Jeri Jacquin

On Digital HD now and Bluray/DVD November 1st from writer/directors Jon Lucas, Scott Moore and Universal Pictures Home Entertainment comes a comedy that is hilariously relatable when dealing with BAD MOMS.

Amy (Mila Kunis) is a Mom feeling stretched to her absolute limits with kids Jane (Oona Laurence) and Dylan (Emjay Anthony) who don’t take responsibility for anything, a husband Mike (David Watson) who is absolutely clueless and the perfection demands of PTA President Gwendolyn (Christina Applegate).


When enough is enough, Amy takes a day off to take a drink and meets outspoken Carla (Kathryn Hahn) and meek Mom Kiki (Kristen Bell). That’s when all hades breaks loose and Amy changes up her life. When Gwendolyn and her cohorts Stacy (Jada Pinkett Smith) and Vicky (Annie Mumolo).

Amy’s life changes include making her family responsible, finding a fun interest in Jessie (Jay Hernandez) and taking on Gwendolyn for the PTA Presidency. Oh yea, it’s on!

I have the fantastic opportunity to speak with David Walton who plays clueless husband Mike in the film BAD MOMS. We speak about the cast, being a clueless husband and the fun in playing the role.


Jeri Jacquin: Hello David, thanks for talking with me this afternoon.

David Walton: You as well

JJ: Other than the obvious, what drew you to play this character?

DW: I’ve always loved playing despicable people and do things I can’t do in real life. I won’t say I’m despicable in the film, more like an idiot husband! I think in a weird way men want to be able to say and defend themselves the way he does in this movie. Also I think they want to behave they way he does in the film. There is a part of them that instinctually want to do that but they know better [laughing]. This guy just doesn’t know any better. I actually thought he was hilarious. When we were shooting my character did a lot more weird stuff that wasn’t in the movie but is on the Bluray. I think men believe my character is hilarious and women are either liking the humor or are appalled. I’ll leave it to the professors to tell me why that is.

JJ: How were you approached to play the role of Mike?

DW: The classic Hollywood tale! I was given the script and told I had a 10:30 a.m. appointing. I read the lines and had my wife, who is also an actor, read with me and she said, ‘oh you are going to get this!’


JJ: Did she say that because there was something there that was relatable for the two of you?

DW: Yes, she heard me read it and she is always concerned at how well I play these kinds of people [we are both laughing at this point]. When we met I was playing these kinds of characters so she knows its all just in fun.

JJ: I guess that’s the great part of what you do, it’s a chance to let the crazy escape a little hidden in characters.

DW: Seriously, the best part of what I do is getting to do all those things and I think most actors love that part of the job as well. If you want to be a law abiding citizen and not have people hate you then it’s a good idea to just do this stuff acting.

JJ: And be a living husband as well.

DW: Absolutely.

JJ: This is such a huge cast, how is that for you to be surrounded by all these women?

DW: I actually felt honored. You know there are only a few guys in the film so I felt very honored to be one of them. I grew up with four sisters around me so I always feel very comfortable in those situations. It was very nice and they couldn’t have been sweeter. I’m so happy that all these extremely talented women don’t rely on male stardom to do well. I was just so happy that the movie did so well. It’s just wonderful women in Hollywood.

JJ: There are so many women in the film, can you say you learn anything comedically about them that you didn’t know before?

DW: They are all so talented and I guess I didn’t realize how funny they all were. Kathryn, Kirsten and Mila are just so amazing. I had worked with Annie Mumolo before on a show called About A Boy so I knew how out-of-control hilarious she was. At this level, it is one of the great pleasures of being able to work on an upper tier film because the people involved are so talented. This is a difficult business to make it and the people that do have extraordinary gifts and work ethics and you hope it rubs off on you!


JJ: You have been in some major shows yourself such as Masters of Sex, New Girl and as you said About A Boy and in the film POINT BREAK. Give yourself a little credit too!

DW: I feel very fortunate and I sometimes take stock and wonder how the heck I got where I am. There is that itch of wanting more so sometimes you have to temper yourself and look at the work already there. I would like to do roles that are different and there are genres of television-film that I would also like to do. Hopefully that will all come to fruition.

JJ: You have played so many diverse characters and done both comedy and drama, which is your favorite?

