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Warner Bros. Home Entertainment provided me with a free copy of the Bluray I reviewed in this Blog Post. The opinions I share are my own.


She’s here!! This week on Bluray from Warner Bros. Home Entertainment is the release of SUPERGIRL: The Complete First Season based on the DC Comics.

Originally sent to Earth to watch over her cousin Kal-El aka Superman, Kara Zor-El’s (Melissa Benoist) ship left Krypton and became caught in the Phantom Zone. Asleep for over 24 years, Kara lands on Earth as a 13 year-old girl but her cousin is now a grown man.

Helping his younger cousin, he finds the Danvers family that takes her in and accepts her as family even with her powers, especially sister Alex. Now Kara is 24 working at CatCo Worldwide Media as Cat Grant’s assistant, being friends with Winn Schott and also trying to discover how she fits in having superpowers.

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That decision is practically made for her when Alex’s plane has problems and the only one that can stop disaster is Kara. She also meets James Olsen who brings her a gift. Alex works for the Department of Extra-Normal Operations with Hank Henshaw and Kara learns that she isn’t the only extra terrestrial living on Earth.

Learning that her biological mother Alura was responsible for imprisoning other aliens, Vartox happens to be angrily one of them. That’s not her biggest problem – Astra In-Ze is – and she happens to be Alura’s twin sister.

Kara turns to Alex and Hank knowing that she needs to truly understand her powers. This doesn’t go unnoticed by Astra who knows that her plans to take over Earth are on hold. Being Supergirl means Kara has to live a double life as her boss Cat wants James to get an interview with her causing stress.

Agreeing to the interview, the secret comes out about whom she is related to! Villain Reactron uses this information to get revenge on Superman which upsets Kara who doesn’t feel she needs her cousin’s help. Lucy Lane comes to National City and James is in for a surprise.

If having Thanksgiving with family isn’t stressful enough, an electrical storm causes an electromagnetic fight with a shock jock. That shock is small compared to learning that Kara’s earth-father worked for Henshaw at the DEO to keep Kara safe. Dying suddenly now the girls don’t know what to make of Henshaw.

Kara discovers it is a hacker that got her out of the Phantom Zone, learns a secret from Alex and that Hank isn’t all he appears to be. Project Cadmus has Alex and Hank in need of Kara’s help but in the mix Lucy is made director of the DEO.

After an encounter with the Silver Banshee and help from The Flash, National City is under a spell because of Myriad. The spell is so deep that it also controls Superman and Kara knows that Non is after those from Krypton but doesn’t mind taking a few human beings along with them.

Alex is under Non’s control and with that she attempts to kill Kara but Supergirl manages to awaken everyone affected. With the danger past, Kara celebrates as a pod comes crashing to Earth.

When she opens it up, what is inside is shocking!

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I actually didn’t know what to expect from the series SUPERGIRL but have to say that it is a joy to watch. The ensemble cast really does bring a punch to the series and it must be said that I have learned many people are excited about the show.

The first season in any show is the opportunity to set up future seasons and SUPERGIRL has done that extremely well to the point where I am excited for season two. Benoist carries the serious weight of the show on her shoulders yet she makes it look ridiculously easy. She also has a comedic side to her character that adds even more dimensions of enjoyment.

SUPERGIRL is an action packed series filled with fun, adventure, very cool villains and a Kryptonian who isn’t afraid to flex her girl-power muscles.

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The Bluray includes the Pilot, Stronger Together, Fight or Flight, Livewire, How Does She Do It?, Red Faced, Human for a Day, Hostile Takeover, Blood Bonds, Childish Things, Strange Visitor from Another Planet, Bizarro, For the Girl Who Has Everything, Truth Justice and the American Way, Solitude, Falling, Manhunter, World’s Finest, Myriad and Better Angels.

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Also includes in the Special Features is the 2015 Comic-Con Panel: Warner Bros. Television Present a Night of DC Entertainment at Comic-Con 2015: Supergirl, The Man From Mars, A World Left Behind: Krypton, Gag Reel and Deleted Scenes.

The Bluray release of Supergirl: The Complete First Season includes 1080p Full HD Video with DTS-HD Master Audio for English 5.1. The 4-disc Bluray features a high-definition Bluray and a Digital HD copy of all twenty episodes.

All of this translates into an amazing Bluray to own! There is something pretty cool about having a marathon with friends to re-watch the first season of SUPERGIRL as the second season prepares to begin this fall. For me is also was an opportunity to catch things I didn’t notice before.

So gather up your super hero loving friends and make it a marathon night of SUPERGIRL on Bluray!

In the end – she is not only protecting the one’s she loves but protecting us all!