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Coming to Bluray from Cinemax and HBO Home Entertainment is a stunning series that will leave you on the edge with QUARRY: The Complete First Season.

It is 1972 and the world is dealing with the Vietnam War. Mac Conway (Logan Marshall-Green) has returned home to the town of Memphis with buddy Arthur (Jamie Hector). Both trying to get back into their lives, finding jobs to help financially with their families has become difficult because of an incident that happened while in Vietnam.

Mac returns to wife Joni (Jodi Balfour) and tries to find a job as a coach but it doesn’t work out. Arthur returns to wife Ruth (Nikki Amuka-Bird) and works on being a father to his sons, including Marcus (Joshua J. Williams).


After a dip in his pool, Mac meets The Broker (Peter Mullan) and Karl (Edoardo Ballerini), two men who are about to make him an offer. He shows Mac $30,000 in cash saying it is all his to become a contract killer. Mac can not see this as an answer to his problem and The Broker packs up the money walking away.

The Broker also approaches Arthur who takes the money but needs Mac’s help. Only asking his friend to be a lookout Mac agrees. What started out as an easy way to make money goes horribly wrong and Mac is now responsible for the return of the $30,000 which gets away.

Knowing he doesn’t want his buddy’s wife to know what really happened, Mac now must carry out hits until The Broker says the debt it paid now. If that isn’t hard enough to deal with, Mac learns that Jodi hasn’t been exactly upright herself with a man named Cliff. Imagine who Mac takes out first in his new job.

The police are getting involved as Det. Tommy Olsen (Josh Randall) wants to solve this case quickly. He begins to work the case discovering that he knows the victims sister Sandy (Kaley Ronayne). Mac is still trying to figure out how to handle what is happening and visits his friend Buddy (Damon Herriman) looking for more answers.


Mac also visits his father hoping Dad can give him the money to pay back The Broker. Ruth is about to meet Moses (Mustafa Shakir), a man who also knows The Broker and he wants to find out how much Ruth knows about the missing money.

In the meantime Mac and Buddy are off to do a gun deal that, of course, also goes wrong but the extra clean up means more money is taken off the $30,000. Suggs (Kurt Yaeger) is watching what Mac is doing and gives him a message kidnapping by kidnapping Joni. Now Mac is in anger mode and will not stop until he has Joni back. Needing the help of The Broker he has to hide with her in an old motel.

In hyper vigilant mode, Mac looks at everyone coming and going out of the place. Suggs isn’t letting go easily doing some investigating of his own to find Mac and Joni. During a confrontation in their room that leads to a mess, Mac must now tell Joni everything. Detective Olsen digs deeper and still believes that Mac has something to do with Cliff’s death.

Not in town to help his buddy’s son Marcus, he comes close to being hurt when a bus of African-American students is under attack. Home safely, Marcus and Ruth watch as the man responsible is finally arrested.

Mac and The Broker are talking because there are questions as to how much Joni knows. Convincing his boss that Joni knows nothing, he returns home to find money from his father but nothing even close to what Mac needs. Knowing who the next hit is, Mac does what is necessary to reduce his debt while Moses searches Ruth’s house for the original $30,000.


While all of this is happening, Mac doesn’t know that Joni has been talking to his father about selling the house. During a showing, The Broker visits pretending to be a buyer getting information from Joni about what they are up to. The missing money is discovered by Marcus who doesn’t tell anyone what he has found.

What happens next with Mac is out of control as a carnival becomes the meeting point and a showdown that has everyone turning on each other. Finally, the whole story of what happened in Quan Thang bring to clarity as who is responsible. Once all the bloodshed is over, Mac deals with a man from his past and pays The Broker the rest of his buddy’s debt.

But nothing is ever that easy to walk away from.

Logan Marshall-Green as Mac is absolutely amazing and I think I’m a little bit in love. He plays this character hard core and even with moments of emotion with his wife, it is difficult for Mac to find any solace or peace. Of course that seems a tad strange considering what this character is willing to do but after two tours and horrible final experience in Vietnam, what I consider strange and what Mac considers strange depend on perception. Marshall-Green seems so engrossed in this character that I’m almost afraid to see him smile.

Jodi Balfour as Joni is a woman who has watched her husband slowly turn into someone she almost doesn’t recognize. She is also a woman trying to keep their home, work and take care of everything while Mac is away. Once Balfour understands what is at stake, she almost has to figure out how to fix it and live through it at the same time. Wonderful performance by Balfour.


Nikki Amuka-Bird as Ruth and Joshua J. Williams as Marcus are dealing with the death of Arthur. Ruth works hard not knowing what killed her husband or why and Marcus makes a find of his own and it could cost him.

Damon Herriman as Buddy works well with Mac and has an interesting relationship with his mother and although he wants to walk away, I don’t see it happening. Josh Randall as Det. Olsen has an itch to solve this case. He feels as if he’s following all leads but becomes clear that Mac has something to do with it all. Kurt Yaeger as Suggs is definitely someone to be seriously afraid of.

Mustafa Shakir as Moses definitely has a duality problem here. Looking for the original $30,000 and discovering if Ruth knows anything about it makes him the sneakiest criminal. That being said, he also seems to be developing feelings for Ruth which means when the time comes a decision will have to be made.

Other cast include Aoibhinn McGinnity as Mary, Skipp Sudduth as Lloyd, Happy Anderson as Det. Vern Ratliff, Olafur Olafsson as Credence Mason, Tom Noonan as Oldcastle and Ann Dowd as Naomi.


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The Bluray and Digital HD includes Deleted Scenes-a fascinating selection of more than two dozen deleted scenes from Season 1, Inside Quarry-get an inside look at each episode of QUARRY with the cast and crew, Quan Thang Inquiry Scenes-Check out declassified interview footage in which Mac and other soldiers testify to the events of the Quan Thang Tragedy, About Quarry-delve inside the setting, characters and storylines of QUARRY with the cast and crew.

Also found on the Bluray is Music of Memphis-join the cast and crew for an inside look at the classic R&B soundtrack and live music seen in the show, Recreating 1972-the cast and crew of QUARRY reveal how they turned back the clock to recreate the sets and styles of Memphis in 1972, Love Letters-hear the recorded correspondence between Mac and Joni while he served in Vietnam, Car Chase Picture in Picture-join QUARRY star Logan Marshall-Green for this action-packed look at the staging of a rough-and-tumble car chase from the series and Music Videos-watch a collection of music videos featuring some of the blistering tracks from the series.


TUBS OF POPCORN: I give QUARRY: The Complete First Season four and a half tubs of popcorn out of five. This is a fantastic series filled with twists, turns, stories within stories, hallucinations, memories, flashbacks, cold-heartedness and so much more. Every time I thought I knew what was coming, I was pleasantly (or unpleasantly) kept guessing. Nothing is worse than figuring everything out before it happens.

Yes I am intentionally once again being vague because this is another amazing series from Cinemax that is worthy of experiencing for yourself. The cast should be so proud of themselves for making a series that has us all waiting for Season Two!

QUARRY came to television creator Graham Gordy, Michael D. Fuller and director Greg Yaitanes via novels from Max A. Collins.

In the end – every man has something worth killing for!