DW: I just did Masters of Sex which is a drama and even dramas have light moments. It was weird because it is a different mindset. I think that I will always come back to comedy because that’s where I’d inherently like to be. I definitely am into the drama world now as well. I’ll be searching for those types of roles.

JJ: Were you raised around a comedic atmosphere?

DW: Just like everyone, my dad is funny with a good sense of humor. I mean I am one of seven kids so there’s that.

JJ: Ouch!

DW: Right? I’ll tell my Mom you said that.

JJ: I’m second of five, I get it!

DW: I just always had a goofball, goofy quality and instinct. That’s where I like to rest but I’m very interested in the deeper layers of the human condition. Obviously humor is a part of that but there are circumstances where humor isn’t appropriate.

JJ: Masters of Sex, although a dramatic show does have it is light hearted moments.

DW: All good drama does and there is humor in anything. Ideally you are doing something with some gravitas and part of the power comes from that.


JJ: With BAD MOMS, besides the obvious comedy, if you are explaining the film to someone how would you put it?

DW: It is a laugh riot, R-rated for language and subjects in the film but I think the reason it resonated with so many people who went to see the film several times is because there is truth to it. There is this story that is not being told about how hard it is to be a woman in this modern day with raising kids and what is required of this enormous job. I think it’s an unfair world for a modern day mother and I think this movie kind of makes light of it but touches on it in a way that resonates with everyone. That’s what I want people to take away from it. I mean laugh your ass off!

JJ: I couldn’t agree with you more. I do want to know from you, what was your favorite scene to do?

DW: I think in a weird way the therapy scene is where I laughed the most but the scene that stays with me the most is when I come back after she kicks me out and I’m eating the cereal. I don’t know why, may I just like eating cereal on camera. We did so many takes of it. I mean her line is ‘what are you doing here’ and I spend 20 seconds just eating cereal. That’s the kind of weird stuff I like to do. Of course you can’t have 20 seconds of dead silence and it didn’t make it in but I had a blast doing it. I mean here I am an obvious husband coming back and having no concept of the severity of everything he’s done. Of course he’s trying in his idiotic way to get back in the good graces of his wife.

JJ: Your character resonated with my daughter because she says it’s just like her husband!

DW: That’s hilarious. I mean lets be honest, I guarantee you that part of the instinct of most guys is to behave in this lazy way of staying a little bit of an idiot. I tried to get that and just be that inspiration for those guys who are hanging on to their idiocy.

JJ: We should make you a cape – Super Mike!

DW: Yes, Super Mike!

JJ: Thank you for your time, BAD MOMS is one of my favorite films this year.

DW: Oh thanks so much Jeri and stay cool!

I love it when an actor not only enjoys the film he’s made but reminds me to ‘stay cool’. BAD MOMS is an absolutely hilarious comedy filled with every reason to watch it again and again because laughter has been known to make me miss a thing or two.

This is such an amazing cast of characters that bring reality and comedy together! BAD MOMS is being released on Bluray/DVD/Digital HD November 1st filled with Deleted Scenes, a Gag Reel along with Cast & Mom Interviews: A collection of intimate moments between Mila Kunis, Kristen Bell, Kathryn Hahn, Christina Applegate, Jada Pinkett Smith and Annie Mumolo and their moms.


Universal Studios Home Entertainment has just added an amazing film to their library and making it available for us all to experience and re-experience in our own home theatres. There are films of every genre available from scary to drama to family films. For more of what they have to offer please visit www.uphe.com.

Kunis as Amy is hilarious and she reminded me when I went “rogue mom” a time or two! Hahn as Carla is that friend who talks us into doing things we probably wouldn’t do normally and I love her character for it! Bell as Kiki is meek and observant and both of those things lead her finding a voice. Applegate as Gwendolyn is smart, impeccably dressed and has a mouth worse than the Bad Mom group yet she is still perfection in this role. Smith as Stacy and Mumolo as Jane are both strictly well dressed ‘yes’ Mom’s.

This is the perfect Bluray for a party so gather up Mom’s of all ages with bad food, bad drink and bad funny bones to reminisce and laugh with BAD MOMS on Digital HD now and Bluray/DVD November 1st.

In the end – party like a Mother!