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March 2017

LIFE Brings Creepy into Space!

Life poster


Jeri Jacquin

Swirling through space this week from director Daniel Espinosa and Columbia Pictures is a film that teaches us to leave well enough alone and enjoy LIFE!

On a space station high above Earth are six astronauts waiting for a special delivery to prove there is life on Mars. Rory Adams (Ryan Reynolds), Ekaterina Golovkina (Olga Dihovichnaya), Hugh Derry (Ariyon Bakare), Sho Murakami (Hiroyuki Sanada) and David Jordan (Jake Gyllenhaal) are led by Miranda North (Rebecca Ferguson) are the astronauts on board.

When Hugh begins experiments on the samples there is almost an immediate as life grows. Sharing the news with the world, a local school wins the honor of naming the single-cell organism Calvin.

life 1

As quickly as Calvin grows, they crew panics when it becomes clear that something is wrong with the life form. Reviving it is the beginning of what becomes a race for survival between the humans on board and the life form that is growing and becoming smarter.

They must keep the creature from getting to Earth at all costs – even if the cost is their lives!

Gyllenhaal as David is a man clearly meant to live in space. Not in a hurry to return to Earth, he keeps his head when everything begins to go wrong. Gyllenhaal has this unique ability to look calm even when his character is anything but. I enjoyed ever moment of his performance but then again I have been pretty thrilled with his work these past years.

Reynolds as Rory brings a sense of sarcasm and quick lines to this character. Of course it isn’t a stretch for Reynolds to do that as he has made a fantastic career out of doing just that. But when it’s time to be intense, he can bring it with a fierceness that you won’t soon forget.

life 2

Sanada as Sho is on board while his wife is waiting to have their child. He cares about every member of the crew and yet wonders if he will ever see home again. I am actually pretty thrilled that Sanada is in the film, he is an actor that deserves a lot of attention.

Bakare as Hugh is totally infatuated with Calvin but then again that’s it is his job to be. Finding life in the space station a freeing experience, he becomes a little obsessed with the creature. Dihovichnaya as Ekaterina is smart and fast when it comes to understanding how the creature begins to think.

Ferguson as Miranda is the woman-in-charge and that means there are decisions to be made. Of course at the same time righteous fear takes over the space stations and there are moments where I question what the heck she is thinking but that’s what brings the mystery.

life 4

Other cast include Elizabeth Vargas as 20/20 Anchor, Camiel Warren-Taylor as Dominique and Naoko Mori as Kazumi.

TUBS OF POPCORN: I give LIFE four tubs of popcorn out of five. Of course the film has bits that remind me of other space-alien films and there are parts that are fairly predictable. That being said, none of that deterred me from having a great time.

There are jumps, jaw drops, moments of ‘awwwwwwwdamn’, tension and it all happens in a small space – relatively speaking. The film is very in your face but that makes sense since there isn’t anything else to distract from the story and nothing for the actors to hide behind. Instead it’s straight on performance and fans of this genre of film are going to have a great time.

life 3

Director Espinosa has actually made several films that I enjoy with EASY MONEY in 2010 and Tom Hardy in CHILD 44 in 2015. He has worked with Reynolds before along with Denzel Washington in the 2012 film SAFE HOUSE. So he is batting 4-4 with me!

In the end – be careful what you search

AMERICANA Brings Intensity to a Superb Thriller!

Americana cover


Jeri Jacquin

Coming to DVD, Video on Demand, Digital HD as well as iTunes, Amazon, Google Play and Vudu is the intense thriller from writer/director Zachary Shedd and Candy Factory Films with AMERICANA.

Avery Wells (David Call) is a young man who experiences a horrific act when his sister Kate (Kelli Garner) is brutally murdered in front of him. Turning to the bottle and filled with anxiety, he is approached by the film’s producer Calib Andrews (Jack Davenport). Andrews wants the film finished and asks Avery to continue the film that his sister was starring in at the time of her death.

Trying to keep it together to do the work, Avery is plagued by phone calls from a stranger who threatens to reveal something terrible. Not sure what to make of it, he searches for answers but it all begins to look like a conspiracy.

