legend of Bruce Lee Volume II


Jeri Jacquin

Currently on DVD from director Lee Moon-Ki and Well Go USA Entertainment is the next volume about the life of THE LEGEND OF BRUCE LEE Volume Two.

Bruce Lee (Danny Chan) is still upset about how his last fight with Mr. Yamamoto (Mark Dacascos) ended. Uncle Shao (Wang Luoyong) tries to make him see reason about the fight but he is also in town for the Asian Culture Festival. Trying to help his nephew understand reason, Bruce can not seem to get over the loss.

But as his school in Seattle begins to do well, the classes are filled with people from all walks of life – even the local police. When Bruce learns that Yamamoto trains with ‘the iron man’, he knows it is time to meet up with the fighter. Friend Kimura wants Bruce to slow down and worries for him.

legend 1

Nothing is going to stop Bruce as he begins training with an iron man to take on Yamamoto. After some time training, he goes to Yamamoto and they go fist to fist and once again as Bruce begins to learn about his opponent. He is now set on creating fighting style that is inclusive of everything he has learned of martial arts.

Becoming a philosophy major at school in Seattle, Bruce begins making a name for himself. Seeking out help from Professor Kane, he knows that the path he is taking will work. Blair (Ted E. Duran) wants his former Professor Inosanto (Ning Li) to meet with Bruce but is met with resistance. Even Kimura is reaching out to his friend Mr. Wally Jay (Tim Storms) asking that he meet with Bruce and again met with resistance.

Everyone seems to take Bruce as arrogant and when Wally Jay accepts a challenge in the park with him, many show up to see it happen. In the end a respect between the men exists. Jessie isn’t happy about what has happened wanting Bruce to hurt Wally Jay. Blair and Kimura (Liu Dong) try to explain it to him but his anger keeps getting in the way.


In the California Karate Competition, Bruce’s once again wins and fellow fighter Hoffman (Yannick Van Dam) wants him to open a school in Oakland. Linda is not happy about it but when Bruce proposes and buys a house, she changes her feelings.  That’s the least of it when the kung fu masters become furious that Bruce doesn’t ask them about opening a school.

That is put on hold as Bruce must return home when his father passes away. Coming back to America, a fight with the Yellow Brat is his next fight. When it goes horribly wrong Bruce become paralyzed from the waist down and told he may never walk again.

Unable to teach, Linda talks Bruce into writing a good about martial arts and the theories of fighting. Now that they have son Brandon, Linda wants Bruce to become strong once again and an incident of chance changes everything. The school once again brings those who want to learn something special like Jeet Kune Do. Rolex (Ray Park), a fighter who is considered the best, decides he wants to meet with Bruce in a championship match. Turning to others who have fought him, Rolex gets the information on how he might win.


Bruce turns to taekwondo master Piao Zhengyi and a single battle leads to a mutual exchange in teaching techniques and a friendship. Kimura knows that Piao is holding back his teaching and once again his family and friends are afraid for Bruce.

Nothing is going to stop Bruce Lee – or no one!

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LEGEND OF BRUCE LEE Vol. Two is a continuation at the in-depth look of Bruce Lee’s life taking it’s time to let the story unravel on its own. That’s what is so important about this second volume as it all comes together in such a unique way that these volumes both are a must have for martial artists.

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Bruce Lee experienced so much in his short life yet every step he took would become legendary. The 3-disc LEGEND OF BRUCE LEE Vol. Two DVD includes 10 episodes with a total of 456 minutes of storytelling about the revolutionizing of martial arts.

Chan portraying Bruce Lee is intense and not afraid to give us a portrayal of this legendary martial artist. There isn’t any one from young adult to older that doesn’t know Bruce Lee, his films or isn’t keenly aware of his contribution to martial arts.

Now, those same people will have a chance to understand how he became the one and only, the legendary Bruce Lee.

In the end – it is a life of an iconic