Jeri Jacquin

This week from Entertainment One and 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment is one of the most beloved animated families led by PEPPA PIG: Sun Sea & Snow!

Peppa Pig’s family, Daddy, Mommy and brother George, are going on vacation but they wake up the first morning with snow on the ground. That doesn’t stop the family from going on a sea side holiday singing the whole way. Even the beach is covered in snow and instead of sand castles Daddy Pig suggests they make snow castles!

Peppa Pig and family are now in the mountains and taking up skiing. Madame Gazelle is the ski teacher teaching the youngsters the joys of the smaller slopes. Mommy Pig decides to try skiing again but when the slopes take control, the gang goes after her and Madame Gazelle is impressed.


The sun is out and the Pig family is going to the playground together but on their way a fog sets in. Daddy Pig says he knows the way home but the fog seems to have him discombobulated! But a chance encounter with a ladder gives everyone a new perspective.

Spending time at home, Peppa Pig and her brother George are dancing in the living room. Daddy Pig is vacuuming the hallway and Mommy Pig is working on her computer. Suddenly the electricity goes out in the house which means the family will have to find creative ways to entertain one another.

Other adventures include Peppa Pig at a sleep over at the Zebra’s house, entertaining her baby brother George with a story of her own and spending time with learning about the night with Grandpa Pig. Mummy Pig makes Peppa Pig a colorful box and it becomes filled with her secrets things.


Peppa Pig and George learn how mirrors are funny but shiny things are even funnier! In school, Pedro has a cough and Dr. Brown Bear explains that sometimes coughs can be catchy. Peppa Pig and Suzy Sheep create a secret club doing secret things in secret. A rainy day brings out of the fun in the Pig family with a game of hide the duck

This is a family that knows how to have fun!

The character voices include Cecily Bloom as Peppa Pig, Richard Ridings as Daddy Pig, Morwenna Banks as Mommy Pig, Oliver & Alice May as George, David Graham as Grandpa Pig, Frances White as Granny Pig, Meg Hall as Suzy Sheep, Bethan Lindsay as Rebecca Rabbit and narrated by John Sparkes.

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The DVD includes 12 fun-packed Peppasodes – Sun, Sea and Snow, Snowy Mountain, Foggy Day, The Powercut, The Sleepover, Bedtime Story, Night Animals, Secrets, Pedro’s Cough, The Secret Club, The Rainy Day Game and Mirrors.

It must be said that Peppa Pig and her family are entertaining, funny, and lovely with each other. The catchy introduction song is so simple yet memorable. The reason I know all of this to be true is because my two year old granddaughter can hum the tune as well as make the little pig snorts which is actually kind of cute.

The stories are very well narrated with the character voices that are so endearing. Cecily Bloom’s giggle as Peppa Pig is quite contagious! What I find fascinating is that they are short in duration which makes it very easy for children to follow and absorb. PEPPA PIG: Sun Sea & Snow is a Parent Tested Parent Approved” winner and deservedly so.

The themes that run through this cutely animated series are friendship, family, love, respect for grandparents (and elders in general), responsibility, and caring – I mean the list is really long and wonderful.

In the end – it is Peppa Pig and family on an adventure through life!