He turns to Claire (Jennifer Stuckert) and brother-in-law Josh McAllister (Frank Mosley) to begin piecing together if this has something to do with Kate. Avery even turns to his lawyer Ben (Peter Coyote) but all of this brings more questions than answers!

Americana 2

The frustration leads him to even reach out to the killers Aunt Nora Taylor (Sayra Player) to discover what is motivating everything happening around him. When everything falls into place, Avery must decide how to handle it and what will happen next.

But secrets have a way of revealing all!

Call as Avery is a man possessed by every inch of his life. Dealing with his drinking, a song that doesn’t know his father, a murdered sister and a secret that holds the key to everything – it all can’t help but come crashing down. Call gives this character the grease that glides him along the edge of insanity. His performance is riveting!

Davenport as Calib managed to make me not trust him the moment he was on the screen. Viewing Avery’s reaction to him just gave me the jitters and without giving anything away, his performance keeps the tension high.

Mosley as Josh just wants Avery to get his act together and to not let Kate be used after her death. He wants the truth but it doesn’t rule his life like it does with Avery. Mosley gives a dark performance that it based on pure excellence – well done!

Stuckert as Claire tries to be patient with Avery but there is only so much a person can take and it is becoming clear that he has taken enough. Player as Nora gives a quick performance but its enough to add even more mystery to the story. It was great to see Coyote as Ben and I loved that I was never clear where this character stood with Avery.

A shout out to Lily Luong as Terri because even though her character has a brief appearance, when she says “we are both good people” it was from the heart and got an instant reaction out of me.

Other cast include Vincent Chan, James Zeiss, James Brickhouse, Sayra Player, Josh Schell, and John Elefantis.

Americana 1

Candy Factory Films is a forward-thinking, filmmaker-friendly company dedicated to producing unique and compelling films. Candy Factory is at the forefront of a new vanguard reaching distinct audiences. With award-winning and acclaimed films across every genre, Candy Factory is committed to creating and fostering communities around independent and progressive cinema. For more of what they have to offer please visit

AMERICANA definitely leads with twists and turns from the very beginning and doesn’t let up until minutes before the end. It is a story of the mistakes we make, protecting those we love, experiencing the worst of each other and the suspicions that can eat every moment of ones life.

This cast brings an ensemble performance that is riveting from start to finish. To remove even one cast member, the ensemble would crumble. That is what makes this film because every time I thought I had pieced it together, like the windy roads of San Francisco, I was taken on a ride.

AMERICANA was nominated for New American Cinema at the 2016 Seattle International film Festival and won Best Feature Film at the 2016 Lower East Side Film Festival. Kudos and congratulations – a well deserved win.

In the end – there are always consequences.

SING Does Exactly That with an Amazing 4K, Bluray and DVD Pack!

Sing Bluray


Jeri Jacquin

This week on 4K Ultra HD, Bluray3D, Bluray and DVD as well as On Demand from directors Christophe Lordelet and Gareth Jennings along with Universal Pictures Home Entertainment is a story about those who have a dream to SING.

Buster Moon (voiced by Matthew McConaughey) is a koala with a dream! Given a theatre by his father, Buster has been busting his furry self trying to bring in talent that will bring people in. The theatre has fallen into some disrepair and he doesn’t have money to pay anyone so he is one step ahead of falling into a pit. His one solid employee is Ms. Crawley (Gareth Jennings) who is probably older than the theatre itself!

Buster has the brilliant idea to hold a contest with the winner receiving $1,000 but Ms. Crawley makes an error on the flyer putting the winnings much higher. The next day the theatre is filled with the brim with performers wanting their chance at the cash but some are actually there to be heard!

sing 3

When Buster begins to whittle down the talent his top contends include Eddie (Seth MacFarlane) a mouth with a crooners song and an attitude for trouble, shy Meena (Tori Kelly) the elephant who can’t seem to find her voice in the crowd, Rosita (Reese Witherspoon) who is a Mom of 25 piglets needing to remember herself in the chaos of family life, Ash (Scarlett Johansson) the rocker porcupine who discovers she is just fine making music on her own and Johnny (Taron Egerton) the singing gorilla thug who wants more than the illegal family business.

