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Coming to DVD from National Geographic and 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment is the beautiful look at a journey to discover THE STORY OF GOD with Morgan Freeman.

Taking a look at the belief of what lies beyond death, Freeman begins speaking with a gentleman who was almost taken by the sea. His story is emotional and life changing as any experience like this would be. It leads Freeman to fly to historical places of faith and ask the questions of its spiritual leaders how death and the after life is perceived.


He also tackles the subject of the impending doom of our world or the apocalypse. The bigger question is the fascination humans have with wanting to know how it all comes to a close. Once again traveling to locations of spirituality, he learns that it is perhaps better to be focused on the here and now of our lives instead of worrying otherwise.

Asking the question of who is God, Freeman wonders how it is possible to believe in something that has no physical form. Meeting up with researchers who show how it is possible, Freeman becomes aware of how powerful a belief system truly can be.

Creation is a hot topic for many but Freeman shows how it needn’t be. Telling the story of Adam and Eve is only one story that is known yet there are so many more. He seeks out these beliefs from India to Israel to Egypt and all of it is so similar with its common core values of acceptance.


One of the questions that is also commonly asked is why is there evil in the world? Freeman visits one man in prison who is considered evil to ask the question directly. Reaching out to spiritual leaders, he asks the same question and wondering if it’s possible to squash that part in us all.

Finally, he searches for the twists and turns of life and could it be possible that it is all predestined. He also travels to a historical hospital where patients once searched for miracles and healing. Part of that is visiting the place where the Buddha found enlightenment learning how it is possible to release the power within ourselves and capable of more than we can imagine.

It is in his journey that we all learn more about the world around us.

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THE STORY OF GOD with Morgan Freeman is such a powerful and emotional journey into the beliefs and history of the religions of the world. What is even more moving is that he doesn’t hesitate to ask the questions of researchers and religious leaders that most of us have probably wondered at one time or another.


Travelling to locations of beautiful places all over the world that hold religious meaning for believers, it is exceptionally fascinating when the history is explained. From Christianity and the Romans, to Egypt and the pyramids, to Buddhism, Hinduism, Zoroastrianism, Jainism, and the Muslim faith, Freeman shares every moment of his journey with viewers.

Even better? THE STORY OF GOD with Morgan Freeman is returning January 16th for a second season on National Geographic because even I know there is so much more to explore. Freeman is the perfect person to do this because he has played the big man so it’s perfect casting!

The DVD includes the episodes Beyond Death, Apocalypse, Who is God?, Creation, Why Does Evil Exist and The Power of Miracles. Also, the Special Features include First Play – Continent 7: Antarctica and Savage Kingdom, Q&A with Morgan Freeman and Talent – Reincarnation in Hinduism, Open Your Mind, God in Different Cultures, Science and Catholicism, Universal Knowledge, Miracles, and 20 Questions,

 Also the Web Series: Man on the Street: Street Spirituality: What Happens After we Die?, How Will the World End?, Who is God?, Where Do We Come From?, Where Does Evil Come From?, and Do You Believe in Miracles?, A Pastor, A Rabbi and an Imam – Creation, Evil and Miracles.

BRUCE ALMIGHTY, Morgan Freeman, 2003, (c) Universal/courtesy Everett Collection

THE STORY OF GOD with Morgan Freeman is a series to be shared no matter what belief system you subscribe to. It is an exciting and emotional learning experience and I for one can not wait for season two to begin!

In the end – religions tough all of our lives no matter what our faith!