are excited when they learn that Grandpa Pig has built them a tree house. Making a secret password, Peppa and George tease Mommy and Daddy to come in their beautiful tree house.

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Peppa and family decide they want to go to the museum. They little ones learn that it is a place filled with old but important things. Peppa loves everything that has to do with kings and queens learning they didn’t have the things we do today. George wants to see the dinosaurs and imagines being one himself.

When the family takes a drive the car stops and has to be taken to Granddad Dog’s Garage. Peppa’s friend Danny also comes along and everyone is towed back to the garage for gas. Suzy Sheep’s car also needs Granddog, Danny and Peppa goes along for the ride. Granny and Grandpa Pig decide to try out the new car wash as well. This is a very busy garage indeed!

Peppa and her family watch Mr. Potato on television as the show teaches everyone how to exercise and eat right. Peppa wants to go see Mr. Potato in town so they take a ride into town to see him open a sports center. He tells the children to draw pictures and send them in the post and Peppa gets a nice surprise.

Suzy Sheep and Peppa Pig are best friends and they share their stories of places they’ve been. When Suzy gets upset with Peppa for talking to much, Mommy Pig says she is a bit of a chatterbox and it takes all their friends to resolve who is really the chatterbox.

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Grandpa Pig’s miniature locomotive Gertrude is taking Peppa and George out for a ride. When the town train breaks down, the passengers are upset because they can’t get to work. Borrowing Gertrude, Miss Rabbit gets her passengers where they need to go leaving Grandpa with the big train to fix it.

Mommy Pig shares with Peppa pictures of when she was a baby pig. Sharing the stories of when Peppa and Suzy were babies and then toddlers, they learn that George was a baby too!

In the garden, Peppa and George are bored and Suzy joins them. Daddy Pig takes out a box of games for the kids to play with. He teaches them the game of skittles, bat & ball and doing the limbo.

Finally, Peppa and her friends are in school dressed up in different costumes from all around the world. Peppa is France and George is Russia might be wearing costumes but Madame Gazelle tells them that the song Peace & Harmony is something they all share.

When conflict happens on the playground, the countries begin to behave badly!

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The DVD includes the ten episodes Around the World with Peppa, The Tree House, The Museum, Granddad Dog’s Garage, Mr. Potato Comes to Town, Chatterbox 6, Grandpa Pig’s Train to the Rescue, The Olden Days, Garden Games and International Day.

PEPPA PIG Around the World is clearly adorable on every level possible. From adventures and fun to family spending time together, PEPPA PIG continues to bring story’s that are shareable for the entire family.

With catchy songs that are easy for children to remember and sing themselves, my own granddaughter absolutely loves this series. Once she hears the opening song, no matter where in the house she is, you can be sure to hear running to see what adventure PEPPA PIG is on now.

Their families are all very different but have something amazing in common, their love of family, adventure and fun! The series is created and directed by Mark Baker and Neville Astley and we thank them for bring Peppa Pig into our homes.

In the end – PEPPA PIG and family are on an ointastic adventure across the globe!