Now the show can be put together but they need help as Buster turns to his friend Eddie (John C. Reilly) to talk his rich Nana (Jennifer Saunders) into investing in the show. When Buster puts together a dry run show for Nana, it is Eddie whose shenanigans bring in angry animals to tear up the theatre bringing it down to the ground. Sometimes you have to fall down hard to get back up – when you do make sure you SING!

McConaughey as Buster is a smooth talking koala who just wants to keep the theatre that he considers to be his whole life. Jumping through hoops to make that happen, it is those same hoops that trip him up. The good news is that this isn’t a koala that is going to go down easy. This character is so enjoyable and funny and if vocals are any indication, McConaughey sounded like he had a very good time doing this animated film.

sing 2

MacFarlane as Eddie is everything cool in a white suit and bow tie. He can sing and schmooze the lady’s all at the same time. Now if he’d just lay off the gambling things might have gone a little easier for everyone. Kelly as Meena is shy, sweet and doesn’t want to let down her very proud family so finds another way to become an indispensable part of the group.

Witherspoon as Rosita is going to be very wife/Mom-relatable in that sometimes being those two important things leaves out individuality so when Rosita lets loose – look out! Johansson as Ash is a pure rocker chick who discovers that she doesn’t need anyone to rely on her talents, just a belief in herself. Egerton as Johnny is such a sweet gorilla who happens to be in a family of very large and very loud criminals. He wants more in life and finding a way to make the family understand that may take a trick or two.

Reilly as Eddie is as laid back as any spoiled kid would be but at least he stays true to his life long friendship with Eddie. Now Saunders as Nana is hilarious and I just loved watching her be grumpy and stubborn. Saunders gives her character grit and a bit of no-nonsense that keeps everybody but Buster at furs length.

sing 4

Other characters include: Jennifer Hudson as Young Nana, Peter Serafinowicz as Big Daddy, Nick Kroll as Gunter, Beck Bennett as Lance, Jay Pharaoh as Meena’s Grandfather and Nick Offerman as Norman.

Universal Studios Home Entertainment has just added an amazing film to their library and making it available for us all to experience and re-experience in our own home theatres. There are films of every genre available from scary to drama to family films. For more of what they have to offer please visit

The SING Bonus Features include the Mini-Movies Gunter Babysit as Gunter offers to watch all of Rosita’s 25 piglets for the night and tries to prove he is the best babysitter ever, Love At First Sight while during a piano lesson with Johnny, Miss Crawly becomes nostalgic about the dancing and romancing of her youth as Johnny convinces her it’s not to late to find love and sets up a profile on a dating site and finally Eddie’s Life Coach as Eddie’s mom signs her slacker son up for a digital training seminar to get his life back on track!

There is also the Don’t Worry ‘Bout a Thing Music Video and more music to sign along to. The Making of Sing, Finding the Rhythm, Character Profiles, SING & Dance, The SING Network, The Best of Gunter, The Making of the Mini-Movies and much, much more!

sing 1

SING is definitely a family film filled with every family issue imaginable! It must be said first off that the animation is absolutely gorgeous and the characters are loveable and talented. My granddaughter is a toddler who loves music and loves animation so anytime you can put those two together I can absolutely guarantee you she will be thrilled with the results and SING is no exception. The songs are recognizable yet when these characters sing them it is a whole new look, sound and feel.

It is fanciful, very charming and there isn’t anyone that isn’t going to see this film for the first time or again without a smile on their face. This is a wonderful example of the work that Illumination Entertainment puts into their animated films with a resume that includes DESPICABLE ME and THE SECRET LIFE OF PETS (both of which are on full rotation in my house). SING brings comedy, friendship, love and music through amazing characters that are going to be loved by everyone.

Gather up the family and make it a night of fun as SING gets everyone toe tapping and hand clapping.

In the end – let the auditions begin!

HBO Brings Us a Look at Being INSECURE: The Complete First Season

Insecure cover


Jeri Jacquin

This week from HBO Home Entertainment is a look at life and the constant struggle to find love without being INSECURE: The Complete First Season.

