Jeri Jacquin

Coming to Bluray from Entertainment One is an AMC series saying goodbye one more time with HELL ON WHEELS: The Final Episodes Season Five Volume 2.

Cullen Bohannon (Anson Mount) is looking for revenge on Union soldiers for killing his wife. It is this reason that he goes west ending up in Truckee, California which is the home of the Central Pacific Railroad.

Cullen takes work tunneling through the Sierra Nevada Mountains dealing with the Swede (Christopher Heyerdahl), Chang (Byron Mann) and Thomas Durant (Colm Meaney).

Year have passed and now there is a meeting in Salt Lake City as President Grant arrives. At that meeting, a new terminal located in Promontory, Utah was suggested. Cullen is playing his own game suggesting perhaps the terminal should be in Ogden, Utah. Also, Brigham Young is in danger as The Swede and Phineas plan to assassinate him.


Things change when Confederate soldiers capture The Swede and take him to prison and when released, this man is going to take his revenge on everyone at Hatch farm. Cullen will finally see justice for everything The Swede has done.

Back at Hatch farm, Naomi and Isaac Vinson are wanting to move to Zion with Brigham Young. Cullen agrees to help them on their journey and to help them find peace in their new home.

When Cheyenne is made the terminal hub for the railroad, Durant is furious and wants to buy the land back but it will cost him. He needs more workers and turns to Mickey for help which will come at the cost of railroad shares.

Mei can not get over the death of her father and goes back to Truckee where she is surprised to see Cullen. Returning to working on the railroad, Cullen helps with tunneling to get the job done. Durant however, is trying to make money by faking a kidnapping and it all twists horribly and an innocent person dies.

Cullen is afraid for Mei and sends her to Cheyenne still wanting to buy her contract from Chang. He refuses and Cullen realizes that Mei will continue to be in danger, she knows this as well leaving Cullen behind with only a note that he can not read.


But all of the history comes together as the Union Pacific and the Central Pacific work towards meeting but it is the Central Pacific that hits the end marker first. The golden spike ceremony happens but not before the Congress want answers from Durant about bribery, fraud and corruption.

Cullen is summoned and President Grant wants him to be an army colonel and work for the western territories as an undersecretary. Cullen refuses which means there is no one to help make the charges against Durant stick!

Cullen has somewhere he has to be and boards a ship to his future!

I LOVED watching Mount play Cullen Bohannon. This has to be one of the moodiest characters in western history but I wouldn’t want to watch it any other way. In the five seasons of HELL ON WHEELS, Mount consistently delivered some of the best acting giving fans a reason to tune in each week. I am actually sad the series didn’t go a season or two longer.


Meaney as Durant gave his fair share of treachery, deceit and bad guy-ness! Heyerdahl as The Swede started the series with a bang and didn’t let us off the hook until the very end. What a fantastic role for this actor and it kept me in suspense a time or two.

McLeavy as Eva was continually stunning and her role was strong and solid. Living the only life she could in this time period, McLeavy gives it such strength of character. Burke as Mickey is pretty much every bit of a casino/whorehouse owner who turns politician.

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TUBS OF POPCORN: I give HELL ON WHEELS Season Five Volume Two five tubs of popcorn out of five. That is the best send off I can give of a series that I came to enjoy from the first episode to the last. Of course I am a fan of the western genre and everything about it.


I really enjoy the fact that the storytelling is based on a part of history that needed to be explored and it did that plus so much more. The frontier of hardships isn’t held back at all in any part of the HELL ON WHEELS series and I fully intend to watch the show again and again.

The Bonus Features include a Featurette: A Look at the Final Episodes, Featurette: Golden Spike, Wrap Up and 7 Inside the Episodes.

In the end – HELL ON WHEELS has hit the end of the tracks!