Warner Bros. Home Entertainment provided me with a free copy of the Bluray I reviewed in this Blog Post. The opinions I share are my own.

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Jeri Jacquin


Released on Bluray this week from Warner Bros. Home Entertainment is the continuing story of ARROW: The Complete Fourth Season.

The last we see of Oliver Queen aka The Arrow (Stephen Amell) he is boarding a ship deciding leave Star City with Felicity Smoak (Emily Bett Rickards). Leaving behind John Diggle (David Ramsey), Thea Queen (Willa Holland) and Laurel Lance (Katie Cassidy), they are dealing with Malcolm Merlyn (John Barrowman) who is the new Ra’s al Ghul for the League of Assassins.

Becoming crime fighters in their city now called Star City; the group needs help from Oliver. Criminals calls Ghosts and they are led by Damien Darhk (Neal McDonough) who want the city leaders taken out. Diggle isn’t about to let that be the end of it when he discovers that Darhk is leading HIVE.

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When Jessica Danforth runs for mayor, another attack happens by Darhk in the form of Lonnie Machin. Knowing HIVE is also part of this the team comes together to stop it. With the office of mayor still open, Oliver decides to run which doesn’t sit well with the group. Thea is still working through her aggression when Laurel takes her to Nanda Parabat asking Malcolm to help.

Diggle is still dealing with HIVE but now learns there is also the group ARGUS meeting with Darhk. Being challenged is not something Darhk takes kindly too and also has no problem stopping anyone who gets in his way.

The Lazarus Pit not only helped Thea but brought Sara back to life but not the same at all. Oliver asks friend John Constantine to please bring Sara back as a whole person. While they are distracted Darhk finds a way to bring in a computer virus that can delete individuals.

Oliver keeps his campaign alive wanting to clean up the waters around Star City. That isn’t going to stop Darhk from causing trouble as he tries to stop anyone who helps. Oliver decides that the only thing he can do it out Darhk as the leader of those terrorizing the city. In retaliation, Darhk kidnaps Diggle, Felicity and Thea and an even exchange with Darhk is never an honest deal.

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Felicity is the casualty of it all and left unable to walk. Adding to the discovery that Oliver has been keeping a very important secret, the thought of marriage is not a happy one between the two. Oliver needs the help of Vixen who has the powers needed as Darhk does everything he can to stop the mayors race.

Finally able to get Darhk in a courtroom, it doesn’t mean that he isn’t planning something interesting as Cupid returns to Star City. Targeting married couples, Oliver and Felicity stage a wedding to capture Cupid. With the testimony of Captain Lance, Darhk is kept in custody.

When Oliver is stung by a robotic bee, it is quickly clear that Brie Larvan is responsible. Darhk is working on getting out of prison and on of them will pay the ultimate price for his anger. Hardly finished, Darhk finds his way back to HIVE and starts his Genesis plan and takes control of nuclear missiles around the world.

No matter what they do, the evil Darhk manages to launch 15,000 missiles and the team has only two hours to stop the destruction of everything they know.

It is time to set things right.

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The cast of ARROW have truly brought the word ensemble to a higher level. When the presentation of the story is seamless then it is impossible to find flaws of any kind. Amell leads the way as a man who understands the responsibility of who he is, as much as he might want to run away from it all. Don’t think for one moment that he still doesn’t have his secrets because there are still a few to be had.

McDonough as Darhk is the perfect villain for Arrow. Okay, so personally I think McDonough makes a perfect villain anytime I see him on the screen. In this series the playing field between these two actors is fantastic. Being slippery about getting caught, Darhk takes villainy to new heights and McDonough makes sure the heights come with a fantastic view.

Rickards as Felicity Smoak definitely has her work cut out for sure. Fans are waiting for Arrow to put a ring on it but what they do will keep them apart. Ramsey as John Diggle is one of the busiest and most inquisitive characters and I couldn’t be happier about that. Holland as Thea gets a chance to be a good-girl-gone-crazy-gone0good and does it well.

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The special feature of the Bluray are Star Crossed Hawks Featurette, Star Crossed Hawks: The Hunt for Vandal Savage Featurette, Smooth Criminal: The Damien Darhk Story Featurette, Arrow: 2015 Comic-Con Panel, Deleted Scenes and a Gag Reel.

 Also on the Bluray are the twenty-three one hour episodes plus The Flash crossover: Green Arrow, The Candidate, Restoration, Beyond Redemption, Haunted, Lost Souls, Brotherhood, The Two Part Episode Legends of Today & Legends of Yesterday, Dark Waters, Blood Debts, AWOL, Unchained, Sins of the Father, Code of Silence, Taken, Broken Hearts, Beacon of Hope, Eleven-Fifty-Nine, Canary Cry, Genesis, Monument Point, Lost in the Flood and Schism.

This is a series that has a fan base continuing to grow by leaps and bounds. ARROW offers action, adventure, flashbacks, flips, twists, turns and unexpected endings to characters (and no I won’t mention which ones so don’t ask!).

Just in time for the fifth season of ARROW to begin, catch up or revisit season four. Its marathon binge watching time and I have a sneaking suspicion it will be an epic binging!

In the end – it is a series of villains, heroes and challenges!