Issa (Issa Rae) and best friend Molly (Yvonne Orji) have known each other since college. Now they are out in the real working world Issa helps low income middle school students and is currently in a relationship with Lawrence (Jay Ellis).

On her 29th birthday, Issa wakes up to a birthday message from her ex-boyfriend which gets her to wondering. At Issa’s birthday dinner, girlfriend Molly has a low moment on why she can’t get a good man.

At work Issa gets herself into a little bit of trouble and ends up having to create a kids program that is different from what the non-profit is already doing. Later that night at a club, Issa makes her day worse by creating a rap called Broken Pu**y that ends up going viral.  If that isn’t enough, Issa shows up at ex-Daniel (Y’lan Noel) and oh do things get complicated.

Trying to make things work with Lawrence, Issa is also trying to make things go well at work. One of her programs is a Beach Cleanup Day that has the potential to go horribly wrong. Molly is busy trying to find a descent date using a dating app which causes a little bit of mayhem and mix ups.

Continuing to look, Molly has another date with Michael, a doctor who fits almost all of Molly’s must-haves in a man. Lawrence isn’t getting the attention from Issa and when friend Tasha does, he thinks he’s found a friend.

insecure 1

Not working out with Michael, Molly has moved on to Chris and can’t wait to take him to Diane’s engagement party. Issa has decided to turn to Daniel to find a way to get her night of rapping off of YouTube before her co-workers see it! He helps and then helps himself as Issa is now swept up in it all.

Trying to keep her head above water, Issa makes Lawrence breakfast and suggests they have a date night. Lawrence also has a job interview and wants Issa to know how much he appreciates her support but it’s only making Issa feel worse.

Molly’s had enough of the dating app and can’t seem to find a man that isn’t going through is own craziness. She finds herself drawn to Jared (Langston Kerman) but when he tells her something private about himself it sends Molly reeling with what to do next.

Issa is putting everything into her We Got Ya’ll fundraiser with co-worker Frieda (Lisa Joyce) and is equally thrilled when Lawrence is offered a job. That’s before Lawrence tells her he wants to work on his own app. Already nervous, Daniel shows up at the fundraiser and Issa knows she has to set everything right. It is Lawrence who wants to know what’s going on and when there is silence between them he takes his keys and leaves.

When things seems to be going wrong for both Issa and Molly in the man department, there tension filled friendship might be the only thing that keeps them from going nuts. Having a girls night they try to work out their issues with a hot tub and a few drinks.

When Issa gets a call from Lawrence, they decide to talk and Issa heads back to their apartment with bff Molly at the wheel. What she finds is nothing short of a shock!

Rae as Issa is thoughtful, hilarious, confused, strong and isn’t afraid to tell it like it is when pushed from the thoughts that fly out her mouth. She made my jaw drop a few times but then it was followed by laughter most of the time. Watching this character try to find the best way to handle her life is relatable on so many levels and I appreciate the life Rae is attempting to share.

Insecure 2

Orji as Molly is also strong, hilarious, smart and confident – most of the time – but Jared sends her center off kilter. I enjoy the relationship she has with her bff Issa and when the two don’t see eye-to-eye I know it isn’t going to last, it can’t last because they are awesome friends. I loved Orji’s performance and am looking forward to season two very much.

Ellis as Lawrence is a man who wants to be self-sufficient but that’s difficult when girlfriend Issa wants something else. The disconnect between Lawrence and Issa made me sad actually because it is a disconnect based on two people who don’t really know what they want themselves let alone from one another.

Noel as Daniel is the one person who could make Issa’s life easier. Their friendship is pushed in a direction that neither should be going yet Daniel seems the type of man who gets what he wants – charm and all.

Kerman as Jared is a great guy who is the one person who seems to be sure of where he is and what he wants for his life. Sharing that one secret put Molly in a bad place which begs the question, should the game “tell me one of your darkest secrets” ever be played?

Joyce as Freida is a young woman who truly does want to do what’s best for kids who don’t have the best chances at success. Befriending Issa takes give and take on both their parts and watching Joyce relax a little gives me hope that her character can be explored more in season two.

