Now on Bluray from director is the BBC and Sony Pictures Home Entertainment is the AMC television mini-series that blew everyone away with NIGHT MANAGER.

Jonathan Pine (Tom Hiddleston) is the night manager of the prestigious Nefertiti Hotel in the heart of Cairo, Egypt. Keeping his eye on all things, he knows the guests including Sophie Alekan (Aure Atika) who is the mistress of the very wealthy Freddie Hamid (David Avery).

One evening Sophie calls to Jonathan asking him to copy documents and to keep an envelope in safe keeping in case anything happens to her. Curious, he discovers the documents are lists of Hamids’ correspondence and a list of weapons for a company called Ironlast Limited owned by Richard Roper (Hugh Laurie).

With his years of service, Jonathan knows he must turn over the documents to the International Enforcement Agency in London. Doing the right thing costs the night manager with the death of Sophie.


Fast forward four years and Jonathan is now the night manager of the Meisters Hotel in Zermatt, Switzerland. Keeping his head down he only has to look up to see Ironlast CEO Richard Roper starting back at him. Keeps his cool, he connects with Angela Burr (Olivia Colman) with another list of more weaponry through Ironlast.

Both Burr and Pine know that the only thing they can do is to work together to bring down Roper. Changing his name to Jack Linden and spending time in Devon, England, it is clear that a cover is being created.

Roper, in the meantime, is in Spain working out the details of an arms deal when his young son Daniel is put through an attempted kidnapping. A man pops out of no where to rescue the boy and is beaten thoroughly. Roper recognizes him demanding that he be taken to their villa.

Everyone thinks this man’s name is Thomas Quince but Ropers side-kick Maj. Corky Corkran (Tom Hollander) begins an intensive search into his background. Of course knows him as Pine from Switzerland and confronts him with his criminal past and identities. In gratitude for saving his son, Roper creates a whole new identity of Andrew Birch for Pine.


Burr is thrilled that their Operation Limpet is working but tells the staff that no one is to know about their mole River House, not even the upper branches of government. After a devastating death at a party, Roper’s lawyer Juan Apostol (Antonio de la Torre) begins to help Burr with the background of Roper’s network.

Corky continues to be suspicious of the new Andrew Birch and isn’t pleased when Roper gives him control of Tradepass with access to almost everything. The changes are causing suspicion at River House including Geoffrey Dromgoole (Tobias Menzies) and Barbara Vandon.

In the middle of this is Jed (Elizabeth Debicki), Roper’s woman who has a secret of her own that is less than dangerous. Andrew discovers what she is hiding and feels as if he is back in Cairo and the death of Sophie that still haunts him. Seeing the way Andrew and Jed look at each other, Corky lets Andrew know that all eyes are on him and one false move will have dire consequences.

Although Burr is becoming more and more nervous, Andrew continues to feed them information, especially about a compound called Haven. When Corky catches Andrew outside the fence, everything could be blown and he must remain calm to see how it all plays out.


It all leads back to Cairo and Freddie Hamid! Arriving in Egypt and back at the Nefertiti Hotel, Andrew has little time as Jed helps retrieve information that will stop a shipment from being purchased. Doing what he must to step up the final phase of the plan, Andrew is thrown when Roper lets loose on a monologue of revelations that will change the course of everything.

Hiddleston as Pine-Quince-Birch is sheer brilliance. Not only does he play the quiet and reserved see-all-hear-all charming smile and politely mannered gentleman but damn if it doesn’t work well. I’m telling you right now ladies, there is a reason why this man’s star is rising to the top and (besides my sheer love of Loki) why – oh why – is he not the next James Bond? Just a thought. In NIGHT MANAGER he brings it all and sometimes without saying a word.

Laurie as Roper is deliciously evil that is wrapped around in a weird sense of humor. Obviously a man of an insane amount of money judging by where his homes are located and the traveling, Roper is also a man who snaps his fingers and bad things happen to good people and he does so without any guilt. That’s what makes Laurie a fantastic actor because House he is not in this series.


Debicki as Jed is a woman who has secrets of her own but this one puts people she loves in danger. Roper and Corky are watching every move she makes and when getting up the nerve to reach out – it is Jonathan who is in the line of fire. Debicki gets a chance to be a combination of emotions in this character but when it’s time to show a poker face it is well done.

Colman as Burr is an actress that has shown time and time again that she is perfectly capable of pulling off any role you put in front of her. The first time she stood out for me is the television series Broadchurch as Ellie Miller and my first thought was ‘who is the extremely talented actress?’ In this series she once again puts it all out there and I said out loud ‘Her name is Colman and she is an extremely talented actress!’ Also a shout out to Menzies as Dromgoole because if you didn’t know this actor before you should by now. Playing the role of Captain Jack Randall in the smash STARZ series OUTLANDER proves that he can be a badass with the top badasses.

Hollander as Corky turns out to be the unexpected surprise in all of this. Of course he has the chops to pull off a crazy role but in NIGHT MANAGER, he is frightening in his ability to make it clear that he will take anyone down that gets in the way of Roper’s business or personal life. He has moments that bring chills then again many might believe as I do that dynamite comes in small packages.

Other cast include: Alistair Petrie as Sandy Langbourne, Natasha Little as Caroline Langbourne, David Harewood as Joel Steadman, Adeel Akhtar as Rob Singhal, Michael Nardone as Frisky, Amir El-Masry as Youssuf, Nasser Memarzia as Omar Barghati and Douglas Hodge as Rex Mayhew.


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TUBS OF POPCORN: I give NIGHT MANAGER four tubs of popcorn out of five. I wouldn’t be at all upset if there was an extension of this series but Hiddleston would have to be a big part of that. He is Jonathan Pine and that’s all I have to say about that. This series gave viewers twists, turns, upside downs, a few shocking moments and a wild ride that never slows down. That’s what makes great television.

NIGHT MANAGER is actually based on the novel Night Manager by John le Carre and was adapted in 1993 by David Farr. The series came to BBC One followed by AMC in April 2016.

In the end – what’s in a name?