Jeri Jacquin

Coming to Bluray from creators William and Dave Broyles, the History Channel and 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment is the riveting and startling look at those who put their lives on the line and are only known as SIX.

Richard ‘Rip’ Taggart (Walton Coggins) is a former Navy Seal who now works as a security contractor in Nigeria. Sent to help protect an all girl’s school, he, a school teacher Na’omi (Nondumiso Tembe), Esther (Tyla Harris) and other girls are swiftly kidnapped by the terrorist Boko Haram. The terrorist learn quickly that they have a former Navy SEAL among their captives and are going to use Taggart to get what they want.

When his former SEAL Team Six members become aware that Taggart has been taken, it brings up an incident that happened in Afghanistan and they know that someone else besides Boko Haram want their former SEAL.


Each of the former SEAL’s have family issues they are contending with, Joe ‘Bear’ Graves (Barry Sloane) is trying to start a family, Ricky ‘Buddha’ Ortiz (Juan Pablo Raba) comes home to a family that seems to be holding a grudge toward the absentee husband-dad and Alex Caulder (Kyle Schmid) is on his way to trouble. Armin “Fishbait” Khan (Jaylen Moore) is a new comer to the group who fits right in.

Trying to put family’s right and working a plan to get Taggart back is taking a strain on all the men. Especially since they have a secret that is going to be a problem when a man named Michael (Dominic Adams) who plots with leader Al-Muttaqi (Jarreth J. Merz) wants Taggart and will do anything to get him.

Putting their plan of rescue into action, the team takes on the compound of Boko Haram only to find Taggart and the girl are gone. Making use of the Muttaqi media connections, Taggart is forced to admit what happened in 1984. The team is in a tailspin and turn their attention toward Michael discovering a jihad training camp in Chad. Believing he finally has revenge against Taggart, it seems to backfire for Michael in a way he could not have imagined.


Coggins as Taggart is certainly playing a role I have not seen from him before. Gone is the swagger, the southern drawl and the costuming giving the character of Taggart a stripped down man who can no longer hide from himself or the secret a whole team is holding on to. Beginning as a hardened soldier, episode by episode it is all stripped away and I was riveted to watch it all happen.

Sloane as Bear is a torn man who knows what the job he signed up for entails yet wants to make his wife happy by starting a family. Going after Taggart brings back unresolved issues that stop him from making decisions that require a quickness to save lives. Raba as Buddha has been leaving home so often his wife has taken on a life of her own and the kids are in hello/goodbye mode. Realizing his family life is passing him by, he wants to take care of his family but at what cost?

Schmidt as Caulder seems to be the wild card of the bunch. Living a bohemian life he is surprised when his daughter Dharma (Lindsley Register) shows up on his doorstep calling out his past behaviors and future for their father/daughter relationship. Moore as Fishbait wants to help find Taggart and knows that he is going to have to call upon unlikely sources to plan a rescue.

Adams as Michael clearly has an issue with Taggart and will go against anyone that tries to stop him. Making a deal with Boko Haram also puts the girls and their teacher in more jeopardy with recruitment tactics. Merz as Muttaqi is equally as devious as Michael but also knows that Taggart has become a distraction.


Tembe as Na’omi is a teacher who will do anything to save her girls from the torturous treatment that happens to young girls by the Boko Haram. I loved her performance and she should be applauded for her amazing role. Harris as Esther is so beautiful in this role as a young girl who is willing to trust a man who most think untrustworthy. She believes when most probably wouldn’t and it doesn’t go unnoticed by Taggart.

Other cast include Rus Blackwell as Commander Atkins, Donny Boaz as Buckley, Niyi Oni as Quayum, Lee Spencer as Terry, Matt Burke as Nick, Angela Relucio as Lt. Fung, Tyler Chase as Kashif, Arnold Chanakira as Hakeem, Brianne Davis as Lena Graves, Tyla Harris as Esther, Zeeko Zaki as Akmal Barayev, and Nadine Velazquez as Jackie Ortiz.

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SIX is an intense, realistic, and scary look at what it takes to protect those who need it the most, be part of a group that jump at a moments notice when needed for special operations and attempt to maintain a home life. Creators William and David Broyles have brought an authenticity to these characters because it doesn’t hide behind anything but instead bring all possibilities front and center in full view.

From the Boko Haram to terrorist recruiting, the creators use what most Americans know about and delve deeper into how these issues threaten lives. There is a real sense of fear from both of these groups and what they are capable of is an important message for us all.

This ensemble cast is absolutely amazing bringing every aspect to the story telling that kept me watching more and more. The best part of owning the Bluray is not having to wait till the next week to find out what happens next. I absolutely marathon-watched SIX and will do it again with no problem.


There is so much that I’m not speaking about because this is an experience and I’m not about to give anything away and trust me – there is plenty! The Bluray includes all 8 episodes on two discs with almost six hours of story telling. The set also includes Digital HD that can be instantly streamed and downloaded to your television, computer, tablet and smartphone.

Inspired by real missions, the creators bring an authenticity to the world of America’s SEAL elite special operations unit! This is a look at what they do, their personal lives, what happens in combat with the life and death situations they face so they can come home to their families again.

In the end – never leave a brother behind!