Jeri Jacquin

Opening night of the San Diego Asian Film Festival brings the Grand Jury Prize from the Los Angeles Asian Pacific Film Festival to their opening night with THE TIGER HUNTER. That’s only a fraction of what film goers will be seeing from the festival.

The second day of the festival brings Shorts: Secret Rice Poison along with Fallen Star: Finding Home, Harmonium, The Mermaid, After the Storm, Pamilya Ordinaryo, Hang in There Kids!, Our Love Story, Call of Heroes, The Unbidden and Wet Woman in the Wind.


A mixture of shorts, documentaries and film continue onto day two with Sori: Voice From the Heart, Maverick, Chee and T plus more on day three.

On Sunday Reel Voices brings 13 high school students from San Diego together to present films based on their own lives. Also on the schedule is one of my favorites with Shorts: Best of Asian Animation with shorts from Taiwan, Japan, South Korea and the United States.

Starting off the week on Monday brings more shorts and films such as TA’ANG that tells the story of the Myanmar war that forces the Ta’ang people into China. The documentary follows the women and children as they make their way through the mountains to safety. Also showing is TUNNEL about a man who survives a tunnel collapse only to be trapped and desperate to get help.


Tuesday brings a different kind of comedy with THE BACCHUS LADY as an elderly prostitute wanders Seoul, Korea looking for lonely seniors. HIME-ANOLE is the story of two boys falling for the same girl but cuteness falls short when friendships are tested!

Wednesday begins with THE WOMAN WHO LEFT that tells the tale of a woman who serves 30 years for a crime she didn’t commit. In the evening is a film I highly recommend to zombie lovers! TRAIN TO BUSAN is riveting, crazy and unpredictable in every way to the very end. I absolutely love this film.

As the week begins to wind down, Thursday brings BEAUTIFUL 2016 with a collection of shorts that include love, music, and unemployment. That’s about as wide a field of interests as you can get! WEEDS ON FIRE, telling the story of Hong Kong’s first little league team based on actual events in 1984.


On Friday, the Closing Night film is MIFUNE: The Last Samurai directed by Steven Okazaki. This is the history of Japans of the Samurai’s stories in film. Saturday brings the film CALL OF HEROES to end the festival with action and story telling.

This is just a taste of what you will find at the San Diego Asian Film Festival. For a schedule and synopsis of the films and information on ticket purchasing please visit