Jeri Jacquin

This week on stunning Bluray from director Benny Chan and Well Go USA Entertainment are men who answer the CALL OF HEROES.

Bai Ling (Zhang Shuying) is a school teacher escaping with a group of orphans from the crazed warlord General Cao Ying. Running to the city of Pucheng, Ling stops to feed her wards at a local noodle shop. Not even there a moment, a gang of bad guys attempts to rob everyone – everyone that is except Ma Feng (Eddie Peng) who immediately sets the men on a righteous path out the door!

Thinking they are out of the woods, the General’s sadistic son Shaolun (Louis Koo) later comes to bring death to the village. Arrested by the town Sheriff Yang Kenan (Sean Lau Ching-wan), Shaolun is put in jail with a mysterious smile on his face. Arriving quickly is Col. Zhang Yi (Jacky Wu Jing) telling the Sheriff Kenan that he has one day to release the General’s son.


Now Kenan must decide whether to do what is right or follow the pleas of the village to release Shaolun to save everyone in the village. As Feng watches from afar, he knows that the vicious son of the General has no intention of making this easy for anyone.

There is no time left!

Peng as Ma Feng is seriously amazing. His good looks, charm, and humor are certainly an asset to the film but when he gets a furrow in his brow – look out! Grabbing his weaponry is masterful and although he pretends not to be interested in helping others, Ma Feng does everything to do just that.

Ching-wan as Sheriff Kenan clearly is a family man who takes his position as protector of the village seriously. Knowing that Shaolun is playing games, he also knows that he will destroy the village if given a chance. Trying to explain this to the village, their fear puts him in a position he could never have imagined. Ching-wan portrays this character with such dignity and a lot of grit.

Koo as Shaolun is completely stunning and I know that’s strange to say about a character so evil. Impeccable looks and perfectly dressed; Koo gives the best side-eye and smile filled with scariness and vicious intent. When it comes to a showdown between Shaolun and Kenan, the scene is fantastic.


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CALL OF HEROES is a definite good man versus insane killer film. Believing he has every right to do what he pleases, Shaolun has a superiority that brings fear. The difference is evil can only go so far and that’s what this film proves.

There is action is intense filled with slick maneuvers and fighting skills. What makes the film even better is that the storyline works believably with the good versus evil scenario. I’ve come to totally admire the Asian filmmaking and storytelling that has been accessible these past few years for those very reasons.


I enjoyed the richness of this era piece because of the costuming and set design that brings the viewer into the story with ease. The fight scenes bring the epic story of a small village trying to survive the cruelty to a justice seeking conclusion.

In the end – injustice can not go unanswered!