The series is written, created and executive produced by Issa Rea and is executive produced by Prentice Penny and Grammy winning director Melina Matsoukas.

INSECURE has been nominated by the Golden Globe Awards for Best Actress in a Television Series Musical or Comedy and nominated by the NAACP Image Awards for Outstanding Comedy, Outstanding Actress, Outstanding Supporting Actress, Outstanding Directing and Outstanding Writing.

The Bluray includes the episodes Insecure as F*ck, Messy as F*ck, Racist as F*ck, Thirsty as F*ck, Shady as F*ck, Guilty as F*ck, Real as F*ck and Broken as F*ck.

Insecure 3

The Bonus Features of INSECURE: The Complete First Season include Conjugal Visits – an extended look at the INSECURE characters favorite reality show, Plus two behind-the-scenes Featurettes INSECURE: In the Room and On the Insecure Set with Issa Rae.

HBO Home Entertainment has an extensive array of critically-acclaimed and groundbreaking programs found on Bluray, DVD and Digital HD. They have provided viewers with some of the most amazing programs with huge fan bases that include the shows True Blood, Sex and the City, The Sopranos, True Detectives, The Wire, Entourage and Game of Thrones. Launched in 1984, HBO is world wide in viewed entertainment in more than 70 territories around the world! For more of what they have to offer please visit

INSECURE is a hilarious and even cutting look at stereotypes of black women in Los Angeles. What is even more interesting about this series is that there are situations that are relatable by most women. There are certainly situations that I could never imagine but even so this is a life we are all trying to get through so it’s nice to see how writer Issa Rae sees it playing out.

Gather up the girls and make it a pajama-popcorn-marathon night of laughs, love and the craziness of life with INSECURE: The Complete First Season on Bluray now.


In the end – it isn’t easy being flawless!

SPLIT Blurs Fantasy and Reality on DVD



Jeri Jacquin

On DVD from director/writer Deborah Kampmeier and Candy Factory Films is a look at the life of a young woman trying to mend from the SPLIT.

Inanna (Amy Ferguson) is a young girl living the life of a dancer at night and a performance artist in the day. She finds herself infatuated with Derek (Morgan Spector) a man who doesn’t realize she is a dancer in the club he visits.

Seeing Derek at rehearsal for a play by Athena (Joan MacIntosh), she realizes that he is making the masks for the show. Taking the opportunity to get to know him, it is instantaneous that he asks her to marry him.

Aware that Derek is an artist it is also clear he has serious insecurity issues wanting Inanna to stop being in the play. Believing that love should keep them together, Inanna allows herself to be disrespected at every turn. Even her friend Anja knows what is happening and tries to make Inanna aware of it.

But she has come to slowly realize that this play is something that is about to change her life but she must have the courage to embrace it.

Love starts with ones self!

Ferguson as Inanna is certainly a young woman who is trying to grow but her life is running in so many different directions. This actress shows every bit of the confusion on her face and eyes which is spectacular. I so appreciate her performance and as she awakens during the play, it is done elegantly and with heart.

Spector as Derek is an artist who has a clear vision of his work just not a clear vision about life, love and respect. I have to admit that if I knew someone like Derek I’d probably lose my mind. In his own swirl of darkness he seems complacent about what is happening to Inanna because to think he didn’t care would be almost cruel.

MacIntosh as Athena is a woman knowing that Inanna has the ability to bring ever bit of herself to a role that bares everything – literally. Her belief in this young girl grows with every moment of rehearsal until the opening night performance that is just amazing.

Mouglalis as Anja  knows that the life Inanna is a part of is not one she should be. Sharing her fears about Derek is absolutely what a friend would and should do and I applauded her doing just that.

Other cast include Fredric Lehne as Dave, Raina von Waldenburg as Iris, Antonia Hughes as Shelley, Jennifer Onvie as Lil, Sophia Oppenheim as Sonia, Rutanya Alda as Melissa, Samia Akudo as Mariama, Jason Alazraki as John and Richard Aldis as Gerard.

Candy Factory Films is a forward-thinking, filmmaker-friendly company dedicated to producing unique and compelling films. Candy Factory is at the forefront of a new vanguard reaching distinct audiences. With award-winning and acclaimed films across every genre, Candy Factory is committed to creating and fostering communities around independent and progressive cinema. For more of what they have to offer please visit

SPLIT is so many things in one film. It is the story of a young woman trying to discover her own potential, self worth and limits. Mixed in between that is that same journey of all the women of the show Inanna is in.

Take that harshness and wrap it up in the raw fear, frustration and longing of a theatre performance that brings all of these women together. With the music that is ethereal and moving, this film brings together every emotion that women try to hide.

Although there is nudity of the women performing, it becomes buried down the line of what the film is trying to convey. It is important to be aware of the nudity but do not let it sway you from experiencing the film. There is intergenerational and multiracial women of all different body types to be sure and that is absolutely worthy of kudos.

SPLIT is part of Kampmeier trilogy including HOUNDDOG in 2007 and VIRGIN in 2003. She is an award winning filmmaker and theatre director and has written/directed short films. For more of the work Kampmeier continues to do please visit

In the end – she must claim herself!

THE CAROL BURNETT SHOW: The Best of Tim Conway Brings Laughs to DVD



Jeri Jacquin

One of the funniest men in show business and Time Life has come together to bring the best laughs ever with the DVD release of THE CAROL BURNETT SHOW: The Best of Tim Conway.

Conway has spent his life being part of television and Hollywood and after a stint in the Army after college majoring in speech and radio, he began in Cleveland. Beginning in 1958 on air at the local station, he also wrote comedy working with Ernie Anderson.

tumball 1

He appeared in the local shows and moved to New York City in 1961 and with the help of actress Rose Marie, became a regular on The Steve Allen Show. Also, he would join actor Ernest Borgnine in the television sitcom hit McHale’s Navy. In 1975, Conway took part in Disney films paired with Don Knotts with THE APPLE DUMPLING GANG followed by THE APPLE DUMPLING GANG RIDES AGAIN.

Beginning in 1975, Conway would become a part of history joining the cast on The Carol Burnett Show and brought along with him some of the most loveable and laughable characters ever.

The most memorable characters are the Oldest Man with his long wild white hair and shuffling feet it is a fantastic mixture of slapstick and ad-libs that are hilarious. The irascible boss Mr. Tudball is a man who likes things a certain way and secretary Mrs. Wiggins played by Carol Burnett only adds to the comedy.

tim 1

Other characters are The Virgin Prince considered a swish-bucking tour de farce, The Lone Ranger and A Dog’s Life. The sketch of Conway along with Harvey Korman brings comedy to another level with The Dentist.

That’s what is amazing about this collection because it offers us a look back to some of the best television and comedy that will not be seen again. Fifty Years The Carol Burnett Show collection reminds me that laughter comes from the creativity of the best and Tim Conway will always be known as one of the best.

Time Life has brought this never before released anywhere classic collection of the series to fans. For more of what Time Life has to offer fans of classic television visit

The four-episode DVD includes classic long-running sketches Mrs. Wiggins, The Oldest Man, Carol and Sis and George and Zelda. In the classic sketch The Dentist, Tim mistakenly numbs himself instead of his patient, leaving Harvey in hysterics!

dentist 1

Also, more of Harvey cracking up at Tim from his doddering race mechanic to acting like a pooch after being accidentally jabbed by a vet’s needle. The guest stars include Pat Carroll, Cass Elliot, Steve Lawrence, Martha Raye and Karen Wyman. There is also a Bonus Blooper of Dog’s Life. Coming in at 153 minutes there is something for everyone.

Time Life has put together a collection of comedy that is so family oriented that I love experiencing it through the next generations eyes. The good news is that they find it just as hilarious now as I did seeing it for the first time. THE CAROL BURNETT SHOW: The Best of Tim Conway is just a joy to watch – period.

Conway was and is an amazing part of comedy and television history and I’m personally thrilled that this collection is now available for everyone to add to their home library.

In the end – it’s time to welcome comedy back in the family home!

1995 Animated GHOST IN THE SHELL is Stellar Viewing on Bluray

ghost cover


Jeri Jacquin

This week on Bluray & DVD with Limited Steelbook Packaging and Mondo artwork from Anchor Bay Entertainment and director Mamoru Oshii is the amazing story of GHOST IN THE SHELL.

In an electronic network, it is the year 2029 in New Port City and humanity has now come to live in cybernetic bodies. These shells they live in contain their consciousness but along with that are special abilities.

Major Motoko Kusanagi (voiced by Mimi Woods) is one such cybernetic who is also a government agent on the hunt for he Puppet Master. This Puppet Master has obtained the ability to get inside human hosts through a computer virus. Given the assignment, she brings in Section 9 and they are immediately hit strong by the Puppet Master.

ghost 1

Calling in another squad, Section 6, they work to discover out how bring the Puppet Master (Tom Wyner) out into the open. Motoko dives deep into the Puppet Master and discover that Project 2501 exists and that he has been looking for Motoko all this time.

Her rescuer Batou (Richard Epcar) tries to stop the conversation between Motoko and the Puppet Master but instead the Puppet Master ghost-hacks him Knowing that there are orders for Section 6 to destroy him, it is only a matter of time before they cover up Project 250l.

What Motoko wants is more answers and when the Puppet Master tells her everything, it becomes clear that when Section 6 attacks, Batou will do what is necessary to save her.

A merge is coming and they all better be prepared!

ghost 2

Each of these characters has something different to bring to the storyline of a cybernetic female who is powerful and strong. More importantly, the character of Motoko was my first experience with a strong female anime and had me so interested that I continued looking for the same thing for years.

Other voice cast includes Christopher Joyce as Togusa, William Knight as Chief Aramaki, Michael Sorich as Ishikawa, and Simon Prescott as Chief Nakamura.

Anchor Bay brings amazing entertainment to those extending their media library and is also celebrating their 20th Anniversary. From theatrical to home release, Anchor Bay brings STARZ Original series, AMC Network series, The Weinstein Company, Radius, children’s entertainment, fitness, and sports to fans. To discover more of what Anchor Bay Entertainment has to offer, please visit

I love the animation with its rich detail knowing that this story wouldn’t have worked without it. The intensity is there along with characters that are not always what they appear to be.

ghost 3

Director Mamoru Oshii has taken the anime experience to a futuristic level that is stellar to the imagination. Released in 1995 the film made its way from Japan to the United States and the rest of Europe. Five years later Oshii would return for GHOST IN THE SHELL: Innocence.

GHOST IN THE SHELL comes in an amazing Steelbook with artwork from Mondo that makes it even more exciting to own capturing the feel of an incredible story. Also included in the Steelbook Bluray & DVD is the Digital HD Ultraviolet code that allows viewing of GHOST IN THE SHELL from anywhere.

It is time to revisit an iconic and classic story done in vivid and brilliant animation!

In the end – question human existence!

MISS SLOANE Never Lets Up the Intensity on Bluray & DVD

Miss Sloane


Jeri Jacquin

This week on Bluray and DVD from director John Madden and 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment comes a film that tests the political limits and MISS SLOANE.

Elizabeth Sloane (Jessica Chastain) is a lobbyist that people want to hire when it comes to shaking up Washington, D.C. Working for George Dupont (Sam Waterston); she is chastised by the boss when refusing to work with politician who wants no changes in the gun laws.

In Washington, something like that doesn’t just slide when Elizabeth is approached by Rodolfo Schmidt (Mark Strong) who wants her savvy about who can help change the gun laws. Offering her an undisclosed amount to leave her current job, Elizabeth packs up her team accept for Jane Molloy (Alison Pill), a young woman who doesn’t believe she needs to follow Elizabeth’s examples or way of doing things.

slo 2

Working with Schmidt happens quickly as Esme Manucharian (Gugu Mbatha-Raw) quickly becomes Elizabeth’s new right-hand-girl. But something more is happening here when Congressman Ron M. Sperling (John Lithgow) convenes a hearing to force her to answer questions about her work, personal life and private matters. Trying to take her down are behind-closed-door dealings that could ruin her life.

Throwing accusations she will always stand her ground!

Chastain as Sloane is amazing in this role as a strong, albeit moments of tension, mover and shaker in Washington, D.C. I loved her ability to deliver these intense lines and never batting an eye at her work. It becomes clear relatively early that this is a woman who knows what she’s in for and doesn’t back down. She is unpredictable and suspenseful at the same time which makes MISS SLOANE superb and it is clear why Chastain was nominated for a Golden Globe!

slo 3

Waterston as Dupont isn’t thrilled when his go-to girl takes her show on the road. But when one of her team stays behind it is like a Christmas gift in knowing how to deal with Elizabeth and her tactics. Waterston is still a tough actor that makes his presence known on the screen.

Strong as Schmidt thinks he knows who he has hired but seeing her in action causes him pause, and maybe even a bit of fear. I adore Strong in everything he does so getting accolades from me is fairly easy but that doesn’t mean his role isn’t awesome in the storyline.

Mbatha-Raw as Esme is a woman who understand more about what is at stake than her bosses may know. She is a go-getter yet her reasons are clear and she isn’t about to change. I thought of her character as a kinder, gentler Elizabeth and even when her life is exposed, she knows it’s part of the game. This young actress has truly moves into films that stand out and I enjoy her performances.

slo 4

Lithgow as Sperling is a politician who has been in office so long that doing his job seems easy – only seems. It is a hard look at a Congressman who believes he has what it takes make a bigger name for himself; to bad he wasn’t satisfied with that. It must be said, Lithgow can still surprise me!

Serious kudos to Pill as Jane and I’m leaving it at that, you will thank me later!

Other cast include: Michael Stuhlbarg as Pat Connors, Jake Lacy as Forde, Douglas Smith as Alex, Ennis Esmer as Brian, Meghann Fahy as Clara, Alexandra Castillo as Pru, Kyle Mac as More and Jack Murray as Buzzcut.

Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment brings award-winning global product and new entertainment to DVD, Bluray, and Digital HD. There amazing collection offers fans an opportunity to expand their own home libraries with the best films. To discover what other titles they have please visit

slo 1

TUBS OF POPCORN: I give MISS SLOANE four tubs of popcorn out of five. Yes there is a seriously intense film but it’s also a bit of a lesson on lobbying in Washington. The character of Elizabeth Sloane is considered ruthless and brilliant but there is something else here. Being a woman doing this job it seemed others saw her as expendable but what of her male counterparts?

I have left out finer points of the film because it is in those finer points that the story is fast paced. The devil is in the details and MISS SLOANE absolutely brings that little saying to the forefront of the film.

The Bluray and DVD Special Features include Lobbying: Winning By Any Means and with that being the message over and over, take a moment to watch this special feature!

In the end – make sure you surprise them!


Fox Home Entertainment Wants to Make Sure Easter Baskets are Filled – with DVD Fun!

ice coverveggietales twas the night before easterVeggietales EstherTheGirlWhoBecameQueenveggies Noahs ark


Jeri Jacquin

Easter is just around the corner and spring is in the air! That’s what makes this egg carton of fun filled DVD’s so exciting. Fox Home Entertainment is ready to add family time to the approaching holiday.

So, our only question is – who is hopping excited to win!? We have an amazing prize pack to offer up with the beloved family favorites with Here Comes Peter Cottontail, Ice Age: The Great Egg-Scapade, and Peppa Pig: Around the World.

But that’s not all as the Veggie Tales Crew is joining in the holiday fun with Veggie Tales: ‘Twas the Night Before Easter, Veggie Tales: A Very Veggie Easter Collection, Veggie Tales: An Easter Carol, Veggie Tales: Easter Double Feature with Easter Carol & Abe and the Amazing Promise, Veggie Tales: Easter Double Feature with Twas the Night Before Easter & God Made You Special, Veggie Tales: Esther, the Girl Who Became Queen and finally Veggie Tales: Noah’s Ark.

 Each of these DVD’s is filled with colorful characters with amazing stories to tell and fun that can be shared with the entire family!

All you have to do is email with EASTER FUN in the subject line along with your name and address.

We look forward to announcing the winner!


veggies Easterveggies easterveggies easter carolveggie tale Easter collection

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